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31 Vinyl Wall Decorating Ideas

In the past, the only way to decorate a wall was to paint it. Then we discovered wallpaper. And now we have vinyl wall art. It can range from some clever words printed on a Cricut or US Maker. Or it could be a decorative vinyl strip like the kind that wraps cars or boats.

You can experiment with different types of vinyl wall decorating. Some are so simple you can finish them in minutes. And there are free SVG files you can download for inspiration. But some vinyl art is complex and intricate. You can even use vinyl records! So let’s check it out.

1. Sounds and Butterflies

Sounds and Butterflies

There’s something soothing about coils and curls. And everyone knows the comfort of a good couch. So when you’re lounging on a lazy Sunday or napping after a hectic day, butterflies and musical notes are both calming and refreshing. And it’s a simple form of vinyl wall decorating. Cut the designs out of black vinyl, then stick them on a white wall above the sofa.


2. Wall of Records

Wall of Records

In movies and music studios, you’ll see platinum records and plaques mounted on the walls. It’s a trophy and a form of industry cred, like a doctor or lawyer displaying their diplomas on the wall. So if you enjoy vinyl records but you don’t want to trash them, you can stick them stylishly on the wall. You can use real vinyl records of adhesive vinyl cut into record shapes.


3. To the Left to the Left?

To the Left to the Left

Many restroom signs are borderline sexist while others are overtly offensive. Especially in our current gender multiverse. But if you have the keys to the restroom (or if you’re in control of official bathroom décor), you can still be playfully gendered. Try this cheeky vinyl record sign you can make in minutes and mount it on the wall between two bathroom doors.


4. Punny Kitchen Stickers

Punny Kitchen Stickers

Your lease might not allow you to paint your was, but even the strictest landlord is okay with vinyl wall decorating. Especially if you use removable vinyl. And if you can’t come up with the right pithy phrases, there are thousands of ideas you can download online. This vinyl kitchen sign uses cursive writing and pun-filled wording to spice up your white kitchen wall.


5. Souvenirs and Skylines

Souvenirs and Skylines

If you enjoy traveling for work or leisure you probably collect flags, curios, and knickknacks to remind you where you’ve been. And if your daily routine involves time zones and visas, you might even have global clocks on display. This vinyl wall decorating idea combines both concepts into vinyl record skylines. You can hang them as wall art or turn them into clocks.


6. Orange Bamboo

Orange Bamboo

The typical style of painting wall interiors is to use a lighter color on the wall itself then accent it with painting, posters, or family portraits. But if you have a bolder sense of style, you may want a darker, more solid color, whether it’s an accent wall or an entire room. You can then use vinyl wall decorating silhouettes like this white ‘tree shadow’ on an orange wall.


7. Dangerous Timing

Dangerous Timing
Credit: skull.flow

They say even a broken clock is right twice a day. And now that timepieces have been demystified, we know you can make them from anything as long as you have that small clockwork box, pun intended. For this vinyl wall decorating idea, the clock face and its surrounding art are printed and cut on black vinyl with the clockwork sunk into the wall.


8. Happy Bambi

Happy Bambi

If your little one is drawn to antlers and doe-eyes, you may not want to play that famous Disney movie in your home. A safer option is to make a vinyl stencil and mount it above their headboard. This one is black adhesive vinyl and stuck on a white wall. But if your child gets nightmares, you could use holographic or neon vinyl that glows to offer comfort in the dark.


9. Pretty Dots

Pretty Dots

The simplest vinyl wall decorating idea can be made on a small, portable vinyl cutter like the Cricut Joy. It prints and cuts mini pieces of 5 inches or less, so you can make geometric shapes like circles and squares or even hearts and parabolas. Pick any color you like and stick the vinyl dots on a plain wall to form a pattern of your choice. You can mix sizes too.


10. Vinyl Graffiti

Vinyl Graffiti

Tagging walls with graffiti can get you spanked (by your parents), arrested, or even evicted. Those colors and patterns may be pretty and expose your craft, but the world generally sees it as vandalism. So if you’re trying to nurture your teenager’s talent, invite them to do some digital graffiti, print it on temporary vinyl, and stick that on their bedroom walls instead!


11. Words on Walls

Words on Walls

This vinyl wall decorating idea is similar to the vinyl graffiti we just looked at. Instead of having your toddlers scribbling on the walls, offer them your iPad and stylus – under supervision – and let them doodle to their heart’s delight. Then send their words to your Cricut or Silhouette, print, cut, weed, and get your little artist to help you mount their work.


12. Pretty Pink Decals

Pretty Pink Decals
Credit: kikkiandfranki

Lately, some interior designers are painting accent arches over headboards in the bedroom. If you like the visuals of this effect, no harm done. But if it puts you off, try picking a motif that makes you happy. It could be your favorite flower, fruit, or comic character. Make a decal featuring the character and stick that above your bed, next to your name or a quote.


13. Global Village

Global Village

You’ve probably seen those clips on TV where a journalist asks random questions on the street. A popular theme is to ask about the names and locations of other states or countries, and the interviewees often look lost and confused. Save yourself (and your school kids) from this public embarrassment by using a word-based wall map as a causal guide over their bed.


14. Lovely Vines

Lovely Vines

If you’re the type of person that finds coils and curls comforting … and also has a thing for fairytales and folklore, you will love this vinyl wall decorating concept. And it’s quite simple. Just cut those whirls and spirals and stick them to the wall. You can curve the design around your bed or couch, and you can use plain hues or neons that glow under nighttime lights.


15. Linear Framing

Linear Framing

Here’s a similar vinyl wall decorating idea, but it’s suited for smaller rooms and personalities that are more … controlled. It uses the same vinyl coils and curls with just a dash of color, but the images are hemmed in with wooden frames. You can also make small cushions that pick motifs from the wall art. These cushions can be embroidered or you can try iron-ons.


16. Procrastination Prep

Procrastination Prep

I once worked with a cheeky dude who noticed that during meetings as the boss droned on, everyone would lose focus and stare at the white walls behind the boss. So he printed a sign and posted it on that blank wall. It said ‘Hi, you’re staring into space!’ This vinyl wall hanging has the same tone, except it’ll help you catch yourself daydreaming so you procrastinate less.


17. Cinderella Chair

Cinderella Chair

People who love books can sit and read anywhere. On the bus, on the train, even on the toilet. But you may want a special reading corner in your home. But if your urban home is too small for a mini library, you could put this pretty vinyl heat-pressed chair in a designated corner and stack your books near it. The Cinderella reference is from the shoes and the birds.


18. Bath and Beyond

Bath and Beyond
Credit: graphicsntees

In the old days, bathrooms were sterile spaces with white tile and frosted windows. But these days, you can play with different styles and materials. So if you want to give your bathroom a make-over, you don’t need to spend a lot retiling or repainting. Simply shift the bathtub to a new position and mount adhesive vinyl above the tub. Soap bubbles are a popular motif.


19. Blue Bamboo

Blue Bamboo

Accent walls aren’t new. But by introducing a few vinyl wall decorating ideas, you can spice up that highlight. In this bedroom, the blue accent wall is embellished with floor-to-ceiling bamboo walls. It only takes a few minutes to make and mount this if you have a vinyl cutting machine. But install the vinyl trees carefully to avoid forming air pockets, bumps, or ridges.


20. Contemporary Blues

Contemporary Blues

You’d be forgiven for thinking vinyl wall decorations have to be black on white walls. It seems to be the low-hanging fruit everyone rushes for. But here’s a more colorful idea you can try out. The room has a monochromatic blue theme, but it doesn’t feel forced or boring. The bucket shape and odd lampshade or both eccentric and the blue wall have vinyl decals.


21. Line of Lights

Line of Lights

Fairy lights and string lights have become popular pieces of bedroom décor. But maybe you have kids or pets that may tangle themselves in those dangling lights. Or maybe you’re worried the floating bulbs could cause a fire hazard. So why not use faux lights instead? This clever concept has a string of retro lanterns heat-pressed into the wall. Use glowing vinyl.


22. Birdie Beauty

Birdie Beauty

Still on the theme of strings, how about this swarm or birds to ‘sing you awake’? You can opt for colorful bird silhouettes cut from iridescent vinyl. Or you could follow the vinyl wall decorating structure here – black birds on a white wall above a neutral sofa with colorful cushions and throw pillows. Recessed ceiling lights help highlight your subtle vinyl wall décor.


23. Yoga Wall

Yoga Wall

This yoga wall decal made of heat-pressed vinyl can be used in several ways. It’s great for small apartments because you can use this vinyl sticker to designated your yoga corner. And it can double as a therapeutic tool for adult coloring – you’ll lose hours filling in those little mandalas. It can also keep kids occupied while you work, and you can watch the coloring.


24. Bye Bye Storks!

Bye Bye Storks!

After they’ve delivered your bundle of joy, storks are free to deliver babies to other families. But yours may still want their company. But even beyond the metaphor, parents often worry about babies and toddlers crawling out of their cribs. This simple vinyl wall decoration can solve it. Those pink vinyl birds catch your baby’s eye and distract them from climbing out!


25. Memories of Home

Memories of Home
Credit: mywalltattoo

This vinyl wall decorating idea is especially popular if you’re studying or working in a foreign country. This version has the African continent formed from zebra stripes, but you can redo the idea using the map of any country or continent. The filler material could be leopard spots, tiger stripes, panda prints, Dalmatian dots, or even shamrocks and leprechauns.


26. Deeper into the Blue

Deeper into the Blue

The wandering mind needs scattered vinyl wall decorating ideas. You want something with multiple concepts so every time you glance up, you can follow a new line of thought. This can help you relax when you’re stressed or refocus when your concentration lags. This wall décor extends to the sofa and uses a multitude of blue shades with birds, clouds, trees, and splatters.


27. Reeds, fluff, and boxes

Reeds, fluff, and boxes

This vinyl wall decorating idea is the perfect way to carve a corner of a small living space. This can be your special reading cubby when you want to relax. It’s tucked into a tiny corner and stuffed with comfortingly fluffy pillows in red. The boxy lampshade also echoes black and red with a reedy shell. It tints the entire room pink, including the vinyl stalks on the wall.


28. Toys for Boys (and Gunning Girls)

Toys for Boys (and Gunning Girls)

Frustrated by those violently grungy band posters on your teenager’s wall? Offer them a compromise. If they’ll get rid of the posters, you can let them have this vinyl sticker over their beds or bedroom couch. It’s less offensive to you as a parent, it lets the kids feel hardcore, and it’s easier to clean when they move out and you want to redecorate. Win-win!


29. Wedding Bells

Wedding Bells

If you have the kind of spouse that never remembered important dates, here’s one way to be sure they’ll never forget your anniversary. It’s a simple concept and works well in a cheerful family, because not every home can pull off this turquoise tone in their living space. And it’s white vinyl instead of the usual black so it echoes the sofa, sheers, and reflective white floor.


30. Pretty Planets

Pretty Planets

Lots of kids (and some adults) are afraid of the dark. So glow-in-the-dark stars are commonly mounted on the ceiling to serve as a night light. They’re often plastic and glow a dull green. If you’d like to extend the idea to your vinyl wall decorating, you can add these planets and celestial bodies to the wall using adhesive vinyl. It glows when the lights are off.


31. Time to Go!

Time to Go!

Everyone watches the clock at work, itching for home time. So this playful clock sticker can make a cheerful addition to your home office. You could even craft it into a fully functional clock and make the man a lightweight floating shadow that hangs off the minute hand as it moves. It’ll make your workday far more bearable and the time might even pass faster.

What are your favorite vinyl wall decorating ideas? Show us some photos in the comments!

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