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Moduleo Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews (Pros & Cons)

Have you ever thought of adding some Belgium taste to the floor of your house? Then it would be best if you thought about buying Moduleo LVP. So, we’ll talk about the Moduleo vinyl plank flooring review.

Yes, most people know Belgium for having the best chocolates. But Moduleo LVP will make it sweeter with unique designs and specs.

People love it because of its simple looks. This LVP will make your house to be more beautiful.

We’ll begin with a brief talk about the IVC firm that makes these LVPs. So, if you are ready, let’s get to business.

The IVC Firm

The IVC Firm

Moduleo is among the IVC group. Well, IVC came to life in 1997. All the activities of this firm began in Avelgem, Belgium.

IVC built the Moduleo vinyl firm in 2012. It’s famous for making quality vinyl floors across the world.

It prides itself in having 1800 employees and ten plants in Belgium, the US, Russia, and Luxembourg. In a year, the firms make more than 180 million square meters of vinyl planks.

This firm grew and became part of the Mohawk group in 2015. This move was to make them increase the number of customers.

Also, IVC believes they have the best LVPs for your house. Johan Deburchgrave is the president.

Moduleo LVPs Flooring Collections

If you go through Moduleo’s website, you’ll see that it has six collections. All have different styles, colors, sizes, and ways to fix them.

These lines have sweet patterns. Remember, looks can lie to your eyes. So, if you love floors with more traditional looks, you might fall for these looks. So, read on to see the lines.

1. LayRed Line

LayRed Line

This collection is the best from Moduleo.

The styles and colors in this line are the most beautiful. You’ll get 55 styles. So, be sure to find the taste for your house.

Are you a lover of Oak looks? Well, most styles in this line look like oak. There are colors like brio, country, classic, Sierra, mountain, and Laurel. Each comes in four colors.

LayRed also has planks with stone looks. There are many stone colors.

These styles have a size of 12 by 24 inches. Also, these LVPs are 6 mm thick and with a layer of 0.4 mm. You’ll get them with a Twin Guard PU layer to make them stronger.

Moduleo makes these LVPs fit on any sub-floors. It includes those that are uneven.

Also, the styles in this line have 12 separate layers. So, expect them to be solid and durable. Among the layers, there is one that makes them reduce sound as you walk on them.

Your feet will always feel comfortable.

From the name LayRed, there is a red pad at the back of each LVP. It fills the small spaces like the joint.

2. Moods Line

LayRed gives you the traditional looks while Moods give you an adventure at home. So, if you want your house to look unique, go for this line.

It has more than 90 types of LVPs. These styles are like classic chevron, basketweave pattern, or even a honeycomb.

Most styles are small and medium. With the basketweave pattern, you’ll get types like block, slim, and trim.

Also, the rest of the names have many styles. Most of the types have the look of adventures in the forest. The LVPs in this line is 2.5 mm thick. They also have a wear layer of 0.55 mm.

3. Transform


If you are looking for Moduleo vinyl planks with long sizes, then go for the Transform collection. The styles are both in wood and stone looks.

These styles have a sleek and rustic look. Also, your house will look luxurious and playful.

Transform comes in 40 styles. Most of the types look like oak.

Expect these styles to look like the ones in LayRed. But with Transform, there are some exotic styles.

There are styles like Persian Walnut and Wenge that look distinct. The Latin Pine will lighten up the house.

The size of these vinyl planks is 7.5 by 51 inches. Remember, the thickness of these floors will vary with the way you install the LVPs. If you use the click way, the thickness will be 4.5 mm. For the dry back, the floor will be 2.5 mm thick.

4. Impress

Under this line, there are 35 styles. In terms of colors and styles, it’s Moduleo’s best line.

These vinyl planks have a rustic look. Also, they come with the embossing tech and a lovely print. So, these LVPs have a real-life look and feel.

One of the styles is Sierra Oak. It’s beautiful in five bold types. The Mountain and Country Oak look good in a country home or cabin.

Also, Castle Oak looks more attractive. But for more uniqueness, go for Chevron.

Here, every style is 2.5 mm thick. Also, they are 7.8 by 51 inches if you install them using the dry back method. Using the click way will be 4.55 mm thick and 7.5 by 51 inches in size.

5. Select


These styles are available in both wood and stone. They will make your floor warm. Also, your house’s décor will be timeless.

But when it comes to the types, they look like ones under the LayRed collection. It means you’ll get styles like Brio and Oak. The difference will be in terms of size.

So, if you choose the click way of installing the floors, the LVPs will have a size of 7.5 by 51 inches. Also, the thickness will be at 4.5 mm.

But if you choose the dry back way, the LVPs will be 7.7 by 51 inches. The width will be 2.3 mm.

6. Herringbone

With Herringbone, the styles look more like LayRed. These styles will give your house a classic look.

This line is the smallest. But it keeps growing every day. Also, they’ll give your floors comfort and good performance.

You can only install the vinyl planks using the glue-down method.

The styles have sizes of either 5.9 by 25 inches or 2.5 by 10 inches. All styles here are 2.5 mm thick and with a 0.55 mm wear layer. In the US market, you’ll get three fine lines. They are Vision, Horizon, and Embellish.

Moduleo LVPs Specs

Moduleo LVPs Specs

All vinyl planks from Moduleo have some specs to make them stand out. Read on to see the features of Moduleo LVPs.

The Green Score

Every vinyl plank from Moduleo care for your environment. 50% of the materials in the LVPs come from recycling materials.

Also, these planks have a green pass. It shows that most states have seen the LVPs be safe.

Expect to see the package of these floors with the SCS Global and FloorScore pass. So, it means that these LVPs have low levels of VOCs.

With these LVPs, you should never worry about air quality.


The LVPs have a solid inner layer. It makes the LVPs stronger and flexible. So, it will be to install the LVPs.

Do you live in humid places with high temperatures? Then issues of expansion and contraction of the tiles won’t be present. Also, you can use the LVPs in water areas like a kitchen and bathroom.

But, IVC will advise you not to allow large pets to walk on the floors. Remember, some furniture can destroy the vinyl planks.

Moduleo LVPs Costs

You can get these LVPs at the cost of 3 to 6 dollars per square foot. It’s the price of most retailers of these LVPs.

Remember, this price is only for the planks. You’ll need to get an underlayment. So. Expect the price to be higher. Also, you’ll need glue and tools.

If you don’t have any installation skills, get a pro. The total cost will increase.

These LVPs are available on the IVC and Moduleo sites. But most of their installation tools are in the UK.

Expect the guarantee terms to vary with the collections. Also, it will depend on how you fix the LVPs.

So, below is a table of the guarantees of each line.

Line Way of Fixing Warranty
Select Both dryback and click 15-year Residential

7-year commercial

Transform Both dryback and click 20-year residential

10-year commercial

Impress Both dryback and click 20-year residential

10-year commercial

Moods Both dryback and click 20-year residential

10-year commercial

Herringbone Both dryback and click 20-year residential

10-year commercial

LayRed Both dryback and click 20-year residential

10-year commercial

Pros and Cons

Take a look at the pros of these LVPs.


  • These LVPs can resist moisture. So, you can use them in water areas.
  • Cleaning them needs a simple brush or mop.
  • Some lines are easy to install. You won’t need glue.
  • These LVPs are eco-friendly.
  • They have a fine wood texture. It’s because of the embossing tech.

Here are the cons of these LVPs.


  • Moduleo has few lines and colors.
  • UV light makes them fade.
  • The guarantees are shorter than other LVP names.


Moduleo always aims to impress people with the looks of their LVPs. This floor is good to consider in the market.

Also, though the styles are few, they are beautiful. Your house will be luxurious with these LVPs.

Some of the lines are easy to install through the click method. Others will need you to get a pro because you’ll use glue.

Do you have any thoughts or concerns about Moduleo LVPs? Feel free to share with us.

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