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How Long Do Vinyl Windows Last? (Ways to Last Longer)

In the past, people could only purchase wooden windows, but you can find numerous window material options nowadays. In any case, you have the possibility to choose between traditional and practical modern materials, including vinyl.

Vinyl windows have been the number one for many homeowners since the middle of the 20th century. One of the reasons for its popularity is durability and easy maintenance. Satisfied customers worldwide praise the vinyl windows and highlight them as products for their whole life. Let’s find out how long vinyl windows last and what to expect after buying them.

Vinyl Windows History

The first vinyl windows appeared in the post-WW2 period in Germany. Germans were looking for the best solution to rebuild their war-destroyed country, and they came up with manufacturing vinyl windows in the late 50s.

Initially, customers didn’t recognize vinyl windows as an excellent construction idea, but manufacturers improved material quality over the years. Throughout the 1970s, the usage and production of vinyl windows started to grow.

Americans quickly recognized their high insulation properties and construction sides. Therefore, they soon began replacing wooden windows with this new material.


How Long Do Vinyl Windows Last?

How Long Do Vinyl Windows Last

Generally speaking, the lifespan of vinyl windows is between 20 to 40 years. According to many satisfied users, they are windows for a lifetime. Once you install quality ones, you will probably use them without the necessary replacement.

Remember that not all vinyl windows are long-lasting, and many factors affect their life longevity. Some low-quality models last only a few years, while those made of top-notch vinyl won’t lose their properties for over 50 years.

Sun exposure

If you live in a region with high sun and heat exposure, you can expect the vinyl windows’ lifespan to be shorter than in cold states. The reason is that UV rays directly affect this material’s structure and cause its fast decay.

Warranty and price

As you can expect, windows better in quality and performance will cost more, and manufacturers will provide a more extended warranty for such products. Therefore, you should always check the warranty policy before buying vinyl windows.

Be aware that not all companies guarantee a long lifespan of their products. Therefore, purchasing windows of better quality and with a longer warranty expiry date is always the best option.


Ways to Prolong the Vinyl Windows Lifespan

Ways to Prolong the Vinyl Windows Lifespan

Having low-maintenance windows doesn’t mean you can leave them neglected. On the contrary, putting just a bit of effort into your windows’ maintenance will prolong their lifespan for several years.

1. Proper window installation

Proper window installation is the key to vinyl windows’ durability. Therefore, you should hire an expert to ensure the best result and prolong their lifespan. However, you can also do it on your own if you are skillful and enjoy DIY projects.

2. Proper cleaning

Cleaning vinyl windows is far quicker and more effortless than cleaning windows made of other materials. All you need is warm water and soap for window frames.

It is better to avoid washing the windows during hot summer days. In such a case, the detergent exposed to direct sunlight will leave stains and spots on the vinyl surface.

Make sure to follow the instruction for cleaning issued by the manufacturer. In most cases, it is enough to clean them two times a year unless they are filthy.

3. Protection

Since vinyl windows tend to decay faster when exposed to the sun and harsh weather conditions, you should consider using protective sealants. This coating will protect them from both heat and cold. Another option to keep vinyl windows long-lasting is to apply shades.

4. Repair and replacement

If you notice any leaks or cracks on the vinyl frame, you need to repair the damage as soon as possible. The best option is to call a certified vinyl window maintenance specialist to do the job. You should also ask an expert for help when facing:

  • Difficulties with opening and closing the window
  • Condensation on panels
  • Windows that don’t work correctly

That way, you will deal with window problems properly and prolong their lifespan.


Vinyl Windows Advantages

Vinyl Windows Advantages

Unfortunately, manufacturers never use natural materials to create vinyl windows but polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is a kind of super-quality synthetic plastic produced in laboratories and factories.

The best thing about PVC material is its flexibility, water, heat, cold, and chemical resistance. That is why it has become the most wanted material in construction in recent years.

Vinyl windows are affordable, long-lasting, easy to maintain, and often custom-made. Let’s look more closely at all the advantages that vinyl windows possess.


Since vinyl windows are water-resistant, you won’t face rot, rust, and wetness problems after installing them.

This material is also not prone to mold development and deterioration when exposed to heavy rains and snow during cold seasons. Therefore, vinyl windows are an excellent option if you live in the northern states.

Energy efficiency

Not only can you find tax incentives for installing vinyl windows, but you can also reduce monthly bills for energy. They are saving energy by keeping the temperature inside your home steady.

The US Department of Energy states that you can save up to 15% after installing high-quality vinyl windows. The crucial features responsible for that are airtight frames and double pane insulated glass.

Noise and insulation

As vinyl windows contain two glass panes with krypton or argon gas in between, they will reduce the noise from the outside. The same goes for protecting from heat and cold. Research has shown that vinyl windows are 40% more efficient regarding noise and insulation than any other type available on the market.

Quick installation

Vinyl window installation requires less time and effort than other types installing, and you can do the job yourself if you are skillful and have essential tools. That way, you will save time and a significant amount of money on labor.

Easy maintenance

As PVC material is simple and quick to clean, there is no need to spend money on specific chemicals or to be afraid of hard work. All you need to do is occasionally re-seal frames and wash them with a wet cloth and detergent.

Windows made from vinyl don’t require re-painting unless you want to change their color. Sometimes, these windows need minor repairs here and there, but far less than other types. Plus, you will have no worries regarding rot, rust, and mold growth that require additional attention.


Another advantage of having vinyl windows is that they can be made according to your desires and current fashion. It is on you to choose their style, design, and color.

People often believe that vinyl windows come just in white and brown colors, but that is a wrong assumption. Nowadays, you may pick among dozen shades to fit your ambient and mood.

Low market price

Be aware that vinyl windows are widely available on the market, so you can expect to find models with prices that can significantly vary. However, they are less expensive than wooden, aluminum, and composite windows, making them an excellent and quality option.

Money saving

Since vinyl windows reduce energy consumption, you can expect reduced bills for electricity and gas after installing them. Plus, low-cost maintenance will additionally save you money in the long run.


Vinyl Windows Compared to Other Material Options

Vinyl Windows Compared to Other Material Options

As I have already mentioned, aluminum, wooden, fiberglass, and vinyl windows are available on the current market. However, not all models last as long as vinyl windows because this material’s resilience makes them reliable and almost indestructible.

As I have already mentioned, vinyl windows last up to 50 years. Their paint never fades, the bad weather can’t severely damage them, and they are easy to maintain. All things considered, you can expect manufacturers to offer guarantees from 10 to 25 years on average.

Fiberglass windows

Experts believe that quality fiberglass windows are the super option of the future. They are dependable, long-lasting, modern, and resistant to many environmental influences. It is estimated that these windows can last for at least a half-century and are a better option than those made of vinyl.

That sounds too good to be the truth, so you can expect there is a catch. For now, windows made of this material are too expensive, and not everyone can afford them.

Aluminum windows

Customers often compare aluminum windows to those made of vinyl as both materials are high quality and durable. However, aluminum windows’ lifespan is up to 25 years, and you can’t get such a good warranty on them as you can on vinyl ones.

Wooden windows

Since some wooden window types are the least durable on the market, they are often the least wanted option nowadays.

However, their lifespan depends on the wood quality and maintenance. Most models have an average lifespan of only 15 to 20 years, but you can use them longer when cleaning and re-painting them regularly.



If you go for vinyl windows, you can be sure they are affordable and can probably last for a lifetime. Correctly installed and regularly maintained windows typically last 50 years without hard labor and significant investment. In other words, such an excellent choice will save you money in the long run.

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