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33 Vinyl Wrap Ideas for Pontoon Boats

Boat lovers are a lot like car lovers. In the sense that their vehicle is their baby and they want to keep said baby happy and pampered. So they’ll ‘pimp’ the car or boat with turbo drives, powerful sound systems, decals, or even full-body vinyl wraps, sometimes called boat livery.

These vinyl wraps can be quite elaborate, both on cars and boats. Think about the adverts on campaign buses, mobile movie merchandise, or tour trucks – that’s all vinyl wrap. So let’s look at several suggestions of vinyl wrap for pontoon boats. You just might get inspired!

1. Vector Version

Vector Version

Let’s start with the basics of vinyl wrap for pontoon boats. This first vector shows you how the vinyl sheet looks before it gets wrapped around your boat. The livery will be fed into vinyl cutting software, just like you would on a Cricut. But boat wraps are too big for domestic vinyl cutters so they use something much bigger. Then they print, cut, and plant it on your boat.


2. Blue Fin Beauty

Blue Fin Beauty

If you want a quick DIY job, you can trim vinyl letters and designs on your Cricut or Silhouette. Some can print pieces as long as 20 feet (at 5 inches wide), so that might manage a small vinyl wrap for pontoon boats. But only if the wrap is 5 inches wide or narrower. So if you have a mix of text and images, try a single block of wrap instead of individual bits.


3. Seeing Red

Seeing Red

You have to be careful about the type of vinyl wrap for pontoon boats. It should be graded for outdoor use and have a generous warranty – both on the vinyl and the labor. This is because the vinyl will face strong sunshine and harsh ocean waves, so it will risk abrasion and corrosion from salt and sand. This red sugar skull vinyl wrap has a 3-5 year warranty.


4. Restored and Revamped

Restored and Revamped

In the social justice space, marginalized minorities have a handy trick to try. Many of these people get called mean names, and some have reclaimed those derogatory terms, turning them into something positive and fun. This vinyl wrap for pontoon boats is a cheeky version. Uncultured? Never! They’re Cultural Infidels who play against propriety and break the rules!


5. Simply Red

Simply Red
Credit: thatzawrapco

Vinyl wrap for pontoon boats has to be printed before it can be mounted on your boat. And because of RGB/CMYK toners and things like that, single-color prints will generally cost less than multi-colored ones. So if you’re on a budget or you just prefer something simple, you can opt for a boat wrap in your favorite color. This redone looks sharp and stylish.


6. Tribal Blues

Tribal Blues

When you think of tribal designs, you’re probably picturing bold lines, dark stripes, and abstract angles. This boat owner wanted blue and silver incorporated into his tribal vinyl wrap for pontoon boats. The dashes of black and grey give the patterns an intrinsic gloss and sparkle while the sharper sections give the boat a tough, masculine, yet oddly elegant effect.


7. Extreme Outdoors

Extreme Outdoors
Credit: luscious.moon.gems

Installing vinyl wrap for pontoon boats seems like a simple task. You just print the vinyl and stick it on, right? But boats are over 20 feet long, so there’s a lot of room for errors and it’s easy to skip an air bubble or two. So make sure you get the wrap mounted by the pros. This boat is branded for the Extreme Outdoors Channel and the team has a 10 years’ track record.


8. To the Top Rail

To the Top Rail

If color coordination is a priority for you, then you can add a few extra rungs to your vinyl wrap for pontoon boats. This Mobius boat is wrapped with a sleek mix of bright purples, bold blacks, and neon greens. The green dots are an especially nice touch because they look like accidental splashes from the neon green paint on the handrails, plus a dash of purple up top.


9. Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes

When somebody suggests a patriotic vinyl wrap for pontoon boats, you may get a little angsty. This is because many modern ‘nationalist’ movements have less than kosher leanings. But it’s fairly safe to pick elements from a national flag, state flag, or county flag. Just double-check that the flag is allowed as décor and that none of the motifs are offensive.


10. Bumpy Ride

Bumpy Ride
Credit: master.detailers

Even if you pot for a simple vinyl wrap for pontoon boats, you can still get dazzling results. This boat has some navy blue vinyl carefully angled over a section of the boat’s white surface. To add a little visual interest, a strip of pale gold vinyl marks the boundaries between white, blue, and black. But as you can see, there’s some pimpling so be extra careful as you stick it!


11. Military Magic

Military Magic

Did you know military camouflage comes in different shades? The one you’re thinking of is jungle camo and it’s the most common one, with its muddy browns and jungle greens. But there’s also desert camo with lighter browns. And ocean camo with vivid blues. This boat uses matte-colored jungle camo motifs including ambient rusty tones and faux bullet holes.


12. Sandy Swirls and Spirals

Sandy Swirls and Spirals

On paper, ocean waves are often drawn as blue spirals with frothy white splashes at the tips. So those circular shapes and swirls make an apt concept for your boat’s vinyl wrap. This one is done in sandy tones with yellows, pale golds, and light browns that seem like whirling sand in the desert wind. The water-borne bits of the boat are painted in a deeper shade of blue.


13. Killer of the Sea

Killer of the Sea
Credit: retmarvinilos

You can’t honestly this vinyl wrap for pontoon boats doesn’t remind you of a killer whale. Especially with that porthole positioned to look like an eye! Either way, the glossy black vinyl wrap looks amazing. It goes well with the less reflective portion of the boat that’s also black but will mostly stay submerged as your boat bobs on the waves. It’s black-and-white beauty.


14. Customize and Cut

Customize and Cut

Yes, you can retrofit your car exteriors in support of your favorite sports team, movie franchise, band, performing artist, or anything you like. You could even brand it for your Hogwarts house complete with your Patronus – assuming you haven’t canceled JK. This vinyl boat wrap is tailored with green gradients and an American Eagle to celebrate UNT.


15. Red Gobblyn

Red Gobblyn
Credit: phantom_wraps

Premium outdoor vinyl can withstand marine conditions. But ordinarily, the sections of the boat that touch the water are painted rather than wrapped. The reasoning is a combination of practicality and price point, so if you don’t mind shelling out for the extra feet of plastic, try this red vinyl wrap for pontoon boats. It wraps right down to the keel, below water level.


16. Billboard Boats

Billboard Boats

The initial cost of vinyl wrap for pontoons boats is quite high. But since you own the boat, you’re probably comfortable with that price range. Also, if you use an advertorial wrap, you’ll soon recover your expenses. This cleverly designed boat wrap promotes a burger boat that delivers sandwiches, burgers, and booze by boat. All under the London Bridge in Arizona!


17. Back in Satin Black

Back in Satin Black
Credit: phantom_wraps

Can’t decide between sparkles and matte tones? This vinyl wrap for pontoon boats makes a good halfway point. It’s a semi-glossy satin shade that wraps the boat down to water level. The section of the boat that’ll be submerged has glossy black paint instead. Many casual sailors prefer that painted option because it needs less attention and care when you ‘park’.


18. Creepy Couture

Creepy Couture

Vinyl wrap for pontoons boats – sometimes called livery in the UK – is sometimes known as a boat skin. So if your décor veers towards the dark side of life and your humor is equally gothic, consider pasting these creepy skulls onto the hull of your boat. It comes as a DIY installation kit complete with tape, scrapers, instructions, and vinyl registration stickers.


19. Secondary Simplicity

Secondary Simplicity

If you remember your elementary school basic, you may recall he primary (red, blue, yellow) and secondary (green, orange, purple) colors on the wheel. This vinyl wrap for pontoon boats is leaning towards the secondary section, with waves and swirls in orange and green. The boat has shorter strands of yellow and grey amid a gradient of blue as the backdrop.


20. Floating in Reel Time

Floating in Reel Time
Credit: reeltimefishingcharters

The vinyl wrap you put on a boat can represent your personality or your business. And if you’re clever about it, you can do both! The people running this fishing fleet clearly have a pun-filled sense of humor. The name of the company is Reel Time and they’ve wrapped their fishing boats in realistic shades of ocean deep with the kinds of fish you might catch.


21. Neat and Navy

Neat and Navy

When you’re doing a military-themed vinyl wrap for pontoon boats, you need to be wary of stolen valor. After all, you don’t want your shiny boat getting blown out of the water! This one is wrapped in stylishly distressed gray, complete with murky black vertical stripes that mimic typical boat stains. The boat is dotted with sea-faring icons like a pin-up and a shark.


22. World Warfare

World Warfare

Here’s another military-themed vinyl wrap for pontoon boats. It’s intended to be patriotic and to celebrate all war vets, so it doesn’t focus on a specific unit or legacy. The bulk of the boat wrap is a jungle green that’s dancing towards grey, with red vinyl wrapped around the keel. A shark sits at the tip with its teeth barred, and of course, there’s a flag and a pin-up.


23. Tempting Turquoise

Tempting Turquoise

When a boat is speeding through the waves, you might not spot the details on its vinyl wrap. But if you want to show off when your boat is at the dock, you can create realistic schools of fish. These are so close up that they’re almost menacing. But the cheerful turquoise tone in the background will always make you smile, and out in the ocean, it might be all you see!


24. Sunset Tones

Sunset Tones

Can you tell the sunrise from the sunset in a picture? Most of us can’t, but it’s the same soothing range of reds, yellows, pinks, peaches, and purples. You might even spot the occasional streak of green. And this vinyl wrap for pontoon boats leans into that palette. The vinyl is dotted with palm tree silhouettes with an orange ocean below and a lilac sky above.


25. Skelefish Scallywag

Skelefish Scallywag
Credit: jeremy_ievins

The beauty of computing is you can take any design, print it in high resolution, and watch it come to life in king size. This drawing of cool but creepy fish bones started as a doodle and got translated into a vinyl wrap for pontoon boats. The authentic drops of water are equally impressive. For best results, render the marine skin in neon glow-in-the-dark vinyl tones.


26. Cajun Camo

Cajun Camo

Not all boats end up in the ocean. Some spend their lifetimes in rivers, inland lakes, or even the swampy bayou. So if you generally sail among vines and murky waters, this mossy green marine skin might be a smarter selection. It hides dirt better and can help you sneak up on any potential prey (or even predators!). It comes as a DIY kit though so press all the air out!


27. Follow the Brief

Follow the Brief

Can you guess what images the owner selected on this customized vinyl wrap for pontoon boats? Cowboys, skulls, and smoke. Given those thought-starters, would you have come up with anything this jaw-dropping? The airbrushed shades of blue and the wispy swirls of cobalt smoke give this boat a unique tone and ambiance. And they wrapped the motor too!


28. Another Billboard Boat

Another Billboard Boat
Credit: designerwraps

Though this one is decidedly grumpy. This is probably a commercial sports boat judging by all the sponsors. And it can be especially tricky to design because every brand wants its name in the most prominent spot. The result is a dark wrap dotted with text-based logos. You could assuage the sponsors with strategic sidelights that will highlight their names.


29. Floating Tank

Floating Tank

Even the mildest mannered among us would be giddy at the thought of driving a military tank. Imagine all that might in your control! But if you can’t access a tank, you can still put a marine skin on your boat that mimics it. This vinyl wrap for pontoon boats includes tank wheels and tank treads on the keel. The handrail is even painted to simulate a gunner turret!


30. Tiki No Tacky!

Tiki No Tacky!

A lot of old Floridians have tiki bars in their backyards. And they frequently get accused of lacking taste. But why listen to what anyone says? If your tiki makes you happy, enjoy it! In fact, why not extend the concept to your boat? With those bamboo vines on the side, the pretty pink flowers, and the typical masks, you’ll soon have other boats sidling up for a drink!


31. Tropical Swords

Tropical Swords
Credit: marine_skins

If you’re a fan of snorkeling, you will adore this vinyl wrap for pontoon boats. It vividly recreates the effect of sunlight as it seeps through semi-shallow tropical waters and dances among the reefs. You can see the dots of blue and green currents as they swirl among the waves. And while there are no swordfish in coral reefs, there’s a cut one on this boat wrap.


32. Glowing Gorgeous

Glowing Gorgeous

What’s the weather like at your favorite sailing spot? If your regular routes demand visibility, this glowing green is the perfect vinyl wrap for your pontoon boat. It brightens the most miserable spaces, as you can see in the picture. So if you’re working the bogs and need to be spotted from the show, or if you’re chasing hurricanes – literally – go green to get home!


33. Call Back to the Eighties

Call Back to the Eighties

Ah, the 80s. Clingy stretched clothing, chunky jewelry, innerwear as outerwear, spandex everywhere, and colorfully blocked neon. This boat wrap has it all. It even feeds into the mixed print fad with polka dots and stripes in different sizes, colors, and directions. To the uninitiated, this boat looks like a hot mess, but it will croon to your inner eighties aesthetic.

What’s your favorite vinyl wrap for pontoon boats? Show us photos in the comments!

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