How Much Vinyl Do I Need to Wrap My Car?

How Much Vinyl Do I Need to Wrap My Car

Nowadays, a lot of car owners want to know how much vinyl do I need to wrap my car. Car wraps have become popular in the last decade or so as the material became cheaper. They are easy to install, and you can choose between various patterns and colors. Still, getting a vinyl cover for … Read more

How Much to Vinyl Wrap a Truck? (Saving Tips)

How Much to Vinyl Wrap a Truck (Saving Tips)

If the color of your truck doesn’t impress you anymore, applying a vinyl wrap can help liven it up and make a truly lasting transformation. Vinyl wraps can also be an excellent way to advertise your business by turning your vehicle into a mobile billboard. But how much to vinyl wrap a truck will depend … Read more

Can You Vinyl Wrap Wheels? (Benefits & Step by Step Guides)

Can You Vinyl Wrap Wheels (Benefits & Step by Step Guides)

Installing vinyl wrapping on automotive is a great way to make vehicles pop, a technique that has been used not just by individuals to pimp up their cars but also by marketing agencies to advertise businesses on vehicles. But this may get new car owners wondering – is the wrap only applied to the main … Read more