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6 Best Places to Sell Your Vinyl Records

Do you have a stack of vinyl records you are currently not using? Vinyl records have made a renaissance, and many people are taking a keen interest in these old-school, plastic music discs. If yours are collecting dust on the shelf, why not put them to good use and sell them for a profit?

Many vinyl records aren’t worth much, but some can earn you thousands of dollars. In addition to appraising your records correctly, finding the right venue for selling them will ensure that you get the best deal for your vintage music memorabilia.

If you are wondering: where can I sell my vinyl records? This article is for you. Read on for some great insider tips on the best places to sell vinyl records for the maximum amount of money

The Best Places To Sell Your Vinyl Records

Try one or more of these venues to sell your vinyl music records for profit.

1. Discogs


The internet has made it so much easier to reach more people with the products you are selling. You might sell your records faster and hassle-free online as long as you identify a good platform.

One of the best and biggest marketplaces for vinyl records is Discogs. It was founded in 2000 and has a vibrant community of vinyl records and vintage music paraphernalia lovers.

To get started on Discogs, you need to create a free account and have a PayPal account. Once you list your items, Discogs will help to appraise them and suggests a suitable selling price. But, you can ignore the suggestion and set your own price.

You will be charged anywhere between 10 cents and $150, depending on your sale value.   There is an 8 percent fee charged on all sold items.

Because you will be shipping your vinyls to customers, you must include a shipping price along with the product description, so the buyer knows exactly how much he will pay.

2. eBay


eBay is another popular online marketplace for selling your vinyls online. There are two ways to go about it: You can set a price for your items or use the auction method for collectors to bid at the best price.

Keep in mind that some collectors will want to buy the vinyls to resell. Be sure to price your valuable records accordingly so you can attract the best buyers.

In addition, you will need a PayPal account to receive payments from buyers. eBay charges a 10 percent fee on every purchase.

3. Nationwide Record Stores

Nationwide Record Stores

Platforms like Ebay, Music Stack, and Amazon will conveniently help you sell your vinyls to individual collectors. But, if you want to sell your stack in bulk, you should look to record stores.

The advantage of record stores is you can sell to any store nationwide—you are not limited to only a few local vinyl stores. These stores are also more willing to buy vinyl records in bulk, allowing you to make your money faster.

The downside is, some record stores might offer a low price because they want to resell the vinyl for a profit.

Some popular record stores with a nationwide presence are:

  • Dusty Groove
  • We Buy Records
  • Hard To Find Records
  • Starry Night Records
  • DJ Records
  • Amoeba Records
  • SELL Vinyl
  • Shake It Records

4. Local Record Stores

Local Record Stores

Keeping things local has its own advantages. You can go over to your local vinyl records store and negotiate a good price, and you do not have to incur extra costs mailing your vinyls to them. If you need instant cash, selling your vinyls to local record stores is the way to go.

Don’t know of any record stores in your area? Here are several tools you can use to locate them:

  • VinylHub
  • Record Stores Hub
  • Record Store Day
  • Goldmine Magazine Record Store Directory
  • Record Stores Love
  • The Vinyl District

5. Sell Directly To Local Buyers

Sell Directly To Local Buyers

Selling online is convenient, but you stand a better chance of getting more money for your vinyl selling to direct buyers.

When dealing with local buyers, none of you has to incur extra costs for shipping, and you can negotiate face-to-face for the best deal.

So, where do you find local collectors? Here are a few places I recommend:

  • Flea markets

If you look or ask around, you will definitely find a flea market in your area. People go to flea markets for rare finds, making them ideal for selling your vinyl records.

You might have to pay a small fee to set up your table at the flea market, but other than that, you get to keep all the profits.

If you are lucky enough, a big collector might buy your entire stack of records and leave you big money on the table. The best part is you can bring other items to sell and, in the process, attract more people to your vinyl collection.

Some flea markets move from location to location. If you have some time to spare and lots of records to sell, you could move to as many locations as you want.

  • Craigslist

Craigslist allows you to list items you are selling, interact with interested buyers, and deliver the item after agreeing. Listing ads on the site is free.

The platform might seem clunky, but it is very popular among people looking for used items and collectibles. So, the chances are good you will find someone to buy your vinyl.

What is important is to follow the rules when selling on Craigslist. When a potential buyer shows interest, you can set up a meeting to view the items.

Always take cash; do not accept checks when you sell items on the site. And, of course, always bring someone along when meeting a prospective buyer.

  • Facebook Marketplace

I’ve had a lot of success with Facebook Marketplace. It is easy to list your items on there, add a description and start selling.

What’s great about Marketplace is you can set up your ad to be shown to people in other areas outside your neighborhood or city. You can also link your ad to other buying and selling groups so more people can see your vinyl records.

The exposure and free listing make Facebook Marketplace a must-try if you want to make some serious cash on your vinyls.

  • Yard Sales and Auctions

Do you have lots of items to sell, including some treasured vinyl records? Consider putting up a yard sale. You might even come together with your neighbors to set up a big sale with more items to sell and buy.

Yard sales can fetch you some good money on your records, as they offer an opportunity for you to interact face-to-face and negotiate with potential buyers.

Such an event might be a bit demanding to put up, but you can get creative and make the most of them. Be sure to advertise it on social media and in your local dailies to spread the word and increase attendance.

Another venue for selling your vinyl records is auctions. Auctions can seem intimidating, but they aren’t, as long as you learn and follow the rules.

There are many auctions taking place at any given time.  If possible, you can inquire from your local Chamber of Commerce about upcoming auctions. You can also search online for auctions you can attend.

I am a fan of auctions because, as a seller, there is no limit on how much you can fetch on your items. Buyers are eager to bid the highest possible amount to acquire an item they want.

If you are lucky enough to be part of an auction with big vintage collectors, you could easily walk away with full pockets in exchange for your vinyl records.

6. Your Website

Your Website

Have you considered starting your own e-commerce business? Today, plenty of tools are available to help you set up an e-commerce site and start selling items immediately.

By selling your vintage music records on your own website, you can bypass third parties and can maximize your profits. And, who knows, your e-commerce site might grow into something bigger than you expected, allowing you to sell more than vinyl.

You can still use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit, among others, to advertise your website and drive interested buyers to your e-commerce platform to shop your records.

Summary: Where Can I Sell My Vinyl Records?

When the time comes to let go of your treasured vinyl records, you want to make sure you get the most return on your investment.

You can sell your vinyl records online and offline. I recommend that you leverage both venues to sell your stack faster and at a good price.

The platforms I have recommended here will help you to start selling and earning in no time. But, it is good to do your research first before hopping onto any of them.

Find out the real market price of your specific records so you won’t under-sell them only to discover later that they were worth so much more. Good research and accurate pricing will ensure that you fetch the maximum amount of money from your treasured collection.

Happy selling!

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