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31 Beautiful Vinyl Fencing Colors

For decades, the suburbs and exurbs are full of ranch-style homes and white picket fences. But modern consumers often want more color in their homes. And that includes exteriors. It’s part of the reason why vinyl fences have become so popular. They’re affordable, easy to install, need close-to-zero maintenance, and are available in hundreds of color options.

A typical vinyl fence is treated with UV protection to prevent fading. So that color you chose so carefully will stay true for years to come. These fences can also resist harsh weather and potential attacks from pets and pests with sharp claws. You can erect these vinyl fences in less than a day and enjoy them for years to come. So let’s look at some vinyl fence colors.

1. Woodsy Wonders

Woodsy Wonders

Vinyl fences are often used as a substitute for wooden ones. They need far less attention – just hose it down when it gets too dusty or use a soft brush and soapy water. Vinyl doesn’t need sealing or repainting and it won’t rot or attract insects. But you can still get the look of lumber with these carefully textured, wood-themed, vinyl fence colors from Timberland.


2. Nature’s Neutrals

Nature’s Neutrals

Wood-based vinyl fences can sometimes have accurately printed grains and knots. From a distance, that kind of vinyl looks just like wood. But if you’re not too fussy about textural detail, you can opt for generic vinyl fence colors. The fencing panels here are conveniently arranged so you can take your pick from white to clay with shades of brown, tan, and grey.


3. Beautiful Brown Granite

Beautiful Brown Granite

You might think vinyl fences are restricted to vertical picket styling or horizontal paddock themes. But you can do a lot more with plastic. This stone simulation fence is molded to mimic staggered stacked stones. And it comes in five vinyl fence colors, which we’ll see as we go down the list. This brown granite fence is made with plastic outers and steel inserts.


4. Posts and Panels

Posts and Panels
Credit: fence.and.deck.supply.slc

Picket fences are designed for borders and aesthetics. They rarely rise above waist level, and even the taller ones have see-through spacing that puts your yard on display. So if you like the gapped look but you still want privacy, consider this styling. The vinyl fence is dark brown and its panels have ridges that mimic the gaps in pickets. Iron posts anchor the panels.


5. It’s White – So What?

It’s White – So What

When you dig into vinyl fence colors, you may turn your nose up at the typical white versions. But as this clip shows, you can still get amazing variation from your white plastic fence. It’s all about style, shape, and layout, so you can buy something that stands out. And as you can see from that wood fence at the start, vinyl dodges the drama of chipped paint.


6. Black and Brown

Black and Brown

In addition to color, you can create contrast in your vinyl fence by mixing panels of different colors. The plastic planks here are a semi-glossy brown and black, and they persuasively mimic stained wood. The black sections are shorter than the brown ones, which makes for pretty visual variation. These subdivisions are separated by black vertical posts.


7. Personal Pasture

Personal Pasture

You could litter your yard with signs that holler ‘Keep off the grass!’ Or you could set aside a weekend to literally fence your grass in. It only takes a few hours and some basic tools, but check with the HoA before they send neighborhood security after you! This fence has vertical panels in a shade of grey that’s described as ‘clay’. Boxy decorative pillars divide the panels.


8. Illustrious Illusions

Illustrious Illusions

Illusions vinyl fencing comes in 35 colors and 5 wood grains, so you’ll see a lot of them on this list. For our first sample, check out this white arbor fence. It’s designed to have vines, flowers, and creepers growing through the gaps and lattices. The arch at the top is perfect for overhangs and green canopies. And unlike wood, all that leafy moisture won’t rot the vinyl.


9. Never Dull in Grey

Never Dull in Grey

Who says grey has to be boring? It’s a popular fence color for wood fencing because it’s better at camouflaging dirt. But since the fence is vinyl, smudges won’t stain the fence and you can easily wipe them off. Also, while this grey vinyl fence has some wood grain detail, it’s not intended to pass for wood. The grains just add visual texture to make the fence prettier.


10. Dark and Lovely

Dark and Lovely

They say black is slimming. As a vinyl fence color, it’s great at hiding flaws and soil splashes – though that may depend on where you live. After all, red dust and white silt are jarringly visible on a black background. But by adding a bit of gloss to the vinyl fence, the surface gets slick and dirt is easier to wipe off. The fence also has a gapped top row for air circulation.


11. Stony White Wonder

Stony White Wonder

Maybe you want privacy, but you don’t have the time, space, or budget for a stone wall. Why not try these simulated stone panels? The bright white might show stains and smudges, but it’s plastic so you can clean it off in seconds. This bright white lightens the ambiance of your yard because it reflects maximum light. It’s plastic (LLDPE) but it’s reinforced with steel.


12. Glossy Black Beauty

Glossy Black Beauty
Credit: thefenceguyca

This vinyl fence color feels like a snazzy compromise – maybe the man of the house wanted a masculine back while his lady preferred something a little more sparkly. The conclusion is a high-gloss black that leans towards navy blue. As you can see, it does show some white specks, so you’d have to hose this street-facing fence at least once a day to keep it clean.


13. Linear Loveliness

Linear Loveliness

At first glance, this home seems to have simple wood exteriors. The siding is a mix of vertical and diagonal rows in a dark mint tone with a brown gate and a waist-high rear fence. But if you zoom in, you’ll notice how thin that fence is, and you may worry that it won’t hold up. But the reason it’s so thin is that it’s vinyl! But it’s such a realistic lumber simulation!


14. White and Grey

White and Grey

Fences often have black trim. It provides definition but is subtle enough that it doesn’t detract from the vinyl fence colors. But while white is often considered a tame, understated shade, it can be quite vibrant if you use it correctly. In this example, the tan (or grey?) vinyl fence has white posts and white borders at the top and bottom to match the house siding.


15. Perpendicular Fencing

Perpendicular Fencing

To show what a difference your trim choices make, compare this fence with the previous one. It’s similar in every way except for the vinyl fence colors. Here, the vertical vinyl planks are a woody mid-brown while the top and bottom trim are black. The fence posts are black too. They offer a pleasant contrast to the beige clapboard siding on the houses behind the fence.


16. Delightfully Dark Walnut

Delightfully Dark Walnut

Can you even tell this isn’t wood? The vinyl fence pictures here have a convincing tone and texture, but it’s pure plastic! The name of this shade is dark walnut, and it’s styled with dips and ridges for maximum privacy. The grain printed on the wood is surprisingly authentic, but it has a clean finish with no knots or blemishes. The end caps add stability to the fence.


17. Primary Perfection

Primary Perfection

When you’re looking into vinyl fence colors, you’re playing with two concepts – tone and texture. You may be more interested in grain when you’re shopping for faux wood or faux stone. But for this red-and-yellow fence, the vibrance of the colors is more important. They pick the same shades that are on the house siding, a mix of bright clapboard and scallops.


18. Roaring Red Cedar

Roaring Red Cedar

You might wonder how they get these vinyl fence colors to copy wood tones so closely. The secret is in the inserts. While LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene plastic) is the base, the fence also contains galvanized steel. This simulated wood series is called Ashland and its wood grain vinyl comes in red and gold cedar, Nantucket grey, black oak, or walnut brown.


19. Magnificent Mahogany

Magnificent Mahogany

When you’re shopping for vinyl fences, you may worry that the plastic will look face. Especially if it’s pure vinyl (as opposed to fences with steel or aluminum inserts). Here’s a close-up of a mahogany vinyl fence. As you can see, it’s carefully printed to maximize the visual tone and texture of your fence. Its smoothness invites your touch – with zero splinters!


20. Mint Green Magic

Mint Green Magic
Credit: mr.fence_florida

Having a backyard is a blessing when you have young kids or energetic pets. And while you want to stop them from running to the neighbors (or out onto the street), you still want to keep an eye on them. This semi-private fence is a smart fix. It comes in several vinyl fence colors including this mint green shade that looks so gorgeous amid that healthy lawn.


21. Pretty and Perfect

Pretty and Perfect

Building on the idea of semi-private fencing, check out this vinyl screen. The previous fence had gaps wide enough to see through (and allow unfettered airflow) but not enough for kids or pets to get their heads stuck. This fence improves on the concept by using a webbed panel that resembles cellular structures under a microscope. The mesh is a mix of white and beige.


22. Buff and Beautiful

Buff and Beautiful

What’s your priority in terms of vinyl fence colors? Do you care more about the texture or the tone? This vinyl fence is a gorgeous shade of reddish-brown but its texture is plainly plastic. It has other benefits though. The fence is Bufftech, a product from CertainTeed. And like all their vinyls, it comes with a 5-year warranty that covers repairs and replacement.


23. Grand and Groovy

Grand and Groovy

Illusions Vinyl has a series of wood-patterned vinyl fencing called WoodBond. It has individual vinyl panels linked using tongue-and-groove joints for added stability. The top of the fence has a gridwork lattice to enhance circulation. And don’t worry – the trellis is high enough to dodge peeping toms on tippy toes. This vinyl fence color falls in the walnut zone.


24. Alternating Panels

Alternating Panels

HoAs have their advantages. But they can be quite powerful. And annoying. Suppose they say white is the only vinyl fence color they’ll allow. They might even go as far as to dictate the width of each fencing panel. Well, you can still get creative. On this vinyl fence, the planks are secured on alternating sides of a horizontal center panel for style and ventilation.


25. Mixed Width Magic

Mixed Width Magic

Here’s another option to elevate your white vinyl fence. In this case, the plastic planks come in two widths, just like board and batten siding. Each panel has the slimmest of gaps between so while light and air can pass through, the inside of the yard enjoys a measure of privacy. The slits are narrow enough to keep kids and pets from getting stuck in-between.


26. Sunny Paneling

Sunny Paneling

When the upper edge of your vinyl fence forms diagonal zig-zags, it’s called dog-ear fencing. Other styles include picket, scallop, top-cap, and gothic. But we’re more interested in vinyl fence colors here. And this sunny yellow is a true delight. The specific shade is called Sahara Yellow, and the white trim offers bold definition while the broad panels provide privacy.


27. Horsing Around with Vinyl

Horsing Around with Vinyl
Credit: allstarrlandscaping

If you’ve watched any old-timey cowboy films, you’ve seen this kind of fence. They call it a horse rail fence and it generally marks the borders between broad swathes of pasture. Out in the countryside, these fences need to be wooden and they mainly subdivide large-scale paddocks. But in a suburb, you can replace them with vinyl planks for the same rustic result.


28. Staggered Trellis

Staggered Trellis

The kind of fencing you use in your home might depend on your neighbors. You might want an impermeable towering fortress while your neighborhood insists on visibility and ventilation. Especially if you live in a humid region. So these residents settled on staggered yellow brick siding and red roofing that delights anyone peeping through the trellis fence.


29. Robust and Round

Robust and Round

Wood can warp in humid weather. It can also develop fungi and rot. But vinyl fences have a plastic base, meaning they’re more flexible. So if you’re fencing a curvy section like the one pictured here, plastic panels may be safer. The vinyl fence colors applied here are grey (to match the house) with white end caps above and below. The panel dividers are white as well.


30. Simple Red Vinyl

Simple Red Vinyl

For residents that are driven by simplicity and symmetry, this vinyl fence is just the thing. The distance between each slat is equal to the width of the vinyl slats, so the effect is sweet and soothing. The reddish-brown vinyl fence color works well with red soil because it’ll calmly camouflage any surface dirt. The plastic is too slick to scale and is quite easy to clean.


31. Could Be Wood!

Could Be Wood!

Our final vinyl fence color could be the most impressive! Look at that tone and those knots! It’s a variant of Illusions WoodBond vinyl. This shade is called Eastern white cedar, but you can also order WoodBond in driftwood, rosewood, mahogany, or walnut. All five shades are equally convincing and need minimal maintenance. Vinyl can get moldy though, so heads up.

What’s your favorite vinyl fence color? Show us some photos in the comments section!

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