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Shaw Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews (Pros & Cons)

Do you want to make your floors to be as beautiful as natural wood or stone? Well, that shouldn’t worry you. Go for Shaw luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring. Here, we’ll cover everything about the Shaw LVPs review, including the Shaw firm, features, lines, cost, and its pros and cons.

Right now, Shaw LVPs are one of the best in the market. You’ll love Shaw because it gives you LVPs that last for long. Plus, even if you have a low budget, you can have the vinyl planks.

But first, who makes these Shaw LVPs? Read on as we start with a short history of the Shaw firm.

History of the Shaw Floors

History of the Shaw Floors

It all began in 1946. So, Clarence Shaw, the father of J. C and Robert Shaw, bought the Star dye company. Star firm made rugs and beddings.

In 1958, Robert Shaw became the CEO of the Star. Remember, his brother J. C was also the owner.

So, the brothers made the firm grow as they made more profits. With the gains, the Shaw brothers now named it the Shaw Company.

The firm made sales of 4 billion dollars in 1996. Together with Queen Carpets and Cabin Crafts, Shaw kept making floors.

Later on, Julian Saul of Queen Carpets became the CEO. In 2001, the current owners, Berkshire, bought it.

Today, the Shaw flooring company is among the world’s top makers of floorings.

Shaw firm is in Dalton, Georgia, U. S. A. It has branches in the world. You’ll get their offices in Australia, Canada, Chile, U. A. E, and U. K.

Lines of Shaw LVPs

Lines of Shaw LVPs

Shaw gives you two lines. So, these are Floorte and DuraTru LVPs.

These collections have many styles and colors to choose from when buying the LVPs. But, let’s get to it. Here is a description of the lines.

1. Shaw Floorte Vinyl Plank Flooring

It’s the leading group of Shaw LVPs. You’ll get more than 100 styles and colors under this collection. Note that Shaw will change the numbers.

Most of these styles have a wood grain pattern. The picture layer is transparent even without having the textures. You’ll only see that the LVPs are not wood as you step on them.

But expect to get many styles when you are looking for Shaw Floorte.

So, are you looking for an LVP that has a natural wood look? Then Shaw Floorte is the best for you.

Floorte vinyl planks have a quality wood-plastic core (WPC). The WPC comes with a durable wear layer. Also, they are water-resistant.

This line has two sub-groups. It has the Floorte Elite and Floorte Pro LVPs. Remember, these two have minimal differences.

  • Shaw Floorte Elite LVPs

This sub-line is the newest from Shaw. It only comes in two styles. Also, each of the two styles has 20 colors and shades.

Remember, Shaw can still increase or reduce the numbers. Here’s the difference from the normal Shaw Floorte. Elite has a plastic stone core (SPC) instead of a WPC.

It’s also waterproof.

Elite comes with a wear layer of two options. You’ll get the 12 mil and 20 mil layers.

Choose the 12-mil layer if you don’t want to stay in your house for a long time. With the 20-mil layer, it’s suitable for commercial uses.

Shaw Floorte Elite is suitable for those who floor that is with a soft texture for their homes. Also, you’ll get it at a lower price.

  • Shaw Floorte Pro LVPs

The Shaw Floorte Pro LVPs are bigger than the Elite ones.

This line comes in 16 styles that look like stones. Each has many colors and shades. If you combine these styles, you’ll get 125 colors.

Shaw makes the using the WPC. Though, there are some styles that you can change to the SPC.

The Floorte Pro group also has a rubber layer. So, you’ll not need any underlayment as you place them on the floors.

Also, the planks have both the 12 and 20-mil layers. The 12-mil layer suits a place with less traffic. Use the 20 mil-layer in areas with more people.

You can also place them in areas with high temperatures, like a garage. It can work in places that get direct sunlight rays and have more traffic.

This collection is best for those who want quality LVPS but with a small budget.

2. DuraTru LVPs

It’s the second line of the Shaw LVPs. The name came from a rebrand of the World’s Fair choices.

DuraTru has 15 styles for you. Also, under the styles, there are over 65 colors. Remember, the LVPs come in the form of sheet planks.

The vinyl planks are durable. Shaw gives them a cork backing. It means you still need an underlayment as you place them on the floor. As you walk on them, you’ll feel that they are soft.

These vinyl planks come with a thickness of 1.5 to 3 mm. Also, DuraTru LVPs have a wear layer of 8 to 12 mil.

Furthermore, these LVPs are the cheapest from the Shaw firm.

It suits those with little money but wants strong floors that look like wood or stone.

Unique Features of Shaw LVPs

Unique Features of Shaw LVPs

Shaw LVP has features that are common in most vinyl planks. But some things are unique to Shaw planks alone. Remember, you can find some of these features in other brands.

Read on to see these specs.

The Stone and Wood Look

Shaw LVPs come in stone and wood look. It makes them look beautiful and appealing to the eyes.

As of now, you’ll only get the Floorte Pro with the stone look. They make your floor look like granite, slate, or any natural stone.

Most vinyl planks give you a wood appearance. But as for Shaw Floorte Pro and other few LVPs, they give your floor a stone look.

Two Ways of Installation

You place the Shaw LVPs by either floating or gluing the planks. It’s only Mohawk LVPs that allow you to lock or glue them down.

So, for small rooms, use locking to install the Shaw LVPs. But as for large areas, glue the vinyl planks. Also, gluing suits commercial places.

Also, you can place the Shaw LVPs on any sub-floor or level. If your surface has grout lines, go for the Floorte Pro LVPs. It will hide the lines suing the SPC.

The Shaw Floorte Plus planks have a pad. It helps reduce noise as you step on them. Note that, with these pads, you won’t need any underlayment when placing them.


Shaw makes the vinyl planks with a unique waterproof feature. It covers the edges of the vinyl planks, thus keeps out any moisture.

For better performance of this feature in laundry areas, go for the Floorte Pro.

The FloorScore Badge

FloorScore certifies vinyl floors. It shows that the LVPs have a low level of VOCs. So, expect to find Shaw LVPs with this badge.

HD Floors

These vinyl planks will give your floors a high-definition (HD) look. But how is that possible? Shaw uses the embossed in registry (EIR) tech.

These planks come from wood molds. So, once the design comes from wood, the vinyl floors will keep the soft texture. Also, they will have a beautiful look.

Costs and Availability of Shaw LVPs

Costs and Availability of Shaw LVPs

Shaw LVPs are costly. Remember, each vinyl plank’s price depends on the line, size, style, and color you choose.

So, the cheapest line is the DuraTru LVPs. The Floorte Elite is the most expensive, followed by Floorte Pro. A standard Floorte is not as cheap as the DuraTru.

But where can you get these LVPs? Get them in online stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, Flooring Inc, and many more. Also, walk to your local store, and you’ll get the Shaw LVPs.

The Shaw firm’s website can also direct you to legit sellers.


The terms will depend on line, style, and size. Would you please follow every instruction as you fix the LVPs to avoid any loss?

Remember, the guarantee doesn’t cover such cases.

So, below is a table of the terms and costs of each line.

Style Guarantee Price Per Square Foot
Floorte 20 Years 3 to 5 dollars
Floorte Elite Lifetime 4 to 8 dollars
Floorte Pro 20 years for commercial

Lifetime for residential

4 to 6 dollars
DuraTru 15 Years 2 to 4 dollars

Pros and Cons

Every LVP has a good and bad side. These things can make you buy them or not.

So, here are the pros of Shaw LVPs:


  • They have natural stone and wood looks.
  • All the lines are water-resistant.
  • You’ll get many styles and colors to choose from for your floor.
  • Maintaining and cleaning them is easy.
  • These planks are very durable.

Take a look at the cons.


  • They can’t resist fading due to the sun’s rays, except for the Shaw Floorte Pro.
  • These planks are costly, though they are of high quality.


Shaw LVP is a big name in the flooring industry. It’s because they have been here for a long and have quality vinyl planks. So, any LVPs you buy from Shaw will make you happy.

The vinyl planks have the FloorScore label. It shows that they are safe to use.

Also, Shaw gives you many styles and colors of the LVPs. Though, they are costly.

So, do you have any questions or more insights about Shaw LVP? Feel free to share them with us.

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  1. Do lots of research which apparently I did not. I put down Timberidge Honey Walnut. The boxes and the displays at the store all had the ADA logo which I was told meant it was ADA complaint and I did look online at the product I was purchasing and still was led to believe it was the product that would work.
    My husband did not have a powerchair at the time but I knew he was going to be getting one in the near future. Long story short after getting the chair my floor was crap in 3 months and the warranty means nothing.
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    Why put they ADA symbol on your product? What does it actually stand for and who trains the sales people?
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