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10 Best Paints for Vinyl Siding of 2023

Best Paints for Vinyl Siding

If your vinyl siding is in need of a makeover, painting it could be the perfect answer. But your paint needs to be up to the challenge of withstanding the elements. That means no cracking, peeling or flaking, no matter how much sunshine, rain, frost or snow it encounters!

We’ve rounded up ten of the best paints for vinyl siding to help you make your choice. We’re going to take a frank look at all their pros and cons. And we’ll pick a favorite too.

So read on to find out more!


The Best Paints for Vinyl Siding on the Market

1. KILZ Siding, Fence and Barn Paint

KILZ Siding, Fence, and Barn Paint, Exterior, White, 1 Gallon

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This exterior paint from KILZ is a great choice to freshen up your vinyl siding. It’s available in only one color, but it’s one that will look good on any home – white.

It’s designed to withstand all manner of weather without peeling, cracking or blistering. Unusually, it has a mix of oil and water as its base.

The formula allows it to adhere effectively to a range of surfaces. As well as vinyl, it can be used on masonry and stucco. And it will even work well on glossy materials, as long as they’re sanded down first.

Each can contains one gallon of paint. That will give you coverage of between 200 and 500 square feet, depending on how porous the surface is.

It can be applied with a paintbrush, roller or spray kit. Before you start, though, make sure the area you’ll be painting is free from mold and mildew. You’ll also want to remove any loose particles like peeling paint, moss, dirt or lichen.

Once the paint is cured, it will resist mildew. And painted surfaces can be cleaned easily with soapy water. But note that you’ll probably need to apply a second coat to get a perfect finish.


  • Water and oil base for longevity and versatility
  • Can be applied using a brush, roller of spray kit
  • Mildew-resistant once cured


  • Only available in white
  • You’ll probably need two coats.

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2. Rust-Oleum Painters’ Touch Ultra Cover

Rust-Oleum 1994730 Brush Painter's Touch Ultra-Cover Multi-Purpose Enamel Paint, 1/2 Pt Can, 8 Fl Oz (Pack of 1), Gloss Almond

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If you’re looking for paint in a particular shade, it’s well worth checking out Painters’ Touch Ultra Cover from Rust-Oleum. It comes in a wide range of different colors, including almond, claret wine, gray, espresso and nutmeg. And you can choose from flat, satin, gloss and semi-gloss finishes.

It’s suitable for a range of surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. And whilst vinyl isn’t specifically listed, we’ve heard from customers who’ve had excellent results on their vinyl shutters.

One can contains 8 fluid ounces and will cover an area of up to 30 square feet. You’ll need to prepare your siding properly before painting in order to get the best results. Sand it with 180 to 200 grit sandpaper to provide a good key for the paint. Then clean it and leave it to dry thoroughly.

The paint will need a good stir before you use it. It’s not a one-coat product, so plan to apply at least two and probably three coats. Three thin coats will give you a better finish than two thick ones.

The quick-drying formula means this isn’t as much hassle as it would be otherwise. Your paint will be touch dry in just 30 minutes. It’s low odor and chip-resistant too.


  • Available in a wide range of colors and finishes
  • Touch dry in just 30 minutes
  • Low odor and chip-resistant


  • You’ll have to sand your siding before application
  • Will need at least two coats.

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3. Majic Paints RePurpose (Our Top Pick)

Majic PAINTS Interior/Exterior Satin Enamel,Acrylic Paint, RePurpose your Furniture, Cabinets, Glass, Metal, Tile, Wood and More, White, 1-Quart ​, 32 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

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RePurpose from Majic Paints can be used on a wide range of interior and exterior surfaces, including vinyl.

It comes in 1-quart, 2-quart and 32-fluid ounce cans. And you can choose from a wide range of colors including Olive (green), Glacier Mist (pale gray) and Ivory Flake. All come in a satin finish.

The paint is a water-based acrylic, and it requires minimal surface preparation. You won’t need to do any sanding with this one. And there’s no need for a separate primer either.

You’re still likely to need a couple of coats to get a good finish, though. And it’s recommended to leave it 10 hours between coats.

Once finished, though, the paint is durable and scratch-resistant.

We’ve heard different views about the odor levels. Some have found them barely noticeable, while for others they’ve been hard to take. The moral of this tale seems to be that this isn’t the best choice if you have a very sensitive nose.


  • Choice of 11 different shades
  • No need for sanding or priming
  • Durable and scratch-resistant


  • Needs at least two coats …
  • … and requires a drying time of 10 hours between coats.

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4. Prestige Lifetime, Ultra Premium Exterior, Flat

Prestige Paints Exterior Flat Paint and Primer in One, 1 Gallon, White

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The Ultra Premium Exterior range of paints from Prestige Lifetime are available in flat, satin and gloss finishes. And you can choose from plenty of different colors too.

You won’t need to buy a separate primer. And it’s a 100 per cent acrylic latex paint, which means you’ll be able to clean it easily once it’s cured. It will also resist the growth of mildew.

Despite how tough it is, it’s also low in VOCs – Volatile Organic Compounds – which can be harmful to human health.

It can be applied with a paintbrush, roller or pad. But note that if you want to use a spray kit, you’ll need to thin it down with water first.

You’ll need at least two coats. And although the paint dries in 1 to 2 hours, it’s recommended that you leave it overnight between coats.

Note that you shouldn’t paint your vinyl siding any darker than it was originally. If you do, you may find that it warps.


  • Paint and primer in one
  • Available in a range of different shades
  • Low in VOCs


  • You’ll need to thin it first if you want to use a spray kit
  • Needs at least two coats.

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5. Vinyl Renu

Vinyl Renu Premium Siding Restorer | Lasts 10+ Yrs | Restores Original Color & Beauty To All Siding Types | Rejuvenates & Protects Siding, Doors & Patio Furniture | Complete Kit (1 Gallon)

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Although it isn’t strictly a paint, we had to include Vinyl Renu in this list. This vinyl restorer is a great way to bring the color back to faded siding.

Each kit consists of two elements – a cleaner to remove stains, and a restorer to renew the color. Each kit contains enough of each to cover an area of 350 square feet.

It’s very easy to use. Just mix up the cleaning solution and brush it on to your siding. Leave it until the next day, then apply the color restorer.

In most cases, your vinyl siding will look as good as new. And the formula is designed to protect it for another ten years.

But there are some stains that the cleaner won’t entirely remove. Staining from some chemical insecticides, for example, can be a problem. Although this will fade, it won’t disappear entirely.


  • Easy to use
  • Restores the original color of your siding
  • Protects the finish for another 10 years


  • Not the right choice if you want to change the color of your siding
  • Some chemical stains can persist through the treatment.

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6. Glidden One Coat Exterior Paint + Primer

Glidden Exterior Paint + Primer: White/Off White, One Coat, Flat, 1 Gallon

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Glidden’s One Coat is a great choice for those with specific requirements for their off-white shade. It comes in a range of 22 different tones with names like “Colonial White” and “Heavy Cream”. And you can choose between matte, semi gloss or eggshell finishes.

Hunt around, though, and you can find this paint in plenty of non-white colors too. In fact, the full palette features over 300 different hues.

What they all have in common is that they combine primer and paint in one. And you’ll only need to apply a single coat to get a great finish. That makes this a great choice if you want to complete your project quickly.

The paint is designed to flex with changing temperatures, so it won’t split or crack when the weather turns. And it’s formulated to resist mildew and fading.

The only real niggle with this one is that the packaging is a turn-off for some. It comes with a plastic safety seal, which can be tricky to remove.


  • Primes and covers in a single coat
  • Over 300 different colors to choose from
  • Non-fade and mildew-resistant formula


  • Comes with a plastic safety seal that can be tricky to remove.

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7. Rodda Paint Cascadia XL

Rodda Paint CASCADIA XL Exterior Velvet All Seasons Paint & Primer in One, Quart, Standard White

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Rodda’s Cascadia XL combines a 100 per cent latex acrylic paint with primer for easy application. It comes in 33 attractive shades, including a range of grays, off-whites, blues and ochres.

The finish is described as “velvet”, with deep color and no reflection. There’s no need for separate primer, but you will need two coats to get the best results. Make sure you mix the paint well before you get started. A second coat can be applied between 1 and 48 hours after the first.

It can be used with a spray kit, paintbrush or roller, and needs to be applied when it’s not too cold. You’ll need temperatures between 35 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Your paint will be touch dry between 30 minutes and 4 hours, depending on the conditions. It will cope with being rained on after anything between 30 minutes and 2 hours.


  • No need for separate primer
  • Choice of over 30 shades
  • Can be applied with a brush, roller or spray kit


  • Requires two coats
  • Not suitable for application in temperatures below 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

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8. Zinsser Perma-White

Rust-Oleum 3104 Zinsser 1-Qt. PermaWhite Exterior Satin

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Zinsser’s Perma-White is a water-based paint that’s very effective at resisting both mold and mildew. As the name suggests, it’s available in only one color, white. It can, however, be tinted to off-white or pastel shades.

It’s formulated from 100 per cent acrylic. And it’s guaranteed to resist mildew for 5 years.

Depending on the condition of the surface you’re painting, you may be able to get away with just one coat. But if it’s older and rougher, you’re more likely to be looking at two or three.

The water-based formula means it’s easy to clean up your equipment when you’ve finished.


  • Guaranteed to resist mildew for 5 years
  • A single coat may be enough for some surfaces
  • Water-based for easy clean-up


  • Only comes in white, although it can be tinted to pastel shades
  • For older or rougher surfaces, you’ll need two or three coats.

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9. Diamond Brite Semi-Gloss Latex Wall

Diamond Brite Paint 21050 1 Quart Semi Gloss Latex Paint High Hiding White

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Diamond Brite’s semi-gloss latex paint can be used both indoors and out. And it’s available in an attractive range of shades and different can sizes from 1 to 5 gallons. Each gallon will give you coverage of between 300 and 350 square feet.

This paint is low odor, and it will resist grease and dirt. And it be applied with a spray kit, brush or roller. When it goes on, it appears semi-transparent – but don’t panic! It will be completely opaque once dried. That will take an average of just 30 minutes, depending on the environmental conditions.

You’ll get a better finish if you use this alongside a primer. And that will also make it less likely that you’ll need a second coat. Stir the paint well before you get started to ensure the color goes on evenly.


  • Good choice of different shades
  • Low odor, grease and dirt resistant
  • Dries in an average of 30 minutes


  • Needs a good stir before you get started
  • Looks semi-transparent at first – you’ll need to wait for it to dry to see the true finish.

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10. Recolor Premium Exterior Recycled Content Paint

RECOLOR Eco-Friendly Exterior Premium Latex Paint for Walls, Siding and Trim w/Eggshell Finish, 1 Quart, White

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If you’re looking for a paint with an environmental conscience, check out Recolor Premium Exterior. It uses recycled paints to reduce waste and pollution. And it’s also low in VOCs, so it’s good for the air quality in your home too.

It comes in a choice of three shades, gray, taupe or white. And you can choose from 1 gallon and 1 quart sized cans. 1 quart gives about 100 square feet of coverage.

The recycled paint is carefully screened and quality assured. The drying time is a reasonable 2 to 6 hours. And clean-up of equipment is easy, requiring only soap and water.

Make sure you buy all the paint you need in one go, though. If you run out and need to place a separate order, you may find the color varies.


  • Made from recycled paint to be kinder to the environment
  • Low in VOCs
  • Easy clean-up – all you’ll need is soapy water


  • Only available in three shades
  • You may find color variations between different batches.

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Time to get painting!

That brings us to the end of our round-up of ten of the best paints for vinyl siding. We hope you’ve found the perfect product to meet your needs.

Our top pick is RePurpose from Majic paints. We love the range of colors, and you won’t have to do much surface preparation.

But for a paint that’s kind to the planet, consider Recolor Premium Exterior. It’s a great quality product, and you’ll be saving unused paint from landfill.

Whichever option you choose, your vinyl siding will soon be looking as good as new. Happy painting!

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