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Are Vinyl Flooring Remnants Worth the Money? (Pros & Cons)

If you looking to install new vinyl flooring on a budget, one of the options that you are probably considering is the vinyl flooring remnants. But are vinyl flooring remnants worth the money?

Sure, remnants will often be discounted at large percentages, but are they really something worth considering, or will you just be throwing money down the drain?

We are about to find that out, so stay tuned.

What Are Vinyl Flooring Remnants?

Vinyl Flooring Remnants

Vinyl flooring remnants are small pieces of sheet vinyl flooring usually sold ‘as is’ at a lower price than the regular vinyl. The best and easiest way to describe these pieces is leftover vinyl.

You see, sheet vinyl is manufactured in large rolls (like rolling paper). When someone buys a certain amount of vinyl sheet, this sheet will be cut from a larger roll. In the end, the remaining vinyl will not be enough to cover an entire house.

But because this piece of flooring can’t get the job done for most people, it cannot continue to be displayed with the rest of the floorings. It cannot be put away in the storage either because it will take up space that should be used for something else.

The most viable option to get rid of the vinyl is, therefore, to sell it at a discounted price. This discounted, leftover vinyl is what retailers call a remnant.

In most stores that stock large rolls of vinyl flooring, once a sheet is around 15 feet or less (the size can vary from store to store), it is rolled up and marked for sale as a remnant.

But vinyl flooring remnants can also be bought from suppliers or manufacturers. Vinyl sheet manufacturers will often end up with shorter rolls just like stores, so they will generally tend to sell these off as remnants.

The only difference between buying remnants from a manufacturer is that, unlike a retail store, you will have to buy in bulk. Most manufacturers and suppliers will have a set minimum number of flooring remnants that one must buy. Some may require you to buy thirty or even fifty at a time.

While buying in bulk may be cheaper, it may not be the best option if you are just looking for a small sheet for your bathroom. In such a case, it would be a better idea to just buy from your local retailer.

Advantages of Buying Vinyl Flooring Remnants

Advantages of Buying Vinyl Flooring Remnants


The first and most obvious benefit of purchasing remnants over regular vinyl is cost-effectiveness. Depending on how much vinyl sheet there is, its quality, who is selling, and how badly they want to get rid of it, the discount can be as high as 80% or as low as 20% the price of the original roll.


Apart from being a pocket-friendly option, buying remnants is more convenient than buying a larger roll. You can literally walk into a store, select the vinyl remnant you want, and walk out with your flooring. You don’t have to wait to place a special order or for the staff to cut off your piece from a larger roll.

Disadvantages of Buying Vinyl Flooring Remnants

Disadvantages of Buying Vinyl Flooring Remnants

If vinyl flooring remnants have such huge savings, why is everyone not purchasing remnants? What’s the catch?

Well, for starters, not many people know about vinyl sheet remnants. But for people like you who now know a thing or two about remnants, this is why you should think twice before purchasing this heavily discounted flooring:

The Process of Buying Can Be Time Consuming

Purchasing remnants can be too much hassle. Because it is unlikely that you will find pieces that cover your entire space, there is a chance that you will have to try different types of designs and styles before you get something you really like.

Also, remnants will usually not have a wide selection. So if you have a specific color that you are looking for, you may have to go to numerous stores before you find a remnant that is exactly what you want.

And even if you finally find your preferred style of vinyl, you may still have to get something that is the appropriate size for your space.

Some retailers may cut down larger remnants to make them suitable for your area. However, they will only do this if the piece you will be leaving behind is large enough to be sold as a remnant.

Inadequate Flooring Information

Another huge downside to buying vinyl flooring remnants is that you won’t be able to know for sure what type of vinyl you are buying. This is especially true if you are buying from a retail shop.

Sometimes the retailer will have bought a batch of vinyl remnants from a supplier and may not know much about the vinyl. As such, there won’t be a solid way to tell for certain whether you are buying something legit, who the manufacturer is, and such things that may be easier to tell when buying regular vinyl.

No Warranty Is Granted

It is also important to know that you will not be protected by a warranty. Because remnants are sold ‘as is’, you will not get a warranty for your vinyl sheet. In most instances, the receipt will only say ‘remnant vinyl sheet flooring’ or something like that without giving any additional information.

When it comes to having a warranty, however, it is usually just a matter of thinking about what you will be using your remnant flooring for.

If you are looking for cheap vinyl to use for a short period or install in an area that doesn’t get much traffic, then you probably shouldn’t worry too much about getting flooring with a warranty.

However, if the flooring will be used in an area that will be receiving high traffic, it would be a great idea to get a warranty on your purchase so you can protect your investment.

So, Are Vinyl Flooring Remnants Worth the Money?

Yes, they are. If you can find remnants that match your style, size, and color needs, you can save a decent amount of money. They would be a pretty good option if you are looking to revamp your flooring on a budget.

At the end of the day, it will be up to you to decide whether the money you save in purchasing vinyl flooring remnants is worth risking taking home a piece of flooring that has no warranty.

If something goes wrong a few days after installing your remnant, you cannot take back the vinyl to the retailer, and that will be money lost.

However, the good thing about remnants is that they are highly discounted. As such, even if the vinyl gets ruined and you have no warranty to cover it, chances are you will have lost very little money.

Where Can You Buy Vinyl Flooring Remnants?

You can buy vinyl flooring remnants from your local home improvement store or any vinyl flooring manufacturer or supplier.

Our advice would be to buy from flooring stores that specialize in selling remnants. This can be a local retailer or a manufacturer. Places like these will often have a fair selection of vinyl remnants and you can easily find your style.

Some people may also recommend buying online. While online merchants may have decent options, you will not be able to see the flooring in person, meaning, you will not be sure of the quality of the piece you will be getting in the end.

Where Can You Install Vinyl Flooring Remnants to Get Value for Money?

Keeping in mind that vinyl flooring remnants do not come with a warranty, the most effective way to make these floorings work out without worrying about them getting ruined is to install them in areas that don’t require high-quality flooring.

But don’t get us wrong; we are not saying that remnants are poor quality floors, but some areas can put them at risk of getting ruined faster than others. Consider installing your vinyl flooring remnants in rooms that you do not use frequently.

Remnants would also be great for houses where you don’t want the vinyl to last long, for instance, if you live in a rental property or you like changing the style of your flooring frequently.

Another cool way to use remnants is to install them in smaller rooms. Because there is a better chance that one piece of remnant will cover the entire room, you will not spend much money buying another piece. Also, the room will look more professional because you won’t have to mix and match.

The Takeaway

Vinyl flooring remnants can be a great way to save on home improvement costs. They are perfect for smaller rooms, areas that do not get much traffic, and for people who like to change the appearance of their flooring frequently.

If you get pieces that match your color and design, you can save a significant amount of money. Consider buying from larger retailers so you can have a wider selection.

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