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10 Best Marine Vinyl Flooring Options In 2022

Marine Vinyl Flooring

If you’re looking for a material to cover surfaces on your boat, standard vinyl won’t do. You’ll need something that’s tough enough to withstand salt water and the elements. That’s where marine vinyl flooring comes in.

But with lots of different products out there, how do you choose the right one? We’re here to help! We’re going to look at ten of the best marine vinyl flooring options available right now. And we’ll take you through their pros and cons to help you make the perfect choice.

So if you’re ready, let’s take a look at what’s on offer …


The Best Marine Vinyl Flooring Options on the Market

1. Nautolex Marine Vinyl Flooring, 74” Wide

Nautolex Marine Vinyl Flooring - 74' Wide (Sisal Warm)

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This marine vinyl from Nautolex is tough enough to handle anything the waves and weather can throw at it.

It comes in a range of different colors to suit your preferences. “Shark” is a mottled gray and white.  “Interwoven warm” has a series of striped squares in black and shades of beige. And “Sisal warm” is an understated taupe. All look fresh and clean.

It’s UV resistant, so you won’t need to worry about it degrading in hot sunshine. And there’s an anti-microbial coating, too. That means it won’t grow mold or develop mildew, no matter how wet it gets.

You can buy it by the foot, so you won’t need to purchase more than you need. And it’s 74 inches wide, making it big enough to cover most areas without seams. The non-skid surface means it’s safe to use on any part of your boat.

Installing it is very easy. It’s made of PVC with a poly-cotton backing, making it both flexible and easy to cut. And maintenance is straight forward too. Just wash it with mild soap and water to keep it nice and clean.

If you’re not sure which color you need, order a sample first. Nautolex won’t accept returns on the basis that the color isn’t to your liking. And note that there’s no self-adhesive backing here. You’ll need to buy your own marine glue separately.

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2. Omnova Nautolex Marine Vinyl Flooring

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Omnova also supply Nautolex flooring in the “Shark” pattern. In this case, you’ll buy it by the yard, and the width is slightly narrower, at 72 inches.

It has the same black, gray and white mottled appearance, and looks similar to carpet. But this isn’t anything like standard domestic carpets. It’s made of 100 percent PVC, so it will cope with rain, wind, hot sun, salt water and sea air. And it can be used on any indoor or outdoor surface of your boat.

It’s skid resistant, so it’s safe to use on your deck. And cleaning is easy – just spot clean with fresh water and mild soap, or rub with a damp cloth.

It’s easy to cut and work with, so installation needn’t be a headache. You’ll need a good quality marine glue to stick it in place.

Take your time to ensure any surface you’re applying it to is clean and smooth before you start work. The vinyl is much thinner than carpet, so it will show any wrinkles.

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3. MariDeck Marine Vinyl Flooring

MariDeck Marine Vinyl Flooring - 8.5' Wide - 34 mil. (Stone Gray, 8.5' x 20')

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MariDeck’s marine vinyl flooring is a great alternative to marine carpets that require intensive maintenance. And it can be used on fiberglass, aluminum or wooden surfaces.

It comes in a choice of five smart colors: willow brown, stone gray, sand, ocean and granite. Each has a subtle mottled appearance which is great at hiding any marks. And the textured finish means the surface is non-slip.

It’s easy to keep clean too. Just rinse with warm water and mild soap. You can also rub it over with a damp cloth.

It’s available in custom lengths and two widths. The 72-inch width will suit aluminum fishing boats, while the 102-inch width will work for pontoons.

It’s fairly thin, so make sure you prepare the surfaces you’ll be covering carefully. You want them to be perfectly clean and smooth. If you have any gaps between plywood sheets, fill them with caulk and sand it level. If you don’t, you’ll see the dip in the flooring when it’s in place.

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4. CLNZ EVA Decking Sheet

CNLZ EVA Foam Faux Teak Decking Self-Adhesive Boat Decking Sheet Marine Yacht RV Swimming Pool Boat Flooring Non-Skid mat Boat Flooring 94.5'X35.4' (Dark Gray Blue Stripes)

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If you’re looking for a specific color for your deck, check out this EVA decking sheet from CLNZ. It comes in no fewer than 19 different colorways.

Those looking for a classic finish will like the dark gray options, which come with white or blue stripes. Or there’s a smart pale gray with a choice of black, white or red stripes.

If you’re looking for a pop of color, consider gold with black or white stripes, green with black stripes, or red with white stripes.

The EVA construction will provide a non-slip surface inside or out. It’s stain resistant, and when you want to clean it, it’s sturdy enough to withstand the use of a pressure washer.

Installation, however, isn’t quite as straightforward as with some marine vinyl.

Check the direction of the materials as you lay them. If you have a join, make sure both pieces run in the same direction. There’s a sheen to the material, which will give it a slightly different color if positioned facing different ways.

And make sure that you use the right adhesive. We’ve heard reports of good results using contact concrete. Prepare the surface carefully, or you’ll find the EVA won’t stick to it securely.

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5. ZEEOZ EVA Teak Decking Sheet

Zeeos EVA Foam Teak Decking Floor Sheet,Non-Skid-Self-Adhesive Flooring Synthetic Deck Marine Yacht RV Boat Flooring Mats,Teak with Black line(94.5''x36'')

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ZEEOZ’s decking sheet is another one that’s made of EVA. The teak-colored background comes with either black or white stripes.

It comes in strips 35.4 inches wide and 94.5 inches long, and it’s a quarter of an inch thick. It’s tough, non-slip, odorless and non-toxic. It’s also designed to resist stains. The color is fairly light, so will show up marks. But a couple of drops of mild soap in warm water will be all you’ll need to get rid of them.

It’s also very easy to install. The back of the EVA is coated in adhesive, so you simply remove the protective cover and press it into position. Just be prepared to lay out your rolls for a couple of days first, so that they’re completely flat before you start work.

You may find minor color variations between batches. For that reason, it’s a good idea to measure carefully and order all the EVA you’ll need in one go.

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6. Bry-Tech Marine1 Marine Vinyl (Our Top Pick)

Bry-Tech Marine1 Marine Vinyl Upholstery Fabric Dark Gray Carbon Fiber 54' Wide by 10 Yards Boat Auto

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Bry-Tech’s marine vinyl flooring is available in an unbeatable array of colors, as well as a range of textures. The combination gives you a choice of no fewer than 44 different finishes.

Whether you’re looking for classic maritime shades of blue, or want to mix things up with bright purple, orange, yellow or red, there’s an option for you. Lovers of a neutral palette will also find shades of cream, gray and tan, as well as black and white.

The vinyl is commercial standard, with a weight of 33 ounces per yard. The face is made of PVC and the backing is polyester. And it can be both sewn and stapled.

It’s tested to withstand 650 hours of sunlight, and temperatures down to 22 degrees Fahrenheit, without cracking. That means you can use it anywhere on your boat, whether indoors or outdoors.

Each piece of vinyl is 54 inches long. You can buy strips it in 5, 10 or 30-yard lengths, or by the yard. It’s quality stuff, 1.2 millimeters thick. But it’s not that stretchy, so be prepared to take your time to smooth it around any contours.

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7. COZYEL EVA Teak Decking Sheet

Cozyel EVA Faux Teak Decking Sheet for Boat Yacht Non-Slip and Self-Adhesive Boat Flooring Pad 94.5'× 35.4' Wood Brown

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COZYEL’s decking sheet is made of EVA and comes in a simple striped design. You can choose from main colors of wood brown, gold and light grey. All have thin black stripes. With the wood brown colorway you have the option of swapping for white stripes instead.

This is another decking sheet that has the adhesive already applied to the back. That means you won’t have to worry about buying compatible glue. You’ll find it easier to work with the sheet if you remove the backing paper a little at a time.

The fabric has a lightly textured surface, so you won’t slip on it, even in wet weather. It won’t absorb water, and it’s odorless and stain-resistant. At 6 millimeters thick, it’s very robust: it’s strong enough to be pressure washed without damage.

Each strip is 35.4 inches wide, and it comes in rolls 94.5 inches long. Note that you can’t buy custom lengths with this one. And look out for color variations between different batches.

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8. CHURERSHINING EVA Camouflage Decking Sheet

CHURERSHINING EVA Teak Decking Sheet Marine Flooring Adhesive Carpet Black Camouflage with Grey 94.5“x 23.6” Yacht Embossed Non Skid Material Mat (Black Grey Camouflage) …

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This EVA decking sheet from CHURERSHINING has a smart black, gray and white camouflage print. And the tiny bumps on the surface mean there’s no risk of skidding on it, even if it gets wet.

It’s available in three different widths – 17.7 inches, 23.6 inches and 35.4 inches. Whatever width you select, each roll is 94.5 inches long.

The EVA construction means it’s soft underfoot, odorless and stain resistant. And this is another product that’s tough enough to cope with pressure washing. The colors will, though, fade to some extent in very strong sunshine.

There’s strong glue on the back, making installation simple. Just peel off the cover and position it where you want it. Some surfaces like plywood may, however, need extra adhesive.

Cutting it to fit is easy. A utility knife will slice through it cleanly.

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9. RecPro Extreme Duty Marine Flooring

RecPro Extreme Duty Indoor/Outdoor RV TPO | RV Flooring | Boat Flooring | Marine Flooring (Tan, 20') | Made in USA

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RecPro’s marine flooring is available in neutral tan or gray. It’s 100 percent UV stabilized, so the colors will stay true, even in bright sunshine.

It’s made of a substance called thermoplastic polyolefin. This is a newer kind of vinyl, produced in a single layer. The polypropylene back adheres securely to marine glue, giving a firm bond on almost any surface.

It’s pretty thick, so if you want to fold it around any edges be prepared for that to take some effort. We’ve heard from people who’ve found it helpful to use a heat gun to soften it. It will, however, hold a staple.

It’s stain resistant, and can be easily cleaned using water and mild soap. But take care if you’re contemplating using a pressure washer. We’ve heard of cases where doing so has abraded the surface.

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10. Castaway Customs SeaDek EVA Sheet

Castaway Customs Sheet SeaDek Material | 40' x 80' Aqua Camo/Black | Cut to fit | Customized Flooring | Comfort Step | Boat Padding | Non Absorbent

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Castaway Customs’ SeaDek flooring comes in strips measuring 40 by 80 inches. You can choose from five different colors. Black and storm gray are plain, matte colors. There are also mocha and storm gray with a subtle black fleck. And there’s an attractive camouflage print in shades of blue.

The reverse is pre-coated in 3M adhesive to provide a firm bond to most surfaces. Just make sure the surface you’re covering is clean and smooth before you start work. Cutting it is straightforward too – just use a sharp utility knife.

It’s 6 millimeters thick, so it’s pretty tough. That does mean it can take a bit more work to fold it over the edges of surfaces, though. And you may need to unroll it and leave it for a couple of days, so it doesn’t curl up as you’re laying it.

The EVA construction will resist stains and won’t absorb water. And you won’t slip on it, whether conditions are wet or dry.

It’s very easy to keep clean too. Either hose it down, or use your pressure washer. Add a few drops of mild soap if you need extra cleaning power.

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Ready to pick your marine vinyl flooring?

We hope our guide to ten of the best marine vinyl flooring options has helped you in your search! There are some great products out there, in every colorway you could ask for. So whether you’re looking for classy neutrals or bold hues, there’s something to suit.

Our favorite is Bry-Tech’s Marine1 vinyl. With a choice of 44 different finishes, you’re sure to find something to fit your needs. And it’s quality stuff, tested to stringent standards to ensure it will cope with life on the ocean wave.

But whatever marine vinyl is right for you, we hope it helps give your boat a smart makeover. Happy shopping!

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