Vinyl Wrap vs. Paint Car: Which is Better?

wrapping vs painting a car

Owners who decide to beautify their cars often have a dilemma about applying vinyl wrap vs. paint. No one can tell the right answer about this subject. Whatever option you choose, you will protect your vehicle, make it stylish, and potentially increase its resale value. However, the differences between these two options are significant. You …

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31 Cool & Simple Vinyl Wrap Design Ideas

31 Simple & Cool Vinyl Wrap Design Ideas

Vinyl is a popular crafting material – both for DIY fans and commercial branding experts. And you can use it in two main ways. You can cut shapes, letters, or words and press them directly on the item you’re decorating. Or you could make a wrap to cover the entire item. Vinyl wrap designs could …

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How to Vinyl Wrap a Motorcycle? (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

10 Simple Steps to Vinyl Wrap a Motorcycle

Looking forward to giving your motorcycle a stunning make-over? Vinyl wraps are the way to go! As vinyl wrapping a motorcycle includes wrapping over smaller surfaces, you might mistakenly assume that this DIY is pretty easy. But the fact is that due to smaller surfaces with more curves and indentations, vinyl wrapping a motorcycle can …

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