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Amtico vs. Karndean Vinyl Plank Flooring: Which Is Better?

Amtico vs. Karndean Vinyl Plank Flooring

Are you looking for a new vinyl floor with a thick wear layer for your house? Well, you might think of getting either Amtico or Karndean vinyl planks as your best option. But which one is better?

Here, we’ll show you all about Amtico vs. Karndean vinyl floors. Though the design is important, focus on the cost and how long the LVPs will last.

Remember, both LVPs will give your house a beautiful look. So, choosing between the two lines can be a bit hard.

But let’s get straight to it and help you make a better choice. We’ll start with a definition of these LVPs.

What is Amtico LVP?

These are LVPs made by Amtico firm. It makes many types of LVT, LVP, and lovely carpet tiles. The firm is in the UK, but the floors are also in the USA under Mannington firm.

So, Amtico makes these LVPs suit every room of your home. You’ll be free to make the dream floor for your house. Also, you can give your floors many patterns using these LVPs.

People love these floors because they are durable and strong. They are thin and flexible.

Amtico LVP comes from resin, stabilizers, and plasticizers. The firm puts them together under high temperatures and pressure.

This state makes durable and flexible LVPs. Though they are slim, you can use these LVPs in places with many people.

What are Karndean LVP?

Karndean LVP are a bit different from Amtico LVP. People see it as the best choice for laminate floors.

These LVPs come from the Karndean Design Flooring firm. It’s in Offenham, UK but sells to many nations like the USA. Karndean makes these floors in Korea before selling them.

The firm makes the floors with five layers. These layers are:

  • 2 PVCs
  • Image layer.
  • A clear embossing layer
  • A wear layer.
  • A protective layer.

They go through a process of lamination to give the LVPs a durable body. Also, the LVPs have a lovely cover on top of the layers. So, the process of making these LVPs makes them suitable for many places.

Comparison in Features

These two LVPs are a bit similar because they are durable if you install them. But there are many more specs that these LVPs have.

So, which one has better specs between the two names? Read on as we look at the features of each LVP.

1. Styles and Colors

Each of these LVPs comes in many styles. You’ll be free to choose the best look for your basement. So, let’s first look at what Amtico LVPs will offer you.

Amtico LVP

Amtico LVPs are in few lines. You’ll only get four. But under these lines, many colors and styles can suit the décor of your place.

If you buy the Signature collection, you’ll get over 200 styles. 90 of them look like wood, 75 like stone, and over 50 in various patterns.

They come in colors like Stucco putty and Stucco clay and high visual styles like storm and haze. Signature line also has patterns like a woven and broken bond.

The designer’s choice and décor have over 130 styles. Here, the colors are bright and unique.

You can choose the Spacia collection. It will give you unique patterns like sky tint. Also, there are concrete and dark colors.

Also, the Click Smart and Form give you styles that look like wood. These styles are thick for any business place or house.

Karndean LVP

The Karndean LVPs are in many lines. Inside those collections, you’ll get many types and colors. So, be sure to find a color that will make your house beautiful.

Art Select styles have a realistic stone and wood look. Here, you’ll also get many lovely textures.

For lovers of art, Da Vinci will give you over 30 options. These styles are slim and smooth. You can also get lines traditional and rustic looks.

Van Gogh has 46 styles that look like real large timber. The textures are smooth. Here, you’ll also get 14 lines with the best rigid core.

Opus gives you 36 clean and modern styles. All come in the wood variety.

The Knight Tile collection is the cheapest. You’ll get 36 lines of wood and stone. Here, you can also customize your patterns for your floor.

Looselay and Looselay longboards will give you an easy time during installation. Yes, many LVPs have this option, but Karndean gives you something more special.

Korlok Select and Korlok Reserve are also easy to install. It has only 27 styles under Korlok Select and over 12 styles under Korlok Reserve.

Among the seven styles, art select and Da Vinci are the best. Van Gogh will make your floor solid.

All styles will make the floor beautiful. But not all of them can meet the decor of your home. It’s upon you to choose.

2. Durability and Stability

You’ve now seen the styles from each LVP that can suit your house. Let’s now look at which one can make the floor more durable and stable for a long time. We’ll start with the Amtico LVPs.

Amtico LVPs

Be sure that Amtico LVPs will make your floor last for a long time. It can withstand many activities that go on in this place.

The four Amtico lines are thick and strong enough to meet your needs. Remember, these sizes will vary in every collection.

Also, these planks have an SPC. It makes them 100% waterproof. You can use them on any hard floor.

These styles are always 2.5 mm thick. The wear layers range from 11 to 39-mil.

Many people like Amtico LVPs because you won’t have to worry about scratches and dents. So, you can use them in a basement that gets heavy traffic.

But it doesn’t mean that it’s 100% stable. These LVPs aren’t free from any scratches and rips. They can fade if they get the UV rays.

Karndean LVPs

Karndean should also be a top choice if you want durable LVPs. These floors have a K-core layer.

So, with the K-core body, it means you can use them over any hard floor. You won’t need any tough subfloor prep before installing the LVPs.

Remember, all the Karndean styles have this rigid core. But choosing the Van Gogh line will be better.

These LVPs are stable because of this core. It makes them 100% waterproof.

You can place the vinyl planks by floatation. If you don’t have the skills, please hire a pro installer to do it for you.

The thickness of every Karndean style ranges from 2 to 6.5 mm thick. Also, all have a wear layer ranging from 20 to 30 mil. Some types have the K-guard cover to protect them from scratches and dents.

3. The Green Care

As you seek to place a vinyl plank floor that is lovely and durable, you should consider your safety too. Choose an LVP that is more eco-friendly.

So, let’s look at the difference between the two LVPs when it comes to eco care. We’ll start with Amtico LVP.

Amtico LVP

Ever since Amtico started running, they’ve made positive changes in their products. These LVPs won’t fail you when it comes to eco care.

All Amtico LVPs come with VOC passes. They include the FloorScore, GreenGuard Gold pass, UKAS, M1, among others. So, it means that these LVPs are 100% safe for use.

The firm says that they recycle 40% of their waste. Also, Amtico claims that 60% of their LVPs come from recycled material.

Karndean LVP

Karndean also makes LVPs that are eco-friendly. But they tend to use more harmful things in making their K-core body than Amtico.

Remember, they also have the FloorScore pass on their LVPs. So, you shouldn’t worry much.

Also, at their offices, Karndean applies the green laws well. They use safe methods to make the LVPs.

All their LVPs come from firms with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 pass. Look at their eco care plans here.

4. Costs

At this point, you now have the best choice in mind for your house. But the costs of these LVPs might change your choice.

Amtico LVPs

You can get these LVPs from any dealer in the UK and USA. Expect to pay 3 to 5 dollars per square foot. Also, the guaranty is a lifetime for some lines and 25 to 30 years for some other collections.


Karndean LVPs are a bit cheaper than Amtico LVPs. You’ll get them from $2.68-$5.50 per square foot.

You can get them in many showrooms in the USA. The guaranties vary with the reason for buying the LVPs.


Both Karndean and Amtico LVPs will give you value for your money. The floors of your house will have a sweet look. Also, be sure that it will be durable and stable for a long time.

If you want a more durable LVP for your project, choose Amtico LVPs. Remember, they are a bit costly. But if money is a problem, go for the Karndean LVPs.

Remember, if you’d love to see more art on your floors, go for the Karndean LVPs. You’ll enjoy the sight of your house.

So, which of these two floors can suit your basement? Do you have any of these floors? Feel free to tell us.

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