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Mohawk Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews (Pros & Cons)

Would you want vinyl floors that will sustain your sub-floors for a long time? Do you want something that will also give you many styles and colors? Then, Mohawk vinyl floors should be among your options.

If you plan to install them or want to know more about them, please read on. We’ll talk about the Mohawk vinyl plank flooring review.

Today, many people trust these vinyl floors for their homes and offices. You’ll get over 200 styles. So, be sure to get what can match the décor of your house.

Other people call Mohawk as SolidTech. It’s because they are strong.

But let’s jump straight into it. We’ll start with the firm that makes the Mohawk vinyl floors.

Who Makes the Mohawk Vinyl Plank Floors?

Who Makes the Mohawk Vinyl Plank Floors

These LVPs come from Mohawk Inc. It’s a big firm that makes both hard and soft floors. Besides the LVPs, this firm also makes vinyl sheets and carpets.

Mohawk began to work and sell floor items in 1902. At that time, William Shuttleworth and the sons came up with this idea. They made excellent carpets and rugs.

During this period, Mohawk had the name Shuttleworth Bros Inc. Later on, from 1920, the firm got the name Mohawk carpet mills.

In 1956, it joined hands with Alexander Smith. It was now called Mohasco. But it faced tough competition in the market.

So, the firm moved to Carolina, then Georgia. In 1968, MHS bought the firm. It changed the name to Mohawk Inc.

Today, the main office of this firm is in Georgia, USA. They also have many other offices across the USA.

Also, you can get them in over 34 nations. The CEO is Jeffery Lorberbaum.

Specs of the Mohawk LVPs

Here, the vinyl planks have great specs. These specs show that the floors will turn your house into a beauty. Also, they are durable.

Remember, they’ve been in the game for a long time. So, Mohawk knows what to give buyers. You’ll see that these features allow you to use them in any room of your house or office.

Before you even fall for the styles and colors, the specs can make you buy them. Read on to see these features.

1. They are Durable

They are Durable

Mohawk LVPs are solid and durable. Every line you buy has this aspect. Only a few LVPs in the market can match their strength.

The body of these LVPs is an SPC. Well, most vinyl floors in the market have this spec. But as for Mohawk, it’s a bit different.

This SPC is powerful. Also, the material can be stable for a long time, even with long lengths.

Mohawk says that most of the LVPs have a SolidTech body. It’s why people also call it the ‘SolidTech.’

Inside the layers, there are a few air spaces. With this spec, there will be minor cupping or making of gaps. The feature will be helpful when the gases inside the planks contract or relax.

It makes them more flexible. So, you can use these LVPs in place with different weather changes.

Harsh temperatures and heat won’t destroy these LVPs. Your house will also stay fresh and smell nice for a long time.

Remember, with this SolidTech SPC; you can place any loads on these floors. The SPC is quite less dense than other LVPs. So, they can stand any stress without losing their beauty.

Also, the LVPs have the ASTM pass. It means they can suit any room of your house or office.

Some lines give you a more solid finish. It makes them even more durable.

2. Free of Dents

Are you a lover of pets and have many kids in your house? Don’t worry! Mohawk LVPs are free of scratches and dents.

It won’t matter if the scratches are from the claws of big pets or kids. Just know that there won’t be any problem. The SolidTech SPC will be there to help you.

Also, besides the SPC, they have thick wear layers. The wear layers range from 8 to 20-mil. So, for many years, you can forget about the dents.

Remember, the thicker the layer you pick, the better the LVP. It will make the LVPs sustain any scuffs.

3. They are Waterproof

And yes, apart from giving you durable LVPs, Mohawks makes them 100% waterproof. It’s because of the SolidTech SPC. The layers of these LVPs can’t take in water or fluids.

You can use them in any part of your house. Water won’t be a problem. But in the cases of floods, they might lose their value.

Besides not taking in any water, you can forget about moisture issues on your floors. SolidTech keeps the LVPs safe from this issue.

But as you look for the feedbacks of many customers, you’ll see that most people complain. If you don’t install these LVPs well, don’t expect them to be 100% waterproof. Hire a pro if you aren’t sure of what to do as you place the LVPs.

4. Free of Stains

Once again, pets and kids in the house shouldn’t worry you. These LVPs can keep away any stains that come on them. It means you’ll have an easy time cleaning them.

This spec is present because of the wear layer of these LVPs. It gives the LVPs a solid finish that makes them free of any dirt or stain. Your house or office will be fresh and new, especially after you clean it.

5. The Green Care

As you buy any LVPs, know that their safety will play a big role in whether you’ll enjoy them for long or not. After picking the colors and style you want, ensure it’s safe. With Mohawk LVPs, you won’t have to worry about safety.

The SPC has materials that won’t affect your air space. They have very few VOCs. So there won’t be any health risk.

Inside the firm, the workers make items that make your floor beautiful. At the same time, they make floors that won’t affect the air space.

Also, you can reuse or recycle the SPC layers. It’s different from other LVPs that have a plastic core.

With SolidTech spec, it means the materials come from hardwood trees. Be sure that they are the most natural LVPs you’d ever use.

Mohawk also has its glue and seam sealers. The firm says that all aren’t toxic and friendly to your air space.

But to make you believe more in these LVPs, they have the GreenGuard Gold pass. This spec shows all their items are safe for use at home or in the office.

6. Ease of Installation

These LVPs will give you an easy time as you install them. So, you can place them over any sub-floor. It can be concrete, tiles, wood, or even older vinyl sheets.

You’ll install these floors using the UniClic system. So, you won’t need glue and costly tools. The tech uses the simple lock and clicks way.

Besides making work simple for you, UniClic prevents any moisture from going into the planks. It’s because the tech makes you lock them tightly.

If you are sure of the steps to install, do it yourself. But if you aren’t sure, hire a pro installer to do the work for you.

Mohawk also gives you LVPs to install using glue. Still, you won’t need costly tools.

Collections of the Mohawk Vinyl Plank Floors

The specs of these LVPs may have made you fall in love with them. But that’s not all. Mohawk gives your over 200 styles and colors you can pick for your house.

Remember, all these styles are solid and durable. But these specs can vary with the type you pick.

The styles have different sizes, thicknesses, and wear layers. So, here are the Mohawk LVPs collections.

a). UniClic Line

UniClic Line

This line has the best types of vinyl floors from Mohawk. It’s because of the click and lock system. If you want an easy time to place your LVPs, then choose these styles.

Here, the types come in wood and stone looks. But most of them have the looks of wood.

With the wood class, they range from dark to white. Also, you can get ones that look like cherry, elm, oak, or Barnwood. Mohawk knows that most people love vinyl floors of the wood look.

Under the UniClic LVPs with the stone look, you can get granite, travertine, arctic white, crema, coral reef (black and brown), among others. Be sure to get something to match the looks of your home.

There are some LVPs here that have a repeat pattern. It means you get a given print in every six planks of a style. Doesn’t it seem lovely?

Also, under the UniClic line, you’ll get the three mini lines. There are the Grandewood, Revelance, and Variations.

They are all under SolidTech and SolidTech Plus. These two have a slight difference.

Grandewood gives you many colors. These wood colors can match with houses that have deep tones. It will provide the floors with a rustic look.

Revelance gives you nine old shades of colors. Also, they are in light gray and dark colors. These LVPs last for many years compared to other Mohawk LVPs.

The Variations line will give you LVPs with modern looks. If you love to mix many colors for your floors, then this mini line will suit you. So, you can find the shadow wood with brown and silver shadows.

UniClic LVPs have a wear layer of between 8 mils to 20 mils. They come with a thickness of between 5.5 mm to 7.5 mm.

They are the ones with the SolidTech body. It means they are stronger than the glue-down class.

b). Glue Down

Glue Down

These vinyl floors are firm but not easy when installing them. You’ll need glue but not costly tools.

Here, you’ll also get many colors and styles for your house. Some of them fall under the Grandewood, Revelance, and Variations.

The LVPs under the glue down collection has a thickness of between 2 mm to 2.5 mm. Their wear layer ranges from 6 mils to 12 mils. It means that they are firm but not as strong as the UniClic group.

Also, these LVPs are thin. So, it’s why you’ll need glue to install them on any sub-floor. But you’ll place the LVPs one by one.

Even if they lack the SolidTech body, these LVPs are still strong. If you want to get cheap Mohawk LVPs, then go for this collection.

Mohawk Vinyl Floors Costs

Before looking at the prices, know that Mohawk sells the LVPs at many stores. Also, you can get them on Mohawk’s site. The cost will depend on the collection, size of the wear layer, and thickness.

So, expect the UniClic line to be more costly. Remember, the guaranty varies with the line you choose. Here is a table of the costs.

Line Wear layer (mil) Costs Per Square Foot ($) Thickness (mm) Guaranty
UniClic 6 1.65-2.70 3.4 15 years residential/ None for commercial
UniClic 6 2.00-3.00 4.4 15 years residential/ None for commercial
UniClic 8 2.30-3.10 5.5 20 years residential/ 3 years for commercial
UniClic 12 3.40-4.25 6.5 25 years residential/ 6 years for commercial
UniClic 20 3.50-4.40 6.5 Lifetime residential/ 10 years for commercial
UniClic 20 3.00-4.09 7.5 30 years residential/ 10 years for commercial
Glue Down 6 0.95-1.80 2 15 years residential/ None for commercial
Glue Down 12 1.15-2.10 2.5 25 years residential/ 6 years for commercial


Pros and Cons of Mohawk Vinyl Floors

Here are the pros of these LVPs:


  • They are 100% waterproof
  • These LVPs are soft on the foot
  • One line (UniClic) has a strong SolidTech body
  • You can place them on any floor
  • Installing the UniClic line LVPs is easy
  • They come in many styles and colors

Below are the cons:


  • The glue down collection isn’t easy to install
  • Most of them don’t a have lifetime guarantee term


Mohawk is one of the firms that make durable vinyl floors. Most of these LVPs have a SolidTech body. So, it means they are durable.

You can use them on any sub-floor. Also, dents and dirt shouldn’t worry you.

These styles are also easy to install. But not for the glue-down collection.

Many buyers like Mohawk LVPs because they get many colors and styles. All are in either wood or stone looks.

So, do you have any more thoughts about Mohawk vinyl floors? Have you bought one yet? Please feel free to talk to us.

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  1. I will old love to purchase the Mohawk brand for my vinyl flooring. Before I do, I want to know where the materials come from and where your manufacturing plants are. I do hope that they are also in Georgia!!

  2. Ok – a contractor installed this brand of flooring throughout our upstairs. There are several areas where corners are lifting, chips have popped up. I am concerned that with only a few weeks that wear is showing, what will it look like in a month? A year? My goodness. Our last pergo was in decent condition (it was 10+ years old too) no chips or lifting. Just some separation. AND that pergo flooring wasn’t “water proof”.


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