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NovaCore Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews (Pros & Cons)

Ever thought of vinyl planks that can be strong for both commercial and residential places? The specs of NovaCore LVP will suit many of your needs.

So, we’ll talk about the NovaCore vinyl plank flooring review.

Novalis firm says that it’s the best luxury product. Expect this LVP to bring a new and beautiful touch to your house. Your house will look luxurious.

Many people love this brand because it’s durable. Also, it’s tough and waterproof. But let’s dive right in to this LVP. We’ll start with short info about the Novalis firm.

The Novalis

Novalis Innovative Flooring (NIF) is NovaCore’s parent. The Wu family from China is the owner. In 1987, Wu built their first LVT-making plant in China.

On 18th August 1988, NIF brought its first LVP to the US. So, NIF is over 32 years old in this LVP trade.

After Dr. Wu retired, his kids, CC and John, came into the family firm. CC came in 1998 while John arrived in 2001. The sales and profits of NovaCore keep growing every year.

Novalis has offices in Toronto (Canada), North Carolina (USA), and Bonn (Germany). Also, they sell in over 50 countries.

Lines of NovaCore LVP

NovaCore has four lines. Under these collections, you’ll get the styles and colors. Also, these LVPs have a wood and tile pattern. These vinyl planks differ in terms of size. Here are the lines of NovaCore LVP.

1. Maybree LVPs

Maybree LVPs

This line is the best among the four. It comes with a 20-mil layer. So, it makes the vinyl planks to be durable.

The wear layer allows it to work in places of high traffic.

Also, the planks have an extra pad. Noise will be less as you walk on the LVP.

Maybree LVPs have both wide and broad LVPs. Some of the boards have a size of 9 by 60 inches. Also, you can get some with 7.75 by 71.45 inches.

These vinyl planks have both wood and tiles look. These wood looks are like oak, vague maple, and hickory.

What of the colors? They have a total of eight colors. Remember, the colors range from tobacco brown to charcoal grey.

Also, Maybree LVPs comes with a smooth texture.

2. Serenbe LVPs

Serenbe LVPs

With a 12-mil wear layer, these LVPs come in wood or tile looks.

It has 8 colors. Most of these colors have the look of wood. Also, Serenbe is the second-best line of NovaCore LVPs.

Also, these planks have a good texture. Serenbe has many specs that will attract your eyes. Like the Maybree, these planks have an extra pad, which reduces the noise as you walk on the floor.

You’ll get them with two installation options. One is the glue down, while the other one is the click.

If you choose the glue down, the planks come in sizes of 7 by 48 inches. As for the click planks, they have lengths of 7 by 47.75 inches.

3. Lyndon LVPs

Lyndon LVPs

If you love NovaCore LVPs, but your budget is tight, go for the Lyndon line. But you won’t get many exciting specs in these planks.

The planks come with a 6-mil wear layer. It’s not thick and strong enough to make the LVPs durable. Also, Lyndon LVPs come with an additional pad.

You’ll get many colors under these collections. Also, the texture of these vinyl planks is smooth.

Like the rest lines, the LVPs have two installation options. You can do it through either glue down or click.

Remember, the planks with the glue-down installation method have a size of 6 by 48 inches. If you go for the ones to install by clicking, they have a length of 5.75 by 47.75 inches.

4. XL and Dansbee LVPs

XL and Dansbee LVPs

This Dansbee line is the latest from NovaCore. The firm plans to make it replace the NovaCore XL.

You’ll get Dansbee with only the wood look.

Also, Dansbee colors come in a blonde touch. These colors are French and brushed oak, white ash, and maple.

Once the whole design of Dansbee is ready, Novalis will drop the XL line.

Features of NovaCore LVP

Features of NovaCore LVP

Every NovaCore LVP comes with different specs. These features make the vinyl planks stand out in the market.

So, below are the features of these luxury vinyl planks.


Even if these LVPs have a few collections, they are strong. Also, they can last for a long time.

These LVPs have thick wear layers and an extra pad. It means you can use them in places with high traffic.

Also, each collection has a high-performance core (HPC). Remember, HPC is more like the WPC body. Also, HPC can resist a severe impact, are waterproof, and are stable.

So, you can place these LVPs on any sub-floor, and they will last for a long time.

Maybree and Serenbe have the thickest wear layer.

This layer has urethane. It gives LVPs more power and allows them last.

Also, urethane makes the LVPs be waterproof and be scratch-free.

But expect these vinyl planks to fade when you expose them to UV light. It’s because of urethane.

Also, to make the LVPs durable, they have an extra pad. It allows the handle more traffic with less noise.

With this strength, where can you use these LVPs? You can use these planks in water areas like the kitchen and bathroom. If you live in humid regions, you can still use these LVPs.

Remember, if you have kids and pets, use NovaCore LVPs.

Ease of Installation

Well, most LVP will give you an easy time as you fix them. NovaCore LVP will also give you an easy time as you place them.

If you love to use the DIY method of installing floors, you can buy the NovaCore LVPs. So, it will save your installation costs.

There are two methods you’ll use. One is easy and clicks, while the other one is using the locking system. It’s like fitting each vinyl plank with the others.

Also, you won’t need any costly tools and glue. You can cut these planks with a special knife.

This fitting is easy because these LVPs come as floating floors.

Since they have an extra pad, you won’t need an underlayment.

Another sweet thing is that the vinyl planks have matching trims. You’ll find a T-mold, quarter round, stair nose, and multipurpose reducer.

These trims allow you to install the planks using the snap method or glue-down if you wish.

So, whether you are a pro or not, put your time into the project. But don’t take things too fast. You’ll make a bad and ugly floor.

The Green Score

No one would want to buy a floor that isn’t safe for use. If this is your concern, then don’t worry. NovaCore LVP is eco-friendly.

Each set of the vinyl planks has a GreenGuard Gold pass. It means that these LVPs have gone through many health and standard checks.

Also, NovaCore LVP has the Floorscore and LEED pass. These vinyl planks have very low VOCs.

So, it will be safe for your kids, pets, and people with health problems.

You can’t throw the LVP away after using them. Instead, you can recycle the vinyl planks until when their life ends.

Cost of NovaCore LVP

Cost of NovaCore LVP

These LVPs are premium floors. So, expect them to have the cost of around $6 per square foot.

But the price will vary with the line, style, size, and color you choose. Also, if you want the LVPs with trims, the cost is $15 to $30 per plank.

So, where can you get NovaCore LVP?

Well, only the Novalis authorized dealers can sell the LVP. Don’t expect that your local big box dealer will have these vinyl planks.

Go to the Novalis Website. You’ll use the dealer locater icon to see one that’s close to your area.

The good thing is that there is a sampling program. You can take home a sample of what you want for one or two days. It will help you select which floor to use.

If you hire a pro installer, expect to pay around 2 to 4 dollars per square foot.

Warranty of NovaCore LVP

When buying any vinyl floor, it’s safe to know the terms of the seller. Expect every NovaCore LVP to have these exclusions:

  • Cuts, scratches, and dents.
  • Damage by fire.
  • Damage excess fire or humid conditions.

So, below is a table showing the guarantees of the NovaCore LVP lines.

Lines Guarantee
Maybree Lifetime residential

10-year commercial

Serenbe Lifetime residential

10-year light commercial

Lyndon 15-year residential

5-year light commercial

Dansbee Not yet available.

Pros and Cons

Below are the pros of NovaCore vinyl planks.


  • The planks are easy to install.
  • The HPC body makes these planks strong and durable.
  • They are eco-friendly
  • These LVPs are waterproof.
  • With the extra pad, there will be less noise as you walk on them.

Check out the cons.


  • The planks have few lines, styles, and colors.
  • You can’t use the LVPs in places with too much sunlight. They will fade.


NovaCore from Novalis has many good things. Besides the few styles and colors, these LVPs have many things people want from vinyl planks.

Expect them to be durable and waterproof. It’s because of the HPC body.

Placing these LVPs is easy. You can use click or glue-down way.

But remember, your local store might fail to have the planks. So, visit the Novalis website to find a seller.

Do you have any more insights about NovaCore vinyl planks? Would you please share them with us? We’ll be happy to hear from you.

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