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33 Easy Cricut Vinyl Projects & Crafts for Beginners

Cricut vinyl is an adhesive plastic that comes in thousands of colors. These include solid prints, stripes, and even iridescent metallics. The vinyl is easy to cut and shape, but webbing can be irritating. If your projects are complex or commercial, buy a Cricut cutting machine.

If not, a good pair of scissors or utility blades will do. You might also need a heat press for fabric projects, though an iron box will do in a pinch. Vinyl can be permanent or temporary, so be sure to get the right kind. But first, let’s look at some top Cricut vinyl project ideas.

1. Drink the Dream

Drink the Dream
Credit: sanford_and_co

Inspirational quotes are a staple among Cricut vinyl project ideas. And if you find the right one, you can raise an everyday object into a motivating totem. In this case, the goal is to stay focused as you chase your dreams. So whether you’ve filled it with coffee for your morning commute, something stronger for a late-night brainstorming session, hydrate your hustle!


2. Digital Cricut Projects

While we often use Cricut as a generic word for vinyl (in the same way we use Kleenex for tissues or Weber for BBQ grills), it’s actually a commercial brand. They make Cricut vinyl and Cricut transfer tape, but they also make hardware and software for Cricut vinyl project ideas. In this video, see how to use the Cricut Snap Mat and Design Space on your iPad.

3. Cricut Book Box

Cricut Book Box

Cricut makes three models of cutting machines and three models of heat presses. The Cricut Maker is the priciest and most versatile one, with a wide range of bundled tools and the ability to cut leather and wood. For this Cricut vinyl project idea, get a wooden crate, fill it with kid-safe books, and stick the vinyl lettering on the side. You can download the free SVG.

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4. Cricut Wall Art

Cricut Wall Art

Traditionally, we would hang family photos on our walls. But modern décor leans more towards abstract art installations. If you’re attached to portraits of your spouse and kids, you can still use them as silhouettes. To start you off, this article has free files full of Cricut vinyl project ideas. You can download these images and send them straight to your cutting machine.

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5. Mindful Mnemonics

Mindful Mnemonics
Credit: sanford_and_co

They say anxiety is worrying about the future while depression is regretting the past. That’s why experts recommend staying in the present as a therapeutic resolution. You can do this through exercise, meditation, and mindfulness. But even if you’re not into woo-woo thinking, this Cricut vinyl project will bring you smiling back to the present every time you glance at it.


6. Beautifully Burnt Wood

Beautifully Burnt Wood

If you live in California (or Australia) that phrase may have triggered you – sorry! It’s a brilliant Cricut vinyl project idea though. And you can even make it using the smaller Cricut Joy machine. Use vinyl to make a stencil then use a heat gun (as opposed to a temperature gun, which is sometimes mislabelled as a heat gun!) to complete your Cricut wood design.

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7. Cricut Place Settings

Cricut Place Settings

Lots of situations need name tags. It might be reserved seating, a wedding reception, kids’ birthday party favors, a boardroom meeting, a public convention, or even a group therapy session. Instead of generic lanyards, try this Cricut vinyl project idea for that personal touch. It makes your guests and delegates feel seen. But triple-check how they spell their names!

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8. Kiss the Chef!

Kiss the Chef!

Whether you’re dressing down for a romantic cook-in or prepping barbeque for the family, a personalized apron will keep you clean and smiling. If you’d like a generic message like ‘Grill Master’, you can download free SVG files. But you can just as easily customize a message for your beloved household cook. It’s a quick Cricut vinyl project idea for iron-on vinyl on fabric.

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9. Tags for Kids

Tags for Kids
Credit: the_paper_gardener

Children need to feel seen and heard so they can grow up happy and healthy. And you can do this through little things like celebrating their individuality. A cute personalized name board is the perfect way to do that. The name tag can go on their bedroom door. In a shared space, it can go on their locker or their favorite toy box. It can even mark their chair at school.


10. Heightened Hydration

Which everyday items do you (or your kids) constantly misplace? Is it a water bottle, a scarf, a hankie, or an umbrella? Personal attachment might make you a little more careful. Buy a generic batch from Dollar Tree or a wholesale store. Then use a Cricut machine to cut and print names onto the items. They’ll instantly look too expensive to forget on the bus!


11. Polka Dot Vase

Polka Dot Vase

Here’s another way to take a cheap object and elevate its sense of self. You can start with any old milk bottle or buy some glass vases from the dollar store – they often come in cute shapes and colors. Then cut out some cute stars, circles, or stripes using glittery vinyl. Stick these on the outside of the vase to make a starry, polka dot, striped, or blocked flower holder.

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12. Cricut Doormat

Cricut Doormat

Many houses have a ‘welcome mat’ at the front door. But if you have a Cricut machine, you don’t have to stick with boring messages. Try something cheeky and personalized. You download an SVG for the message on this mat. The Cricut website also has lots of free and low-cost files you download. Alternatively, cut and print your own vinyl wording – it’s easy!

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13. Pumpkins and Unicorns

Pumpkins and Unicorns

Stereotypes often have some truth in them. Like the tomboy. Or the girly girl. Or the gymnastic dancing child. But you can see past the images and templates that kids, teens, and loved ones follow, and if you can get something in their individual niche, they’ll adore you for it. A soft child that loves Halloween will treasure this precious pumpkin unicorn – try it!

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14. Baby Shark!

Baby Shark!

Some kids love back-to-school shopping. It’s an excuse to get new clothes and things! Others hate it because, you know, school. You can make the process a little less stressful by sneaking their favorite toys, cartoons, or celebrities onto their school items. Make an iron-on vinyl stencil of their favorite singer or superhero (… or a shark) for their pencil case or book bag.

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15. His and Hers

His and Hers
Credit: bambi.lettering

Yes, this sample shows color-coded gardening gloves for the Mr. and the Mrs. But you can use this Cricut vinyl project idea on anything. Maybe you’re tired of the kids yelling ‘I don’t see your name on it!’ Or maybe your sister or spouse keeps stealing your towels. Use your Cricut Joy to make vinyl iron-on cursive tags and stick them onto those ‘shared’ items.


16. Wood on Vinyl

Wood on Vinyl

The Cricut Joy is the brand’s smallest and cheapest cutting machine. It’s portable but limited in its functionality. Just as an example, it can’t cut through wood (only the Cricut Maker can do that). But you can still be sneaky about it. Cut your words and patterns onto iron-on vinyl and heat-press it onto your wooden item. Outdoor-grade vinyl may be safer for wood though.

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17. EasyPress Monograms

EasyPress Monograms

Monograms used to be a status symbol. Especially on cufflinks or designer shirts. But you can put that personal touch on practical, everyday items too, and they make amazing gifts. For this Cricut vinyl project idea, you’ll pick the person’s nickname or initials, cut them with a Cricut machine, and use a mini 3.5×2 heat press to iron them onto leather cord organizers.

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18. Spicy Jars and Bottles

Spicy Jars and Bottles

What’s your handwriting like? For many of us, smartphones and laptops destroyed our cursive skills. Luckily, your Cricut vinyl project ideas are not restricted to commercial fonts. You can download free SVG files with pre-written words and alphabets. For these spice jars, you can get files with the entire spice spelled out! And you can make candy or candle labels too.

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19. Mad About Labels

Mad About Labels
Credit: letsmake_cricutstuff

You may have seen the label wars episode of Dexter’s Lab. And while it was a good gag, it’s also a smart way to keep kids (and seniors) occupied for hours. Give them access to your crafting studio and lots of vinyl rolls. Then watch as the grandparents and grandkids giddily occupy themselves labeling everything from the washing machine to the neighbor’s dog …


20. Counting Down to…

Counting Down to…

Countdown calendars are a clever marketing tool. They create a sense of urgency that pushes sales, pun intended. But they can also be motivational. You might be prepping for a product launch. Or your kids may be bouncing off the walls as they wait for high school graduation. Or summer. Or an important birthday. So make this Cricut vinyl project and save the date!

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21. Darling Earrings and Key Chains

Darling Earrings and Key Chains

If you have a Cricut machine that cuts leather (the Cricut Maker and the Cricut Explore Air can both do this), you can make all sorts of leather and pleather items. For this project, you can craft teardrop earrings and key chains. Use the EasyPress to iron vinyl designs onto your trinkets. You can buy SVG shape files, but any geometric shape will do the trick in a pinch.

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22. Cricut Clock

Cricut Clock

Clocks and watches used to be largely functional items. But these days, most of us use our phones to tell time. So your watch – if you wear one – reflects your status and personality. And your wall clock is more about character and décor. For this Cricut vinyl project idea, download the clock SVG for the clock face and numbers. You can 3D print the clock hands.

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23. Brush Stroke Key Chains

The thing with DIY crafts is detail. You can take basic ideas like a splash of paint and a popular name, then put these concepts together and make amazingly simple Cricut vinyl project ideas. For these key chains, you can buy the components separately and customize your key fobs. You could buy a craft bundle with all the SVG files or you could do it by hand.


24. Cricut for Car Lovers

Cricut for Car Lovers
Credit: sanford_and_co

Your Cricut vinyl projects aren’t restricted to names, labels, and mushy messaging. You may want an abstract vinyl design. Or visual. For the (not so) little boy that loves cars, don’t just slap his name on his favorite bottle or mug. Get creative. You could make an iron-on symbol of the car logo. Or a mascot. Or an instantly recognizable silhouette with a heartbeat.


25. Muggy Magic

Muggy Magic

Spice up your tea service with customized mugs. And if you routinely stencil mugs, tumblers, bottles, or candles, it might be worth buying a Cricut Mug Press. It’s not essential, since you can press vinyl onto the glass or ceramic item by hand. But for bulk projects, the mug press will make things quicker and neater. Just be sure to use the right kind of vinyl for your gig.

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26. Spruced Up Shelving Makeover

Spruced Up Shelving Makeover

If you enjoy working with wood, you can build a bookshelf from scratch. You could use fresh materials or reclaimed wood from a junkyard. You might get an old shelf from a flea market or yard sale. If you live in New York, they literally dump free furniture on the street. Or get something from IKEA. Either way, personalize your shelf with heat-pressed vinyl patterns.

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27. I Sweat Glitter

I Sweat Glitter

This is the perfect gift for your crafting buddy or your girly tween. And yes, guys can be girly too – #NoJudging! The SVG file is free, so you can send it to your Cricut machine and make it with glittery vinyl. The file works on t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, or bottles, but you’ll have to resize it depending on where it’ll sit. And you need a stronger cutting mat for glitter vinyl.

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28. Cheeky Bathrooms

Cheeky Bathrooms
Credit: pink.sparkle.designs

Your (guest) bathroom says a lot about you. Some people used to keep magazines and newspapers in pretty stacks. Others had a wide array of jars and bottles full of products, and before smartphones, a lot of toilet time was lost to product labels. But you can put up playful door signs too. This framed vinyl ‘Yelp Review’ will have your guests giggling as they flush.


29. With Love, the Dishes

Marriage, relationships, platonic cohabiting, even dorm room living … these arrangements are filled with everyday arguments about chores and clutter. Take your passive-aggressive bickering to the next level by gifting this plaque to your housemate. But only if they have a sense of humor – or you may find yourself dumped, divorced, and short on the rent cheque!

30. Baby Growth Shirts

Baby Growth Shirts

Forget growth charts – it’s time for growth shirts! Or at least tights and onesies! It’s a fun way to track your baby’s progress. It works for toddlers – you can monitor their height and limb length. It can be a useful tool for picky eaters too – they’ll be eager to eat healthy so they can get ‘big enough for a new shirt’. And they’re a clever way to announce an incoming baby.

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31. Customise your Cricut

Customise your Cricut

If you’ve seen any vinyl videos, you’ve probably noticed those cute letters and shapes on the Cricut Machine. You may have dashed to the shop or website to see if they’d customize yours with your brand name or logo. But vinyl cutters come in specific colors and sizes, so here’s how you can add your company name or any cute icon to your Cricut maker. It’s so simple.

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32. Personalise your Purse

Personalise your Purse
Credit: lexiesinventions

You don’t need a Gucci bag or LV wallet to feel elegant. You can still grab a cheap clutch or journal from your local store and make it look luxurious. You’ll need the right vinyl stencil – nothing showy or tacky. You also want something unique – you can download free shapes and designs from the Cricut website, but modify the template with your personal flavor.


33. Thank the Teacher

Thank the Teacher

Parents and teaches often clash for kids’ loyalty and affection. Especially for younger children. But especially after lockdown, many parents are seeing how much their little ones need their teachers. So the next time your baby wants to make a mug for their teacher, help them with this Cricut vinyl project. Your child will love you for it, and the teacher will too!

What’s your favorite Cricut vinyl project? Show us some photos in the comments section!

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