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10 Best Vinyl Flooring Options for Stairs In 2022

Vinyl Flooring for Stairs

Vinyl flooring is a great option for any room in your home. But if you want to use it on stairs, not every product will work well.

It needs to fit securely, without gaps or bumps that could act as a trip hazard. And it needs to sit tight on vertical surfaces – the risers – just as well as horizontal ones.

Fortunately, we’ve found the ten best vinyl flooring options that make the grade! And we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about them. So if you’re ready, let’s find out more …


The best vinyl flooring options for stairs

1. Resilia Vinyl Stair Tread Mat

Resilia Indoor Vinyl Stair Tread Mat - Slip-Resistant Runner for Square Steps, Grips Tile, Wood, Concrete, Laminate, Floor Protector, Brown, 24 Inches x 9 Inches, Case of 18

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If you want to prevent wear and tear on your stairs, check out these tread mats from Resilia. They’re designed to sit on top of hard surfaces, and are very hard-wearing. But note they’re designed for indoor use only.

Each mat measures 24 inches wide by 9 inches deep. A shallow lip on the front sits over the stair edge to ensure there’s nothing to trip you up. There’s also a textured surface to help prevent slips and falls.

The construction includes recycled material, and there are no worrying phthalates or other contaminants. And although the mats have a faint rubbery smell, that soon dissipates.

They’re easy to install. Just use double-sided carpet tape to hold them in place. But note that they’re suitable for square-fronted, but not bullnose treads. If your stairs have rounded edges, there’ll be a gap between the tread and the front of the mat. That could create a trip hazard.


  • Textured non-slip surface
  • Easy to install on any hard surface
  • Don’t include any phthalates or other contaminants


  • These are designed to protect stairs, rather than being used as permanent flooring
  • Not suitable for use on stairs with bullnose (rounded edge) treads.

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2. Lucida USA Luxury Vinyl Planks

LUCiDA SURFACES Luxury Vinyl Flooring Tiles-Peel and Stick Floor Tile for DIY Installation-36 Wood-Look Planks-Honey-BaseCore-54 Sq. Feet

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If you’re looking for permanent flooring for your stairs, these vinyl floor planks from Lucida USA could be the answer.

They’re very easy to install. They come with protective backing paper that you peel away to reveal a self-adhesive surface. Make sure your stairs are smooth, clean and level, then just press the planks in place.

You will, though, need to buy nose pieces to cover the edges of the steps. If you don’t, you risk the edges of the flooring peeling up and creating a trip hazard.

And it’s a good idea to add some extra adhesive to the risers. That will help ensure the planks stay put.

You can choose from a wide range of different wood grain finishes, in light to dark shades. There’s also a solid black and a solid white option.

They’re much thicker than many peel-and-stick vinyl flooring options at 2 millimeters. And that includes a 12-mil wear layer.

They include integrated IXPE underlayment too, to reduce noise. That’s something you’ll appreciate if you have kids or pets who love to thunder up and down your stairs!


  • Attractive range of wood grain finishes, as well as solid black and white
  • Thicker than most glue-down flooring for superior resilience
  • Integrated IXPE underlayment reduces sound transmission


  • You’ll need to buy stair noses separately to prevent the flooring peeling up on the front edges
  • You may need extra glue to get a secure fit on the risers.

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3. Art3d Self-Adhesive Vinyl Planks

Art3d Peel and Stick Floor Tile Vinyl Wood Plank 54 Sq.Ft, Brown Stone, Rigid Surface Hard Core Easy DIY Self-Adhesive Flooring

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Art3d’s vinyl plank flooring has a number of similarities to the Lucida USA version.

They come in a range of different wood grain finishes. They’re self-adhesive for easy installation. And you’ll need to buy stair noses separately to finish the front edges.

The planks here, however, are significantly thinner, at 1.5 millimeters. This has both advantages and drawbacks.

The advantages are twofold. Firstly, there’s the price. These are slightly less expensive than Lucida’s flooring – about 14 per cent less per square foot.

And because the planks are lighter, they require less adhesive to stay put on vertical surfaces. We would, however, still recommend adding extra glue to keep them secure on the risers.

But they don’t include any underlayment. If you want to reduce noise, you’ll need to buy and install that separately.


  • Attractive range of wood-grain finishes
  • Self-adhesive backs make installation simple
  • Cost-effective


  • You’ll need to buy stair noses separately
  • Doesn’t include underlayment.

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4. Funlife Self-Adhesive Stair Riser Stickers

funlife 1Pcs Self-Adhesive Stair Stickers, Peel and Stick Stair Riser Stickers, Contact Paper for Home Decor, 7.87'X118.1'

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These stair stickers from Funlife are an effective and inexpensive way to give your stairs a new look. Note that these are designed specifically for the risers. You’ll need a different option if you want to cover the treads too.

The PVC contact paper comes in a range of different designs. For a classic look, there’s oak, old oak, herringbone, chevron or gray woodgrain. You can also choose a design of black or white painted floorboards.

And there are three tile patterns. Choose from green, Baltic green or black grounds, all with a white design.

You buy this by the roll, with each roll measuring 7.87 inches wide and 118.1 inches long. It’s easy to use – just peel off the backing paper and stick it in place.

Note that you’ll need the risers to be completely smooth, clean and dry for the adhesive to stick properly.


  • Inexpensive way to give your stairs a lift
  • Range of woodgrain and tile patterns
  • Easy to install


  • Won’t stick securely to surfaces that aren’t completely smooth and dry
  • Only suitable for stair risers. You’ll need something thicker for the treads.

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5. FunLife Self-Adhesive Stair Tread Stickers

funlife 7Pcs Peel and Stick Contact Paper Stair Stickers, Self-Adhesive Staircase Riser Decal for Steps, 7.08'x39.37' Mandela Style

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If you’re sold on the idea of stair stickers for your risers, you’ll also need something for your treads. These stair tread stickers from FunLife could be the answer.

You’ll get seven stickers in a pack. Each one measures 39.37 inches long by 7.08 inches wide.

There’s a great range of different patterns and colors available. Some look like wooden floorboards, others like tiles. And with some options, you’ll get seven different colors and patterns in each pack.

The stickers are self-adhesive, so they’re easy to install. But if your stairs aren’t perfectly smooth, you may find they don’t stay put.

It’s also surprising that the construction here isn’t any thicker than the stickers for stair risers. So while these will look good for a short while, don’t expect them to last long.


  • Great range of colors and designs
  • Very inexpensive
  • Easy to install


  • Too thin to wear well
  • Difficult to get them to stick securely if your stairs aren’t perfectly smooth and level.

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6. Rubber-Cal Coin-Grip Stair Mats (Our Top Pick)

Rubber-Cal Coin-Grip Non-Slip Rubber Tread Stair Mats (6 Pack), Black, 9.75' x 29.75' (10-104-009-6pk)

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These rubber stair mats are patterned with a design of circles to give a good grip. They’re a simple way to make your stairs safer.

They only come in one color, and that’s black. You’ll get six mats in a pack, and each one measures 29.75 inches long by 9.75 inches wide.

They’re designed to be used indoors and out. But take care if you live in an area that experiences high temperatures. The rubber can get very hot underfoot. That can be a particular problem if you have pets, or children who like to walk barefoot.

The mats are hardwearing and easy to clean. Just mop with soapy water. But take care when using them if they’re wet. Although the textured surface will help maintain grip, they can still be slippery.

They’re designed to be secured in place with double-sided carpet tape. We have, however, heard of mixed experiences with this. In some cases, the nose of the mat has come loose after a short while. 3M’s neoprene high performance contact adhesive will fix that, but it is rather expensive.


  • Provides a non-slip surface for any non-carpeted stairs
  • Hardwearing enough to be used indoors or out
  • Easy to clean


  • Some people have found the recommended double-sided carpet tape isn’t strong enough to hold them in place
  • If installed outdoors, watch out for the surface getting very hot in strong sunshine.

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7. TUOKING Stair Stickers

TUOKING 7 Strips Stair Stickers, Peel and Stick Staircase Decals, Self-Adhesive Home Decor, 39.37''L x 8.26''W, Old Wooden Pattern

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TUOKING’s stair stickers can be used on both risers and treads. Their design mimics rustic floorboards for a look that would work in either a classic or contemporary interior.

Each sticker measures 39.37 inches long and 8.27 inches wide, and there are seven in a pack. They can be trimmed to get the perfect size for your stairs.

You can choose between three colorways. Old wooden is a warm, rustic brown. Retro wooden has a bleached look, with a mix of light brown and silver tones. And multicolored wooden includes different shades for each sticker, including cream, green, blue, red and orange.

They’re made of thin vinyl, almost like wallpaper, and they’re self-adhesive. But note that you’ll need to make sure your stairs are dry, clean and smooth before application. Otherwise, the glue may not stick effectively.

And note that if you’re applying them to painted stairs, they may damage the paintwork when removed.


  • Easy to use on both stair treads and risers
  • Choice of three different colorways
  • Self-adhesive for quick and easy application


  • You’ll have trouble getting them to stick securely if your stairs aren’t smooth and dry
  • If your stairs are painted, you may find the stickers damage the finish when they’re removed.

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8. Mi Alma Stair Riser Stickers

Mi Alma Peel and Stick Tile Backsplash Stair Riser Decals DIY Tile Decals Mexican Talavera Home Decor Staircase Decal Tile Stickers Decals Pack of 24 Tiles 7''W x 7''L Each Tile(My Tile)

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Mi Alma’s stickers bring the look of porcelain tiles to your stair risers.

They come in no fewer than 33 different patterns. Many of these have a Moorish or Mediterranean look. Other options recall classic tiles from the Victorian era. Whatever color or design you have in mind, there’ll be something to suit you here.

Each sticker has the same dimensions as a tile – 7 inches on each side. That means applying them is more work than stickers designed to cover one tread or riser.

You’ll get 24 stickers in each pack, and they’re self-adhesive. At just 0.18 millimeters thick, they’re easy to cut with either a utility knife or scissors. A laminated layer on top provides some protection from wear and tear.

Note that you’ll need your stairs to be smooth for them to stick effectively. And any lumps and bumps will show through the surface.



  • These take quite a while to install – each sticker is just 7 inches by 7 inches
  • Your stairs will need to be in good condition to get secure adhesion and a smooth finish.

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9. FloorPops Sevilla Vinyl Floor Tiles

FloorPops FP2944 Sevilla Peel & Stick Floor Tiles, Multicolor

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These floor tiles from FloorPops are great for any room in your home. And while they’re not designed specifically for stairs, they can be used on them to good effect. Just be prepared to spend a little longer to get a perfect finish.

The design has a Moroccan look in a sophisticated palette of white, dark gray and slate blue.

Each tile measures 12 inches by 12 inches. So unless you have exceptionally steep steps, you’ll be doing a lot of trimming if you use these on the risers. They’ll work well on the treads, though.

The self-adhesive backing makes them easy to install. And they’re thicker than stickers, at about 1.5 millimeters. That means they’ll stand up to more wear and tear.

But take care to make sure the edges are bonded securely. If they come loose, they could cause someone to trip and fall. And if your steps are uneven, you may need to use double-sided carpet tape to give them extra grip.


  • Beautiful pattern in gray, slate blue and white
  • 5 millimeters thick, making them harder wearing than standard stair stickers
  • Self-adhesive backs


  • The 12-inch sides means you’ll need to do a lot of trimming if you want to use these on risers
  • You may need to add double-sided carpet tape to get them to stick securely, especially if your stairs aren’t perfectly smooth.

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10. Modin Vinyl Plank Flooring

Modin Rigid Vinyl Plank Flooring, Click, Durable 40 Mil Wear Layer, Raeburn, 12” Cut Sample

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If you’re looking for durable flooring that looks like real wood, Flooret’s Modin vinyl planks are well worth considering. And with this option, the manufacturer also offers trims – including stair noses – to match. That’s everything you’ll need for a high-end finish.

This is a quality product. The wear layer is 40-mil, about twice the depth of other luxury vinyl plank flooring. The underlayment comes already attached, providing good insulation and reducing noise. And it’s FloorScore certified, so you can be confident it won’t adversely affect the air quality in your home.

In this case, the installation uses the click-and-lock method. Each plank has a beveled edge to snap into its neighbor, without glue.

It is, however, much more expensive than floor stickers. Expect to pay at least twice as much per square foot. But given the difference in how long this will last, that doesn’t seem like a bad deal.

Just note that your stairs will need to be reasonably level to use this flooring. If there’s a difference of more than 3/16ths of an inch over 10 feet, the planks will not lock together properly.


  • Very hard wearing, with a 40-mil wear layer
  • Integrated underlayment to improve insulation and reduce noise
  • FloorScore certified, so it won’t impair the air quality in your home


  • Relatively expensive compared to floor stickers – but this will last much longer
  • Not suitable for stairs with a slope of more than 3/16ths of an inch in 10 feet.

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Ready to choose your new flooring?

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about the best vinyl flooring options for stairs! We’ve looked at products for all budgets and design schemes.

Our top pick is Rubber-Cal’s stair mats. They’re a great way to make existing stairs safe and secure.

But if you’re looking for permanent flooring, you can’t beat the Modin vinyl floor planks from Flooret. They look great and they’re hard wearing. And you can buy matching stair noses and trims for the perfect finish.

Whichever option you choose, we hope you love the way it looks on your stairs. Happy shopping!

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