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Liquid Vinyl Siding Reviews (Pros & Cons)

Do you ever wonder what to use to renew the exterior of your house? Then, worry no more. It would help if you used liquid vinyl sidings to make the outside of your home look more beautiful.

We’ll talk about liquid vinyl siding review. You’ll know everything about these sidings before choosing to buy them.

People like these sidings because they make older surfaces new. It happens without your house losing its art and design. Also, the sidings can increase the value of your home.

But what are these vinyl sidings? Who makes them for your house? Well, we’ll begin with brief info about the vinyl sidings.

What are Liquid Vinyl Sidings?

What are Liquid Vinyl Sidings

When one mentions the words vinyl sidings, you will think of panels to cover your house. But to your surprise, you can get vinyl sidings the look like paints.

They are different from ordinary paints. With liquid vinyl sidings, you’ll forget about repainting your house. Also, they are cheaper.

It’s a coating that looks beautiful. These sidings have things in them that help them look lovely and last for a long time.

Your house or office will have a sweet finish. Remember, you can also use a thick coat to place them on a building.

Who Makes Liquid Vinyl Sidings?

Liquid vinyl sidings come mainly from the Amvico and CHIC firms. Amvico has been in the market for over 30 years. It’s part of the American coating products firm, USA.

Also, this firm took over the sale of liquid vinyl sidings in 2013. They make these sidings in South Carolina.

With the CHIC advanced coating system, they are an old firm. They’ve been making vinyl sidings from 1984 to date. You can get them in Canada.

Specs of Liquid Vinyl Sidings

These vinyl sidings have attractive features to stop you from painting your house every time. You’ll avoid the stress of spending cash on paints.

Below are the specs that are in the liquid vinyl sidings. Read on to see more about these features.

1. A Super Coat

A Super Coat

These vinyl sidings will give you a lovely cover. The coat is solid and durable. Remember, you’ll see this spec if you apply the vinyl sidings well.

Other paints can only last for 5 to ten years. After that, the coat will go away. So, you’ll need to repaint the walls.

But with liquid vinyl sidings, they have a super cover. This coat comes with liquid vinyl sidings has four things. They give safe air space, are flexible, keep the beauty for long, and shed water.

Remember, the cover in the vinyl sidings make them elastic. So, some of the harsh weather and temperature changes won’t be a problem.

2. Strong Performance

Strong Performance

Besides keeping your house fresh, liquid vinyl sidings are strong. You’ll forget about the cracks, scratches, and dents in your home.

This strong coating comes because the liquid vinyl sidings are heavy. 70% of these sidings come from solid things. It makes them ten times better than other paints.

Still, on the super coat, it allows the vinyl siding to shed water. You can now bid goodbye to issues of molds. So, your house can remain fresh and new for a long time.

The liquid vinyl sidings are also strong because they resist water. It’s because of the solid coating.

3. Natural Look

After painting these vinyl sidings well on your house, it will have a natural look. It’s different from other solid vinyl sidings. These other vinyl sidings need you to nail them, thus changes how your home looks.

The walls of your home will lose their beauty. Also, the nails damage the boards on the walls.

But with liquid vinyl sidings, be sure to keep the art and beauty of your house. After applying them, they’ll look natural on your walls.

Yes, they are thick. But be sure that these vinyl sidings keep the look and structure of your house.

If your exteriors have a wood and stone look. You can apply the liquid vinyl sidings. You’ll keep seeing the styles and colors after using the paint.

4. Easy to Maintain

These vinyl sidings need minimal time to clean them. It’s because the cover is smooth. Also, it comes with a spec that keeps dirt away.

Liquid vinyl sidings always stay cleaner than other vinyl sidings and paints. But making them remain ever fresh is easy.

You need to pick a hosepipe and pour water on it with light pressure. It will give the coating a fresh and new look.

Remember, you can use high pressure to wash the walls. But you never know; it can peel off the walls. Still, it’s rare for it to happen.

5. They Keep More Energy

Do you want to see your house having the usual warmth every time? Then, liquid vinyl sidings will help you. With being flexible, their coat will fill any cracks and gaps.

The coating will fill even the smallest gap in your home. Thus, your house will be able to keep more power.

Also, the cover has some costly crystals. These things reflect the sun’s rays.

So, during the hot weather, they’ll keep the siding cooler. Even in colder temperatures, the vinyl sidings will keep more heat in your house.

6. The Green Care

The coat has vinyl resins and a copolymer. So, it makes them more eco-friendly. Many call the liquid vinyl siding a green item.

There are no other harmful things in this coating. Instead, they have more water and fewer VOCs.

Every set of these vinyl sidings has a CARB pass. It shows that they are safe for use.

Also, the firm uses salt to make these vinyl sidings. Remember, making salt is doesn’t harm the environment.

The liquid vinyl sidings are durable, and you can renew them. Every renewable material care for any setting.

7. Colors and Styles

Colors and Styles

Unlike the solid vinyl sidings, the liquid vinyl sidings are in over 1000 colors. So, you won’t need to change the look of your home because of the few shades.

You have the freedom to pick colors that will suit your décor. Also, you can mix the colors using the color chart.

This vinyl siding is quite different from solid ones. You won’t get colors with the wood or an old sweet look. Instead, it makes the décor of the house stand out.

There are two collections of liquid vinyl sidings. They are Amvico and CHIC’s advanced coating system.

Any local seller will show you many colors. Pick one or many. The choice is yours.

Remember, besides the strong cover, the colors will also add value to your home. These styles are easy to maintain. Also, they won’t fade even when they are in the UV rays.

Liquid Vinyl Siding Costs

Expect these vinyl sidings to be a bit costly than normal paints. But you’ll see that these sidings will save you more money. The cost will depend on the color you pick.

Also, expect the prices to vary with your location and seller. The quality will determine the costs. There is the basic, better, and best.

Pick a pro to estimate the amount of pain your house will need. Remember, estimating the prices is free unless it’s for repair.

So, per the square foot, the costs range from $3 to $6. So, if your house is bigger, expect the costs to be high. But they’ll be worth it.

You can only get them on the firm’s online site. At the site, you’ll find a locator near you.

You’ll also get friendly guaranty terms. It assures you that the paint won’t crack or peel. These acts will be for over 30 years.

Pros and Cons

Below are the pros of liquid vinyl sidings:


  • You can apply the liquid vinyl siding on any wall.
  • There are many colors to choose from (over 1000).
  • These vinyl sidings are durable, and you won’t need any repainting.
  • After applying the liquid vinyl sidings, the texture and beauty of the surface will remain intact.
  • If you paint them well, moisture won’t be in the walls.
  • They are water-resistant.
  • They are eco-friendly and save energy.
  • The coating prevents fading from UV light.

Here are the cons of liquid vinyl siding:


  • It should be a permanent choice if you pick to have the liquid vinyl sidings on your house.
  • Applying the liquid paint wrongly will lead to a costly repair.
  • Some homemakers will overrate them and increase the costs.
  • Painting them is costly.


Liquid vinyl sidings will give your house a fresh look and for a long time. You only need to apply them well on your wall, and you’ll enjoy everything about them.

It’s the best vinyl siding if you want to avoid issues of cleaning and maintain them. Also, your exterior won’t change its look.

So, do you have any more insights about liquid vinyl sidings? Do you plan to get them for your home? Please feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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