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Mastic Vinyl Siding Reviews (Pros & Cons)

How does the present siding of your house look like? Do you want a better siding that will also look good for many years? Well, you should think of getting Mastic vinyl siding.

So, here we’ll cover all about the Mastic vinyl siding review. We’ll help you know the quality it will add to your house.

Most people love these sidings from the PlyGem firm because weather changes won’t be a problem for them. You’ll also get these sidings in many types and colors.

If you are ready, let’s get straight to it. We’ll start with the info about the PlyGem firm that makes these sidings.

All about PlyGem Firm

All about PlyGem Firm

PlyGem designs firm began running in 1944. Bernard Hewitt found it. Today, it’s in New York, USA.

Also, it’s one of the firms known for making items to improve your home. The things that they make are doors, vinyl windows, among housing items.

Up to today, this firm is part of the Cornerstone Building Inc. They make the sidings from Calgary firm.

Specs of the Mastic Sidings

Specs of the Mastic Sidings

As you are looking for the best siding, there are some specs that you would want to see on your house. Be sure to get most of them in Mastic siding styles. Below are the features to make you trust these sidings.

  • Art

If you are a lover of art, Mastic will give it to you in many styles. There are rich colors that run through the panels. Be sure that your house will be beautiful.

Also, the tech that the firm uses to make these sidings prevents any scratches. So, the beauty of the sidings will last for a long time.

  • Green Care

You don’t have to worry about the air quality of your house. These sidings come from natural things. Some include salt and gas.

Also, you won’t need any painting. You only have to install the sidings well. So, it reduces the levels of VOCs going into the air.

Remember, the firm reuses the making materials. Thus, it reduces the raw stuff used from the environment.

  • Structure

These sidings have panel locking and a Duranyl 500 protection tech. It makes them resist cracks, dents, and temperature changes. They are free from any fading due to UV rays.

Your house will also be free from great weather changes. It’s because of the Kynar 500 tech.

Lines of the Mastic Sidings

Mastic will give you many styles. It won’t be a problem if you want to get new sidings or replace the old ones.

Remember, you’ll get three lines. There is lap siding (basic), vertical (mid-range), and shake and shingle (high-end). Read on to see more about these styles.

Lap Vinyl Siding

If your house has a sweet old look, then this line will even make it better. Also, if your house doesn’t have a traditional look, the Lap collection will give it to you. Take a look at the styles.

1. Quest Siding

Quest Siding

With Quest, you’ll increase both the beauty and value of your house. The styles have much strength.

So, you can use them in place with storms and winds. They can stand any quest.

The nails have a fold-over system. It keeps the sidings strong even in a tornado.

These styles also have a panel locking system. So, the boards remain tight in any state. Also, it keeps the more rigid.

You can also forget about fading if you choose the Quest styles. They have a Duranyl to protect the sidings from UV light.

Here, this style has 24 colors. 13 are standard, while eleven are premium. Remember, the firm keeps on changing the numbers.

These are the sizes:

  • Double 4 inches
  • Double 4 inches with a 16-foot panel
  • Double 4 inches with a 25-foot panel
  • Double 4.5 inches Dutch lap
  • Double 4.5 inches Dutch lap with a 16-foot panel
  • Double 4.5 inches super long with a 25-foot panel

2. Carved wood 44

If you love redesigning your house, then this style will suit you. It’s because here you’ll find many colors. They range from light to darker shades.

There are 20 colors. Expect sixteen to be standard, while 4 to be in a premium line. They’ll give your floor a natural wood look. This aspect comes because of the panel spec.

Besides the beauty, ten colors under this style can resist UV light. So, you can bid goodbye to fades. The colors have SolarDefense tech to stop them from fading.

But these colors don’t come in many sizes. You’ll only find the double 5 inches, double single 8 inches smooth, triple three inches soft, double inches, and double 4.5 inches Dutch lap.

3. Ovation


They fall under the under-board and batten collection. Also, if you want more of an old look to your house, then choose these styles. It is because they give you many colors.

The styles give your house a cladding look. Expect to even get more architectural designs under this line.

Among all Mastic collections, Ovation will give you the sweetest colors. Sixteen of them are standard, one is of a dark shade, and 8 are premium colors.

Remember, some have deep shadow lines. It gives them a lovely and natural look.

They have a layer to keep them free from cracks and dents. Also, the panel tech allows for snap, lock, and hold installation. So, the sidings will be safe with any high winds.

They also have the SolarDefense tech. It prevents any fading.

You’ll get them in a few sizes. There’s the double 4 inches, double 4.5 inches double lap, double five, single 6.5 old beaded, and triple 3 inches brushed.

4. Western Extreme

Do you live in the Western parts of the USA? These vinyl sidings should be your pick. The firm makes these sidings to suit the weather changes of these parts.

Remember, people living in these areas face harsh weather conditions. So, the sidings have high and unique tech. They’ll protect your home from the effects of UV rays, humidity, and temperature changes.

These styles come only in 16 colors. Five are standard, while eleven are premium.

But they have few sizes. You’ll only get them in double four and double 4 DL inches.

5. Mill creek

Mill creek

These sidings will give your home a rustic look. They have a soft texture to make your house more beautiful and warmer. Also, they make a house look like natural wood.

With the panel spec, expect these sidings to resist any cracks and dents. You’ll also have an easy time installing them.

They have a few colors but many sizes. You’ll get triple three inches, double four- and 4.5-inches Dutch lap, double five, and double five-inch Dutch lap.

6. Eclipse


These styles are the cheapest among all. They’ll also give you an easy time as you install them.

They resist cracks and dents. Also, they have a Duranyl protection system. So, they can’t fade because of the UV rays.

The colors are few. So, you’ll only get them in 12 standard colors. The sizes are in double 4, 4.5 Dutch lap, and double five inches.

7. Charleston Beaded

Charleston Beaded

Do you love art and design? These styles will give you a mix of the southern classic and modern wood look. But it will make them have a smooth, stylish, and bold look.

Also, expect them to be beautiful and outstanding. It’s because of the beads on the finishing.

They come in solid panels. So, they’ll resist any cracks and dents. There will also be no more temperature problems.

Charleston isn’t available in many colors. Expect to get only 14 standard colors.

Mastic Vertical Sliding

Here, the styles will give your house a modern look. They best suit smaller homes. It is because of the vertical panels that allow room for more elongation.

It’s the best for complete siding. But it only has one style. Please take a look at it.

Board and Batten

You’ll get many colors with this style. 13 are standard, one is dark, and five are premium.

These boards have a strong panel. It prevents cracks and stains. Also, installing them is easy because of the panel locking system.

But they come in only one size. Its 5 inches with a 1.5 inches batten pattern.

Shake and Shingle

Shake and Shingle

If you want sidings with a deep wood-look texture, then pick this collection. Also, it’s best for tiny houses and those with old looks.

You’ll also get it in one style, Cedar discovery. Read on to see more about it.

Cedar Discovery

The firm makes these sidings look more like cedar tree shake and shingle. You won’t have issues with staining and replacing these sidings. It’s because they are rigid and durable.

With the panel tech, they can resist wind and scratches. Also, installing them will be easy.

You’ll get them in many colors. There are 15 standard and 19 premium colors.

But the sizes are few. They are double 7 inches and triple 5 inches shingle and half-round.


The prices will vary. It will depend on the size of your house, installation costs, and line.

You can get these vinyl sidings from many building and construction firms. On the site, you’ll see a search tool. You’ll find a provider near you.

When it comes to the guaranty, Mastic gives their sidings a limited lifetime warranty. Below is a table showing the prices and guaranty of the three main lines of Mastic sidings.

Siding Line Costs Per Square Foot Guaranty
Basic $3.95 Limited Lifetime
Mid-range $5.40 Limited Lifetime
High-end $7.20 Limited Lifetime


Pros and Cons


Here are the pros of Mastic sidings:

  • They come in many styles and colors
  • Most of the types are cheap.
  • They are easy to clean and maintain.
  • The panel tech allows for easy installation.
  • The boards come in many sizes.
  • They are eco-friendly.
  • These sidings can’t fade.
  • Best for challenging weather changes.


Take a look at the cons:

  • The thinner panels may crack if you puncture them.
  • Some styles may lower the value of your home.


Mastic vinyl sidings will suit the needs of your house. It will be the best even if you are on a tight budget.

There are many styles that you can choose from for your house. So, you’ll have more freedom to make your home beautiful. Also, installing them will be easy.

After placing them, weather changes won’t be a problem for you. Be sure that they’ll last for long.

So, have you installed Mastic vinyl sidings yet? What’s your experience with them? Please share your thoughts with us.

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