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33 Popular Vinyl Siding Colors for Gorgeous House Designs

Traditionally, buildings were made from wooden planks. At the time, construction was done with manual tools that may seem quaint in today’s age of nail guns and miter saws. And given the basic functionality of those tools, it was just easier to cut the wood into narrow planks.

These days, you can achieve that same rustic effect with vinyl siding. It’s a tough form of plastic that sturdy, weatherproof, waterproof, and pest-proof. And it comes in gorgeous styles and designs. So look through this list and get inspired by these 33 vinyl siding colors.

1. Wood-Toned Vinyl Siding

Wood-Toned Vinyl Siding
Credit: kaycansiding

Modern interior designers aren’t necessarily against monochromatic themes. They just feel it would be more sophisticated and elegant to layer your hues and shades. In this house, the vinyl siding colors are based on a woodland theme. So the walls have horizontal beige panels offsetting mahogany roofing tiles. The tiles and canopy are set vertically for contrast.


2. Sky-like Faux Vinyl

Sky-like Faux Vinyl

We’ve mentioned that siding was originally done in wood, and this is how it looks. Those bright yellow rows and vivid blue scallops? All timber. But you can recreate these colors in vinyl if you want to. The rood is made of red shingles with equally red brick used for the porch, chimney, and basement so this house is a wash of primary colors and organics.


3. Jungle Green Vinyl Siding

Jungle Green Vinyl Siding
Credit: totalhomeconstruction

To get the best results from your exterior walls, consider mixing textures as well as color. Here, the asymmetrical stone on the ground floor sets off the jungle green vinyl siding on the upper story. These two understated neutrals fit beautifully within the woodsy background. And the vinyl siding color is enhanced by the uneven cut of that green vinyl shake siding.


4. Bulbous Observatory Vinyl

Bulbous Observatory Vinyl

Vinyl is a plastic material that mimics wood while covering up timber’s flaws. Unlike untreated lumber, vinyl can resist water damage, insect attacks, and fungal rot. Some are even UV-treated to retain their colors longer. But we’re interested in vinyl siding colors, so while this observatory is painted wood, it uses a vinyl palette described as Ivory Tower.


5. Shingles, Brick, and Vinyl

Shingles, Brick, and Vinyl
Credit: kaycansiding

Here’s another grand example of mixed textures. The garage is brick laid, the roof has shingles whose linear pattern is slightly askew, and the walls have grey horizontal panels. These vinyl siding colors are all neutrals, so they give the house an understated appeal. But because the house has three deeply textured materials (tile, brick, and plastic), it looks good.


6. Beckwith Beauty

Beckwith Beauty

Old buildings and refurbished farmhouses are a true testament to the effectiveness of vinyl. Many of these homes and institutions are updated by replacing those wood panels with vinyl siding. In this case, the restored ranch uses off-white vinyl siding. That white tone beautifully highlights the red shingles on the roof. Its subtle shade brightens the vivid green pastures.


7. Elongated Grey Vinyl Siding

Elongated Grey Vinyl Siding
Credit: aaavinyl

This bungalow looks large. And long. Possible because the linear motifs pull your eyes across the space. The home’s exteriors are a mixture of brick below the dormers and grey siding within the recessed sections of the home. But even on the brick and shingles, you’ll see clear horizontal lines that pull your eye and make the house seem bigger. It’s a top-selling point.


8. Grand Island Woman’s Club

Grand Island Woman’s Club

Here’s another olde-worlde building made fresh with a splash of vinyl. Its bays and towers boast the elegance and sophistication of its members. The roof is done in understated grey scallops while the walls have been redone in white vinyl since 1978. And the staff probably loved these new exteriors because it’s so much easier to clean white vinyl than white wood!


9. Roofing on the Side

Roofing on the Side
Credit: boralbuildingproducts

Ordinary people and commercial designers rarely have the same color palette. We see green. They see mint, verdant glow, iridescent moss, or jungle germs. So when you’re shopping for siding, it may help to check their color swatches. For this building, the roof motif is carried down to the sides with black shingles that go by the name Royal Ironwood.


10. Old and New

Old and New

At a glance, you can’t tell whether the outer walls on this Victorian home are wood or plastic. But the homeowners confirm their Indiana home is done in pastel yellow vinyl siding. And it’s only the wiring, the mower, and the car that tell you it’s a 20th Century household. It’s a good vinyl siding color selection for that woodsy neighborhood. And easy to maintain.


11. Shake and Shingle Vinyl

Shake and Shingle Vinyl
Credit: aaavinyl

Even when you’re using horizontal lines as your leading motif, you can introduce a bit of variety by angling those lines. In this house, all the vinyl siding is horizontal – speckled white for the attic and tan for the lower floors. But the attic vinyl has a shingle design that offsets the roofing slate at right angles. The attic shingles and roof shingles both have vertical detail.


12. Shauna’s Shades of Grey

Shauna’s Shades of Grey

Layering greys is a tricky art and a worthy one. And while you can create a color gradient, you can also use different vinyl siding styles for variation. This home has horizontal shingles on the dormer and vertical board and batten siding on the garage. But because these specific shades aren’t available in vinyl, the house makes do with fiber cement siding. Go grey vinyl!


13. Upgraded Log Cabin

Upgraded Log Cabin
Credit: simaspaces

You may have heard the joke about log cabins and woodland cottages. But with modern construction technology, you can create the same effect at a fraction of the fuss. Wood cabins need to be treated, stained and maintained. Vinyl siding just needs to be hosed down. This cottage has been updated with grey-green siding and timber accents on the mat and sign.


14. Connecticut Couture

Connecticut Couture

If you’re building a country home (or a cabin at the beach), you may worry about dust. Yes, white walls are elegant and understated, but keeping dust, silt, and sand off them is a pain. Not to mention the risk of termites and woodpeckers. This rustic residence opted for white vinyl siding so they can retain the elevated aura of their house with none of the maintenance.


15. Settled Cedar Siding

Settled Cedar Siding
Credit: plumproexteriors

Cedar is a popular material for roofing shingles and wall panels. But wood needs intensive care and attention, so cedar siding is a popular replacement. But the faux-wood plastic isn’t restricted to the natural reddish-brown color of its inspiration source. This home is done in blue-grey cedar vinyl siding. The attic is done with vinyl cedar shingles in the same shade.


16. Modified Opulence

Modified Opulence

A few decades ago, a home like this could only belong to some heritage family with ties to the Mayflower. But today, if you have the space, you can simulate said opulence while paying a lot less. The mustard-colored walls are vinyl siding and the elongated, tinted windows and doors add a contemporary touch. A fiberglass swimming pool works great with this setup.


17. Beautiful Brownstone

Beautiful Brownstone
Credit: joeinc

Brownstone isn’t the same as brick, though it often has a brick underlay and shares the same palette. But if you don’t want the expense of brownstone (or brick), go with brown vinyl. The vinyl siding colors in this house use shingles on the upper floor, clapboard on the lower floor, and brick in the basement. It’s the perfect blend for autumn tones and fallen leaves.


18. Quick Construction

Quick Construction

In the past, if you had a piece of land you needed to stake, you could build a small shed or erect a tent as you worked on a more elaborate dwelling. You could do this in under a week if you used 4 by 4s or corrugated sheets. But now you can update that temporary space with beige vinyl siding. Vinyl homes offer better durability and permanence than wooden sheds.


19. Driftwood Shake

Driftwood Shake
Credit: mandmhomes

We all have that friend who has mastered that carefully disheveled look. At first glance, they seem to have crawled out of bed and grabbed the first thing that was clean. But you know it took them hours to achieve that look. This house is an embodiment of curated nonchalance. The walls are done in cedar shake vinyl siding that simulates asymmetrically hand-split cedar.


20. Spot the Difference

Spot the Difference

If you saw this house 6 months ago and today, could you tell the difference? With today’s selection of realistic vinyl siding colors, probably not! At least until you get close enough to touch. For reference, the ground floor of this house is faded brick. The upper floor was initially done in cedar-colored vinyl shingles. They’ve now replaced them with cedarwood.


21. Dutch Lap Delight

When vinyl siding is done well, you can’t visually distinguish it from wood. Especially when it’s done in neutrals. The front and sides of this home are paneled with dark grey Dutch Lap vinyl siding. Dutch Lap is when some sections are raised while others are sunken, but they’re all horizontal, parallel lines. The front of the house is done in vinyl shingles of the same hue.


22. Virginia Beach Siding

Virginia Beach Siding

Again, beach houses used to be exclusive to the rich and famous. But as any house-hunting reality show host can tell you, ordinary people are buying up the beach too! One way to find a beach house in your budget is to opt for cheap but durable materials like vinyl siding. This one is done in slate grey vinyl shingles. They match the roof and can withstand salt and sand.


23. Simple Elegant

Simple Elegant
Credit: qualityhomesusa

You can follow different maps as you upgrade your home’s exteriors. You could repaint the walls. Or add a fresh coat of plaster. You might need to take a vacation to avoid the hassle of construction. But vinyl siding can be replaced while you’re inside the house, so it’s a handy trick for swift restoration. This vinyl siding color on this house veer towards muted greens.


24. Is it Brick? Is it?!?

Is it Brick Is it!

Guess where this building is. Its Spartan construction, corrugated gambrel roofing, and that thick snowy blanket may give you a hint. But we’re more interested in the vinyl siding colors. Because no, that’s not brick. It’s convincingly printed brick-patterned vinyl. It’s done in two different shades for variety and style, with the basement section done in a redder tone.


25. Bourgeois Barnyard

Bourgeois Barnyard
Credit: colonialremodeling

The word ‘bourgeois’ has derogatory connotations. But if you use it literally, it perfectly describes this house. Just think – you want to live in a barn. In the city. With contemporary windows. The solarium brightens the space to destroy any slasher-flick barnyard vibes. And the other walls are dotted with tinted windows. The clapboard siding is a vivid barnyard red.


26. Schuylkill Haven House

Schuylkill Haven House

Don’t try to pronounce it – you’ll only hurt yourself. But the beauty of this barn is worth a look. The vinyl siding is barn-themed, both in style and tone. The vinyl siding color is barnyard red. And its vertical styling is board and batten, which is sometimes called barn siding. The broader panel is the ‘board’ while the skinny raised ‘battens’ hide the seams.


27. Upton Roofing Delights

Upton Roofing Delights
Credit: doylesiding

Victorian homes have high ceilings and distinctively arched roofs. But when you’re doing a modern rendition, you can mix and match roofing styles to keep the house elaborate. This house combines gambrels, dormers, and gables for a visually puzzling but pleasing result. The vinyl siding is clapboard for the garage and ground floor with shingle siding upstairs.


28. Contemporary Castles

Contemporary Castles

In the Old Country, castles and fortresses were built from cut stone. So if you want some of that ‘old money’ charm, introduce some stone to your exteriors. Don’t worry, you can keep your interiors sufficiently modern. Especially electricity and heat. But to cut the cost of an all-stone house, try insulated vinyl siding in white for the front-facing sections of the house.


29. Today’s Ocean Tones

Today’s Ocean Tones
Credit: vinylsidinginstitute

Exterior PVC panels have three key advantages. They’re cheap, low-maintenance (a pressure hose is all you need!), and they come in hundreds of vinyl siding colors. This house uses a mix of aqua and teal. The teal sections are clapboard while the aqua parts are shingles. These vinyls all have UV protection so the color will never bleed or fade. And they’re rainproof!


30. Mild-Mannered and Minty

Mild-Mannered and Minty

Can’t you tell this house was built for a demure small-town librarian? If that’s the aesthetic you’re going for, these mint green board and batten vinyl siding will delight you. They expertly offset the red brick. Brick hides dust and dirt from red soil and splash erosion during the rainy season. But even with siding, you can hose off any soil stains in minutes.


31. Barnyard Accents

Barnyard Accents
Credit: vinylsidinginstitute

Red is a powerful vinyl siding color, so you may be uneasy about over-using it. Accents are the way to go. In this house, the front door (and the window doors) are barnyard red while the vinyl siding is a softer shade of tan. Stacked stones cover the foundation and rise about a foot up the wall for stability and aesthetics. It’s a simple, pocket-friendly cladding option.


32. Modern Mish Mash

Modern Mish Mash

This gorgeous house somehow manages to look modern and rustic at the same time. Those single-hung windows may look clean and contemporary, but they hail back to the late 1600s with a resurgence in the 1800s. And the royal blue doors add a modern touch too while playing with the rustic concept of glassless wooden windows. The vinyl is a cozy cream tone.


33. Going Gorgeously Grey

Going Gorgeously Grey
Credit: vinylsidinginstitute

Earlier, we looked at a house that defaulted to fiber cement because they couldn’t find the shades of grey they wanted. Here’s a house that proves them wrong. The exterior is clad in grey vinyl siding of mixed tones and textures. Some sections have grey cedar shingles while others parts of the house are clad in grey beaded vinyl. The lower wall is grey stacked stone.

What are your favorite vinyl siding colors? Show us some siding selfies in the comments!

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