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What are the Average Siding Repairs Costs in the US?

Repairing siding has both esthetic and functional value. Prompt repairs can ensure that your house remains as elegant as ever. It also helps with energy efficiency by protecting the interior from cold weather. By replacing the damaged sections, you will avoid further deterioration of the structure.

If you still haven’t installed siding, and want to plan future expenditures, you’re probably wondering what’s the average siding repair cost.

How much does siding repair costs?

How much does siding repair costs

The maintenance frequency will vary based on the material used for siding. Certain products are very resilient and would require only occasional fixes. Wood, for example, can be tricky as it is very susceptible to damage and rot.

Every material has its weak points. Repairs are meant to address problems like mold, warping, dents, and rot. People commonly choose the siding material based on esthetics, costs, and how often it needs to be fixed.

The average cost of siding repairs is somewhere around $500. The price usually varies based on the state and material that was used for siding. Things such as vinyl are usually easier to fix, and its repair cost can be as low as $50. Stone siding is especially tricky for fixing, and homeowners should be prepared to spend up to $5,000.

The price can also vary depending on what you’re trying to fix. Keep in mind that a homeowner can repair the whole siding, or can address only specific problems or damage.

Cost Price
Lowest cost $50
Average cost $500
Highest cost $5,000

Things to be considered when calculating repair costs

Things to be considered when calculating repair costs

First off, you need to determine the surface that needs to be fixed. It doesn’t necessarily have to correlate with the overall surface of the siding. For example, you can repair just one side of your house that was affected by damage, rot, or mold.

Besides the surface, you will need to think about the layout of the exterior. Homes with intricate edges and specific walls will likely cost extra. If a contractor has to customize the material, you will need to pay a bit more. This is especially common for materials that are not precut (vinyl is a good example).

As mentioned, the layout of the home will affect the price of repairs. Areas that are hard to reach or are very dangerous are always charged extra. For example, you might be forced to pay about $100 for specific parts of the house.

Material disposal will quickly ramp up the expected repair costs. During the process, a contractor will likely be forced to replace a section of your siding. Anyway, you should expect to pay from $1,000 to $3,000 for this service. Companies have to rent a disposal vehicle, driving the price up. The cost of repairs will also vary depending on the type of material that was removed.

If the siding wasn’t repaired for quite a while, the next repair will be that much more expensive. Sun and weather will bleach the paint changing its appearance. So, if you wish to restore the original color, you will have to pay from $1 to $3 per square foot. Some homeowners decide to remove an entire siding wall so that color differences are not that noticeable.

Termites are the biggest enemy of natural materials. They will cause extensive damage over time, and will completely deteriorate the underlying structure. Ideally, you should occasionally hire a professional exterminator to deal with this problem.

The most common repairs

The most common repairs

In most cases, you will be able to tell if siding needs repairs. Holes, dents, and cracks are very easy to spot, although mold and rot are generally less noticeable. You might also struggle to notice warping, loose siding, and water damage.

Small physical issues are usually the cheapest and most common ones. You will have to pay between $100 to $150 for holes, cracks, and loose siding. Smaller leaks will usually go for $200.

Dents, a problem that is common for aluminum and steel, will cost a bit more. When it comes to warping, water damage, and rot, the prices can vary significantly. They can go from $120 to $600 depending on contractor, state, and material used. Out of all these problems, mold will be the most expensive one; you will have to pay $700 for this kind of fix.

Siding can last from 10 to 70 years. Its longevity depends on the material that was used, but also the proficiency of the contractor that installed the siding. Like all other home repairs, it is crucial to address these issues as soon as possible to prevent deterioration of the material.

Repair Price
Holes $50 to $100
Cracks $50 to $150
Leaks $100 to $200
Dents $100 to $300
Rot $120 to $350
Warped siding $150 to $300
Water damage $500 to $600
Mold $500 to $700


Cost of repairs based on material

Material is the main factor determining the cost of siding maintenance. Here is what to expect based on the material that was used:

Repair of wood siding

Repair of wood siding

Wood is the most sensitive of all the materials. However, it is also the most rewarding as it will completely change the look of your exterior.

When it comes to wooden siding, you should especially be mindful of pests and moisture. Often, the damage is so hard to spot. Even if they stop excess humidity, most homeowners will neglect the problem thinking they have more time. This is the last thing you should do as water will quickly ruin the material forcing you to completely replace the whole sections.

Homeowners who want to fix wooden siding will have to pay somewhere between $200 to $5,000. The price range is quite extreme and it usually depends on the type of wood that was used as well as the extent of repairs. The most common repair procedure is patching holes caused by pests and rot. This service will cost you $100.

You might also notice warping. This problem is commonly caused by increased moisture. Contractors usually address the issue by removing the siding and cutting it. If you need to remove the whole panel, this will cost somewhere around $1,000. It also depends on what kind of siding you have because the replacement of shingles and shakes is usually cheaper than the removal of whole panels and boards.

Repair of vinyl siding

Repair of vinyl siding

Vinyl is the most common siding material. While it isn’t as beautiful as wood, it has numerous advantages. For example, it is very cheap, easy to install, and it still looks fairly decent. Generally speaking, vinyl should last for a long time but, it is very susceptible to damage. Cracks are especially common when exposed to harsh winter weather.

Vinyl siding repair costs between $2 to $4 per square foot. This is a bargain compared to some other repair types. Installation cost is also fairly affordable with $5 per square foot being the national average.

The most common issue has to do with painting. Color matching is especially tricky because the material loses its color when exposed to sunlight. Finding the same color can be very tricky which is why contractors often replace the whole sections of siding.

Repair of aluminum siding

Repair of aluminum siding

Aluminum and steel are very strong and are great options for people who want a long-term solution. The most common problem with this kind of siding is that they’re prone to dents and scratches. However, if they are still more resilient than other materials like wood and vinyl.

When repairing aluminum siding, most homeowners will choose to make repairs instead of replacing the whole section. When fixing aluminum siding, you will have to pay somewhere between $3 to $6 per square foot. The price varies based on the brand, but also the state where you’re buying the material.

Repair of stone siding

Repair of stone siding

Stone siding is probably the best choice if your main focus is durability. However, the material is also great esthetically for various types of homes and designs. Given that the natural stone is really expensive ($42 per square foot), it makes sense that its repairs and maintenance are expensive.

The great thing about stone is that it last for decades. Unfortunately, when it does get damaged, there is very little you can do in terms of repairs. Cracks and tears will render stone siding useless forcing you to replace the elements or even the entire section. If and when mortar becomes loose, which will happen over time, it will cause other issues such as the appearance of insects and moisture. Homeowners who want to repair 100 square feet of the surface will have to invest somewhere between $1,000 to $2,000.

Last thoughts

Siding repair costs will go from $50 to $5,000 depending on several factors. Smaller fixes will barely have any impact on your budget, while major structural work and replacement of whole sections will cost several thousand dollars.

Siding material is one of the main reasons why the costs might be high. We also need to consider the type of repair. Even if you’re strapped for money, you should address this issue immediately. Otherwise, the damage will cause further deterioration to the siding and might have an impact on the house as a whole.

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