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5 Tips to Buy Low VOC Vinyl Flooring (Mistakes Avoid)

Would you like to keep a healthy home? Then, you might want to invest in a low VOC (Volatile organic compounds) vinyl flooring. It is an eco-friendly option that gives you excellent durability.

If you have kids and puppies running across the floor, it will be an ideal option. It doesn’t matter your situation. You need to have a safe surface with very low harmful emissions. And we feel the best option would be a low VOC vinyl flooring.

Are you excited to learn more about it? In this article, we’ll take you through the low VOC vinyl flooring buying guide. You’ll learn the best buying tips and mistakes to avoid. So, let’s dive in!

3 reasons to buy Low VOC Vinyl flooring

3 reasons to buy Low VOC Vinyl flooring

A flooring with high levels of toxins or VOC might put your family’s health at risk. So, choosing a low VOC vinyl flooring would be a great idea. It is free of dangerous substances. Also, it offers lots of benefits. Here are some of them:

Speedy installation and easy maintenance

Since these vinyl floorings produce low VOC, you’ll have an easy time installing. Their turnaround time is fast, even in cold temperatures.

When it comes to maintaining this flooring, you’ve nothing to worry about. It comes with low maintenance for you to keep up with.

So, if you conduct regular maintenance like sweeping, your floor will look neat. If you want a deeper clean, use a mild solution and damp mop. From that, you’ll get a polished appearance.

Seamless design

Low VOC vinyl flooring is non-absorbent. So, they don’t have grout lines where germs can grow and hide. Also, you won’t experience cracking and curling. The floor is completely bonded to the concrete.

Better healthy environment

Low VOC vinyl flooring promotes a clean, safe and healthy environment. So, you’ll have an easy time cleaning your house. Also, spills won’t be a cause of concern. The floor is water-resistant.

5 Tips to buy low VOC vinyl flooring

Now that you know the advantages of low VOC vinyl flooring let’s look at tips to buy one.

1. Go for Phthalate-Free vinyl products

Go for Phthalate-Free vinyl products

Most manufacturers use phthalate to make plastic more durable and flexible. If you’ve never heard of them, they are a group of chemicals that make hundreds of products. For instance, they can make vinyl flooring, toys, and detergents, among other things.

While studies have not yet proven their negative impact on human health, you should avoid them.

Phthalate comes from building products like vinyl flooring. Hence, when your family members are in the house, they might breathe in chemicals or ingest dust.

Do you’ve children? Then you might want to put them in mind before buying any flooring. They’re more vulnerable to phthalate because of hand-to-mouth behavior.

2. Choose 100% virgin vinyl

Choose 100% virgin vinyl

While most people go for recycled vinyl, virgin vinyl is the best choice for your health. The construction of the virgin vinyl floor is impressive. It does not contain any recycled content.

So, it is free of ortho phyllite and heavy metals. Ortho phyllite is not only harmful to people but also pets.

Do you want to protect your family and that pet of yours? Virgin vinyl is the kind of PVC floor you should go for. It is eco-friendly and a perfect lower VOC type.

If you want something that will serve you for years, we advise you to choose virgin vinyl. It is very stable and durable.

As you can see, these are essential things to consider when buying vinyl floors.

3. Use your nose to shop

Use your nose to shop

While this might sound a little crazy, hear us out. While most of us don’t take smell seriously, following your nose is very important. After all, shopping for vinyl flooring is different from selecting types of tiles and wood colors. With vinyl, you can smell VOCs.

It is okay if there is a slight smell because it will wear off with time. But, if that smell makes you ill even before buying, you definitely don’t want it in your house.

A vinyl manufactured with VOC is not safe for your home. It fills the whole house with dangerous odors. Also, you can call this outgassing.   The VOC vinyl flooring emits these fuses over time. And it can cause indoor pollution.

According to EPA, indoor pollutants are worse than outdoor pollutants. Do you know why? There is no air circulation. And for that reason, the chances of exposing your family to conditions like asthma and allergies are high.

4. Buy non-toxic vinyl brands

Buy non-toxic vinyl brands

You want a safer vinyl option for your home, right? Well, you might want to be a little kin when shopping. You’ll find a few safe brands in the market.

So, which are some of these brands? One of the safest and fast-growing vinyl flooring brands in the market is proximity mills. It is one of the existing low VOC vinyl flooring options.

All products from Proximity mills are FloorScrore certified. So, a product is either zero VOC flooring or low VOC flooring. And that is pretty impressive.

Also, proximity mills will ensure that their products won’t end in landfills. They have sustainability in mind. So, you can recycle their products.

Another low VOC vinyl flooring you can buy is Mannington’s line of LVP, Adura. It meets indoor air quality standards, making it a perfect choice for your low VOCs needs.

Since there are many other brands, ensure that you buy a certified and tested brand.

5. Choose the right look for you

Choose the right look for you

Like you look for the right pair of running shoes, the same applies here. When you go shopping, find the right kind of vinyl flooring. For example, you can consider looking for a floor that compliments your house. But, the most important thing is its functionality. So, don’t just go for looks.

Since we all want a lovely floor for our homes, there is nothing wrong with getting the prettiest one, right? The good news is that you can find low VOC vinyl that meets your criteria and choose what’s best for you. Isn’t that wonderful? There is a perfect color and size for everyone.

If you have to pay more attention to looks, then don’t be shy to do it. Vinyl floorings offer you decorative, wood, and stone looks.

From these three, wood looks are common in vinyl planks. They offer top-notch options like rigid core and WPC types of vinyl.

But, if a stone look is what you’ve in mind, then that’s okay. You’ll not get a cold hard feel of ceramic stone or natural stone. Instead, you’ll enjoy a comforting warmth.

What about the low VOC decorative vinyl? Well, it has a bit of its uniqueness. You can install it in your little one’s room because it comes with plenty of fun. Some of the features you might find include stars and stripes. It all depends on what excites you.

3 common mistakes when buying low VOC vinyl flooring

3 common mistakes when buying low VOC vinyl flooring

Here are some of the common mistakes most homeowners and experienced contractors make when purchasing this flooring.

1. Forgetting to consider all costs involved

Since there are many types of vinyl flooring in the market, prices are not the same. So, it is crucial to pay close attention before you start shopping.

For instance, a floor that costs $3.50 might have a different final cost.  Meaning you can get it at a lower or higher rate. Some of the factors that might affect this could be your location and brand. Also, keep in mind the installation method.

These are just a few things to mention. The cost may vary depending on the low VOC floor you want to buy. So, before you commit yourself to buy a floor, ensure to check your budget.

2. Failing to read installation instructions

You might view this as an installation rule, but it applies equally to buying decisions. But, how does it apply here? Well, every flooring is unique. It is natural for most homeowners to assume that all floors are installed the same way, but it is deadly. So, don’t assume. Instead, take as much time you need to read those instructions thoroughly. It would be best if you did so.

3. Buying low VOC vinyl without proper sampling

Your imagination can be limited. So, it will be helpful to sample the low VOC vinyl flooring before you buy. You can do it directly on the site, on commercial premises, or at home.  As you do this, you can also compare different colors, designs, and patterns. So, don’t be in any hurry to try it first at your home.


If you’re looking for a way to reduce toxin exposure, you now have a solution. Low VOC vinyl flooring is a great option. It keeps your family safe and out of health risks.

When it comes to buying this product, you might want to keep a few tips in mind. Also, if you don’t want to regret your purchase, avoid the above common mistakes.

When do you intend to buy your first low VOC vinyl flooring? Did you find our tips helpful? Please let us know in our comment box below!

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