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10 Best Vinyl Fence Panels of 2022 – Vinyl Privacy Fencing Brand Reviews

Vinyl Fence Panels

If you’re looking for a robust and attractive fence, vinyl panels could be the perfect solution. But how do you find a product that will give you the performance you need?

That’s where we can help! We’ve scoured the internet for ten of the best vinyl fence panels available today. And we’re going to share their good – and not-so-good features – to help you make the perfect choice.

So if you’re ready to find out more, step this way!


The Best Vinyl Fence Panels on the Market

1. Universal Forest Products, Somerset

Veranda 6 ft. x 6 ft. Somerset Privacy Vinyl Fence Panel

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If you’re looking for complete privacy, check out this fence panel from Universal Forest Products. The Somerset design stands 6 feet tall and 6 feet wide, and forms a solid barrier around your boundary.

It’s finished in fresh white. So although it’s large and opaque, it won’t look imposing. And because it’s made of vinyl, you won’t need to worry about repainting it.

One thing to be aware of, though, is that you will need to assemble the panel yourself. It’s not too difficult to do, and the pieces have a tongue and groove design to click into each other. But the eighteen uprights and two horizontals mean it will take some time.

It’s possible to make the fence panel narrower if you need to. Just trim the top and bottom rails and reduce the number of slats you use.


  • Fresh white color
  • The design offers complete privacy
  • Stands up well to all kinds of weather


  • Needs to be assembled – and there are 20 pieces to fit together
  • You’ll need to buy fence posts and brackets separately.

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2. Zippity Outdoor Products, Madison (Our Top Pick)

Zippity Outdoor Products ZP19001 No Dig Madison Vinyl Picket Fence, White, 30' x 56.5' (1 Box, 2 Panels), 1 x Pack of 2

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If you’re looking for an attractive temporary vinyl fence, the Madison design from Zippity Outdoor Products could be the answer. You’ll get two panels in a pack, giving you a total of 116 inches of fence.

The pack contains everything you need – there’s no requirement for additional brackets or posts. The fence has spikes along the bottom, and you simply press these into the ground to hold it in place. The sections fit together with screws that go into pre-drilled holes.

It stands 30 inches above the ground, and the manufacturers also offer a gate in the same design. Note, however, that this is another design that requires some assembly. It isn’t difficult, but it does take a little time.

It won’t be the right choice if you need your fence to withstand heavy winds. And it won’t be suitable for keeping in larger dogs either. But as a simple and attractive boundary, it does the job perfectly. And the weather resistant vinyl is guaranteed for ten years.


  • No need for additional fence posts or brackets
  • Made of vinyl with a 10-year warranty
  • Matching gate available separately


  • Won’t stand up to intense wear and tear
  • Just 30 inches tall.

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3.  WamBam Traditional Yard & Pool Fence

WamBam Traditional 4 by 7-Feet Premium Yard and Pool Vinyl Fence Panel with Post and Cap

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WamBam’s kit contains most of what you’ll need for a traditional picket fence. Each panel is accompanied by a fence post and a vinyl cap post cap. You’ll get all the necessary fixings too. But you will need to buy an extra post and cap to finish it off.

The fence is made of premium grade vinyl, so it’s strong and weather resistant. It’s designed to be a tough barrier, but that does mean installation needs to be done properly. That will require you to dig holes between 2 and 3 feet deep, and to embed the posts in concrete.

When installed, the fence stands 53 inches from the ground to the top of the fence post. It’s 41.5 inches from the ground to the bottom of the upper rail. The fence can be cut to size both vertically and horizontally if required.

Each panel has 25 pickets. The space between them is 3.56 inches – narrow enough to provide an effective barrier to children and most pets. And each panel measures 73.5 inches.


  • Comes with almost everything you need for a traditional picket fence
  • Stands 53 inches tall to the top of the fence post
  • Made of premium vinyl to withstand the elements


  • You’ll need to pour concrete footings for the fence posts
  • You’ll need to buy an end post and cap separately.

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4. Outdoor Essentials, Lakewood White

Outdoor Essentials Pro Series Lakewood White Vinyl Privacy Fence Panel, 6 Ft. x 8 Ft.

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The Lakewood panel from Outdoor Essentials is ideal for locations where you require complete privacy. The panel is formed of 15 pickets slotted tightly together, bordered by a top and bottom rail. It’s finished in a clean white color that will look smart in any yard.

You will need to assemble it yourself. While it does take a bit of time, it isn’t difficult. The top and bottom rails have U-shaped channels so it’s easy to slide in the pickets.

This is a good choice if you have a larger boundary to erect. Each panel measures 6 feet tall by 8 feet wide, so you’ll require fewer fence posts.

Note that you’ll need to buy the posts separately, and they need to be a specific kind too. You’ll need the Pro Series 98-inch Lakewood white vinyl privacy posts.

The vinyl here is made with UV inhibitors, so it won’t yellow as it ages. And it comes with a limited lifetime warranty for peace of mind.


  • 8 feet wide panels, so you’ll need fewer fence posts
  • Made with UV inhibitors to prevent the vinyl yellowing as it ages
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty


  • Requires assembly
  • Needs to be installed with specific posts, which you’ll have to purchase separately.

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5. Outdoor Essentials, PicketLock Pinehurst

Outdoor Essentials PicketLock Pinehurst White Vinyl Scalloped Spaced Picket Fence Panel

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Pinehurst is an attractive picket fence for those areas where you want visibility beyond your boundary. The top has a smart scalloped curve to add interest.

This is another panel that comes in kit form for self-assembly. There are 25 pickets of various lengths, plus two horizontal rails. Once assembled, it stands 46 inches high and 91 7/8 inches wide. The space between pickets is just 2 3/8 inches, so it will provide a safe barrier for children and pets.

The assembly process is made easier by the design. The pickets simply lock into the rails, without needing glue or nails.

The vinyl is a fresh white color, and it won’t yellow or split over time. Just hose it down if it gets grubby.

Note that this is another fence that needs to be installed with specific posts – in this case, the PicketLock posts from Outdoor Essentials.


  • Attractive scalloped design
  • No need for glue or nails when it comes to assembly
  • Zero maintenance required


  • Needs to be installed with PicketLock posts from the same manufacturer
  • The different lengths of the pickets mean you’ll need to take care with assembly.

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6. Outdoor Essentials, Evanston

Outdoor Essentials Pro Series Evanston 4 ft. x 6 ft. White Vinyl Spaced Picket Fence Panel

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The last of the Outdoor Essentials options to make our list, Evanston is a smart spaced picket fence. Here thick and thin pickets alternate to add a little something special to the design. The white finish looks fresh and clean.

The kit includes two rails and 15 pickets, which you’ll need to assemble yourself. You’ll need to buy the posts separately. These panels are designed to be used with Outdoor Essentials Pro Series 74-inch Evanston posts.

The posts come pre-routed with holes to allow you to slide the assembled panel straight in. With no glue or fixings required, the fence has a neat finish.

The vinyl is formulated with titanium dioxide and UV inhibitors. The result is a material that will withstand bright sunlight without yellowing. And it won’t crack or rot, whatever the weather.


  • Formulated with titanium dioxide and UV inhibitors to avoid discoloration over time
  • Spaced picket design is secure, whilst offering visibility beyond the fence
  • No fixings required, giving a neat finish


  • You’ll need to buy the right posts to use with the panels
  • Assembly required, though it’s pretty easy.

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7. Zippity Outdoor Products, Baskenridge

Zippity Outdoor Products ZP19037 No Dig Baskenridge Semi-Permanent Vinyl Fence, White (36in H x 42in W)- 2 pack

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If you want to install your fence without digging holes or pouring concrete, check out Baskenridge from Zippity Outdoor Products.

This is a fence designed to be capable of being moved after installation. Spiked stakes along the bottom of the panel are simply pressed into the ground to hold it in place.

It stands 36 inches high, and there are two fence panels in each pack. That will give you a total fence width of 84 inches. The weather resistant vinyl comes with a 10-year warranty.

It’s another case where you’ll need to assemble each fence panel yourself. It’s not difficult to do, but you’ll find it easier on a workbench than in your yard.

Note that this style of fence isn’t designed for robust wear and tear. It’s easy to install, and it will stay put in most conditions. But if it needs to withstand a boisterous child or pet, a fence with concrete footings will be a better bet.


  • Easy to install, with no hole digging or concrete required
  • Can be moved to different locations as required
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty


  • Requires some assembly
  • Not suitable for intense wear and tear.

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8. WamBam Nantucket

WamBam Fence BL19101 No Dig Nantucket Picket Vinyl Fence, White

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The Nantucket picket fence from WamBam also has a no-dig design. In this case, though, it’s installed by driving a pipe at the bottom into the ground. That pipe is submerged three feet into the earth – so once it’s in place, it’s not easily removed.

The fence has an open design, with 3 ½  inches between each slat allowing you to see through to the area beyond.

Everything you’ll need for installation is included, with the exception of a finishing post. Each kit contains one panel, one post, the steel pipe anchor, two leveling donuts and a post cap. You’ll also get four brackets and the necessary screws.

Assembly is required, and you’ll need some tools to get your fence in place. But it’s nothing high tech – just a drill, level and either a sledgehammer or a post pounder. You’ll need the latter to drive the steel pipe into the ground. Depending on how hard your soil is, that can be hard work.

The design means this is a very robust fence. It’s tested to withstand 75 mile per hour winds. And the vinyl is professional grade and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Tough enough to withstand 75 mile per hour winds
  • Lifetime warranty on the vinyl
  • Open picket design allows you to see beyond the fence


  • You’ll need to buy a finishing post separately
  • Driving the steel pipe into the ground can be tough, depending on how hard or rocky the soil is.

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9. WamBam Classic Picket Fence

WamBam Traditional 4 by 7-Feet Premium Classic Vinyl Picket Fence with Post and Cap

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If you’re looking for a classic picket fence, this design from WamBam is a great choice. It stands 4 feet tall, with posts that go almost two feet into the ground. This design uses concrete footings for secure installation.

The kit includes the materials for the panel, a 6-foot vinyl fence post, a cap and screws. You’ll need to purchase a finishing post separately. The distance between posts is 79.5 inches.

The panel and post are made of professional grade vinyl that’s been mono-extruded for strength. It’s waterproof and won’t discolor in strong sunshine. The only maintenance that’s required is an occasional hosing down to wash away any dirt.

This is another kit where the panel needs to be assembled. This will take time – each of the 13 pickets needs to be screwed into the rails. Both screws and caps are included in the pack. And if you need a gate, WamBam make one to match.


  • Made of strong, professional-grade vinyl
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • All the fixings required are included in the kit


  • You’ll need to buy a finishing post separately
  • Assembly is required, and each picket will need to be screwed in place.

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10. Collections Etc., Flexible Picket Fence

Collections Etc Flexible White Picket Fence Border for Garden, Landscape Edging, Pathways - 4 Piece Set, White

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If you’re looking for a fence that can be moved easily between different locations, this one from Collections Etc. could be it. Each pack contains four fence panels, each with two sharp stakes at the bottom. Simply push these into the ground to install your fence.

The boundary is very short, though – just 13 inches high, including the ground stakes. When in place, the highest sections will be about 8 inches above the ground. That makes it better as a decorative edging around borders or trees than as a barrier to keep in pets or children.

Each panel is 2 feet wide, so each pack will give you up to 8 feet of fencing. The edges clip together, and there’s an attractive scalloped shape to the top.

The vinyl here is very lightweight and slightly translucent. Don’t expect it to stand up to high winds.

All in all, this provides a sweet, decorative border for parts of your garden. But if you’re looking for a sturdy fence, it won’t be the right choice.


  • Very easy to install
  • Can be moved to different locations when needed
  • Decorative scalloped design


  • Stands around 8 inches above the ground – so more of a border than a fence
  • Rather flimsy.

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Time to choose your vinyl fence panel!

That brings us to the end of our round-up of ten of the best vinyl fence panels out there. Whether you’re looking for a temporary or a permanent barrier, we hope we’ve found something to fit your needs.

Our top pick is the Madison fence panel from Zippity Outdoor Products. It’s not the tallest fence out there, but we love how easy it is to install. And you won’t need to buy additional posts or brackets.

But whichever panel is right for you, choosing vinyl is a great way to get a good-looking and maintenance-free fence. Happy shopping!

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