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What Vinyl to Use for Car Window Decals?

Car decals are recognizable by their aesthetic and practical function, and you can use them as car advertising stickers. Many companies use these lovely items as an ideal way to convey the desired message. Decals are decorative stickers for outdoor use and an excellent option for numerous exterior surfaces.

Some external factors, like sun, rain, snow, frost, and car wash, can damage most ordinary stickers. However, decals are durable enough to be difficult to damage even under the destructive influence of the external environment. What vinyl to use for car window decals is the decision you have to make depending on the desired purpose. Let’s see.


Permanent vs. Removable vinyl

You can find two vinyl decal types intended for car windows on the market, and both have their advantages and downsides. It is on you to pick out the best one that fits your needs.

Permanent vinyl vs. removable vinyl

Feature Permanent vinyl Removable vinyl
Durability Resistant to external conditions Easy to remove
Lifespan 3 to 6 years 1 to 3 years
Best for using Outdoor Indoor
UV resistance yes no
Water resistance yes yes

Permanent vinyl decals – They last longer and can withstand many harmful influences. Statistics say that most car owners change a car every five years. Durable and affordable decals are attractive and offer the opportunity to make a visible change during that period. 

Removable vinyl decals – This sticker type lasts about one to three years, but bad weather and intentional physical removal typically shorten that period. If you like being innovative and enjoy changing your car’s look, you probably won’t mind this disadvantage.


Best Vinyl to Use for Car Window Decals

It is possible to find several trustful vinyl products for car window decals on the current market. Your best options are:

1. Oracal 651 vinyl

Oracal 651 vinyl

You can use this top-notch permanent vinyl to create your own decal that will last approximately four years. Its lifespan primarily depends on the color you choose. Unfortunately, it is not a pocket-friendly option.


  • It is permanent vinyl with a long lifespan
  • This product is effortless for application
  • It is water-resistant


  • Some consumers complain about the difference between the size of the advertised and delivered product
  • This kind of vinyl is heavy and is not compatible with all cutting machines
  • It is expensive


2. Siser Easy PSV

Siser Easy PSV

There are two Siser Easy PSV decal types, removable and permanent. The best way to differentiate them is by the backside. Permanent vinyl decals have a gray grid line, while removable types come with a mint grid line on the backside. They typically last 3 to 6 years, depending on the type. 


  • You can find this vinyl in numerous color options
  • It tightly sticks to the window surface, making this material ideal for creating decals
  • It is an affordable product


  • It can be challenging to remove it from the glass


3. Premium cricut permanent vinyl 

Premium cricut permanent vinyl 

This vinyl type is an excellent solution for exterior surfaces exposed to bad weather conditions. It is a water-resistant and UV-resistant product that can last approximately three years before tearing apart.


  • This product is resistant to water and UV rays
  • It is a strong and permanent option
  • It comes in various colors


  • This thin vinyl tears apart over time
  • Its width of 12 inches (30.5 m) is a limiting factor


Tips For Car Window Decals Applying 

The best option for applying decals on car windows is summer because it is easier for them to stick on the glass surface when the temperature is high. Avoid wintertime to finish this job, especially when doing it outdoors.

In such conditions, the glue can become too thick and hard, resulting in inadequate stickers adhering to the surface. However, you can solve that problem by using a hair blower. Be careful because you can overheat the surface and get stuck with broken glass in the end.

If you want to apply a company logo or your own design, you should learn the proper technique-based protocol to obtain your goal. Besides vinyl, you will also need paper towels and a bottle of alcohol. Let’s do it!

Clean the surface

The first step is to clean the car with soap and water since the window surface needs to be clean before applying decals. Otherwise, the dirt will shorten the decal lifespan.

The next thing to do is to rub the area with alcohol and clean it with paper towels. Be aware that using towels or cloths leave threads on the surface, so it is better to avoid them.

Determining and measuring the place for decal application

After picking out the desired car window decal design, deciding where to put it is crucial. Then, it is time to find and measure an exact place to fit its dimensions. 

Cutting and transferring

It is a step that requires a cutting machine and vinyl transfer tape. You should enter the desired design into the machine’s memory and put the vinyl in the intended place.

Always have specific tools prepared to remove possible bubbles because they can shorten your decal lifespan. Finally, be careful while transferring the finished sticker to prevent ugly wrinkles.

Waiting until the product dries off

The best solution is to wait for a while after application to see whether you are satisfied with the result. It is better to avoid using a hair dryer because it can melt some decal vinyl types. As soon as you are sure that the sticker is entirely dry, you can slowly peel the transfer tape starting from one corner.


The Best Spots for Car Decal

The Best Spots for Car Decal

Driver’s car side

When you plan to apply a decal as an advertisement, it is wise to put it in an excellent place to be visible to other cars. If the chosen design contains letters, it is vital to carefully consider each particular letter’s size and the distance between them. 

Other windows

For security reasons, you can apply only small decals to windshield corners. It is not the best place for advertising and can also be banned by the law.

On the other hand, you can apply decals on side windows to target audiences or find clients. Finding the perfect sticker size can be challenging because smaller ones won’t be visible enough.

Car bumpers

Bumpers are attractive spots for applying various decal types. Even though they are not preferable places for advertising, they are an excellent way to express yourself.


Tailgate on trucks is a perfectly visibly positioned place with a big surface. That makes it a perfect place to put decals, including advertising ones.


Can Vinyl Stickers Damage Your Car?

In some cases, permanent vinyl used for car window decals can cause an unexpected problem. As I have already mentioned, this vinyl type’s significant advantage is UV and water resistance.

Unfortunately, a car’s color fades over the years. Therefore, you will face an issue with a different coloration of the area underneath the high-quality decal once you remove it. Ironically, that is the moment when its advantage becomes a downside.

Finally, you may face an issue when deciding to remove a decal. Careless handling or using a sharp item for this purpose can damage glass.


Ways to Remove Vinyl Decals

Ways to Remove Vinyl Decals

There are several reasons to remove applied decal, such as:

  • When you need to change the job and add a new company name
  • When scratches ruin the vinyl decal integrity
  • When you get a better idea

Finding a way to remove vinyl car window decals effortlessly and without causing any damage is vital. The procedure includes a few crucial steps, including:

Clean the surface

It is the first logical step because it is harder to remove highly adhesive decals when dirty. Using a soft cloth, hot water, and soap will be enough to finish the job successfully.

Use a hair dryer

Use a hair dryer to direct heat precisely to the desired area. The achieved heat will melt the vinyl and make removing the decal easy. Be careful and never bring it too close or touch the paint to prevent possible damage.

If the sticker is too sizable, separating the process into smaller phases is your best option. Luckily, most stickers are easy to remove, and you won’t spend much time on this procedure.

Remove the sticker

You can use any tool to remove an old decal, but it is vital to avoid sharp items. The practical way to finish the task is to use an old credit card and start the process from one corner.

Then, keep peeling the decal off until removing all the parts, including the leftovers. You can also use adhesive remover or nail polishers to speed up the process.



Once you decide to apply a vinyl decal on your car window, it is essential to pick out the best product for your needs. Your choice will depend on your plans, budget, and sticker purpose.

Remember that there are two different decal types available on the market, permanent and removable. Both are quality products but intended for different use.

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