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31 Vinyl Records Storage and Organizer Ideas

Many older generations (and yes, that now includes millennials) feel personally attacked by vinyl record art. But in truth, those sacred vinyls just aren’t as significant to younger crowds. Besides, many of these vinyl artists do try to source the records ethically through dollar bins.

They sometimes buy blank vinyls online, or scratched vinyls that can no longer play. They might even grab abandoned records en masse at defaulted houses, eviction sites, or estate sales. (In case you’re a beginner wondering how to find raw vinyl records, you’re welcome!)

But if you’re more interested in actually playing your vinyl records, you need effective vinyl records storage and organizer ideas. The kind that keeps your records scratch-free so you can glance through your collection and choose the album you need in minutes. Let’s begin!

1. Alphabet Arrangements

Alphabet Arrangements

You might already have an album shelf for your record collection. But when your records inevitably get too scratched to play, you can recycle them into vinyl records storage and organizers. Use a neon marker pen, vinyl stickers, or even scissors to put numbers, letters, genres, or band labels on the scratched records. Then use them to organize your record shelf.


2. Special Singles

Special Singles

This repurposed vinyl record was converted into a DIY Rolodex. But you can use the same principle for your vinyl records storage and organizer. It just has to be bigger, so use the largest records you can find. Stick 3 or 4 side by side so the slots are big enough for 12-inch record sleeves. Space the slots for balance and visibility – you need to read the labels!


3. Folding Record Store

Folding Record Store

You can buy this snazzy gadget online for less than $15 (minus shipping). The box comes with a lid and folds flat when it’s empty so the shipping shouldn’t be too bad. This vinyl records storage and organizer option can hold up to 50 LPs, have convenient carrier handles, and fabric surfaces that will keep your precious lint-free records from chipping or scratching.


4. Binder Way Storage

Binder Way Storage

The vinyl record resurgence has led manufacturers to come up with exciting vinyl records storage and organizer ideas. And some of them cost less than $30. Here’s one you can buy on Amazon. It’s a simple plastic storage crate with side openings. And you can use them for vinyl sheets, spring folders, magazines, or even books. It’s sturdy and weighs 2 to 3 pounds.


5. Bamboo Vinyl Record Shelf

Bamboo Vinyl Record Shelf

If you’d like to order this vinyl records storage and organizer off AliBaba, it will cost you between $15 and $20 minus shipping. But if you have some scraps of plywood and some basic power tools, you can build the box yourself. You can even ask your local Home Depot or hardware to cut the wood to size then all you have to do is nail and stain the storage box.


6. Old Wooden Box

Old Wooden Box

Vinyl records are fragile, even while they’re inside their sleeves. So if you’re a commercial DJ, event planner, or if you have other reasons for regularly lugging your records around, an old wooden crate is the perfect vinyl records storage and organizer. Look for these at any scrap yard. It can be anything – the bottom of a broken shelf or a vintage toy box – so easy to find.


7. Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame

How private is your music room? If it’s an area the kids, pets, or nosy teens can’t get into, then you can consider buying these floating forms of vinyl records storage and organizers. They’re cross-shaped record stands that you can mount on the wall or desk. But exposed records get dusty and may scratch so it’s better to hang them inside their protective sleeves.


8. More Wall Storage

More Wall Storage
Credit: sp1200zone

You’ve heard of wall-to-wall carpeting, but what about wall-to-wall shelves? And these vinyl records storage and organizers are simple to make if you have the basic tools. Each section of the shelf is a square crate. So you can have identical square boards pre-cut at the local store the just nail them into position and keep them level. A sliding glass front door is optional.


9. Multipurpose Shelving

Multipurpose Shelving

Even if you don’t want a wall-to-wall option, you can buy, build, or order a multifunctional shelf with square grids and an open back. Because it’s a backless shelf, it’s lighter and more portable. It also offers flexibility in positioning though it does have to lean against a wall. The outer frames are thicker than the grid separators. This keeps the shelf sturdy and balanced.


10. Angular Metal Rods

Angular Metal Rods

Vinyl records should always stay inside their sleeves (unless you’re playing the album). This not only prevents physical scratching but also avoids dust and lint that could damage the grooves in your record. But as long as the record is in its cover, you don’t need an enclosed vinyl records storage and organizer. A hollow metal railing shelf like this one works just fine.


11. Rod and Rail Storage

Rod and Rail Storage

This simple vinyl records and organizer can be assembled in minutes. You can buy it ready-made or build one yourself using power tools and wood scraps. A broomstick or closet rod looped through plywood or fibreboard will do the trick. The rail position lets you flip through your records so it’s ideal for visibility. And the shelf can hold 30 or 40 records when it’s full.


12. All the Single Records

All the Single Records

Your vinyl records storage and organizer has two primary purposes. One, it keeps your records from getting scratched or damaged. Two, it lets you quickly look through them and select what you want to play. So if you have a storage case dedicated to singles, you can easily find the exact song you want. Consider this orange singles sleeve for your top track playlist.


13. Slotted Racks

Slotted Racks

Urban Outfitters has a retro line of vintage vinyl records storage and organizers. These record racks are made of metal or wire mesh, often coated with brightly colored powder coating. This particular unit has separate grids for each record so you can easily flip between record covers and see what you want. The legs are set far apart to stop the shelf from tipping.


14. Vinyl Suitcases

Vinyl Suitcases

Some traditional gramophones came in portable suitcases, so it makes sense to copy this style and make a vinyl records storage and organizer case. These hardback suitcases come in pink, silver, or black, with lockable buckles and shock-proof exteriors that keep your vinyl records safe, dry, and dust-free. The fabric inner lining can hold up to 50 vinyl records.


15. Scala Bruksbo Record Crate

Scala Bruksbo Record Crate
Credit: sellastudio

If you’re lucky enough to know an old Norwegian couple, you might find something like this in their attic. You might also spot one in a garage sale, or left on a New York curb. But this post conveniently notes the measurements of this vinyl records storage and organizer, so you can build it yourself if you’re up to the task. Get the wood and castors at any hardware store.


16. Little Red Rack

Little Red Rack

This vinyl records storage and organizer is perfect for small apartments and cramped living spaces. It can sit on a floor or tabletop – those feet are anti-skid. And you can buy this dedicated record rack at Urban Outfitters or you can jerry-rig your own version. Use dish racks, oven grates, fridge grids, or letter trays from a dollar store or vintage appliance shop.


17. Vinyl Cabinet

Vinyl Cabinet

If you have a shed with basic power tools, you can build this vinyl records storage and organizer in a day or two. You don’t need a miter saw – many woodwork stores will cut, sand, and stain the wood for you, so all you’ll need are spirit levels and nail guns or screw guns. The drawers can open for easy access or they can be nailed shut to stop records from falling out.


18. Grids and Angles

Grids and Angles

Here’s another Urban Outfitters shelf. Each section has a perforated screen and an angled grate. These two hold records between them, leaving lots of room to flip and choose the album you want. The sides are open so air circulated freely and your records won’t get damp in humid areas. That can sometimes make the sleeves stick together or damage the cover art.


19. Glass Organics

Glass Organics
Credit: easybusyhome

You might worry about using glass in your vinyl storage records and organizer. But if you can maintain such a delicate vinyl record collection, you can probably handle a glass case. The glass itself is 2mm thick, fully organic, and compatible with the birch plywood grid. You can move the position of the glass to highlight specific albums. Each slot holds one record sleeve.


20. Filing Boxes

Filing Boxes

You probably know that cats love boxes. Well, vinyl records do too. So when you want a cheap but efficient vinyl records storage and organizer, grab some old cardboard boxes. The kind used to keep files in office storerooms. You can pick some at work or buy them for a few cents at the local stationery store. Sort and file your records then carefully label the boxes.


21. Record Store Styling

Record Store Styling

If you happen to find a record store that’s closing down, they might give you their display shelves. Or sell them to you in bulk for a few dollars. But if you’re a DIY guru, you can construct a dupe with that diagonal alignment. Raid your hardware store for pre-cut, pre-stained wood, though you can also make the parts from scrap wood lying around your shed.


22. X Marks the Spot

X Marks the Spot

The vinyl records storage and organizer pictured here may need advanced skills to mimic. But if you’re comfortable with pliers and wire cutters, you should manage it just fine. Of course, you could just order a pre-made one from Urban Outfitters. Or check your used appliance store for the grates from broken dishwashers and adjust the racks as needed.


23. Evelots Record Bags

Evelots Record Bags

Sturdy tote bags of the right size work great at vinyl records storage and organizers. It just has to be wide enough to hold the record and thick enough to support their weight without the bottom dropping out. Branded fabric tote bags are fine, but you can also buy tote bags that are specifically minted for vinyl records. These are often see-through with zippers.


24. Holes, Rods, and Rails

Holes, Rods, and Rails

The best types of vinyl records storage and organizers are impressively simple. They’re the kind you can make yourself using scrap from around the house, but it’s nice to know you can give up and buy one if the project gets too hard. This version has walnut rods with holes drilled in them. Metal railing is looped through some of those holes to hold vinyl records.


25. Wood and Glass

Wood and Glass

More DIY inspiration for your vinyl records storage and organizer. This storage crate has wood on three sides and glass on the fourth, though you can also use strong see-through plastic. The plastic piece can come from furniture or appliances. Check the local scrapyard or rifle through a friendly electronics repair shop – you’re sure to find something you can use.


26. Upgraded Soda Crate

Upgraded Soda Crate

Look in the attic for vintage soda crates or milk crates. They often had spaced grids on the side to hold the bottles in place, so they’re good as makeshift vinyl records storage and organizers. You can also look at the design and recreate it using scrap pieces of reclaimed wood. You may need to add a rail or two on top to raise the height of your record crate.


27. Actual Filing Cabinet

Actual Filing Cabinet

You may have seen them in government offices, police stations, libraries, or maybe even your grandparents’ offices. And if you visit an office auction, you can probably get them cheap. These old-school vintage cabinets have deep sliding drawers and individualized slots with alphabet markers. So if you have the physical space, they’re ideal as vinyl record cabinets.


28. Wall-Mounted Ledges

Wall-Mounted Ledges

You’ve seen floating shelves in bathrooms and kitchens. They can be as simple as a horizontal plank supported by L-shaped or T-shaped brackets. Or the ledge may have a lip on its outer edge to prevent items from slipping off. This version is embellished – instead of a single sideways ledge, the shelves have two U-like prongs with a central slot for the record.


29. Pyrex and Plastic

Pyrex and Plastic
Credit: p_plastic_plus

This vinyl records storage and organizer idea is simple. It’s a clear box made of plastic or Pyrex, and you can buy them anywhere. You can also use plastic storage tubs, the kind made by Rubbermaid. These come in different shapes and sizes and you can buy them at any grocery store. Try Target or Walmart for bigger sizes, especially if you want them with lids.


30. Vostor Vinyl Shelf

Vostor Vinyl Shelf

The triangular grids on this magazine holder are the perfect size and shape for a vinyl records storage and organizer. The rounded edges prevent injuries and the spacing between grids lets you spot the record you want hands-free! Buying this rack off Amazon is less than $20 but you can also saw off a triangular section from any dishwasher grate or TV aerial.


31. Hoop de Loop

Hoop de Loop

Maybe you’re starting out as a collector and only have a handful of records. Consider this hoop vinyl records storage and organizer. Yes, you could buy it. Or you could build it using old circular grates from an oven, microwave, or barbeque grill. As your collection grows, you could make more hoops shelves and color code them for different genres, bands, or artistes.

What’s your favorite vinyl records storage and organizer idea? Show us in the comments!

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