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7 Cheapest Places to Buy Vinyl Sidings Online

After choosing your best vinyl siding collection, do you know that there are some places online to buy them cheaply? That classic lap or Dutch lap that you’ve picked for your house shouldn’t stress you with where to get it. Here we’ll talk of the seven cheapest places to buy vinyl sidings online.

You might think that shopping for most sidings is easy. Well, that’s not it. Many retailers that a firm’s site will refer you to sell large designs.

But buying them in large numbers can be costly. So, that’s where some other online sellers come in. Read on to see these sites.

Top Cheapest Places to buy Vinyl Sidings Online

Here is a list of the places where you can buy your vinyl sidings online. So, you can have the type of vinyl sidings you want cheaply brought to your doorstep.

1. The Home Depot

The Home Depot

Where else would you first think of buying vinyl sidings cheaply, if not at Home Depot? This site sells many housing materials. Be sure to find quality items here.

The vinyl sidings you buy from this place are the cheapest in the market. Remember, the quality will remain the same.

Many firms trust this store to give buyers their vinyl sidings. So, expect to get many lines, styles, colors, and sizes. You’ll find the vinyl siding that will match your house’s décor.

Also, here you can buy the vinyl sidings in cartons. Inside the carton, the sizes are sold per square foot. You can also get vinyl sidings of different lengths.

For some select collections, it’s nice to buy them in many boxes. It’s because, under this site, some lines give you huge price cuts if you buy many of them. It will reduce your budget.

Before you buy your vinyl siding, you can see the specs. So, you’ll be sure of what the store will bring to you. Also, reviews from buyers will help you.

After buying, this site will bring the items to you for free. In some other places, it will be costly to ship the sidings. Also, the warranty terms are clear to you from each firm.


2. Amazon


When anyone thinks of shopping online, Amazon must first come to mind. Well, this online shopping store can also give you the vinyl siding collection you want.

Here, you’ll get many collections, styles, sizes, and colors. You can have ones with wood or plain white look. All come at different but cheap prices.

After buying the vinyl sidings online, be sure to get them fast. Remember, Amazon has no stores that you can walk and pick your sidings. Also, you’ll enjoy the quick and easy returns if the vinyl sidings are a bit off.

This site will also give you a review of each vinyl siding type. So, you’ll see the thoughts of many customers about a given vinyl siding.

Each line has its specs. It will help you choose the best item for your house.

Most of the firms have allowed their vinyl sidings to sell on this site. It would help if you didn’t worry about the guaranty terms. Every vinyl siding here is new and unused.


3. Lowe’s


If you want a smooth time as you shop, then choose Lowe’s. So, if you are lucky to get the vinyl sidings you want on this site, you’ll enjoy them.

The site is friendly and easy to use. You’ll have an easy time getting the product that you want.

There are many collections, types, sizes, and colors of vinyl sidings on this site. Even if you want vinyl sidings with the modern or sweet old look, Lowe’s will give them to you. You can filter what you want, and if it’s there, you’ll get it.

Lowe’s allows you to get small samples. It means you can compare colors before buying. As a buyer, the freedom to shop is in your hands.

But the prices, even though not costly, will vary with the collection you select. Also, here you can get a cut on the costs. It will happen if you buy some items in bulk.

Remember, you can fail to get some lines here. Some firms don’t bring their vinyl sidings to this site. But the guarantee terms are clear on each vinyl siding.


4. ABC Supply

ABC Supply

This site will suit you if your house is big. Also, if you are in the vinyl siding business and want to buy these items in large numbers, log on to ABC Supply.

They sell vinyl sidings at a wholesale price. So, it means that here, you can buy the vinyl sidings at a cut-price. Remember, they sell many housing items.

The big thing you’ll get here is that the price is the same as many other sites get from the firms. So, it means they are unbeatable in terms of costs.

Also, ABC has a friendly site. You’ll have an easy time going through the items before buying.

But they have some issues too. Before buying on their site, you must have a wholesaler account. They’ll give you this account after your order is big enough to create one.

On the lighter side, this spec is also good. It pushes you to give it a try and buy more cheaply.

You won’t need the wholesaler account before if you are still looking for the items to buy. So, after signing up with them, log in, view the items, and place your order.


5. Alibaba


When one talks of cheap online shopping, you can’t fail to talk of Alibaba. Yes, you won’t get the best shopping experience here. But you’ll buy your items directly from the firm.

Buying from the company has many pros. So, be sure to save more money. Also, you’ll get quality vinyl sidings.

The costs and offers that the firm gives, this site will provide them to you. Here, you can get the best prices in the vinyl sidings market.

But sometimes, buying on Alibaba can be tricky. Some sellers from the firms won’t understand English. So, it makes communication to be difficult.

This site will give you the thoughts of buyers about every vinyl siding. It will aid in picking the best for your home. This feature is under Alibaba’s real review tech.

Also, the site lists specs for each item. It’s from here that you can compare the costs of two firms before buying. You’ll have peace as you shop in this place.

You can also filter the items, colors, and sizes you want. Alibaba pushes to make shopping easy for you.

After buying, the vinyl sidings will come fast. Also, the guarantee for each collection is clear.


6. Menards


If you love offers on vinyl sidings, then you should log on to Menards today. The site is easy to use. So, searching for the best collection will be easy.

Also, you can place your ZIP code to help you know the prices that the local stores have. You’ll also know what is available near you. It will allow them to bring the vinyl sidings to you fast.

There are many collections, types, colors, sizes, and profiles for each vinyl siding. Also, for each item, there are availability options. You can pick for Menards to ship to your home, for you to pick them at a store, or they send them to a store near you.

This site only has one problem. You can only get vinyl sidings made in the USA.

You can look at the specs of each vinyl siding you choose. But there are no reviews from other buyers. Still, it helps you pick on the best vinyl siding.

Here, you’ll get clear tips for installing the vinyl sidings. Also, there are guarantee terms for each item.


7. Rona


On this site, you can buy the vinyl sidings and get cheap installation services. It’s also a place that gives buyers an easy time to shop.

So, you’ll go to the site, create an account with them, view the items, and shop. The steps are that simple.

The site gives two options to bring the items to you. Either the truck delivery or pick up in a store near you for free. Everything is in your hands.

For each collection you pick, you get all info about it. Also, there are reviews from other buyers. So, be sure to make a good choice before buying the items.

Also, the prices per square foot here are low. But you can fail to get the best vinyl sidings on this site. You can get offers on vinyl sidings, even weekly.

Remember, there are guaranty terms for the products. It means you can know what to pick or not.



Things can be tricky as you are looking for an online store to get the best vinyl sidings. Before choosing on any site, know what you are going for on that site. It will help you avoid extra costs.

Choose the site that suits your interests. Also, pick on the one with excellent specs to give you an easy time while shopping.

If you buy from these sellers, you’ll save many dollars. So, you can spend that cash on improving other parts of the house.

So, have you ever bought your vinyl sidings from these sites? What was your experience? Feel free to share with us.

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