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Mannington Vinyl Flooring Reviews (Pros & Cons)

Are you looking for vinyl floors that will give you more comfort and at a low cost? Then, Mannington vinyl floors are the best fit for you. Read on as we talk about the Mannington vinyl flooring review.

These vinyl floors come in many styles, sizes, and colors. Also, it’s becoming more of a trend because of what it offers. So, it should interest you if you are looking for any vinyl floor.

Remember, these Mannington LVT and LVP will give you value for your money. But first, let’s look at the Mannington mills firm.

The Mannington Mills

The Mannington Mills

For over 100 years, the Mannington mills keep making quality items. It began working in 1915.

John Boston and his family started this firm. Later on, they grew and became a big name.

Today, the firm is in Salem, New Jersey, U. S. A. Also, the John Boston Campbell family still runs Mannington.

But what drives it to be successful? Well, their motto tells them to be the best in the floor-making trade. People know the family for being good people.

Also, Mannington Inc. makes many quality items. It keeps the firm ahead of the rest.

The firm has plants in Alabama, North Carolina, and Georgia.

Features of the Mannington Vinyl Flooring

Mannington vinyl floors have specs that make them stand out. Each feature shows that it can last for a long time. Also, they will improve the look of your home.

So, let’s take a closer look at what to expect from these vinyl floors.

The Green Factor

The Green Factor

Most vinyl floor firms make eco-friendly items. It’s because many people care about the air quality before buying any LVT or LVP.

Remember, any old vinyl cover can release harmful toxins. But many firms keep reducing these risks. Mannington Inc. isn’t different from the rest. Their LVP and LVT have the FloorScore tag.

It means that they have low or zero VOCs. Also, the floors have the levels of keep high air quality.So, you can buy and put them in your house. It will be safe for your home.

How Mannington Makes them

The firm makes them using the usual way of making vinyl floors. So, the LVP has three layers. These are the base, wear, and decorative coatings.

But to add to that three, these floors have two extra layers. Some have the wood-plastic core (WPC), while others have the stone-plastic core (SPC).

With the WPC, the wood helps in creating the rigid body of the LVP. It makes tiny air pockets that give the planks more flex. Also, it makes them reduce the sound when you walk on them.

There is a wear layer and a cap on the WPC. It makes the LVP to be more stable.

So, under the WPC, you’ll get the underlayment that is common in every LVP.

Mannington also makes LVP with SPC. So, with SPC, the LVP with being stronger. Also, it will make your feet feel soft as you walk on them.

The main body is from the SPC. It means that the LVP will last for a long time. It’s best for areas with high traffic, commercial places, and where kids play.

Also, the SPC has a wear layer and a cap. Under the SPC, there is the stable layer and the underlayment.

The layers on these planks make them resist any scratches and dents. If you have pets and kids in your house, don’t worry. These LVPs will be safe.



Like most LVP, expect Mannington vinyl floors to be 100% waterproof. LVP with both WPC and SPC bodies have a wear layer that helps them be waterproof.

Also, the layer prevents water from getting inside the planks. So, you can use these vinyl floors in water areas like the kitchen and bathrooms.

Remember, the waterproof will depend on the style of Mannington vinyl floor you choose.

Water will only get inside the layers if you don’t fix them well. Ensure you call a pro to help you if you aren’t sure of the steps.

Ease of Maintaining

Mannington vinyl floors are easy to clean and maintain. Yes, with reasonable care, the LVP and LVT will last for a long time. Also, it will keep the quality specs.

So, the steps aren’t tricky. But they vary with what style of Mannington LVP you use.

If you have REALTA, Adura rigid lines or flex, don’t wet mop them. You’ll only need to sweep, vacuum, or dust mop to make them clean.

Ensure you clean or remove any drink or water spill on the floor very fast. It avoids staining the floor.

You can use any mopping if you have Adura MaxAPEX and Max. It’s because of their micro-bevels and good waterproof layers.

But, avoid the steam mop or using hot water if you install the LVP using glue. It will damage the LVP.

Way of Installation

If you choose to fix the LVP yourself, you’ll save more money. But you’ll take more time if you aren’t a pro. Also, there is a chance that you might miss some steps and damage the LVP.

These vinyl floors suit the DIY installation method.

You’ll need simple tools. There is the hammer, knocking block, or rubber spacers.

From there, follow the usual way of installing LVP on a sub-floor. After that, clean the floor. Remember to use the correct cleaning method depending on the type of LVP.

Choose a pro fixer from a reputable floor store.

Lines of the Mannington Vinyl Flooring

Lines of the Mannington Vinyl Flooring

Mannington mills Inc. gives you five collections. Under these lines, you’ll get many colors and styles.

So, please read on as we dive into this broad vinyl family. You’ll know which one looks appealing to you and the décor of your house.

1. Mannington ADURA MaxAPEX

This collection tops the family list. It comes in many styles and colors. Also, it’s the most flexible of all the lines.

There are more than 35 styles under this line. Some have lovely patterns in stone, while others look like wood.

If you choose the wood look, you’ll get many designs. The colors range from rustic, weathered to one parquet. Also, you can think of most of them with gray colors.

Mannington makes both LVP and LVP under this collection. You’ll get them with a sweet painting to make them more beautiful.

What of their sizes? The planks will vary with the design you choose. You can get a design like Hampton is 12 by 24 inches. Aspen will be eight by 24 inches.

Remember, these sizes can be as large as 16 by 48 inches or as low as six by 36 inches. The thickness remains at 8 mm for every style.

ADURA MaxAPEX comes with a WPC body. Also, it has a micro-bevel edge.

So, it makes them waterproof and has no scratches and dents. This spec comes with the help of the HydroLoc tech.

With this WPC spec, you can use them in the kitchen, bathrooms, and other washing areas. This LVP and LVT will work on most sub-floors (soft or hard).

But you can’t use them in places with much sunlight or very high temperatures. The LVP will fade.

2. Mannington ADURA Max

Mannington ADURA Max isn’t much different from MaxAPEX. Most people buy styles from this line.

Its difference with MaxAPEX is that it can reduce noise. Remember, it will happen if you fix the vinyl planks well.

These planks have the WPC body. Also, it has a wear layer. So, expect them to resist scratches and stains.

Well, it’s because these styles have beauty and make your feet feel warm.

So, what are these styles? This line has over 79 types with many colors. You can choose the best that fits your décor.

Also, these styles have at least 15 wood look colors ranging from deep brown to weathered gray with a touch of fashion.

You’ll also get them in stone looks. Here you’ll have over 20 styles. The colors are gray, russet, beige, cream, brown, and white tones.

The sizes vary with the style you choose. The planks are either six by 48 inches for the wood look styles or seven by 48 inches.

If you choose the stone look, the sizes are 12 by 24 inches.

ADURA Max is suitable for most hard floors. You can use the floating method to place them. But don’t place in areas with sunlight and high temperatures.

3. Mannington ADURA Rigid

The rigid collection can work under many conditions. It’s very flexible if you compare it with the other groups. That is why it’s called ‘Rigid.’

It can survive under very high temperatures and sunlight rays. But how is it possible?

ADURA rigid has the SPC and not the WPC. So, this body makes the planks strong to withstand any temperatures, dents, or wild places.

Also, they are easy to install. You’ll use the floating method.

There are over 70 styles under this line. Under the styles, you’ll get many colors.

You’ll get both wood and stone looks. It has almost the same type of style as the ADURA Max collection. But some of the unique styles are Tiger’s eye acacia and Anchor seaport.

The wood-looking ones are either six by 48 inches or seven by 48 inches in terms of sizes. Get the stone tiles in only 12 by 24 inches.

These vinyl floors can work on many subfloors. Also, you can use this LVP in bathrooms, washing areas, and even verandas.

4. Mannington ADURA Flex

The word ‘Flex’ is trendy. You’ll know that this collection comes with many new specs.

Mannington Inc. sells it as LVP. It’s because the vinyl planks here are very flexible.

Also, the firm builds it with a solid scratch-resistant layer. Installation is using the glue-down method.

These vinyl floors have over seventy styles with many colors. Also, the styles come in either wood or stone looks.

The designs are the same as ADURA Max styles. But it has three extra ones. You’ll get the snow-white, deep mahogany, and cognac.

All wood-looking planks have either six by 48 inches or seven by 48 inches. The stone tiles are either 18 by 18 inches or 12 by 24 inches.

They are 2.5 mm thick and with an 18-mil wear layer.

You can use ADURA Flex in places of high traffic. Also, don’t have any worry if you have pets or kids in your house. This line will be safe.

5. Mannington REALTA

This collection is the smallest and cheapest. It’s the baseline of Mannington vinyl floors.

So, it comes in 12 styles. From here, you’ll get 24 colors and textures. This LVP has both a stone and wood look.

Mannington Inc. makes these styles with the SPC body. It makes them strong and able to survive under many conditions.

REALTA has a thickness of 5 mm. Also, the planks come with a beveled edge.

But they also have LVT that you install them using the glue-down method. They are 2 mm thick.

Costs and Warranty

The prices of these vinyl floors range from 3 to 5 dollars per square foot. It will depend on the collections, style, size, use, and color.

But where can you get them? If you choose to look for them in big box stores, it can be a hit or miss. Be sure to get them online at places like WayFair, Regal Floors, and many others.

Mannington Inc. also gives you good guarantee terms. So, below is a table showing the prices and warranty of these vinyl floors.

Line Form Costs Per Square Ft. Guarantee




Lifetime residential

Ten years commercial





Lifetime residential

Ten years commercial





Lifetime residential

Ten years commercial





Lifetime residential

Ten years commercial





15 years residential

Six years commercial


Pros and cons

Here is a list of the pros of Mannington vinyl flooring.


  • It has many styles and designs.
  • The lines with SPC can withstand sun rays and high temperatures.
  • These planks have a strong waterproof cover.
  • You can place Adura Flex where a floating floor can’t work.
  • They are easy to clean and maintain.

Take a look at the cons.


  • Mannington won’t give you the authentic detail of the floor.
  • If it’s your first time installing DIY floors, it will be hard for you.


Mannington Inc. makes quality vinyl floors. Also, they won’t break your wallet. Most people find it to be appealing to them.

It has five collections. Under these lines, you’ll get many styles and colors that can suit the décor of your house. These floors are waterproof and are easy to clean.

They need a DIY installation method. So, you’ll need a pro to help you.

Do you have any more insights or questions about Mannington vinyl flooring? Would you mind sharing them with us?

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