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33 Clever Cricut Vinyl Storage Ideas

When you’re working with vinyl, you can slice your designs with crafting scissors, utility blades, or Cricut machines. But while Cricut is a trademark, a lot of us use it generically. So in this article, we’ll routinely often say ‘Cricut’ when we’re talking about any brand of vinyl.

Vinyl itself is quite versatile. You can use it to make anything from t-shirts to customized mugs. So you need a safe, convenient way to store your rolls of vinyl. You want easy access and visibility so you can spot the right color at a glance. Here are some vinyl storage ideas.

1. Overhead Storage

Overhead Storage

You don’t have to be short on Cricut vinyl storage ideas, pun intended. With a simple nail gun, you can create a DIY storage rack. Pick a spot in the shed, garage, studio, or bedroom wall. It should be high enough that you can stretch and reach without grazing your head or dislocating your shoulder. Screw posts into the wall so you can hang your vinyl rolls on them.


2. Old Cardboard Tubes

Old Cardboard Tubes

Are you into the 3Rs? Or are they four – review, reduce, re-use, recycle? Either way, your home is full of cardboard tubes. It could be from Pringles, saran wrap roll, toilet paper, or even the vinyl itself! Pack these cardboard rolls tightly in a shallow outbox of wire or plastic. Or you can simply glue the rolls together. Each cardboard ‘pipe’ holds a rolled sheet of vinyl.


3. Rolling on the Rack

Rolling on the Rack

The simplest way to store your vinyl is to retain the rolls they came in. You can then order a rack shelf online or make your own at home. Use reclaimed wood for the frames. You can even use stylized branches and driftwood for the frame. The racks can be old broomsticks, fence posts, or even the handles of old umbrellas. All these are free at local junkyards.


4. Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves
Credit: kate_krener

Here’s a quick suggestion to keep your Cricut vinyl rolls out of the way. You don’t need much room – you can tuck this floating shelf behind the door or find a shallow niche in your crafting area. Instead of screwing your broomsticks into the wall, mount them between the walls of the shelf to stop your Cricut vinyl rolls from falling out. A glass front is optional.


5. Self-Adhesive Wall Hooks

Self-Adhesive Wall Hooks

This next Cricut vinyl storage idea has several components and may need a bit of math. The math is more for balance and placement. You want a series of strong wall hooks arranged in matching columns. They should be placed at strategic distances so you can stack your vinyl rolls among the hooks without dropping them. Hooks should be wide enough to hold a roll.


6. Vertical Vinyl Visitation

Vertical Vinyl Visitation

If you don’t like the look of sideways stacking, consider this Cricut vinyl storage idea. You can make it at home by nailing old broomsticks onto a sturdy wooden plank. If your vinyl rolls are extra-thick, you’ll need a wider distance between the stacking posts. You could make a linear base or a blocky one for the corner. The base must be stable enough to avoid tipping.


7. Variera Crafting Tower

Variera Crafting Tower

IKEA’s plastic bag dispenser is a top Cricut vinyl storage idea. The cylindrical towers are built in a balanced way so they can support a complete set of vinyl rolls. When you order the dispenser, it’s flat, so you have to fold and mount it. The holes fit the exact size of vinyl rolls though, so you’ll have to buy a brand of rolls that comes in the same diameter as Cricut vinyl.


8. Create & Babble Storage Solution

Create & Babble Storage Solution

Do you happen to have a screw gun with a spade drill bit? If so, you can execute this Cricut vinyl storage idea in minutes! Cut out little holes in two parallel bits of board and you have a low-fuss vinyl roll storage. You can also buy wooden planks at your local hardware store. Ask them to sand the edges and cut the holes for you, then you can nail them together at home.


9. Tote Your Rolls

Tote Your Rolls
Credit: toteswithmina

Today’s bag ladies (and bag gents) don’t always reside in the streets. If you’re the kind of crafter that loves totes, you can use them as affordable Cricut vinyl storage ideas. Arrange your vinyl rolls by color, brand, size, or function, and keep each set in a color-coded tote bag. You may need to shift your stash regularly so they don’t accumulate dust or mold.


10. Trellis Vinyl Roll Storage

Trellis Vinyl Roll Storage

Grids, lattices, and trellises are visually calming designs. They can also be functional, as you can see here. This DIY Cricut vinyl storage idea uses a lattice-work front and back. The two trellises are joined by a shelving frame. This vinyl storage shelf can be as tall or thick as you like. Just make sure it’s stable. You can use reclaimed lattice screens from the junkyard.


11. Kiddie Vinyl Storage Ideas

Kiddie Vinyl Storage Ideas

You may need to raid your kid’s room for supplies before making a Cricut storage shelf. You can find the components at any craft store though – you’ll need a clip hanger, scrap pieces of fabric or ribbon, colorful hair ties, headbands or scrunchies, and skewers or dowel rods. Chopsticks work too. Worst case scenario, cut and sand some sturdy sticks from the yard.


12. Pegboard Perfection

Pegboard Perfection

Here’s another Cricut vinyl storage idea you could try out. You’ll have to buy a pegboard if you don’t have any lying around. Get a few hair ties (or a lot of hair ties) and loop them through the holes in the pegboard. Now you can hang your vinyl rolls in the hair ties and suspend the pegboard off the wall. The whole project will cost you less than $20 and takes a few minutes.


13. Jennifer Maker’s Wheeled Storage

Jennifer Maker’s Wheeled Storage

Castors are cool because they let you drag your furniture (or luggage) across the room. So if you frequently do your vinyl work on the go, try this wheeled Cricut vinyl storage idea. This is a hands-on project so you do need power tools and construction skills. But many hardware stores will cut and sand the parts for you, so your only task is to assemble the vinyl tower.


14. Dollar Tree Storage Options

Dollar Tree Storage Options

Instead of tossing your vinyl rolls in a drawer, you can use cheap crafting items to assemble a DIY vinyl roll organizer. For this idea, you’ll need Dollar Tree dish racks. These stackable metal grids come in different sizes so you can make separate shelves for various roll sizes. Drywall hooks attach the dish rails to the wall. Now you can check out your rolls at a glance.


15. Buy or Build Baskets

Buy or Build Baskets

The thing with crafting spaces is they quickly accumulate clutter. And because you’re working with so many colors, textures, and materials, it helps if you see all your supplies at a glance. Otherwise, you’ll waste hours looking for stuff. This Cricut vinyl storage idea lets you spot 6o+ rolls at once. And you can build your own basket caddy or buy it ready-made.


16. Wire Basket Storage

Wire Basket Storage

Wire mesh baskets are lightweight, low-maintenance, and versatile. In this case, the baskets are mounted directly onto the wall so you can see all your vinyl rolls. You may still need to color-code the baskets because this Cricut vinyl storage idea only lets you see the front and sides. You can’t peek at the rolls in the middle and rear rows unless you mount it at an angle.


17. Paper or Plastic?

Paper or Plastic

Here’s a DIY Cricut vinyl storage idea that only needs scissors and glue. The paper stencil has clearly drawn lines and instructions. Print the designs, cut along the perforated portions, and glue your shelf together. You need stiff paper to keep the shelf stable, so use thicker paper that’s at least 80lb (216gsm). Card paper works too – 300gsm (140lb) is especially effective.


18. Woodwork Storage Idea

Woodwork Storage Idea

This shelf concept is intended for ink storage. It’s not cost-effective as a Cricut vinyl storage idea because you can only stick a dozen rolls in there. You might squeeze in 12 more but only if you take out their cardboards centers and roll them extremely tight. Still, if you like wood whittling, you could make a bigger version with larger holes that can hold full-size vinyl rolls.


19. Shoes Away Storage Options

Shoes Away Storage Options

Plastic vinyl holders will sometimes fall over as you pull your rolls out. They don’t always have the intrinsic stability to stay upright unless every slot is full. This is where suspended pouches can be useful. We’re thinking of the kind used for shoes. They can be fabric or flexible plastic. Clear plastic is ideal because you can identify your vinyl colors instantly.


20. Wine and Vinyl

Wine and Vinyl

You don’t need to be a wine connoisseur to enjoy these cute Cricut vinyl storage ideas. Look through garage sales, county fairs, or junkyards for an old wine rack. You can even buy a low-cost one online – it might be made of wire or plastic. They make convenient vinyl roll storage, but only if the vinyl is tightly rolled. Otherwise, they’ll unfurl and cause clutter.


21. Pipes for Your Pipes

Pipes for Your Pipes

Think of it like a Russian doll … but for pipes. PVC pipes are dirt cheap and you can find them anywhere. If you’re friendly with a plumber, a garbage collector, or junkyard stuff, you can even get them for free. Stack the PVC pipes into a box or shelf then slip your vinyl into the PVC pipes. You may need to arrange them by color since those pipes are opaque.


22. Pants and Pipes

Pants and Pipes

When you’re sharing a closet with someone of the opposite gender, the girly gets more space – everyone knows that! It could be why pants’ hangers have extra rungs – that one hanger represents five or six! But those grid hangers are also helpful Cricut vinyl storage ideas. You can suspend multiple pieces on the same rack or pegboard, and the colors remain visible!


23. Take the Crate Challenge!

Take the Crate Challenge!

No, not that crate challenge. This one doesn’t need heels, though you do need tools and a decent amount of handyman skills. The outer shell is a box on wheels – you can buy the size of casters that suit you. The inside of the box is subdivided into grids that hold a single roll, and you can slant the grids. You want the rolls to stick out so don’t make the crate too tall.


24. Gridwall Vinyl Organiser

Gridwall Vinyl Organiser

It’s always nice to have options. And if you like the way this Cricut vinyl storage idea looks, you can build it yourself using wire racks and pliers. You can buy a grid rack, hooks, and wire baskets then assemble them into a storage rack. Or you could raid a junkyard or retro appliance store – they’re sure to have wire grates from old fridges, ovens, or BBQ grills.


25. It’s Curtains for the Cricut!

It’s Curtains for the Cricut!

Well, curtain rods. This hanging shelf was designed to hold gift wrappers, but it works as a quick Cricut vinyl storage idea. You can adjust the size of the frame or curtain rod to fit the size of vinyl you most frequently use. This organizer holds 12 rolls, but you can fit as many rods as you want. If the rods are too pricy, use broomstick handles or thin PVC piping rods.


26. Rolls and Pegs

Rolls and Pegs

We talked about using PVC pipes instead of curtain rods for your DIY storage shelf. Here’s a visual example. Instead of using hooks or brackets, an angled dowel holds up the PVC pipes, making it easier to replace the vinyl rolls after use. The shelf can be wooden or plastic, and your chosen size will depend on your vinyl size. This one is holding backdrops so it’s bigger.


27. Slits for Pegs

Slits for Pegs

Check out these two ideas for Cricut vinyl storage. They’re installed as a twin unit with smaller rolls below and larger ones above. The smaller rolls are light, so they lean against the back of the shelf with a vertical rail keeping them from falling out. The upper part of the shelf has slits sawn into it, and each slit holds a ‘mast’. These rods are slipped through vinyl rolls.


28. Hooked On You(r Desk)!

Hooked On You(r Desk)!

Your crafting space probably has a wooden shelf or a composite desk. You might even have a plywood section or an exposed stud. Basically, you’re looking for any spot where you can drill sturdy hooks or extra-long nails without damaging the structure or getting sued. But some large hooks at the local hardware store and place them strategically to hold your vinyl rolls.


29. Totally Tiffany VRO Vinyl Holder

Totally Tiffany VRO Vinyl Holder

The VRO is a series of see-through plastic trays with a slanted top and a circular side vent. The VRO has individual sleeves and pockets for individual vinyl rolls and leftover scraps. Each box file can hold 7 Cricut vinyl rolls in a single row so you have full visibility. You can buy them in multiples of six to suit the size of your vinyl collection. And they’re easy to clean.


30. Forever Elfa

Forever Elfa

If you’d like a Cricut vinyl storage idea that accommodates the rest of your craft supplies, consider converting that broom closet. Or maybe the space under your stairs. The Elfa System has multiple hooks, racks, baskets, pegboards, hangers, and pegs that you can assemble in various combinations. They come with mounting brackets suited to drywall.


31. Folding Station

Folding Station

This is a tricky one. It’s perfect when you have limited living space because this wheeled, subdivided closet folds out into an entire self-contained crafting station. But it’s also an expensive purchase, and if you ever get tired of working in vinyl, this closet can hold your entire clothing selection and then some. And you can take it with you when you move out!


32. Red Rolling Racks

Red Rolling Racks

You might be thinking about Marie Kondo-ing your vinyl craft collection. But what if every roll sparks joy? Well, you could always add storage without soaking up floor space. These roller racks come in multiple styles from wall-draped units to wheeled ones that stand your vinyl rolls vertically or horizontally. With hinges. And you can roll them neatly into a corner!


33. Buy an Art Bin

Buy an Art Bin

We’ve run through more than thirty Cricut vinyl storage ideas. And a lot of them are projects you can DIY using random items around the house. But if you don’t have the energy or time for extra crafting, just buy a storage rack. This one holds a dozen vinyl rolls and costs less than $15. It’s modular, so you can snap several sections together and store more vinyl rolls.

What’s your favorite Cricut vinyl storage idea? Show us some photos in the comments!

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