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What is Vinyl Paint? (Features, Types, Pros & Cons)

As you seek to make your vinyl sidings or other surfaces look new, do you know that vinyl paint can be of great help? Can you identify a vinyl color from the rest of the many paints?

Well, worry no more. Here, we’ll cover everything to help you know what vinyl paint is before buying.

Yes, going to shop for paints can confuse you. At any store, you’ll get many types of paints.

Be sure to get vinyl paints in most stores that sell paints. But you can’t use them in every place.

Are you ready? We’ll start with the meaning of vinyl paint.

Meaning of Vinyl Paint

Meaning of Vinyl Paint

Before buying this paint, the main question would be, what is vinyl paint? Well, it’s a paint that comes from water and some elements of vinyl plastic materials.

Also, it means that the paint has some resins. These resins make them stand on any stress. Resins things make the surface (floors or sidings) have a new look.

So, when painting, this paint soaks into the surface of the material. It will now become part of the floor.

Your floor will have a beautiful finish. People also use this paint to apply on any smooth surface. In the end, your vinyl floor, sidings, or surface will have a beauty that lasts for a long time.

Which are the various specs of Vinyl Paints?

Which are the various specs of Vinyl Paints

If you haven’t seen any vinyl paints, some things make them stand out from other paints. So, let’s dig into some of the specs of vinyl paints.


Every vinyl paint will also give you an easy time washing the surface. After painting your cover, vinyl paint will allow you to clean the surface without any hitches.

So, after the resins allow the paint to stick and dry up, the surface will be ready for use. Depending on which paint you use and where you use it, washing shouldn’t be an issue after using vinyl paint.

They Last for Long

As you look to renew the look of your surface, be sure that vinyl paint will last for a long time. The resins on these paints make them free from dents and scratches.


Expect that vinyl paints will be waterproof. Even if they are water-based, these paints will resist moisture. You’ll see these specs after the vinyl paint has dried up.

What are the different types of Vinyl Paints?

What are the different types of Vinyl Paints

There are many types of vinyl paints in the market. All have some same specs to help. But now, the problem comes when you have many options to choose from.

It should never trouble you. Each vinyl paint has its purpose and where to use it.

So, below are the styles of vinyl paints you’ll get in the market. Remember, you can get them in three classes:

  • Silk vinyl paint
  • Sheen vinyl paint
  • Matt vinyl paint

Silk and sheen are the best for most surfaces. Under these classes, you can get them in either gallons or vinyl spray paints. So, please read on to see what can be best for your vinyl floor, siding, or surface.

Gallon Drum Vinyl Paint

This type of paint is famous. Many stores sell vinyl paints in gallon drums.

Among all the types, this vinyl paint is the one that can suit any vinyl surface. You can use them on vinyl floors, sidings, covers, interiors, and soft plastics.

You’ll love it because it bonds faster with any surface. Also, with the many colors, you can get any colors to match the décor of your cover.

But once the paint sticks, it’s pretty hard to remove it. So, before painting, ensure you have the correct choice of color.

For you to apply these paints, you’ll use a roller and a brush. It will give you a fine finish. But first, ensure your floor is clean.

Also, you should pick a pro painter to do the work for you. So, it will be a bit costly but will help you refresh the looks and beauty of your interiors.

Vinyl Spray Paints

You can also spray the paint on your vinyl surface. Many people use spray paints for many uses.

The difference with the gallon vinyl paint is that you don’t use any brush. The vinyl colors come in spray cans. So, you’ll spread them on the vinyl floors or surfaces.

Also, you’ll need some skills and art to use these paints. If you aren’t sure of how to use these paints, hire a painter to do the work for you. In the end, this paint will put a smile on your face.

While making the vinyl floors and sidings, some firms also use vinyl sprays. It makes the surface more durable and waterproof. So, besides adding beauty, vinyl spray paints add some strength to the surface.

If you use these sprays paints on the exteriors, they’ll have more solid specs. Well, it’s because they can withstand any heat changes. Also, dents and UV rays won’t be a problem.

Remember, just like the gallon paints, if you paint this paint on a wrong surface. The paint won’t stick and can peel off with ease.

What is the Use of Vinyl Paints?

Besides making your surface beautiful, vinyl paint has many uses. Though, it will only work well on vinyl floors.

But still, this paint will help in many places. Here are the uses of vinyl paint.

1. Makes the Surface Durable

As you look to make your interiors and exteriors new, vinyl paint will also make them last for a long time. Pick those paints with a sheen. So, you can use them on ceilings, surfaces like leather, walls, vinyl floors, and sidings.

Also, they help in hiding any imperfections on the floor and walls. With the many styles, your home will look more natural and beautiful.

If you use vinyl paint outside your house, you can forget about weather problems. The vinyl sidings or walls won’t fade or peel off.

How long a vinyl paint will last on a surface depends on the class you pick. The sheen and silk vinyl paints are more durable than the matt ones.

2. Refresh the Look

Painting vinyl paint inside the house will make it look new and modern. So, you can refresh any old vinyl surface.

You’ll cut the cost of replacing the vinyl surface or floors. But if the floor or surface is damaged, the spray or gallon vinyl paint won’t help much.

Remember, you’ll see this spec after you spray the paint. It will soak onto the surface. Also, it means that vinyl paint helps in areas that get much traffic.

3. Give Art

Do you love the beauty of art? Then using vinyl paint will be a perfect idea. So, if you have a wall or vinyl surface with a beautiful look, be sure that this paint will help you keep it.

But if the surface doesn’t have that attractive look, some vinyl paints can help you. Also, these lovely looks come if you’ll paint the surface well.

Best Surfaces to Use Vinyl Paints

You can’t use vinyl paints on any surfaces, carpets, or sidings. But you can use vinyl paint on many surfaces.

Well, it’s because of the specs of vinyl paints. They tend to dry and stick fast if you place them on the correct surface. Also, it’s easy to apply vinyl paint.

Remember, different types of vinyl paints suit different types of surfaces. You can only use sheens in places with many footfalls. If you use matt vinyl paint, you’ll get negative results.

Also, matt vinyl paints tend to fall off easily. Use sheen and silk vinyl paints on any surface. But don’t use matt vinyl paint in the following places:

  • Places with high moisture like washing areas and kitchen
  • Sealant surfaces
  • Vinyl floors and ceilings
  • Places that get more traffic

What to look at Before Buying a Vinyl Paint

Whether you are a pro painter or not, choosing the best vinyl paint can be tricky. People lack the idea of where to start in picking the brands.

Remember, there are many brands of vinyl paints in the market. Each varies with its qualities and prices. But here’s what will guide you to see that you have bought the best vinyl paint.

Coverage of the Paint

If you pick on a deep color for your interior or exterior, it’s safe to know how it covers. Most pro painters will tell you that applying using gallon paint will help. The use of a brush and roller helps the pain cover a vast part.

Even if the paint is cheap or costly, the coverage of the paint is vital. Remember, no painter will want to see that you’ve picked on something that won’t be easy to paint.

Also, coverage helps when you have a deep color. Deep colors help cover flaws on the surface. You can pick on colors that come with one coat coverage.

How Rich is The Color?

How Rich is The Color

No one would ever wish to get a color that won’t add a taste of beauty to their surfaces. A vinyl paint should have a deep color.

Pick on vinyl paint with vibrant colors. Some firms mix different colors. It will be a plus to the beauty of your house.

Remember, some paints can have richer colors than others. Pick something rich and will suit your taste.

Pot Life

How long will the vinyl paint last? Yes, expect that most vinyl paints to be durable on your floor. But you should choose one that won’t give worries about repainting every time.

Also, pot life is how long a pint takes to double its thickness. With the silk and sheen vinyl paints, expect them to last longer than matt vinyl paint.

The Smell

The Smell

A vinyl paint shouldn’t affect the sweetness of your air space. So, it would help if you go for vinyl paint that has fewer VOCs.

Remember, all vinyl paints have resins. These are things seen as VOCs. So, if the vinyl paint has many polishes, more than 50 grams per liter, you should avoid it.

Even as you are looking to make your house beautiful, you should consider your safety. Some smells from vinyl paints can affect people with allergies in your home.

Can You Wash the Surface?

You should look if you can wash the cover easily after painting the vinyl paint. This factor comes in very much in spots like kitchens, bathrooms, and other washing places.

Pick on some paint that you’ll wash the surface many times without it losing the color richness. Besides thoughts from buyers, how will you know? Well, before buying, pick on the paint that shines the most.

Sticking of Vinyl Paint

Sticking of Vinyl Paint

It’s safe for any vinyl paint to keep up with the same look for a long time. In every vinyl paint, the resins and binder give the vinyl paint a solid sticking power. Remember, the binders come from vinyl material.

After painting, they dry up into excellent finishes. Choose one that dries up faster. It will give you an easier time.

How good is the Primer?

When using every type of vinyl paint (gallon or spray paint), ensure you use a primer. Choose a color that comes with a primer.

Primers act as a cover for any possible mishaps. It seals any surfaces. After that, the solid base will now be ready for you to paint.

Also, the tinted primers cover the darker shades. The ones with a tint also hide some issues on surfaces like wood and concrete. Lighter primers help lighter shades look better.

Remember, if you aren’t using a spray vinyl pain, place the primer using a sponge brush.  It will help you avoid any uneven looks and brush marks on the surfaces.

Cost of Vinyl Paint

The prices of vinyl paints will keep varying. It will depend on the type class like silk, sheen, or mat.

Also, the placing of the paint will matter. Gallons will be more costly than spray paint.

The costs per gallon will range from $30 to $200. If you choose to spray paint, be ready to part with $4 to $16 per can. It will now depend on the brand and size.

Vinyl Paint Pros and Cons

Vinyl Paint Pros and Cons

Choosing to use vinyl paint isn’t a bad option. Here are the pros of using vinyl paint:


  • They’ll give the surfaces of your home a wide coverage
  • You won’t need a lot of time while applying vinyl paints
  • They can last for a long time, especially sheen and silk
  • Vinyl paint is waterproof
  • You can forget about dents and scratches
  • They aren’t costly

But here are the cons of vinyl paint:


  • Not every surface can accept vinyl paint
  • After painting it, you can’t use another paint on top of it


Every vinyl paint will give your surface a refreshing look. You have to go for the color that’s right for your place.

So, between silk, matt, and sheen, choose one that will suit your surface. In most cases, silk and sheen will work on every vinyl surface.

You can also pick on either gallon or spray paints. It will depend on your project.

But if you aren’t sure of how to paint, hire a pro painter. The costs will increase besides the price of either the gallon or spray can.

Have you tried to use any vinyl paint? What was your experience? Feel free to share with us.

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