31 Beautiful Vinyl Fencing Colors

31 Beautiful Vinyl Fencing Colors

For decades, the suburbs and exurbs are full of ranch-style homes and white picket fences. But modern consumers often want more color in their homes. And that includes exteriors. It’s part of the reason why vinyl fences have become so popular. They’re affordable, easy to install, need close-to-zero maintenance, and are available in hundreds of … Read more

PVC Vinyl Fence Reviews: Is It Worth Installing?

PVC Vinyl Fence Reviews Is It Worth Installing

PVC vinyl fences were first introduced in the early 1980s to offer ranchers and farmers a low-maintenance yet durable fencing solution. Over time, the material gained popularity and was eventually introduced as an option for residential fences, too. Homeowners appreciate the material’s durability and resistance to elements, the almost inexistent maintenance, and the bountiful choice … Read more

How Much Does a Vinyl Fence Cost: Materials, Labor, Add-Ons & More

How Much Does a Vinyl Fence Cost Materials, Labor, Add-Ons & More

Vinyl fences are slowly replacing more traditional options like wood and metal. This material is resistant, durable, and requires minimal maintenance. However, price is often a deciding factor for homeowners who need a new fence. You may have heard by now that PVC fencing is expensive, but how much does a vinyl fence cost? Vinyl … Read more

Can You Repair a Vinyl Fence? (Methods & Costs)

Can You Repair a Vinyl Fence Methods & Costs

Vinyl fences are popular for their durability and low maintenance. Yet, like all other fencing options, they can get damaged over time. This is where you may wonder, can you repair a vinyl fence? There is good news: you can. Small cracks and holes are easy to repair by yourself with a commercial vinyl repair … Read more

7 Easy Steps to Clean Vinyl Fence

7 Easy Steps to Clean Vinyl Fence

Vinyl is a beautiful, durable, and low-maintenance fencing alternative to traditional wood, and, over the last decades, it has increasingly become a favorite of many homeowners. However, as with any vinyl product, vinyl fences require occasional cleaning to maintain their glossy, eye-catching look. Dirt, stains, and mildew, especially on white panels, can be unsightly; if … Read more