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10 Best Vinyl Truck Flooring Options In 2022

Vinyl Truck Flooring

To keep your truck looking good – and to protect its resale value – vinyl truck flooring is a great choice. Just position it over the floor of your truck and it will avoid marks and stains. And get the right flooring, and it will look smart while it’s doing it.

We’ve checked out ten of the best vinyl truck flooring options out there. And we’re going to share with you everything that makes them great – as well as a few limitations.

So if you’re ready, let’s find out more!


The Best Vinyl Truck Flooring Options on the Market

1. Max Liner A0433/B0433

MAXLINER Floor Mats 2 Row Liner Set Black for 2017-2021 Super Duty Crew Cab with Vinyl Flooring and 2nd Row Bench Seat

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Max Liner’s A0433/B0433 is a set of truck mats custom made for the Crew Cab. It will fit models with four full-sized doors, manufactured between 2017 and 2022. The set includes two mats for the front seats, as well as one for the second row bench seat.

Getting vinyl flooring that’s custom-made for your model of truck will give you the best possible fit. And these mats have a raised lip, preventing dirt and dust sneaking underneath.

The surface has a heavily textured pattern, so it’s non-slip. And it’s constructed of heavy duty molded material that won’t wear through. It will handle any weather – no need to worry about damage from snow or rain-covered boots.

And when it gets dirty, it’s easy to clean. Just hose it off. You’ll be able to get rid of any particularly stubborn stains with soapy water.

Note that the bench mat won’t fit if you have a storage box beneath your rear seat. And all the mats will need to go on vinyl floors. If you have carpet, they won’t be suitable.


  • Hard-wearing, heavy-duty material
  • Raised lip to prevent dirt or moisture getting underneath
  • Heavily textured anti-slip surface


  • Won’t fit if you have a lockable panel or storage box beneath your rear seat
  • Not suitable for use over carpet.

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2. 3W Ford F150

3W Floor Mats Compatible for Ford F150 SuperCrew Cab 2015-2021 TPE All Weather Custom Fit Floor Liner for Ford F150 SuperCrew Cab 1st and 2nd Row Full Set Car Liners Black

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These mats from 3W are designed to fit the Ford F150 SuperCrew Cab. They will work for models manufactured between 2015 and 2020 with four full-sized doors. And your truck will need to have bucket seats in the first and second row.

They’re made of a substance called thermoplastic elastomer – or TPE for short. It’s a heavy-duty material that’s completely odorless, so you won’t have to worry about unpleasant rubbery smells. And it’s also tough enough to cope with extreme temperatures, as well as rain, ice, salt and snow.

These are injection, rather than compression molded. That makes them very flexible, as well as allowing more detailed designs. The surface here is embossed with a chevron pattern to prevent your feet slipping, even if the mats get wet.

And when they’re dirty, you can either hose them off, or wipe them down with a damp towel.

One niggle with these is that the mat on the passenger side has a tendency to slip around. On the driver’s side, the posts in the truck floor hold it securely in place.


  • Completely odorless
  • Detailed chevron design looks good and aids grip
  • Injection molded TPE give a flexible consistency that’s easy to fit


  • Will only fit models with bucket seats
  • You may find the mat on the passenger side tends to slip out of place.

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3. Max Liner A0296/B0020

MAXLINER Custom Fit Floor Mats 2 Row Liner Set Black Compatible with 2007-2013 Silverado/Sierra 1500 - 2007-2014 2500/3500 HD Crew Cab

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The second product from Max Liner to make our list, the A0296/B0020 is another custom-fitting set. These will fit Crew Cab models of the Sierra or Silverado 1500, 2500 and 3500 manufactured from 2007 to 2014.

Your truck should have four full-sized doors. And these mats are designed for models with a first row bench seat. Note that they won’t fit Chassis Cabs, or vehicles with either vinyl flooring or a manual 4×4 shifter on the floor. (You could, of course, cut a hole for the shifter – but that will void the warranty.)

The smart textured surface is made from low density polyethylene. That makes it flexible, as well as giving you a good grip. And there’s a raised lip around the edge of each mat to prevent dirt and moisture getting underneath.

There’s no off-putting rubbery smell, and cleaning the mats is as simple as hosing them off. If you find yourself tackling more stubborn stains, soap and water will do the trick.

Note that a number of customers have found they’ve needed to trim the rear mat. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s more hassle than we’d like.


  • Raised lip around the edges prevent dirt or moisture getting underneath
  • Textured surface looks good and provides grip
  • Easy to clean


  • Won’t work over vinyl flooring or with a manual 4×4 shifter positioned on the floor
  • You may need to trim the mat for the rear seats.

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4. Smartliner SA0328

SMARTLINER Floor Mats 1st Row Liner Set Black Compatible with 2014-2021 Compatible with Ford Transit Connect with Vinyl Flooring and Floor Posts Only

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Smartliner’s SA0328 mats are designed for Ford Transit Connects manufactured between 2014 and 2022. Note that your vehicle will need to have vinyl flooring and floor posts for them to fit.

The custom fit is achieved using a 3D laser scan of the vehicle interior. There’s a raised lip around the edge, and molded sides keep them snug against the floor.

These are thick, hard-wearing mats. The surface is textured to prevent skidding, and cleaning them is just a matter of hosing them down. There’s no rubbery smell here either.

One thing to note is that the bolts don’t always match up perfectly with those in the truck. Multiple small variations in the design of the Ford Transit Connect are responsible for this. But even if you find that’s the case for your vehicle, the rest of the fit is snug.


  • Raised edge and molded sides prevent dirt or debris getting underneath
  • Textured surface to prevent skidding
  • Heavy duty construction will stand up to wear and tear


  • Your vehicle will need to have vinyl flooring and floor posts for these to fit
  • You may find the bolts and clips don’t line up perfectly.

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5. Motor Trend 923

Motor Trend 923-BK Black FlexTough Contour Liners-Deep Dish Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mats for Car SUV Truck & Van-All Weather Protection Trim to Fit Most Vehicles

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These mats from Motor Trend are some of the least expensive we’ve found. And they’ve got plenty of features to recommend them.

They come in a range of different colors to coordinate with your truck interior. As well as the standard black, there’s burgundy, beige, brown, charcoal blue and gray.

The key thing to be aware of with these is that the fit isn’t bespoke. You won’t have to worry about minor variations in your truck’s specifications meaning they won’t fit. But you will have to trim them to size yourself.

Mark the edges where you need to cut with chalk, then cut. You’ll be able to do the job with just a sharp pair of scissors.

The textured surface is non-skid. And these are heavy duty enough to stand up to all weather conditions.

Note, however, that they contain a number of harmful chemicals, including lead. You’re advised to wash your hands after handling them.


  • Come in a range of different colors
  • Non-skid textured surface
  • Tough yet flexible


  • You’ll need to trim these to fit your truck yourself
  • They contain a number of harmful chemicals, including lead.

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6. WeatherTech

WeatherTech First and Second Row FloorLiner (Black)

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WeatherTech is an American manufacturer, and their products carry a hefty price tag. But if you’re prepared to splash the cash, you’ll be getting excellent quality.

These mats are designed to give a bespoke fit for pretty much any truck. Just choose the correct model for your vehicle.

In some cases, you may need to trim the mats to incorporate particular features – some types of speakers, for example. For models that offer these variations, the mats will come with cut lines to help you get a perfect fit.

The mats are made of TPE. There’s no smell, they don’t contain any harmful chemicals, and they’re completely recyclable. They’re also strong enough to cope with all weathers.

Channels on the surface collect moisture and prevent skidding. They can be cleaned with soap and water, but WeatherTech recommend a specialist cleaner, TechCare, to extend their life.


  • Bespoke fit for virtually any model of truck
  • Cut lines allow them to be adjusted for individual specifications
  • Completely recyclable at end of life


  • Significantly more expensive than other brands
  • … and there’s more to spend to clean them with the recommended product.

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7. Fanmats

Fanmats 8777 Georgia Tech Vinyl Universal Heavy Duty Fan Floor Mat , 18'x27'

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Fanmats allow you to use your truck mats to show your allegiance to the team of your choice! They come printed with your choice of any NFL, MLB, NBA or NCAA team. The logo is printed in color in the middle of the mat.

You buy the mats for your front and back seats separately. They’re made of 100 per cent vinyl. While not quite as tough as TPE versions, they’re considerably cheaper. And they’re still fairly heavy duty.

The surface has channels at multiple depths to collect moisture and keep it away from your vehicle’s carpets. And there are small teeth on the back to help it stay in place without slipping.

These mats come in a standard size. They’re designed to sit in the central portion of the foot well, but won’t cover the whole area. If you’re looking for a solution to protect the whole of your truck floor, this won’t be it.


  • Printed with your choice of team logo
  • Multiple depth channels on the surface keep moisture and dirt away from your vehicle’s carpet
  • Small teeth on the back prevent slipping


  • Don’t cover the whole of the floor area
  • Not the heaviest duty mats out there – but still reasonably hard wearing for the price.

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8. Husky Liners 53301

Husky Liners X-act Contour Series | Front Floor Liners - Black | 53301 | Fits 2011-2016 Ford F-250/F-350 Crew Cab/SuperCab w/o Drivers Side Foot Rest Vehicle or Manual Transfer Case Shifter 2 Pcs

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These mats from Husky Liners are designed to fit Ford F-250 and F-350 Crew Cab and SuperCab trucks. They’ll work for all vehicles manufactured between 2011 and 2016, and they’re designed for the front seats.

These are one of the more expensive brands out there, but the mats are good quality and durable. They’re made using a process called FormFit, ensuring they fit the contours of your truck precisely. A raised edge runs alongside the door jamb, ensuring that dirt and liquid stays on top of the mat.

They’re constructed of a substance called DuraGrip, which is tough yet flexible. Channels on the surface prevent your feet from sliding around. StayPut cleats help ensure the mats don’t move around either.

But the variation between models does affect how snug the fit is. You may find you need to reposition the mat from time to time.


  • Good quality and durable construction
  • Raised edge alongside the doorjamb prevents moisture or debris escaping
  • StayPut cleats help the mats stay in place


  • Rather pricey
  • The fit isn’t perfect with some models.

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9. OEDRO EO1001R001 (Our Top Pick)

OEDRO Floor Mats Liners Compatible for 2015-2022 Ford F-150 SuperCrew Cab-Unique Black TPE All-Weather Guard, Includes 1st & 2nd Front Row and Rear Floor Liner Full Set

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OEDRO’s set includes two front seat mats and one rear floor liner. It’s designed for Ford F150 SuperCrew and Crew Cab models manufactured between 2015 and 2022.

Note that you’ll need to have bucket seats in the first row for these to fit. They won’t work with models that have a bench seat. And they’re not suitable for trucks with vinyl flooring.

These are well priced for mats made from TPE.

The quality construction means they’re odorless as well as hard wearing. They’ll cope with rain, snow, slush, and salt, and will stay flexible, even in very cold weather. And the textured surface will stop your feet from slipping about if they get wet.

They’re easy to clean too. And they’re completely non-toxic.

You may find the rear mat takes a small amount of time to conform to the space. A handy tip is to leave it out in the sun for a few minutes before installing. That will make it a little softer, so it will flatten into the space more quickly.


  • High quality TPE construction at a keen price
  • Hard wearing enough to cope with all weathers
  • Easy to clean


  • Not suitable for models with vinyl flooring or a bench seat in the front
  • It may take a while for the rear mat to fit snug against the floor.

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X AUTOHAUX Universal Car Vehicles Trucks Floor Carpet Mat Patch Heel Scuff Plate Foot Rest Pedal Pad

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For a cheap and cheerful solution to protecting the floor of your truck, check out the X AUTOHAUX. This is a simple rectangular mat which sits on the floor. Each one will cost you roughly as much as two cups of coffee in an upscale bistro.

The dimensions are 8.9 inches by 5.1 inches, and the mats are 0.4 inches thick. The size will work for most trucks. But you won’t get complete coverage of the floor – this isn’t a bespoke solution.

The mat is completely waterproof, and the textured surface will stop your feet slipping, even if it gets wet.

Also included in the pack are six screws to hold the mat in place. These aren’t, unfortunately, as long as they could be, which makes installation tricky. But for this price, that’s a minor grumble.


  • Cheap as chips
  • Textured non-slip surface
  • Completely waterproof


  • Won’t cover the whole of your truck floor
  • The screws supplied are shorter than they should be, making installation a hassle.

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Ready to go shopping?

That brings us to the end of our guide to ten of the best vinyl truck flooring options on the market today! We hope it’s helped you narrow down your search.

Our top pick is OEDRO’s excellent value TPE mats. If you have a Ford F150 SuperCrew or Crew Cab, these are a great choice. They’re sturdy, weatherproof and fit well. And they’re half the price of some other model-specific options.

But whichever mats you choose, you’ll be protecting your truck and its resale value. That makes vinyl truck flooring a very wise investment!

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