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Arcan vs Pittsburgh Floor Jacks: Which is Better?

There’s no magic around working on cars without the use of a floor jack unless, of course, you are satisfied with doing a poor job for your clients.

When working on the engine of a car or a suspension, a quality floor jack is needed to support you fully.

Professionals are always on the lookout for equipment that’ll make their job easy, but it can be confusing to make a choice.

There are lots of amazing brands on the market, Arcan and Pittsburgh being part of them. It’s easy to get confused when choosing between this two, so let’s give you a detailed review of both.

Arcan Floor Jack

Arcan floor jack is a favorite of many mechanics, and it’s one of the best aluminum floor jacks on the market.

Its welded construction design will offer you so many years of support, and they are 100% safe to use.

They usually come with a maximum jack capacity of 2 or 3 tons, and for those working on large vehicles and heavy-duty pickup trucks, the 3-tons version is the best choice. No matter what car you are working on, whether a sports car or an SUV, Arcan floor jacks are designed to quickly lift them off the floor without scratching the vehicle.

Based on the manufacturer’s information, you’ll need just 12 pumps to get the floor jack to its full height.

Arcan floor jacks usually feature a dual pump piston that makes it very easy to suspend the vehicle in the air without you exerting yourself too much. Plus, you’ll find dust shied attached to it that helps prevent dust from contaminating the piston, so it doesn’t shorten its lifespan.

Arcan Floor Jack
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Pittsburgh Floor Jack

Pittsburgh floor jacks are one of the best on the market, due to their performance. Some models come with rapid pump technology, meaning you have a dual-piston pump at your disposal, making it possible to lift a vehicle in just 3 pumps of the jack.

For easy storage, you can purchase a Pittsburgh floor jack that comes with a removable two-piece aluminum handle, plus the handle is usually equipped with a foam bumper, so there are zero chances of your vehicle damaging.

Pittsburgh floor jacks have a welded construction that will give you super tough precision. Although Pittsburgh jacks are low-profile jacks, they are capable of lifting vehicles high enough to position the jack stand without any hassle.

Difference Between Arcan and Pittsburgh Floor Jacks

Let’s go over the key differences between Arcan and Pittsburgh floor jacks

1. Lifting Power

When going for a floor jack, your choice will majorly depend on how much weight it can lift, and how soon it lifts that weight off the floor.

Nobody wants to purchase a floor jack only to find out it can’t lift heavy-duty vehicles. That’ll be very frustrating.

Luckily, Arcan has 3-ton floor jacks, and its maximum height clearance from the floor is 3.6 inches.

With 12 pumps, you’ll be reaching its maximum lifting power which is 19.4 inches, and that’s fair if you aren’t constantly working on large vehicles.

Pittsburgh jacks on the other hand have a maximum lift height of 19.75 inches, making them the perfect floor jack for trucks and big SUVs. This is the one feature that compels many professional mechanics to purchase Pittsburgh jacks. It also comes with a high capacity of 3 tons, and because of its minimum height of 2.8 inches, it’s perfect to be used on slammed vehicles as well.

So, if you are looking to purchase a floor jack with high lifting power that can easily handle big trucks and vehicles, then a Pittsburgh floor jack is best for you.

Pittsburgh Floor Jack
Image Credit: harborfreight

2. Materials

Naturally, floor jacks made with steel are usually sturdy and durable, except for the fact that they are liable to rust when not stored properly.

Arcan floor jacks are made of high-quality aluminum, and according to their manufacturers, it’s made with the finest of materials. We are compelled to believe that because so far, there have been no complaints about the quality of Arcan floor jacks.

You’d expect that a finely made aluminum floor jack will have a heavyweight, however, that’s not the case with Arcan jacks. Arcan jacks have a lightweight construction, and you’ll have no trouble carrying them around, even on travels.

Remember we mentioned that it’s made of high-quality aluminum, so this makes it less prone to rusting than other floor jacks.

Pittsburgh floor jacks are made with industrial-grade steel, making them more durable than Arcan jacks. Because of their durability, they are better suited for professional work. However, they are more likely to rust than Arcan floor jacks, so you might want to take extra care when it comes to storage.

When compared to other steel floor jacks, Pittsburgh still takes the lead, so you can rely fully on it when it comes to the lifting of cars.

On that note, if you need a powerful floor jack that’s capable of doing its job perfectly, then go for the Pittsburgh jacks.

3. Weight

Not everyone likes carrying a heavy jack, especially when you need to move from one work garage to the other. You’ll be surprised that some mechanics make their choice based on the weight of the jack as well. Carrying a heavy jack from point A to B is a task, mostly when you don’t even have your garage.

Remember that Arcan floor jacks have an aluminum body, and this makes them extremely lightweight and easy to transmit. Yes, it comes with wheelbases, and they are lightweight as well. On average, Arcan jacks weigh about 56 pounds, so if you are ever in a position where you need to help someone fix their vehicle on the road, you can easily throw it into your vehicle and be on your way.

Another feature of the Arcan jacks that makes transportation easy is its two-piece handles and side-mounted handles that make lifting and positioning of the vehicle that’s being worked on easy.

Pittsburgh floor jacks however are much heavier. But it’s not going to be a problem if you know how to maneuver it. moving it from one place to another might not be as smooth as with Arcan jacks, but it’s not so difficult either.

Also, Pittsburgh floor jacks don’t come with a handle present, making them harder to move around.

If you are in the market to get a floor jack that’ll make your move easier, you should get the Arcan floor jack.

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4. Price

Price is deciding factor when buying any item. It’s almost impossible to get an item above your purchasing power, and it makes no sense to borrow to buy a floor jack.

At the end of the day, there’s always a floor jack for every budget, and you can always figure out the best floor jack within your budget.

Arcan models are naturally lighter and more portable than Pittsburgh jacks, but they are expensive. However, you’ll be getting real value for your money, and it’ll most likely come with a warranty.

Pittsburgh is a cheaper and more efficient alternative, after all, it gets the work done, but it’s a heavier floor jack.

So, if you don’t mind paying extra for comfort, check out Arcan jacks, but if you are working on a budget and you need a floor jack that’s up to the task, Pittsburgh floor jacks are ideal.

5. Construction & Safety

Working with floor jacks isn’t child’s play, and you need to understand how the equipment works so you don’t put yourself in harm’s way.

Fortunately, Arcan manufacturers understood the assignment and put necessary precautions in place. Arcan floor jacks come with a counterweighted pawl that locks in place, and this will prevent the jack from slipping off your hand during operation. Remember that the floor jack holding the vehicle in place, and when it slips, you’ll most likely get injured.

Also, it features a wide stance base that ensures stability, so you don’t have to worry about the jack sinking deep into the asphalt and creating an imbalance. Plus, its large contoured saddles with locating lugs keep your vehicle in a fixed position.

With Pittsburgh floor jacks, you get extra wide front casters that provide extra stability, in case you plan on using the jack on a soft surface. It also features a universal joint release that helps in gauging the load control when dealing with the position of the jack.

Final Verdict

Arcan and Pittsburgh floor jacks are both capable of quickly lifting a vehicle off the ground. Yes, they both have different prices and construction, they are however capable of getting the work done.

Remember that floor jacks are not always easy to move around, but if you want an easy option, the Arcan floor jacks are perfect for movement, plus it’s lightweight.

But, when it comes to lifting power, Pittsburgh is a better option, plus it’s more suited for heavy-duty vehicles and trucks.

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