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How Much Is Vinyl Siding? 8 Factors That Impact Installation Price

How much is vinyl siding? There is no simple answer to this question since the final price depends on various factors. For instance, material price is directly connected to its quality, the season of installation, and the region and state you live in.

On the other hand, labor prices are primarily related to cutting, nailing, and applying the material. You also need to add additional costs per linear foot to the final price. They include trimming, fascia, soffits, foam backing, corners, and other material costs. Let’s discover the answer together.

Vinyl Siding Prices

Durable, easy to install, and inexpensive vinyl siding installation costs $3 to $12 per 1 sq ft (0.09 m2). However, most homeowners are prepared to pay approximately $7.5 for that home area, or $6,150 to $16,000 to side their houses.

That means the average price for this job is about $11,100, and it primarily depends on the material used. This price makes vinyl one of the most affordable siding materials available on the market.

Vinyl siding cost

National average

Price range

$6,150 to $16,000

Low to high end

$1,650 to $27,000

Unlike traditional materials, you don’t need to repaint this siding or protect it from rot and insects. On the other side, it is not waterproof, so that you may have an issue with mold over time. Plus, it is vulnerable to extreme weather, strong winds, and high temperatures.

Factors That Impact Installation Price

Be aware of some crucial factors that increase the final vinyl siding costs.

1. Siding quality

You can choose among wide vinyl siding varieties, from inexpensive to upscale, and pay for material according to your taste and budget. As a result, vinyl siding will look different, even like wood, and you can find models that vary in styles, textures, and colors.

Inexpensive siding will save you money in the short term, but you should think about long-term benefits. When you pay more in the first place, you will spend less money for replacement later. Cheaper material is lower in quality, and it will chip, fade, and warp quicker.

2. Home size and shape

As you can expect, you will pay more for siding a bigger home since you will need more material and time to get the job done. House shape is one of the primary things that determine the final siding installation costs.

It will be less expensive to side a simple box-shaped house than the one with turrets, eaves, and multiple stories.

3. Labor

Vinyl siding installation cost is affordable for most people because this material is pretty easy to install. Skillful homeowners often do that on their own.

4. Time of installation

The price of vinyl siding will significantly vary depending on the period when you decide to get the job done. You will pay less when choosing an off-season period for installing siding. On the other hand, contractors are most in-demand in spring and summer, so installing will cost you more then.

5. Region

You can expect different prices in various states, even regions where you live. Therefore, check the prices and taxes before making the final calculation.

6. Regulated communities

The siding price in homeowners’ associations and historical districts often mandates acceptable materials for siding installation.

7. Old siding

It is possible to install new siding over the existing one in some cases, but it depends on the siding type and its current condition. Sometimes, you will need to replace it, which will cost you more.

8. Maintenance

Maintenance is not complicated, and you should rent a pressure washer once a year for $40 a day. You can hire a pressure washing professional for about $100 to $200 to do the job for you.

When you prefer DIY cleaning solutions, you can make a solution of 70% water and 30% white vinegar. It will remove all stains and light mold from your siding.

Keep in mind that demand for this siding type grew over the past year, and manufacturers increased delivery time and materials prices by 5 to 10%.

Vinyl Siding Cost for an Average American Home

Total vinyl siding installation costs will depend on your home’s square footage. That price includes:

  • Material
  • Labor
  • Supplies
  • Equipment

Vinyl siding installation costs

Total square footage

Price range Average price
1,000 sq ft (93 m2) $3,000 to $12,000


1,200 sq ft (111.5 m2)

$3,500 to $14,500 $9,000
1,500 sq ft (139 m2) $4,500 to $18,000


2,000 sq ft (186 m2)

$6,000 to $24,000


Vinyl siding box containing 24 siding pieces of 4 by 150 inches (10 cm x 3.8 m) for covering 100 sq ft (9.3 m2) costs $160 on average. Since vinyl is often DIY material, you can pay only for boxes and finish installation on your own.

In such a case, the average installation prices will be significantly lower and depend only on material costs.

Vinyl siding box costs

Home size

Boxes number Total costs
800 sq ft (74 m2) 8


1,000 sq ft (93 m2)

10 $1,600
1,200 sq ft (111.5 m2) 12


1,500 sq ft (139 m2)

15 $2,400
1,800 sq ft (167 m2) 18


2,000 sq ft (186 m2)

20 $3,200
2,500 sq ft (232 m2) 25


3,000 sq ft (279 m2)

30 $5,000
3,500 sq ft (325 m2) 35


4,000 sq ft (371.5 m2)



In most cases, vinyl siding will cost you $3.8 per 1 sq ft (0.09 m2), depending on the vinyl siding type and location of your home.

The labor price range to install vinyl siding is $2.15 to $5.25 per sq ft (0.09 m2), or $3.7 on average. For instance, you will need to pay $4,440 for labor when you plan to install vinyl siding in a 1,200 sq ft (111.5 m2) home.

When you plan to replace old vinyl siding, you will need to pay about $1,600 for material, labor, and equipment for replacing each 200 sq ft (18.6 m2) of vinyl siding.

Vinyl Siding Type Costs

You can expect that the final vinyl siding price primarily depends on the material type you choose. There are four different vinyl types available on the market, with a wide price range adjusted for every budget.

Vinyl siding type costs

Vinyl type

Price range per 1 sq ft (0.09 m2) Price per 1 sq ft (0.09 m2)
Vinyl log siding $3 – $5


Vertical vinyl

$3 – $8 $5.5
Vinyl shake siding $3 – $10


Insulated vinyl

$4 – $12


  •  Vertical vinyl siding – Most people spend $3 to $8 on this vinyl siding type. An average installation cost is $5.50 per 1 sq ft (0.09 m2), but the final price mainly depends on the home location.
  • Vinyl log siding – This real wood-like vinyl pricing is $4 per 1 sq ft (0.09 m2), or $3 to $5 on average.
  • Vinyl shake siding – The average installation costs of this cedar-like vinyl type is $6.50 per 1 sq ft (0.09 m2). Most homeowners pay from $3 to $10 for this square footage, including material and labor prices.
  • Insulated vinyl siding – It is the most expensive vinyl made of a few different materials that costs $8 per 1 sq ft (0.09 m2) to install. The average cost is between $4 and $12. Even though its price is approximately 50% more than standard vinyl siding, it will pay off through reduced monthly energy bills.

Vinyl Siding Trimming Costs

You can pick out one of two vinyl siding trimming types available. The installation of less expensive vinyl fascias will cost you $20 per linear foot. You will need to pay $25 for soffits per linear foot installed.

Vinyl siding trimming price

Trimming type

Price range Price per linear foot
Fascias $15 to $25



$20 to $30


Vinyl Siding vs. Other Materials Installation Costs

Most homeowners are prepared to pay from $5,500 to $15,500 to side their houses. That means the average price for this job is about $10,500, and it primarily depends on the material used.

Vinyl siding prices for a single-family house of 1,500 to 2,500 sq ft (139 – 232 m2)


Total installing costs Cost per 1 sq ft (0.09 m2)
Hardie board $1,600 to $11,000

$0.8 to $5


$1,830 to $17,000 $5 to $6
Steel $4,000 to $14,600

$4 to $8

Engineered wood

$5,400 to $13,000 $4 to $9
Fiber cement $6,000 to $20,000

$5 to $13.5


$6,150 to $16,000 $3 to $12
Wood $7,000 to $23,000

$5 to $12


$8,900 to $25,000 $9 to $28
Aluminum $10,000 to $19,000

$2 to $5


$87,500 to $125,000

$35 to $50

As you can see, the average cost for vinyl siding installation is $3 to $12. It includes $0.75 to $3 for material, depending on its quality, and $1.1 to $2 for labor expenses. Labor costs primarily depend on the region and state where you live.


Vinyl siding is an excellent inexpensive option that requires only essential maintenance. You can find various styles and colors and expect this durable material to last at least 20 years. Unfortunately, it is not an eco-friendly option, and repairing can be pretty expensive.

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