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Pontoon Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews (Pros & Cons)

Do you have a pontoon boat? Would you like to have a vinyl flooring covering for the boat, same as the one in your living room? Well, pontoon vinyl planks will be a good option for the surface of your boat. Here, we’ll look at the pontoon vinyl plank review.

Every boat owner or buyer expects a lot from a pontoon boat. Quality floors are part of the expectations. Vinyl planks will be the best to cover the surface of your pontoon boat.

Read on as we begin by looking at the firms that make the pontoon boat vinyl planks.

Which Companies Make Pontoon LVPs?

Which Companies Make Pontoon LVPs

Many firms make pontoon vinyl planks. Even the boat makers get the floor materials from different places. Pontoon Stuff and Rec Pro are some of the companies that make the pontoon LVPs for the boats.

Also, because there are many pontoon LVP lines, the quality of the vinyl planks won’t be the same. But all pontoon vinyl planks come with a good touch. It’s because people who want the floors are rich and would wish to get value for money.

The firms that make the planks specialize in making them for people to use on the boats.

So, are the pontoon boats any different? People use them to have fun on lakes, seas, and oceans. Also, some sports use pontoon boats.

These boats use pontoon materials to float. It has a simple look. So, with its structure, it allows people to place LVPs and beautiful décor.

Collections of Pontoon LVPs

When buying these planks, you’ll find them in two lines. These collections are pontoon vinyl and pontoon vinyl woven flooring. So, from here, you’ll get many styles and colors.

Under the two lines, you’ll find RecPro Extreme Duty, deck rite, and Mari deck vinyl planks. The colors range from light to dark and gray.

Features of Pontoon LVPs

These vinyl plank floors have a slight difference from ordinary vinyl floors. Yes, every vinyl plank should make your décor beautiful. As for the pontoon LVPs, they should bring beauty and safety to you as you enjoy yourself.

But as you look for a replacement for the boat carpets, you should know what to shows that the planks are for a pontoon boat. So, what are the features of pontoon LVPs? Let’s have a look at them.



When you buy any pontoon vinyl floor, be sure that they will be waterproof. So, the firms make the planks not to allow water to get under them. It helps the boat float on water with ease and prevents cases of moisture.

So, who would like to see that their luxury boat has molds? Nobody would want to see such problems. It’s now why the pontoon vinyl planks are waterproof.

Also, if the vinyl plank isn’t waterproof, the quality of the floor will reduce. The edges of the planks will not be in good shape. Water can also cause the growth of molds on the surface of the pontoon boat or room.

Pontoon vinyl planks have plastic materials that make them waterproof. It’s the reason why you can use them on the boats or in rooms that get wet most time.

Remember, you can find some pontoon vinyl planks brands that aren’t waterproof. That should be a red flag.


Most vinyl planks will attract your heart and eyes. So, with a modern look, expect your floor to have a sweet appearance.

Since a pontoon boat is a luxurious item, firms make the LVPs with an elegant taste too.

Also, pontoon vinyl floors come in many styles and colors. You’ll have the freedom to choose what will match your boat’s décor. Designers use many patterns and ideas to make you keep falling in love with your boat.

These colors will last if you maintain the vinyl planks well.

Strong and Durable

Strong and Durable

While on the boat, the floor should support your weight. Expect the pontoon vinyl plank to be strong. So, even if the surface of your boat should only keep lightweight, it should at least be strong to give you some comfort.

To make the vinyl floors last, they aren’t sensitive to any temperature changes on the boat.

Ultraviolet Free

With pontoon vinyl plank flooring, be sure that sunlight rays won’t be a problem. Yes, most vinyl planks have the problem of fading when in the exposure to sunlight. But as for pontoon vinyl planks, it won’t fade.

When making the vinyl planks, firms know that you’ll use the planks in the sun and not in your house. So, as you enjoy yourself, your pontoon will be fresh and vibrant for a long.

Expect the fading to come from the water leakage that comes when you put the planks poorly. But don’t worry, we’ll look at how you can install these special LVPs.

How to Install Pontoon Vinyl Planks

Pontoon vinyl planks are easy to install. It’s one of the reasons why they are the best option for the boat floors.

But how do you install pontoon vinyl planks? If you choose to go for the carpets instead of the vinyl planks, you’ll have problems. But with pontoon vinyl planks, you’ll only need to horse down the boards and place the vinyl planks.

Also, you’ll not need special tools to install them. So, if it’s your first time placing the planks, don’t worry; it will be easy for you. Some brands will need glue while others won’t.

You should install the pontoon vinyl planks first as floating floors. Remove any furniture on the surface. Then, wash the deck before going to the next step.

Have the correct measurements, cut, and put the pontoon vinyl planks. As you place them, leave an extension space at the end of the room. It will allow the vinyl floors to shrink and expand without problems.

For a good result, ensure you cover the sub-floor after they are dry. Then, you can use the floor after placing the vinyl planks.

Since you’ll use the pontoon vinyl planks in a wet environment, you can make them durable. So, remember to install them safely to prevent their damage.

Pros and Cons of Pontoon Vinyl Planks

Like any other vinyl floor, expect pontoon LVPs to have pros and setbacks. Remember, not everything is perfect. So, it’s not every person who will be happy using these vinyl plank floors.

Here are the advantages that you’ll get when you use pontoon vinyl plank floors on your boat.


  • You’ll have some styles to choose from when buying them. Pontoon LVPs come in many styles and colors that can match the décor of your boat or room.
  • The vinyl planks are easy to install. If it’s your first time using them, you don’t need any experience or costly tools. Follow simple instructions.
  • The vinyl planks are easy to clean and maintain. Using a hose down, you’ll make the pontoon vinyl floor look as clean as new. Remember, the planks won’t hold stains or dirt.
  • Do you live in a humid area? If yes, don’t worry. Pontoon vinyl planks won’t get any damage. So, the cases of molds won’t be present.
  • The planks are free from U. V light effects.

But what are the cons of these vinyl planks? Read on to see.


  • You can slip on these floors. Well, slipping is a common thing with vinyl plank floors. So, while enjoying yourself on water, the floor can get wet.

And what next? You’ll get injuries.

  • Since it’s a unique floor for luxury boats, expect them to be a bit costly.
  • You can’t place heavy things on these floors. Not unless you want to destroy them.

Price and Availability of Pontoon Vinyl Planks

When it comes to the price, these LVPs are costly. The planks are for luxurious boats, so expect them to be expensive. Also, the price will depend on the style and size of the planks and where you buy them.

You can get them on the website of some companies like Pontoon Stuff. Also, online selling sites like Amazon sell these vinyl planks.

What of their warranty? Every pontoon vinyl plank will have different guarantee terms. So, it’s you to read and choose what’s best for you and your boat.

Below is a table of the three styles of pontoon vinyl plank floors with their guarantees to guide you.

Types of Pontoon LVP Warranty
RecPro Extreme Duty 6-year guarantee
Deck Rite 6-year guarantee
Mari deck 6-year guarantee


Every vinyl floor covering should make your house or place look much better. Well, as for pontoon vinyl planks, installing them will make your boat look beautiful. The surface of your boat will also be more comfortable.

So, you’ll enjoy and relax more. Also, these planks are easy to place on your boat’s surface. You won’t need many skills and tools to install the planks on your boat’s surface.

The vinyl planks will be the best flooring option for your boat. But getting them will be costly.

Do you have any questions about pontoon vinyl planks? Feel free to reach to us. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

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