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33 Blue Vinyl Siding House Ideas

According to multiple surveys, blue is the world’s favorite color. And it comes in thousands of shades and tints. When it comes to blue vinyl siding, it’s packaged with lofty names like azure, midnight sky, or deep sea. It may also have tinges of other colors in it.

Maybe you’re interested in a specific hue. Or maybe any shade of blue will do. And blue can go from soothing to saddening. So you need some visual inspiration as you decide on the right kind of blue for you. Let’s look at over thirty ideas and suggestions for blue vinyl siding.

1. To the Bayou

To the Bayou

Remember when we mentioned the weird iterations of blue? Those colors are given special names so they sound more appealing to customers. It’s also a service designed for discerning clients that want an exact shade or tone. This particular blue vinyl siding is defined as Bayou Blue. It’s a deep shade of blue that dances towards grey and it looks great on these clapboards.


2. Unbroken Lines of Blue

Unbroken Lines of Blue
Credit: michelehuttersanchez

Contractors are attracted to the perpendicular. So when they’re installing blue vinyl siding on your home, they might change the direction of the vinyl to make an accent. In this house though, the traditionally horizontal siding extends throughout the house exteriors. Even the chimney has sideways siding. Unbroken line visually expands the home’s square footage.


3. Chase the Gloom

Chase the Gloom

The neighborhood in this picture seems a little down. Maybe it was a cloudy evening, but it does seem a tad off-putting. It might be why they opted for a bright shade of blue vinyl siding. It’s not quite sky-blue – it looks closer to powder blue. Or maybe baby blue. You don’t often see pastels in exterior décor, but with vinyl, you can easily hose all the dust and dirt off.


4. Break the Line

Break the Line

This mixed texture layout is a more common form of blue vinyl siding. It’s a tame shade of blue that leans toward grey. On one side of the wall, the cedar siding is a lighter shade of grey. Behind that, the rear dormer has board and batten siding in a color that’s close to white. The faux cedar shingles and off-white vertical siding make the whole floor brighter.


5. Spheres and Arches

Spheres and Arches

This house is objectively big. But the choice and style of blue vinyl siding make it look even larger. The sideways siding draws your eye and adds visual length to the house while the multiple gables pull your eye upwards so the pitches and peaks seem higher. This shade is called Jamestown Blue. The house has arched windows and circular vents in the attic.


6. Blue Cedar Bounty

Blue Cedar Bounty
Credit: manhassethomesny

Cedar shakes and shingles are popular forms of siding. They look a lot like roofing shingles and are made by splitting planks of cedar. But when you use CertainTeed for blue vinyl siding, you get one major advantage – color. Cedar shanks often come in brown or grey while vinyl ones are available in any shade under the sun, and probably a few bright hues above it too!


7. Blue Bricks

Blue Bricks

Can you paint bricks? They’re sometimes whitewashed, but most people prefer the natural red or yellow tone of true brick. On this building though, the brick is blue. That probably means it’s faux vinyl brick mounted in a staggered pattern. The blue ‘brick’ chimney accents the blue door. It’s a far more dramatic effect than if the whole wall was vinyl blue siding.


8. Tempting Turquoise

Tempting Turquoise

Are aqua and turquoise tones considered blue or green? In truth, they’re somewhere between so shop stockists can classify them as both. This blue vinyl siding has a gorgeous seaside shade embellished with white trim. The walls have horizontal beaded siding while the gables are demarcated by board and batten siding. The basement is lined with faux concrete siding.


9. Modified Barns

Modified Barns

You don’t see a lot of board and batten siding in urban homes. It’s more common in the countryside, which is why vertical siding is sometimes called barn siding. But as you can see here, you can still style it with a modern touch. This shade of blue vinyl siding is branded as Cabot Blue. The lower third of the house has stone siding with elongated windows above it.


10. High Blue Towers

High Blue Towers
Credit: conceptionbayhomes

Perspective makes a huge difference. As an example, the sloping driveway on this house makes it seem much taller. The vertically elongated windows heighten that effect. The home has a finished basement and almost a dozen front steps. The exteriors have blue vinyl siding and that garage seems to be cheekily grinning at you. Now that’s a warm welcome home.


11. Greyed Out Blue

Greyed Out Blue

In the world of design, blue can be icy and arctic, dense and royal, or swarthy and turbulent. This shade of blue vinyl siding leans toward grey and almost seems washed out. But it works on this grand home, and it’s still bright enough to rival that thick tranche of snow. And because vinyl is weatherproof, the wind, moisture, frost, and snowfall won’t affect your walls.


12. Porch Perfect

Porch Perfect

The bigger your porch, the more entertainment space you have. And even if you’re not the kind to regularly have guests over, it’s nice to sit on your porch with some music, the paper, or a good book. This porch is quite small, but it’s cleverly styled with blue vinyl siding. The curvy corners form a broken arch that frames the steps and elevates your frontal elegance.


13. Sneak the Lines In

Sneak the Lines In

If you’ve decided on clapboard siding but you still want some perpendiculars in there, you can always slip them in. Here, they appear in the palette window shutters and the length pillars flanking the front steps. This blue vinyl siding is designated indigo, which is a kind of purple that leans toward blue (in the same way that violet is a purple leans towards red).


14. Blue in the Hills

Blue in the Hills

Many contractors and designers will skimp on the rear siding. After all, everyone is focused on the front, right? In this house, the back of the house is done as carefully as the front. The yard slopes in a gentle hill and the house has large sashless windows and French Doors to avoid spoiling the view. The blue vinyl siding used here is traditionally styled in clapboard.


15. Windows and Mansards

Windows and Mansards

When a roof has double-tiered slopes as you see here, it’s called a mansard or a gambrel. And this home chases that mansard with multiple windows. The first floor of this house is clad with stone while the second floor is done in blue vinyl siding. This siding is horizontal, but the dormers are done in vinyl cedar shake. The garage is a stylish half-and-half affair.


16. Urbanite and Funky

Urbanite and Funky

When you think of blues that dance with greens, you’re probably thinking of marine hues like aqua or turquoise. But this blue-green is from a darker pallet and goes by the name Urban Blue. It’s paired with arched windows and matte black shutters. The gables are clad with white cedar shake. This mixing and matching of colors highlight the shapes of this home.


17. Stone and Wrought Iron

Stone and Wrought Iron

This blue vinyl siding could pass for slate grey, but it’s still technically swimming in the blue space. The name on the vinyl box is Wrought Iron. It’s combined with vinyl cedar shakes in the same hue. The shake goes on the gables and the lower half of the wall has stone siding. This can be genuine stone, simulated stone (with steel lining), or stone-printed vinyl.


18. Clean and Curvy

Clean and Curvy

Colour is relative. Well, sometimes it is. Take this silo as an example. Some say it’s blue vinyl siding. Others swear those walls are black. We can compromise on blue-black though. And that curvy roof that extends to form the wall is beautiful. The white trim highlights that clean finish, and the board and batten siding is far more flattering given that rounded silo shape.


19. Cute and Crafty

Cute and Crafty

A craftsman porch is defined by open eaves, low gables, and glass in the door. This porch – and the home it’s attached to – ticks off all those boxes. And the house is even cuter thanks to the playful shade of blue vinyl siding. Blue is usually a cool color but this shade seems warm and inviting. And the warm yellow light from those retro lanterns reinforces that.


20. Wider Chimneys

Wider Chimneys

You may have heard that stripes are slimming – but only if they’re going down. Side stripes and diagonals have the opposite effect. And while this split-level home needs a broad chimney, that horizontal siding exaggerates the width. This shade of blue vinyl siding goes by a fancy name – regatta blue. The white trim highlights that pretty blue completing the look.


21. Just a Little Blue

Just a Little Blue

This house is a mix of colors, materials, and textures which come together beautifully. Most of the walls have shale-colored clapboard siding but the front section of the dormers is done in board and batten. The specific shade of blue vinyl siding for those boards and battens is grove blue. The siding is trimmed with river rock while some sections are stacked stone.


22. Wondering Wilmington

Wondering Wilmington

Why wondering? Because you’ll do a double-take at that front façade. Is it plastic or stone? That main area is clad in stone-styled vinyl, and it looks quite authentic. The rest of the siding is a deep shade of blue that complements the mixed hues on the ‘stone’ section. The half-circle windows accessorize that blue vinyl siding by adding depth, shape, and interest.


23. Split-Level Design

Split-Level Design

On this house, the first and second floors could be two different homes because the design is so divergent. The uppers have craftsman styling, with open eaves over the dormers and blue vinyl siding on the walls. This blue siding is made of vinyl cedar shakes. The lower floor is clad in stone. The house also has semi-arched window trim and one fully elliptical window.


24. Back to Blue-Black

Back to Blue-Black

Vinyl cedar shakes don’t always look authentic. It depends on how they’re made. Some shanks are molded from hand-split cedar while others are printed to mimic cedar grain. In this house, the blue vinyl siding is designated midnight blue, and from a distance, it looks black. The grain isn’t as carefully carved so it seems like clapboard if you’re far away.


25. Beachy Beauty

Beachy Beauty

This blue vinyl siding is named for Laguna Beach and it does have a dark green tint. This section of the home is subdivided into four wings. And while all four front walls are overshadowed by large windows, the receding central section is clad in stone while the other three are done in vinyl. The chimney is clad with the same light-colored stone as the center.


26. Blue Bungalow Styling

Blue Bungalow Styling

If you want to add an upper floor to a bungalow, dormers are an easy way to do it. The home might be older, so adding blue vinyl siding to the dormers might be too jarring. Look for a shade that’s close to the lower layers. This home uses vinyl cedar shake siding for the newer dormers and they blend in beautifully. The white shutters (and white trim) are a nice touch.


27. Pretty Purple Door

Pretty Purple Door

On the color wheel, blue and purple (or violet or indigo) sit next to each other. They’re neighbors in the rainbow as well. But depending on what shade of blue vinyl siding you buy, that purple accent can meld in or stand out. This house has pale blue siding and a bold purple door. The door has transoms and sidelights to let in more sunlight and warm the house.


28. Barely Blue

Barely Blue

This home is clad with the slightest tint of blue vinyl siding. Before you buy this siding, view it from various angles and in several light settings. This is important because it’s a very subtle shade of blue – it’s even paler than a pastel. So you’ll need to triple-check whether the tone works for you. On the other hand, it’s a sweet alternative to sterile white vinyl.


29. Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast

We’re jumping from light to dark with this Coastal Blue vinyl siding. The planks are faux shingles molded to mimic cedar wood shanks. You can’t clearly see the texture on these cedar shakes but the color is vivid and arresting. The windows and attic vents have thick white trim to highlight and balance out the shingles. And unlike wood, the vinyl won’t rot or warp.


30. Shingles and Siding

Shingles and Siding

Monochromatic color schemes can be accessorized by mixing the texture of the siding. On this house, the blue vinyl siding alternates between clapboard and faux cedar shakes in the same shade. The porthole window on the cedar section complements the elongated windows on the perpendicular wall, which is clad with traditional lap. All the windows have thick trim.


31. Double Duplex Delights

Double Duplex Delights

This dark shade of blue vinyl siding is very close to green. And the houses next door are done in yellow siding, so it’s a naturally themed street. The homes are duplexes, meaning they have two stories and they share their entryway. The structure slopes towards the back and the walls are dotted with long, narrow windows that are vertically hung for extra light.


32. Ping Pong House

Ping Pong House

The siding materials on this house seem to bounce from spot to spot. There’s stone on the basement and dormers, and it wraps the lower half of the porch pillars. Then there’s grey clapboard siding on some of the dormers. But the bulk of the house is done in blue vinyl siding that’s twice as narrow as the grey gables. It makes the whole space a true visual treat.


33. Pacific Blues and Red Doors

Pacific Blues and Red Doors

For our last listing, just look at that little red door! It’s flanked by sidelights and has additional picture windows mounted on the front door. This house has clean lines and sharp definition, mostly from the wide white trim around the windows and the porch. The shade of blue vinyl siding is Pacific Blue. The windows are framed by black shutters in wood or vinyl.

What’s your favorite kind of vinyl blue siding? Show us photos in the comments section!

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