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Tarkett Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews (Pros & Cons)

As you keep on making your floor at home look beautiful, have you heard of vinyl plank flooring? Many people choose it because it’s an attractive choice. After all, it gives your house a hardwood appearance at a low price. So, in this article, we will take you through Tarkett vinyl plank flooring review and everything you need to know.

Buying vinyl plank flooring from the Tarkett Company is a great option. It will favor you if you want a cheap, beautiful floor and one that will last long. For that reason, let’s start with a short detail of the Tarkett company. Are you ready? Read ahead!

Tarkett flooring company

For around 130 years now, this company from France keeps on making many flooring products. These materials target the housing industry and sports market. Across Europe, they are one of the best and sell in many nations, with branches in the United States.

Also, they make flooring products that care about the environment and your health. The products from this company also have a good finishing which makes them beautiful for you. Fortunately, all these good features come at a low price.

What is Tarkett vinyl plank flooring made of?

Tarkett makes vinyl flooring in different types, including luxury vinyl planks (LVP) and tiles. Other companies make many vinyl flooring products from these two products, with specific features for some purposes. As for Tarkett, they make LVTs and vinyl rolls for every part of your house at a price that will be good for your pocket.

Every Tarkett plank flooring is made of three layers to get a good and durable product for you to fit in your house. So, what are these three parts? Starting from the bottom, here they are:

  • The base or main layer gives the firm foundation of the plank flooring for the whole structure. Also, it’s either firm or flexible. This part comes with underlayment to make them strong.
  • Design layer: This part gives your plank floor the wooden feeling or anything else like tiles. It also gives your material a good texture. In this section, Tarkett makes them using low VOC levels that are phthalates-free.
  • Wear layer: it’s the part that gives your flooring protection from getting old or any damage at an early stage after installation. Without it, you can hate why you bought the vinyl plank floorings.

These layers add a touch to their products and make them have a good feeling and a cushion under your feet in your house. Additionally, they are there to make the planks rugged, waterproof, and give an easy time to clean. Now that you know how the company makes the planks let us shed some light on the Tarkett vinyl planks collection.


Tarkett Company gives you many prices depending on the collection that you choose on buying. If you decide to buy good budget boards but your budget is low, you can purchase plank floors for as low as under $2 per square foot. Hence, it is not a bargain material.

However, it will be more expensive if you choose to buy high-quality brands like transcend and Progen. Remember, the place where you buy your Tarkett vinyl planks will also determine your price.


It would be best if you never had worries about Tarkett vinyl planks being available. This company has many stations across many nations besides Europe. So, you can either buy them online, or at hardware stores like home depot and Menards.

Collections of the Tarkett vinyl planks

When it comes to the groups of these planks, they come in three forms, vinyl sheets, tiles, and planks. So, the difference comes in thickness, wear layer, color, installation, and warranty. All of them give a wide choice of what you can pick from their stores.

Progen collection

The Progen collection is good and will be best to use in a busy household. It means that if your house has many people, you should choose vinyl plank tiles from the collection to fit your living conditions. Tarkett creates vinyl planks of this type with excellent quality and makes them waterproof, especially after a perfect installation.

While in your house, where best can you place them? These planks will be good if you install them in your kitchen, washing place, and bathroom using different sizes. It doesn’t mean that you can’t install them in the rest of the house; they can also fit well.

Additionally, all of them have a light texture which means the company does a good finishing. You will find these qualities in Aurora oak, brushed pine, Durham pine, red oak ginger, and west oak vinyl plank floors.

Transcend collection

Similar to the Progen collection, transcend vinyl planks have a very close look to wood and stone. You can use it in the rest of the house to give your floors a beautiful taste. So, this collection is in two types, transcend the sure set and click.

As for the sure set, the company gives it a good glue surface on its back. With a strong base layer, it makes it very soundproof and flexible. Also, it has a layer with an excellent finishing to prevent problems of wear and get old very fast. Sure-set planks are in different sizes, and they include the villa oak, concrete surf (if you like a floor to look like stone), and the pecan swirl (which has many colors).

When it comes to the transcend click, the company makes them using a locking technology. These models have the same edge technology on them. The difference between them and the sure-set comes in terms of the sizes.

Tarkett Nugen collection

Tarkett Nugen collection

Nugen is an exciting collection for many customers in many nations. It comes in the standard Nugen collection and the glue-down group. Also, Tarkett makes them without adhesive strips that give an easy time during installation.

As a homeowner, you will have an easy time while installing them, especially the standard ones. It happens because of a system that makes you have a good time as you place them. Also, these planks are good because they are firm and are waterproof with a 12-millimeter wear layer.

The glue-down models come in ten styles in the market. Although they also have a 12-mil wear layer, they are thinner than the standard Nugen collection.

Tarkett aloft collection

This last collection will give vinyl planks that are either ready to glue down or the ones that snap together. The choice is in your hands. So, many people in the flooring market will tell you that vinyl planks in this collection come at a low price, with ten types for you to choose from when buying.

The models have square edges and a wear layer of 12 mils when it comes to their sizes. Also, to your benefit, the collection comes with a warranty of 25 years. It shows that if your pockets are low, the company cares about the quality and care they give to you.

These four collections give you an excellent range to choose your vinyl planks when building your floors. Additionally, there are other collections that Tarkett makes to reach people who have a low budget when buying them. So, these models are Tarkett access and Menard exclusives.


What about the products having any guarantees? Tarkett vinyl planks have high quality, and thus the company gives a guarantee to their products. Once again, the duration will depend on the type of vinyl plank flooring you will choose. Take a look at the table below:

Collection Warranty
Progen 15 years for commercial use.

Lifetime guarantee for homes.

Transcend Click 10 years for commercial use.

Lifetime guarantee for homes.

Nugen Glue 10 years for commercial use.

Lifetime guarantee for homes.

Aloft Click 7 years for commercial use.

25 years guarantee for homes.

Aloft Glue Down 7 years for commercial use.

25 years guarantee for homes.

Transcend Sure set 10 years for commercial use.

Lifetime guarantee for homes.

Menard 20 years for commercial use.

Lifetime guarantee for homes.

Pros and Cons of Tarkett vinyl planks flooring

The pros and cons of Tarkett vinyl planks will vary because of the collection and quality of the product you choose. Have you ever wondered what to expect after installing them? We will start with the advantages.


  • Vinyl floors are comfortable and suitable for your foot.
  • Have a wear layer to prevent damage and moisture.
  • They are easy to install in your house.
  • These planks are affordable depending on your financial power and budget.
  • Tarkett plank floors are available in many colors and collections to make you happy and attract your eyes.
  • Tarkett vinyl floors are good for your health and environment. So, it makes many customers go for their products as they want to make their house beautiful while caring for themselves.

Generally, these pros show that Tarkett vinyl floors are good. Additionally, Tarkett follows the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) laws, which makes them transparent.


  • Once you glue them down, vinyl plank flooring is difficult for you to remove. It’s because it can stick heavy objects on top of them.
  • The planks can fade fast and lose their color when placed in excess U. V light. For this reason, you can’t put them in places like verandahs.


We can say that most Tarkett vinyl plank flooring products are of good quality from the information above. The company allows you to choose the vinyl planks of your choice with many collections. However, it will depend on your funds. So, the planks will be available to you, especially if you live in American or Europe, but many online platforms are selling their products.

Tarkett vinyl products will care for your health, so you should not have any worries. Is there anything else you would like to know about Tarkett vinyl plank flooring? Don’t hesitate to ask us!

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    • I have tried everything and they always streak and are still dirty. I would love to know what a good cleaner is for these floors.

  1. My wife and I did our Kitchen with Tarkett flooring. We had a difficult time snapping these panels together. With both of us pulling the panel into the locked position, some just would not snap tight as your video show. We had to work real hare to ‘tap’ them into a tight joint. ‘Tap’ in a misnomer. We had to slam hard with a hammer and a small piece of flooring, for the whole job. Some were difficult to slide a full piece into the end of the adjacent end while the length of it was locked.
    Was this due to inconsistency of manufacturing that we couldn’t do as your video shows?

  2. These floors are the worst for cleaning! After mopping twice, they are still dirty and streaked. Do not buy these if you like clean floors!!


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