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NuCore Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews (Pros & Cons)

Would you like to have a beautiful vinyl plank flooring that has a rigid core for your home? NuCore vinyl planks will give you what you need, yet at a reasonable price. If you’re not familiar with this type of flooring, don’t worry. Here, we’ll take you through NuCore vinyl plank flooring review to help you choose what’s best.

The ability to look like a natural hardwood after you install the vinyl planks is what makes the NuCore brand unique. For this reason, NuCore keeps on taking the flooring market by storm. So, first, let’s look at which place the NuCore vinyl plank flooring comes from before reaching the market.

Where do these NuCore Vinyl Planks Come from?

Where do these NuCore Vinyl Planks Come from

Like many other vinyl plank flooring brands, most people think that NuCore comes from the US. Well, that is not the case with this brand. The designs of NuCore vinyl planks come from the US, but it’s a company in China that makes them.

In the flooring market, NuCore is an in-house line brand of Floor and Décor. It’s a firm that deals with selling all types of flooring materials. Also, the company is in Atlanta and sells its items in 30 stores across the US.

So, the private firm takes the NuCore vinyl planks from a Chinese company and sells them as their brand in the US.

Features of NuCore Vinyl Planks

What are NuCore vinyl planks made of? Every collection of this brand comes with features that make them unique in the market.

Note that NuCore vinyl planks are similar to other brands that have a rigid plastic core. These planks are like Shaw floors, LifeProof, Armstrong, among others. So, you have to be keen to know what separates the NuCore collections from the rest.

Below are some aspects to show that the vinyl planks are NuCore.

Wear and Tear Layer

Every collection has wear and tear layer on top to make them last longer. This cover is unique because it’s the thickest wear layer among all vinyl planks in the market. Also, this wear layer has a covering that prevents the growth of bacteria and molds on them.

Decorative Color Layer

These NuCore vinyl planks give your floor a hardwood and stone appearance, which makes them beautiful. You will get this trait in the print layer that is in all NuCore collections. Additionally, inside the cover, some lines have fine finishes with a good texture.

Angle-Locking Feature

Expect the brands to have the tap-locking feature to help you have an easy time installing the vinyl planks on your sub-floor.

An Underlayment

The brand comes with a cork underlayment softer than plastic ones found in other vinyl plank brands. It makes your foot comfortable as you step on it. Also, it will reduce the noise on the floor as you walk on them.

Generally, these features make the company’s in-house brand stand out. So, after getting the facts about NuCore vinyl planks’ unique features, let’s look at the brand’s collection.

Collections of NuCore Vinyl Planks

In the market, NuCore vinyl planks come in five collections but under two finishing options. These brands fall in these categories depending on the finishing found on the decorative layer. Also, the lines have different prices and warranties.

Remember, the collections give you a wide choice of what to pick for your house. Here are the lines you will find in the Floor and Décor stores.

1. NuCore Textured

NuCore Textured

The luxury vinyl planks of this brand have a good texture and a finishing that looks like hardwood. So, if you buy them, be sure that your floor will have genuine wood and stone look, making your house beautiful. Most of the NuCore vinyl planks fall under this brand.

NuCore textured vinyl planks have 50 styles. Most of them have a hardwood look, while a few of them have a stone-like appearance. Also, most colors that are in this brand include the high variants and gray.

What about the sizes of these planks? Most NuCore textured vinyl planks have widths of between 6 and 8 inches. Remember, there are those textured vinyl planks that have a width of 3 to 8 inches. Also, all NuCore vinyl planks have a thickness of 22 millimeters.

Ten wood-like planks in this collection come in different widths to add beauty to your floors. The planks have a beveled edge that gives your floors a good look. But, if you like the old-style floors, there are textured planks with a rustic look.

2. NuCore EIR

NuCore EIR

NuCore EIR (Embossed-In Register) vinyl planks come from wood. The company gets the flooring from molds in wood using the embossing skill. So, the vinyl planks come from molds that have a beautiful look with wood cravings.

What of the styles in this brand? NuCore EIR brand has 20 types, and all have a wood-like look. So, if you want a floor with a stone-like appearance, you will not get them in the NuCore EIR brand. The colors range from dark, medium to light with minor variations.

When it comes to the size of this brand, their thickness is the same as other brands. All NuCore EIR styles have a width of 6 to 8 inches, but a few of them have three different widths. The corners only have a bevel look.

3. NuCore Handscraped

NuCore Handscraped

Do you want vinyl plank floors that have an old or rustic look? Then, NuCore Hand scraped vinyl plank floors are the best choice. The vinyl planks get a hand-scrap to make them have a beautiful finishing and a good texture.

NuCore Hand scraped vinyl planks come in 20 styles. These styles have colors ranging from dark to light with low variations. Also, these colors are only available in wood appearance and not the stone look.

What about the sizes? You will find the styles with a width of 6 to 8 inches. Also, the types have a thickness of 22 millimeters, the same as the other four brands.

These planks have beveled corners in their finishes that last longer than a regular hardwood floor.

4. NuCore High Gloss

NuCore High Gloss

If you want vinyl planks that are sparkling, then go for NuCore high gloss vinyl plank floors. The planks are a good fit for modern rooms.

So, what styles will you get in this brand? Right now, there are ten styles of NuCore high gloss brands which only have a wood appearance. The colors available for these styles range from light, gray to dark.

The width of these vinyl planks ranges from 6 to 8 inches. Also, NuCore high gloss vinyl planks have a width of 22 mm. When it comes to the corners, the planks have micro-bevel edges with a good look.

5. NuCore Smooth

NuCore Smooth

This brand looks similar to NuCore high gloss, only that it gives your floor a more modern look. So, if you want vinyl planks that will fit your modern décor beauty, go for the NuCore smooth. Among all the NuCore brands, this is the easiest to clean.

What of the styles? Currently, the brand has very few types, only 5 in the market. Both the stone and wood appearance are available. Also, the colors range from gray to light, but there are no dark variations.

These vinyl planks have a width of 12 by 24 inches. Also, the corners have a bevel shape to give them a fine finishing.


Since these vinyl planks are modern, expect the costs to also be a bit high in the market. However, the prices will depend on the brands, styles, colors, and sizes.

So, you will find NuCore vinyl planks ranging from $2.35 to $3.80 per square foot. The planks are available in cartons that cover from 19 to 30 feet. Generally, NuCore gives you value for your money.


But where will you get them? Well, these planks are only available on the Floor and Décor’s site. You can also get them in the company’s stores across the United State.


With NuCore vinyl planks, expect a good deal. Also, it won’t be the same in every collection. The warranty will care for the following.

  • You will be sure that the floorings will have no effects on your health.
  • The planks will not fade if you don’t expose them to sunlight or U. V light.
  • NuCore planks will not wear or tear.
  • Lastly, you will not see any stains if you clean them fast.

So, here is a table showing the listing of the guarantees of different brands.

NuCore Collection Warranty
Textured Lifetime Residential

15 years commercial

EIR Lifetime Residential

15 years commercial

Handscraped Lifetime Residential

15 years commercial

High Gloss Lifetime Residential

15 years commercial

Smooth Lifetime Residential

15 years commercial

Pros and Cons of NuCore Vinyl Planks

Here are the good things about NuCore vinyl planks.


  • The planks give your floors a beautiful hardwood and stone look.
  • They are easy to install.
  • You get value for your money.
  • There are many styles for you.

What about its drawbacks?


  • Some customers complain of some scratches despite them having a wear and tear layer.
  • The vinyl planks are only available in only one website.


On a final thought, if you want vinyl planks with a hardwood or stone look, NuCore should be your choice. These planks are easy to install. So, it will help you save additional fees. Remember, some people have complaints that the planks are not much durable. So, it would help if you did not use them in washing rooms to prevent cases of staining.

If you have more insights about NuCore vinyl plank flooring, please share them with us.

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