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10 Hottest Laundry Room Flooring Trends (2023)

When people think about trendy flooring or home decoration, one of the last places they ever consider is the laundry room. It makes sense. It’s one of the few rooms that is almost entirely dedicated to cleaning and sorting stuff. 

Most people don’t give their laundry rooms enough love, especially when it comes to decoration. 2023 marks the year when laundry makes all the difference. These landry room flooring trends are what will give your house the beautiful boost it needs, 

Cool Laundry Room Flooring Trends You Need To See

1. Vinyl Plank Tiling

Vinyl Plank Tiling

Laundry rooms often have a very cold, sparse, basement-utility room vibe to them that makes them offputting to be in for too long. This is because most laundry rooms will be in a basement and have to be made of materials that are resistant to water and spills. 

Did you ever want to have a laundry room that actually looks homey and warm? Vinyl floor tiles that have a wood look can help you get that ambiance. Plank tiling is water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about damage from a leaky machine. Yet, it looks like a hardwood floor.

It’s not shocking to hear that luxury vinyl plank tiling has started to become a go-to. It’s homey, warm, and also gives your laundry room a more homey feeling. After all, who doesn’t like the look of wood flooring? 

Luxury vinyl flooring is almost indistinguishable from wood. The only difference is that this tile won’t warp with humidity, so you don’t have to worry about the problems that come with wood. 

2. Poured Pattern Concrete

Poured Pattern Concrete
Credit: concretedecor.net

In modern homes and apartment buildings, concrete flooring is going to be the best flooring you can get. You can’t really hurt concrete with leaks from a bad washer, which is why most building owners use it as their go-to material. 

Of course, people don’t like the dark, dingy look of classic grey, polished concrete. It looks commercial and not in a cute way. It makes your laundry room look more like a factory floor than anything else. 

To help brighten up laundry rooms, many architects are putting a twist on this easy maintenance material. They are adding colors and additives to give the flooring a more unique and artsy look. 

If you have a large laundry room with lots of heavy appliances, concrete is going to be the best option. It won’t crack under heavy weight. The downside? Well, it’s very expensive, especially if you need a flooring professional to add a pattern to it like terrazzo. 

3. Petite Ceramic Tile Flooring

Petite Ceramic Tile Flooring
Credit: insidedesign.annsacks

Once considered to be dated, ceramic tile flooring has become incredibly popular once more. Professionals love it because it’s almost immune to water damage of any type. (That’s why they use small ceramic tiles in many bathrooms, too.)

Small ceramic tiles are great for people who want to add a little texture to their laundry room flooring. Creating a mosaic out of smaller tiles is a breeze, and you can literally bleach the area down in the event of a major spill. What’s not to love?

To get on this trend, choose tiles of several different colors and create a pattern with them. It will give your laundry room dimension that other options won’t!

4. Large Ceramic Tiles

Large Ceramic Tiles
Credit: ocotillofloors

Ceramic tiles have been a favorite among room designers for a while, especially when you’re dealing with lots of water and cleaning agents. If you want a more “typical modern” take on the ceramic trend, opt for extra large ceramic tiles with minimal grouting between them. 

Larger tiles that are added with minimal grout will give your home a seamless look. Like smaller tiles, you also don’t have to worry about major damage done by water or laundry chemicals. Better still, large tiles will give your laundry room a spa-like look. 

5. Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring
Credit: Houzz

Are you looking for an affordable way to add pops of color to your home without having to pay thousands upon thousands for professional installation services? Rather than look at ceramic tile options, you may want to look at classic laminate flooring. 

Laminate flooring has been used in laundromats for ages, and for good reason. It can handle the rigors that come with heavy foot traffic, water, and big machines. Not all laminate flooring will look trendy, though. 

If you want to get the coolest flooring on the market, seek out marble-look flooring or laminate that has a glittery texture. In some cases, you can let your creativity run loose and make a pattern that is a mix between retro and modern. 

6. Natural Wood

Natural Wood

Out of all the trends we’ve seen for laundry room flooring, natural wood is one of the most risky. This is because real hardwood (or any type of wood, really) will be prone to water damage and scratches from heavy machinery being moved on it. 

It only will take one serious flood to cause your laundry room to need a full overhaul. However, you can now mitigate that risk by using moisture-resistant and scratch-resistant wood sealants. Even so, you will have to keep an eye on mold. 

One way people avoid the downsides is to add a protective tray that helps keep any water from leaking in the tray instead of on the floor. If your home goals involve natural materials, then having a wooden floor might still be a good pick for you. 

7. Natural Stone Tile

Natural Stone Tile
Credit: countertopspecialty

Natural materials don’t have to be relegated to the world of wood. You can also find some amazing options in the world of stone. Upscale homes throughout the world are starting to incorporate tiling with real granite, limestone, and marble in their laundry rooms. 

Admittedly, most people would agree that this is a bit pricey. However, it doesn’t stop this material from being a smash hit with the wealth. Stone floors are always in stye, especially if you want to give your laundry room a “green” vibe. 

Marble tends to be the most common for people who love a touch of luxury. If you are looking for a more earthy tone, granite or even cobblestone can make your home’s room look elegantly pretty in that “cottagecore” way. 

8. Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta Tiles
Credit: the spruce

Are you interested in a natural stone look that also has the traits of ceramic? Look no further than terracotta and clay tiles. This tile option is ideal for people who want durability, waterproofing, and a little bit of Southwestern charm. 

Terracotta tiling remains trendy in almost all rooms in a house, and not just because of the “hipster” ambiance from it. Clay tiling is a neutral color that matches well with almost any decor you might add to your home. It’s also warming, so you get a cozy look. 

Since terracotta is a fairly sustainable resource compared to wood or marble, it also happens to be a more eco-friendly choice. Who’d have thought mud would become such a hot thing to have in your laundry room?

9. Grey Tiles With An Area Rug

Grey Tiles With An Area Rug
Credit: carpet mart

When people think of a laundry room, it’s never a big place. It tends to be dimly lit and small, maybe with a single spot for you to be able to fold your clothes. A light grey wood-look tile can help give the place a more open look. 

But, grey can be draining. If you are not careful, it can make your laundry room look dingy, even though grey wood flooring is very trendy. The solution? Pair that grey wood flooring with an area rug that adds color and warmth to your home. 

This is a great way to balance out the coolness of grey and also add a sweet personal touch to this very petite room. Besides, if you stand up while you fold, your feet will thank you for the cushioning that you get. 

10. Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered Wood Flooring
Credit: bob vila

For many homeowners who want to have a little bit of continuity to their house design, wood will be the default flooring choice. However, it’s obviously pretty risky when you are trying to put together a pretty laundry room. 

Engineered wood is a great way to take out a ton of the risks that come with hardwood without having to sacrifice authentic wood as part of your laundry room layout. It’s engineered to be harder and more water-resistant, making it great for such a busy room. 

The downside? It’s the price. But if you ask many professionals, it’s a price worth paying because you know your laundry room will look amazing once it’s installed. 

As you can see, there are a lot of different trends hitting the world of laundry room flooring. Not all of them will suit you, but some will. Which one of these is your favorite?

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