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31 Women’s Vinyl Raincoats Ideas

In the colder months, you might bundle up in multiple layers of scarves, coats, muffs, and hats. But it can still get drizzly during the hotter months. Surprise spring showers, heavy summer rain, or even the occasional leafy drip – these can all ruin your favorite outfit!

But because it’s warm and you don’t want extra baggage spoiling the aesthetic of your summer dress, why not try women’s vinyl raincoats? They dry quickly and are slight enough to fold flat and slip inside your tote bag. Plus, they come in shiny, colorful options!

1. Glossy Red and Black

Glossy Red and Black
Credit: impermeable_delectables

Raincoats were first invented in the UK back in 1824. They were first made by Charles Macintosh, a chemist who found a way to coat wool with rubber and make it waterproof. It’s why many Brits still say Mackintosh (#NoTypo) when they mean raincoat. But the two belted women’s vinyl raincoats have a stylish PVC base, forming flattering figures and silhouettes.


2. Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Women’s vinyl raincoats aren’t thick enough to keep out the cold. But because they’re made of non-porous plastic, they trap your body heat for short periods, so you may feel foggy and steamed up under your raincoat. Luckily, it dries quickly, both on the inside and the outside. Toss it on when you want few strawberries for your cream or just to grab some garden herbs.


3. Double Breasted Delights

Double Breasted Delights

In the 50s, raincoats were often made of rubber. It’s heavier than vinyl so it looks more weighty and has a heavier drape. But this is a modern women’s vinyl raincoat made in that retro rubber design with a double-breasted cut. It comes in close to forty colors, from subtle and see-through to raging red and bondage black. You can order it with or without a hood.


4. Bright and Light

Bright and Light

Women’s vinyl raincoats can have a light layer of vinyl that lets you see the clothes below. So if your outfit is especially fancy, opt for a clear, single-layered coat. Or maybe something in pastels. If you love brighter shades, you could grab something like this aqua number. It’s pale enough to show your gorgeously coordinated outfit but it still has a cheerful pop of color.


5. Vamped and Sexy

Vamped and Sexy
Credit: pvc.u.like

At a glance, it’s easy to mistake glossy vinyl for latex. Especially because the latter is such a fetish item. In this photo, the thigh-high boots are latex but the raincoat is glossy two-tone vinyl. This women’s vinyl raincoat has a black outer layer and a red inner lining. But unlike latex which clings to your body, shaped vinyl drapes strategically to highlight your silhouette.


6. Plain or Pastel

Plain or Pastel

As you can see, it’s tough to differentiate that shiny plastic from shimmery faux leather. With latex, look for the cling. With leather, check the drape. Faux or genuine leather is heavier than plastic so it will ‘hang lower’ off your body. Women’s vinyl raincoats also offer more color variation than any other material. Here you see it in pearly pink or plain clear plastic.


7. Simple Silhouettes

Simple Silhouettes

Women’s vinyl raincoats are primarily functional. But they can be stylish too. You can buy one with a cinched waist, a billowing skirt, or decorative buttons. But if your workplace is more conservative, you can opt for a simple design like this one. It’s plain so your low-key suit stays visible. And it keeps your clothes dry without drawing unnecessary attention.


8. Lovely Lining

Lovely Lining

A thin vinyl raincoat can fold into a sizeable square that you can stash in your bag. But it won’t be very warm. So when you need thermal protection, buy a women’s vinyl raincoat with a fabric liner. This one has polyurethane on the outside and padded polyester on the inside. The lining has gorgeous decorative coils and curls and the coat comes in 5 shades.


9. Polyvinyl Rainbows

Polyvinyl Rainbows

Fabrics come in various densities and thread counts. Women’s vinyl raincoats are no different. You can get a flimsy water-resistant one to throw over your clothes during a light shower. It can also add a little warmth on a foggy day. This rainbow-colored raincoat looks thin, but the zipper and the drawstring can keep your cute top dry and protect your uppers.


10. Vintage and Versatile

Vintage and Versatile
Credit: clairvoyantvintage

The 80s were a strange time, with all that neon and spandex, innerwear as outerwear, and weather-wear for fashion. It was normal to see a pretty girl walking around in a lacy corset and a see-through glow-in-the-dark waterproof jacket. This high-gloss vintage women’s vinyl raincoat is a testament to the times. The cuffs, collar, and pockets are particularly distinctive.


11. Dressy Tents

Dressy Tents

They say a woman’s clothing should be loose enough to allow movement but tight enough to show she’s not a man. It’s a sexist cliché, but there’s a touch of truth there. But sometimes, your outfit itself is bulky and voluminous. Maybe it’s tulle or taffeta. Or a layered uniform for school or work. This tent-like women’s vinyl raincoat can prevent your clothes wrinkling.


12. Channeling Billie

Channeling Billie

Ms. Eilish shifted her style, but she was once synonymous with baggy clothing, neon colors, and vinyl – both in her media and in her wardrobe. That’s why this stylish screams Billie, and it’s probably a conscious nod to the lovely lady. But even if you’re not quite ready to dye your hair, you can show your quirky side with this bright orange women’s vinyl raincoat.


13. Playing with Polka

Playing with Polka

Forget sweats and yoga pants! When you need to throw something over your unders for a quick trip to the corner store, grab your rain suit!! This loose women’s vinyl raincoat comes with a matching set of pants. It’s translucent blue with white polka dots so it’s more ‘dressy’ than your flea market sweats. And you can keep the rain off while still looking cute. Perfect!


14. Super Shiny

Super Shiny

With most clothes, shine is synonymous with cheap. That shimmer generally means the outfit has a glossy outer coat, and we psychologically think that’s a camouflage for low-cost, low-quality fabric. But in a women’s vinyl raincoat, that glimmer is a plus because we all know plastic is waterproof. Also, these raincoats catch the light and capture eyeballs, so that helps.


15. Down to Details

Down to Details
Credit: archetypevintage

You may have noticed aqua and fuchsia being paired in the fashion world. The effect is sometimes called ‘mermaid’ to invoke the concept of seashells and underwater rainbows. Here, the effect is more subtle with a hot pink women’s vinyl raincoat and chunky aqua-colored earrings. Her pink belt, matching shoes, and unicorn frock heighten her retro chic.


16. In the Trenches

In the Trenches

Trench coats aren’t necessarily waterproof, though the heavy-duty cotton layering and removable lining can keep your clothes dry. But they do have a distinct drape, a dramatic collar, and a fabric belt that’s often knotted or tied into that stereotypically flirty bow. The belt helps display your feminine silhouette, and this red vinyl version ups the sexy factor.


17. Lady in Dark Blue

Lady in Dark Blue

Warm weather raincoats should be as slight as possible because you probably have limited luggage. So you want something you can tuck away after the drizzle passes. They’re also relatively cheap so you might buy multiple colors to match your fall and summer outfits. If you’re at the beach, hiking, or rushing to the bus, you won’t feel bad about losing your coat.


18. All That Glitters

All That Glitters
Credit: scatter.brain.vintage

The neon spandex of the 80s gave way to velvety metallics in the 90s. And while this gold-tone women’s vinyl raincoat is definitely waterproof, you were more likely to see it at a nightclub or music video. Its chunky pockets, big showy buttons, unbuckled belt, and bulky swathes of vinyl all mark it as a trench coat. Get a big poofy wig and you’re back in time!


19. Swinging Sixties

Swinging Sixties

Vinyl seems to pop up every few decades. These fashion spreads are from the 1960s. And while those coats are clearly vinyl and certainly waterproof, they’re worn more as fashion items than protective clothing. The micro-mini styling and bold color blocking make loud visual statements and worked well with sleek but flirty feminine dresses and platform heels.


20. Cover Up and Show Off

Cover Up and Show Off

You know your mom would never let you out in a top like that. Not in this weather! But you’re grown now, so you can wear what you want! Still, in a nod to your motherly inner voice, toss a see-through vinyl poncho over your crop top and ripped jeans. Then you can bare your midriff in peace! When the sun comes back out in an hour, you’ll be glad you did!


21. All Business

All Business

Black can be slimming, but it depends on how you wear it. Generally speaking, glossy black can add bulk. And this women’s vinyl trench coat does make you look a little thicker than you might like. But it keeps the rain off, and trench coats often with detachable hoods and liners so if you feel too warm and fluffy, you can always shed the layers under your coat and lighten.


22. Sunshiny Yellow

Sunshiny Yellow

This yellow women’s vinyl raincoat is stylish and delightful. That canary-colored coat could brighten the darkest day. It has a black inner lining for extra warmth. The large pockets, hood, and closing clips make it easy to rip off your jacket as the sun comes out (or as you rush in from the rain). It hangs at hip height though, so your legs will still get soaked …


23. Black Patent Vinyl Coat

Black Patent Vinyl Coat

Patent leather is genuine leather coated with vinyl to make it glossy. The vinyl coating will eventually chip and peels off, giving that unpleasant ‘cracked leather’ look. So patent leather is sometimes described as patent leather vinyl or just patent vinyl fabric. This hooded women’s patent vinyl raincoat is a high-gloss black with white accents at the cuffs and hems.


24. Cheap Isn’t Always Bad

Cheap Isn’t Always Bad

Are you constantly losing umbrellas? You might be more careful with winter coats … But in the hotter months, you’re lugging around hiking boots, SPF, floppy hats, and sunglasses. So it’s better to get a set of cheap ‘garbage-bag’ raincoats from the dollar store. Buy them in bulk and in various colors so you’ll never run out or feel the pinch of you forget one on the train.


25. Almost Matte

Almost Matte

While many women’s vinyl raincoats are lustrous, you may prefer a toned-down look. Like the red vinyl coat this woman is wearing. It’s still refective, but it leans more towards the matte palette and looks almost rubberized. Vinyl is useful because it can give you the heft of a rubber raincoat without the smoldering heat of rubber itself. The coat has a thin lining.


26. More Sixties Swing

More Sixties Swing
Credit: helene_de_joie

This entire outfit is a treasure trove of retro, but let’s focus on the women’s vinyl raincoat and matching bag. Both are clear plastic dotted with massive floral patterns on black, yellow, and pink. The raincoat has no hood, but you can style it with a floppy waterproof hat – you can probably find a plastic beach hat with a similar print … though it may come in a kiddie size.


27. All Things Bright and Beautiful

All Things Bright and Beautiful

Unexpected rain can ruin the brightest mood. So always sneak a little upper into your spring or summer bag. These light women’s vinyl coats can fold small enough to fit in your pocket or clutch bag. You can even tuck it into the side pocket of your tote bag. Pick a cheerful neon hue. It’ll lift your mood and make you visible if the weather suddenly goes gloomy and dark.


28. Purple Plastic Pleasure

Purple Plastic Pleasure

Even though vinyl is a loose fabric, you can use clever design tricks to make your women’s vinyl raincoat more flattering. This lovely lavender lady has elastic cuffs that give your wrists a girly gather and make your wrists seem delicate. And it’s a fitted coat so you have to order with your individual measurements, so it will shape your specific dimensions beautifully.


29. Triple Threat

Triple Threat
Credit: helene_de_joie

Gathers and drawstrings can be unflattering because they form puffs and bulges in all the wrong places. But if you position them strategically, they can make quite the style statement. This women’s vinyl raincoat has elastic drawstrings at its neck, waist, and hemline, forming a sort of hourglass effect. You can buy it in a glossy leather-like blue or a translucent white.


30. Clear and Classy

Clear and Classy

Translucent and transparent raincoats often look cheap because they’re made from the flimsiest plastic. But this women’s vinyl coat – which comes in thigh-high and poncho styles – has a slight golden brown tint that gives it a touch of elegance. It’s also made from thicker, heavier, less crinkly vinyl so it drapes better and looks pricier without punishing your pocket.


31. Get Your Coat and Hat

Get Your Coat and Hat

A lot of ladies love to coordinate their outfits. And this deep red women’s vinyl raincoat is a helpful primer. It comes with a matching fisherman’s hat in red vinyl and has a sturdy zipper that keeps all moisture out. The raincoat has a hood too. You can style it with shiny vinyl pants as seen here, but if you’re wearing it for practical purposes, overalls and galoshes work.

What’s your favorite women’s vinyl raincoat? Show us a photo in the comments section!

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