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31 Green Vinyl Siding House Ideas

Green means different things to different people. And of course, it entirely depends on what shade of green you opt for. Your green vinyl siding ideas could range from an almost white pastel green, neon gradients, to a jungle mix of murky greens and swampy browns.

The style of your vinyl siding also contributes to the effect of your external cladding. So let’s look at some interesting ideas for green vinyl siding that you can implement on your outer walls. Just be sure your HoA approves of the color or you may have to start from scratch!

1. Colorful Snowfall

Colorful Snowfall
Credit: eddie_getman

If you live in Chicago, Quebec, or anywhere with killer blizzards, you probably know a little about SAD – Seasonal Affect Disorder. You might also know bright lights and cheerful colors can help in keeping spirits up. That could be why all the houses on this snow-covered street have colored siding. The green vinyl siding in the foreground is our focus though.


2. Green in the Back

Green in the Back

If lumber decks are common in your neighborhood, you’re probably familiar with the amount of care and maintenance wood needs. That’s possibly why these homeowners opted for a composite deck instead. But we’re more interested in the green vinyl siding that flans the deck. It’s a vivid verdant shade and works well with the detailed grain on the faux deck.


3. Close Up or Far Off

Close Up or Far Off

Green vinyl siding offers several advantages. You get a broader selection of colors, as you can see with this close-to-neon shade of green. But with this kind of color, you’re unlikely to get much wood grain detail, so you’ll need other aesthetic features. This vertical siding has beaded edges and decorative rivets. The parallel textured ridges are pretty detailed as well.


4. Do the Dutch

Do the Dutch

Traditional lap siding – whether it’s true wood or faux timber – has even planks arranged in flat, parallel lines. If it’s log siding, it may be raised for a half-log or quarter log profile. But this green vinyl siding has Dutch Lap styling, which means one row juts out while the next row recedes, forming a series of ridges and valleys on your wall. It forms pretty shadows too.


5. Grassy Knolled Acadia

Grassy Knolled Acadia

Norandex knows all about greenery, and the gorgeous green vinyl siding on this house is a perfect match for the grassy green foreground and the treeline that frames the backyard. It’s a shade called Acadia green, and that classy clapboard vinyl wraps the house on all sides. The house has curvy details, arched windows, circular attic vents, and quarter circle shutters.


6. Accent Wood

Accent Wood
Credit: simaspaces

Siding can be flat, beaded, or slightly angled to give you that traditional lap look. But if you feel like you’re betraying your values by settling for green vinyl siding instead of wood, you could sneak some genuine timber in as an accent. On this house, the house number and window shutters are wooden. And since they’re smaller pieces, maintenance is less dramatic.


7. Minty Green

Minty Green

Yes, we all agree that blood is red, grass is green, and the sky is blue. But in other spaces and scenarios, color can be relative. Take this cute and classic home. The caption says it’s blue, but the color looks closer to a minty green, maybe even a pastel. Whatever you choose to call this green vinyl siding, the red arched door, arched windows, and cedar gambrel roof.


8. Pale Perfection

Pale Perfection

Compromise keeps the world alive. And when housemates can’t agree on the color scheme of their shared home, a clever interior designer can save the day. Case in point: this house. Is it white? Is it green? On paper, that green vinyl siding is marked as ‘bowling green’. But in the UK, lots of people wear white when they’re lawn bowling (i.e. bowling on grass) so …


9. Mixed Media Madness

Mixed Media Madness

The siding on this house is a puzzling mix of textures that work surprisingly well together. The ground floor has stone siding though you can also you a vinyl faux-stone wrap instead. One of the dormers on the upper floor has cedar shake siding in a greyish brown. The rest of the house is clad in a horizontal light green vinyl siding with vertical siding on the gable.


10. Gloaming Green

Gloaming Green

You may be unfamiliar with the specific shades of green vinyl siding. And when you see siding in a picture or photo, you can’t always be sure it’s not vinyl. This painted wall – for example, looks a lot like vinyl. (The shutters are vinyl though.) The main house is clad in gloaming green vinyl – that’s what the shade of green is called. And it’s quite easy to clean.


11. Winter Shed

Winter Shed
Credit: westernmetalfab

This flat-roofed shed is the perfect example of how much you can do with limited space. The exterior walls are clad in a shade of green vinyl siding that’s almost matte black. The soffits are white vinyl with gutter holes for drainage. The double French doors ensure the shed gets plenty of natural light. The vertical siding has a board and batten style with central dividers.


12. Green Going on Blue

Green Going on Blue

Here’s another house that’s captioned as blue but looks closer to green. Would you settle for blue-green? Or maybe teal? However, you prefer to name it. This stylish duplex proves how attractive green vinyl siding can be. Paired with wide white window trim, snowy doors, and a picket fence, it’s as classic as any ranch house but with far fewer maintenance headaches.


13. Lovely Light Shades

Lovely Light Shades

Yes, many porches have picket fences hemming them in. They keep the space ventilated but protected without obscuring your view. But this house has an interesting touch. The light green vinyl siding doesn’t stop at the walls. The porch is fenced in the same shade of waist-high horizontal vinyl. Even the roofing shingles have a slightly green tint. It’s a cool effect.


14. Cedar Settings

Cedar Settings

Ordinarily, cedar shingles are used as an accent piece. Being true wood, they’re expensive. And bothersome to maintain. But if you like the look of cedar, you can use faux-cedar in the form of vinyl cedar shakes and shingles. They’re cheaper and need minimal attention so you can use more of them in your cladding. For this home, the green vinyl siding is the accent.


15. Where Stone Meets Vinyl

Where Stone Meets Vinyl

You might want an accented effect even when you’re using similar amounts of cladding. The exteriors of this home are evenly split between stacked stone and green vinyl siding. The clapboard pleasantly contrasts and complements the stone siding. The lower vinyl siding is horizontal while the upper vinyl in the gable is board and batten that elongates the house.


16. Contentious Colours

Contentious Colours
Credit: amsofflasocial

You know what makes a good ice-breaker at barbeques? Ambiguous colors. Your guests will argue for hours about whether these walls are green or blue. Honestly, this is the type of green vinyl siding you might see at a pediatric clinic, daycare center, or froyo display. The side view of the house foundation has a brick wrap cladding that stretches into flower bed edging.


17. Textured Plastic

Textured Plastic

When we talk about green vinyl siding, we often forget it’s just highly textured plastic. These siding planks are sometimes printed or machine cut. But they’re just as often molded from real casts of wood and stone – that’s what makes them look authentic. The Dutch Lap siding in this close-up has the realistic look of painted wood even though it’s all pretty polyvinyl.


18. Turquoise Tremor

Turquoise Tremor

Green vinyl siding doesn’t have the same issues that wood does. It doesn’t rot or get damaged by water, and it can withstand harsh weather. But depending on the grade of vinyl you get, it still has challenges. Vinyl siding can get moldy in damp weather, but you can hose that off with a pressure washer. It can also tear or warp as seen here, but only in extreme conditions.


19. Wonderful Willow

Wonderful Willow

Depending on how old you are and your taste in TV, movies, books, or music, the word ‘willow’ might make you think of vampires, frogs, or The Smiths. For our purposes, willow is a shade of green vinyl siding that pairs amazingly with faux-stone vinyl wraps. The prairie windows add even more elegance to this house. The seemingly woven roofing shingles are subtly chic.


20. Green, Red, and Blue

Green, Red, and Blue

Chances are … when you look at this house … those aren’t the colors you’re thinking of. But they’re in there – if you care to see them. That deeply pitched roof does have a bluish tint in its shingles. And of course, the foundation and front steps are red brick. The front door gable is beige cedar vinyl to match the gables in the roof. And the walls are all green vinyl siding.


21. Wider Willows

Wider Willows
Credit: kaycansiding

Here’s another house clad in willow green vinyl siding – seems to be a popular shade. The house has a large footprint and the horizontal siding makes it look bigger. The windows occupy most of the walls, but they’re tinted so they won’t compromise your privacy. The porch is held up by two stone pillars and the retaining stone wall has a ledge you can sit on.


22. Trim Your Focus

Trim Your Focus

Homes that are clad in vinyl siding will often have vinyl windows as well, and might even use plastic in the doors. But window trim and door trim are largely subtle and unintrusive. Unless you want the trim to be a focal point in your décor. This home has horizontal green vinyl siding from the grass to the ceiling. But the elaborate white trim is striking in its detail.


23. Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

It’s quite likely this photo was edited. The greyscale accentuates that green vinyl siding on the upper floor. It’s a deep, bold shade that benefits from the subdued white shutters and window trim. The first floor is greyed-out stone, but that’s probably a computer effect – it could be red brick or grey concrete blocks. Of course, you could always paint the stones grey.


24. Evergreen Exteriors

Evergreen Exteriors

The last time you saw the word evergreen, it was probably on that boat that got stuck in Suez. But Evergreen also happens to be the Pantone of green vinyl siding on this house. These elegant plastic panels cover most of the house in parallel horizontal strips. The only sections without it are the two cedar vinyl gables at the front of the house. Those are also evergreen.


25. Quick Repair Job

Quick Repair Job
Credit: jjroofing_construction

Even the most ardent architect forgets certain sections of the house. They may deteriorate and end up looking neglected when a quick repair job would resolve everything. This window ledge, for example. It’s topped by massive picture windows and French Doors so it’s easy to ignore the side view. But a few planks of green vinyl siding in Dutch Lap will fix the mess.


26. Hotel or Hostel?

Hotel or Hostel

The outside of this home looks simple and inviting. That green vinyl siding is especially friendly and quite welcoming. But the building has lots of institutional-style windows facing the street, so it reminds you of a women’s hostel or a colonial boarding school. Of course, this might also be a sweet bed-and-breakfast deal. It works for a holly-wreath-themed AirBnB.


27. Neat and Narrow

Neat and Narrow

If you’d like to exaggerate the height and grandness of your home, use vertical vining siding. It guides the eye upwards so the building seems taller. But a sneakier trick is to use horizontal siding with no separators to make the lower and upper floors. Those unbroken rows of thin green vinyl siding appear to go on forever. Especially if you try to count them!


28. (Not) Poison Ivy

(Not) Poison Ivy

A lot of you will argue that this color isn’t green. But the box says Ivy green vinyl siding, so there you go. It’s textured vinyl though – cedar vinyl shakes to be specific. They form a mostly unbroken green wall, pun intended, with white-trimmed windows dotting the cedar surface. The windows have vinyl shutters flanking them and some have canopies over them.


29. New Kid on the Block

New Kid on the Block

The houses on either side look old and neglected. But with a lot of white trim and a little green vinyl siding, this central structure seems brand new. It’s described as a two-story house but it actually has three floors – the ground floor is a garage. The lower floor is almost completely glass while the top-most floor houses a balcony. The siding is green cedar shakes.


30. Honeymooning Cedar

Honeymooning Cedar

The deep pitch on this house gives it an elfin fairy-tale ambiance. And while the house was initially clad in green cedar shanks, the young couple didn’t want the drama of scraping and repainting every few years. So they redid the house in dark spruce siding. You can barely tell the difference between the original wood and this green vinyl siding – mission accomplished!


31. Green Beach House

Green Beach House

Our final house is a three-story construction as well. And likes its city sibling, the lowest floor houses a garage on one side and a louvered crawlspace on the other. The louvered side faces the ocean so the gapped posts soak up the slack (pun intended) when the tide gets too high or it rains too hard. The walls are clad in green cedar vinyl shakes, just like the prior house.

What are your favorite green vinyl siding ideas? Show us photos in the comments section!

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