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Smartcore vs. LifeProof Vinyl Plank Flooring: Which Is Better?

What’s the better vinyl floor between Smartcore and LifeProof? Would you instead avoid both of them? The best choice will depend on what you are looking for in an LVP.

Well, here we’ll look at Smartcore vs. LifeProof vinyl plank flooring.

As for these two names, both have the specs that many love about LVPs. Smartcore and LifeProof are easy to clean and eco-friendly. Remember, it will help if you look at the cost and body of the LVP before buying.

But we’ll show you the best LVP between these two. So, let’s dive into it as we start with the info about the two LVP names.

These two vinyl floors come from different firms. Read on to see who makes these LVPs before they come to the market.

Smartcore LVP

Smartcore LVP

The COREtec firm makes the Smartcore LVPs. COREtec is one of the best LVP names in the market. It’s a firm that is owned by the US floors, which is part of Shaw Inc.

This Shaw Inc. makes floors that have low VOCs and are eco-friendly. So, it’s good to know that Smartcore LVP comes from a firm that knows what they’re doing.

US floors began the COREtec firm in 2013. Piet Dossche was the founder.

COREtec makes the COREtec and Smartcore LVPs. Since 2013, people have known Smartcore as quality floors that look like wood, cork, and bamboo. You can get them at Lowe’s store.

LifeProof LVP

LifeProof LVP

Halstead New England Inc makes LifeProof LVPs. You’ll get the firm in Norwalk, CT, USA.

It’s part of the HMTX group. Also, they’ve been making floors for more than 30 years. Halstead firm also produces the Allure and TrafficMaster LVPs.

Remember, the firm says that they give you the best LVPs before getting profits.

People love LifeProof and other LVP from Halstead because they are cheap, safe, and last for long. Most of them have traditional wood looks.

Smartcore vs. LifeProof Vinyl Plank Flooring

The collections for each LVPs are important in choosing the best between the two. Both Smartcore and LifeProof have few lines but with many colors and styles.

Each collection has different specs that can match your interest. Here is the difference in numbers.

Smartcore LVP

Smartcore LVP

If you choose the Smartcore LVPs, it will limit you to four collections. They include the basic Smartcore, Ultra, Pro, and Naturals.

Smartcore Ultra line has 25 styles. Also, they come in stone and wood looks. The colors are primarily brown, light, medium, and dark.

The Pro collection has 15 styles. All are wood and rustic. Here, colors range from light to medium.

If you choose the natural collection, you’ll get 12 types. These styles look like wood. The colors are medium to dark, with the oak type in grey.

Under the Naturals line, there are few styles. They all are in wood and stone looks. These colors range from dark to light grey.


Here are the pros of Smartcore LVPs:

  • They are eco-friendly.
  • Have friendly warranty terms.
  • You’ll get many selections and colors.
  • Have a strong body structure.
  • These floors are 100% waterproof.


Smartcore also has cons, have a look at them:

  • These LVPs don’t have an underlayment to reduce moisture effects.
  • They aren’t safe from dents and scratches.
  • The floors are a bit costly.

LifeProof LVP

As for LifeProof, the firm groups the collections in terms of the wear layers. There is the 6, 12, and 22-mil wear layer. These collections have many colors and styles.

The 6-mil layer line more than 12 colors. Both are in wood and stone looks.

If you want the wood looks, there are more than a dozen colors. They are rich in chocolate and charcoal shades.

As for the 12-mil layer, most of them have many wood collections. Some have stone looks.

What if you want the 22-mil layer line? You’ll get them in 20 styles. Most have the traditional wood looks. The colors range from light to dark.


Below are the pros of LifeProof LVPs:

  • They have a durable structure.
  • These vinyl floors are easy to install
  • LifeProof LVP is eco-friendly.
  • Easy to clean.
  • They are cheaper than other vinyl floors.


Take a look at the cons of LifeProof LVPs:

  • The guaranty terms apply only to the first buyer. So, if you sell it to the second person, it will be the end of the warranty.
  • The interlocks are weak.

Know Your Choice

You have an idea of who makes the Smartcore and LifeProof LVP. Let’s now look at the differences between the specs of the two LVP names. It’s what will help you make the best choice between the two floors.

1. Durability


Every room or your house or place needs to have floors that can last for long. Yes, both Smartcore and LifeProof LVP will make your floor durable and be used by many people.

There must be some difference in how long each can floor can last. It will depend on the use of your floor. But before you start using the vinyl floors, what makes them durable, and for how long?

COREtec makes the Smartcore LVPs using the telegraphing tech. It means that users can fix the vinyl floors on sub-floors that have slight imperfections. So, you can say bye to the grout lines showing on the floor.

Also, these floors are waterproof. It’s because of the WPC.

With Smartcore, you’ll get lines with 12 to 20 mil wear layers. It will depend on the collection you choose.

LifeProof LVP is also durable. It’s because they have an ISOCORE body.

ISOCORE has a closed-cell waterproof foam. It makes the LVPs 100% waterproof. Also, the body of the LVP has various plastics to make them withstand more traffic.

LifeProof LVPs comes with an underlayment. It reduces noise as you walk on them.

Like the Smartcore LVPs, these vinyl floors have a wear layer. But with LifeProof, they have a 6, 8, 12, and 22-mil wear layer.

So, here is the final thought on durability between the two LVPs. Smartcore LVPs can last longer because of a stronger interlocking tab. Go for it if you want a premium floor.

2. Installation

Both Smartcore and LifeProof are very easy to install. While fixing them, you won’t need any help from a pro. But remember, if you still doubt your skills, go for a pro.

You won’t need any glue or costly tools to install the Smartcore LVPs. The LVPs need a dual-lock way of installation. These vinyl planks come with a pre-attached pad and have bevel edges.

What about the LifeProof LVPs? They are much easier to install than the Smartcore LVPs. You’ll only need a tapping block and a soft hammer.

The LVPs have a floating and interlocking make. You can install them without removing the sub-floors. If you love DIY, then choose LifeProof.

3. The Green Factor

The Green Factor

Like most LVPs, both LifeProof and Smartcore will be safe to use in your house. They have low or no VOCs. These are things that can affect the air quality of your home.

So, expect Smartcore to have the GreenGuard Gold pass. It shows that the LVPs are safe for use.

LifeProof LVPs have a FloorScore pass. You can buy and install them.

4. Cleaning and Friendliness

Cleaning and Friendliness

You’ll enjoy cleaning Smartcore and LifeProof LVP. Yes, today, people go for the vinyl floors that are easy to clean.

But LifeProof is a bit different. It has a layer that won’t allow mold to grow on them. So, cases of foul smell and odor won’t be present.

Also, kids and pets can play on both LVPs. It’s because of the strong wear layers. Your floor will be warm and dry to your feet.

Whether you have kids or pets, you shouldn’t worry. The wear layers for both Smartcore and LifeProof help resist stains, dents, and spills. But LifeProof is better at resisting scratches.

5. Costs and Availability

Costs and Availability

The price of any LVP is also essential in choosing the best one for your house. These LVPs are available per square foot.

Well, expect the Smartcore LVPs to be more costly than the LifeProof vinyl planks. It’s because Smartcore has specs. Remember, the prices of each name will depend on the line, style, size, and color.

Expect the Smartcore to range from 2 to 3.80 dollars per square foot. As for the LifeProof LVPs, the costs range from $2.99 to $4.39 per square foot.

You can get the Smartcore LVPs only at Lowe’s store. As for the LifeProof, you can only buy them at Home Depot.  So, in terms of getting the floors, this is quite a setback.

6. Guaranty

When buying any vinyl floors, you should look at the guaranty terms. Know what the firm offers you in case anything happens to the LVPs.

Expect the terms of LifeProof to be different from Smartcore LVP. Below is a table showing the costs and guarantees of both LVPs’ names.

Line Firm Cost per Square Foot Warranty
Basic Smartcore Smartcore $2-$2.90 Lifetime home use

5-year commercial

Smartcore Ultra Smartcore $3.30-$3.40 Lifetime home use

5-year commercial

Smartcore Pro Smartcore $3.50-$3.70 Lifetime home use

10-year commercial

Smartcore Naturals Smartcore $$3.50-3.80 Lifetime home use

10-year commercial

6-Mil LifeProof $2.79-$2.99 15-year Lifetime home use.

No commercial.

12-mil LifeProof $3.49 Lifetime home use.

10-year commercial.

22-mil LifeProof $4.39 Lifetime home use.

15-year commercial.


Both LifeProof and Smartcore LVPs will give you value for your money. Yes, they have many similar features that can suit the décor of your house. But based on the specs of each LVP name, Smartcore carries the day.

Smartcore is different from LifeProof because of the wear layer. The only con that lets Smartcore LVPs down is the price. It’s more costly.

Though, if you want LVPs that can last for long in your house and money isn’t a problem, go for Smartcore.

If your budget is small, LifeProof won’t be a bad choice. But remember, cheap can be costly.

Do you have any thoughts about these two LVP names? Which one do you think is better? Feel free to share with us.

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