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8 Advantages of Using Brick Flooring (Ultimate Guide)

Brick flooring has always been attributed to the old world. Brick is a material that are very in demand in the past as most houses and roads are made from this. Although it is considered a traditional material, it’s now being revived as a modern choice if you want to showcase a rustic appeal in your home.

If you are planning to add a brick floor to your home, it’s important to know why it’s a good choice and what benefits you can get from it. We listed down some of the advantages of having brick floors.

Benefits of Brick Flooring

1. So Many Choices!

There are so many available options when it comes to brick floors. There are different types that you can choose from based on how you plan to use them and the place where they would be installed. Here are some of the types of brick floors that you can consider.

  • Brick Paver

Brick paver or commonly known as the brick veneer is a popular flooring option for indoor use. Brick floor pavers are usually 1/4 to 1/2-inch-thick, which is thinner than other brick floorings for outdoor use. They are also made from clay and shale like the thicker bricks so they have the same durability.

Thin bricks are the best for indoors as you can easily replace them with different flooring in the future. Thin brick pavers don’t raise the level of the floor and they put a lower weight load on your subfloor.

  • Engineering Bricks

These bricks are often used in the construction of large buildings. It is usually 2 1/4 inches thick so they would raise the level of the flooring and put a lot of weight on your subfloor as well.

They are extremely durable and resistant to wear and stains. However, they are susceptible to water damage if not properly sealed. This kind of brick requires a good sealant for the cracks and holes. Without any sealer, you can expect your bricks to get damaged easily.

  • Recycled Brick

This is a pretty good choice if you want to have that old and weathered look on your floor. Instead of waiting for many years and for the weather to completely change your bricks, you can buy reclaimed brick floors from old houses.

This is very eco-friendly and it saves you a lot of time. However, this is more expensive than buying typical brick flooring.

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2. Durable

Aside from its unique look, brick floors are definitely at the top when it comes to durability. It is extremely tough and it can withstand heat, wear and tear, and other outdoor factors without getting damaged. This type of flooring is so sturdy that you won’t even have to replace it for a lifetime.

If you prefer durability and longevity more than anything else, adding brick floors to your home is the best way to go.

3. Retains Warm Temperature

One of the best reasons to get brick floors is their ability to retain warm temperatures. This is the reason why most people who are living in cold countries would often use brick floors inside their houses.

When the cold season arrives, your floor can retain warmth so when you combine this with your radiant floor heating, you can have a steady and warm experience. It saves electricity too as you won’t have to put your floor heating in higher settings.

Brick floors are also fire-resistant so you can put them near your stoves and fireplaces.

4. Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Use

There are different types of bricks as mentioned above, but they are all usable indoors and outdoors. You can even add heavier bricks indoors if you want. There are a few disadvantages to doing this, but it’s possible and doable.

The material is durable enough for outdoor use even if it’s the brick pavers that are made indoors. You can use them in your garden, in entryways, or patio. Also, these bricks are aesthetically pleasing so you can use them anywhere you want in your house.

You can even use it in your laundry room or as a bathroom floor.

Quick and Simple Maintenance
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5. Quick and Simple Maintenance

Typical floor tiles require a lot of cleaning and maintenance. Some of them might even need to be cleaned once every day. One of the best things about brick flooring is that it doesn’t require regular cleaning and maintenance.

If you look at brick floors, you will notice that they can hide a lot of dirt and stains. Even if you accidentally stained the surface, cleaning it would not be too difficult. You can use a wide variety of cleaning materials because they are not as delicate as the other flooring options.

6. Textured Surface

Bricks are not smooth so they always come with a textured surface. This is a good feature because it provides a natural non-slip surface. With enough underfoot traction, you won’t have to worry about slipping on your floor after taking a bath.

Along with its textured surface, you can also reinforce the grout lines so it would have a rough and sandy texture. Make sure that you don’t use any wax treatment that would negate this feature.

7. Budget-Friendly

One of the best reasons to use bricks in your flooring is its cost. Compared to other flooring options, bricks are very cheap just like concrete flooring. You can even recycle antique brick tiles and use them on your floor.

Timeless Appeal
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8. Timeless Appeal

The rugged and rustic look that brick floor tiles can offer is timeless. The look of brick flooring can bring you back in time and it adds more drama to the aesthetics of your house.

Compared with ceramic tile and other flooring options, brick floors become more appealing with time. As time passes, your brick floors become more and more beautiful and eye-catching.


Brick floors are definitely one of the best options if you want to have that rustic and timeless appeal for your house. It’s also one of the strongest construction materials for flooring. As for the installation of brick tiles, make sure you hire a professional. This is not something that you can DIY with ease.

If you have any additions to these advantages or want to add something of value to the article, feel free to comment below.

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