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LifeProof Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews (Pros & Cons)

Are you looking for a vinyl floor that’s easy to install by DIY? Do you want one that you can use in the wet areas of your house? Then it would help if you chose LifeProof vinyl planks today.

Here, we’ll cover all about the LifeProof vinyl plank flooring review. Keep reading to see if LifeProof will be best for your next project.

People also call it Allure floors. It’s one of the best. You’ll get something lovely that will last even if you have a small budget.

But let’s go straight to it. We’ll start with the firm that makes these vinyl floors.

Who Makes the LifeProof Vinyl Floors?

Who Makes the LifeProof Vinyl Floors

LifeProof vinyl floors come from Halstead New England Inc. It’s in Norwalk, USA.

This firm is part of the HTMX family. People know HTMX for making nice building stuff. So, be sure that LifeProof comes from a family that makes solid and beautiful floors.

They also make home fittings and finishing items in China. But their main affair is making top floors. After that, they sell to many sellers.

Today, they have around 17 workers. All work in the branches of the firm. Remember, under Halstead, there are two firms.

They’ve been in the market for over thirty years. But they’ve been selling LifeProof vinyl floors for the past five years.

During this time, Halstead has won many awards. All come from the floor items they make.

Specs of the LifeProof Vinyl Floors

Every vinyl floor has specs to help them stand out in the market. Well, it’s the same even for LifeProof LVPs.

These features can make you fall for them even before you look at their lines. So, here is what keeps LifeProof an extra step ahead of other LVPs.


Here, the vinyl planks have a core that’s up to 5 mm rigid. These LVPs have a thickness ranging from 6.5 mm to 8.5 mm. It makes them strong and be able to last for a long time.

The ISOCORE is a foam in a closed-cell. This core makes the LifeProof LVPs 100% waterproof. So, if you want to floor a room like a kitchen or a washroom, these LVPs will suit you.

An Attached Underlayment

You’ll get these LVPs with an underlayment. It has an HDPE plastic layer with a new microbial part. So, it means that first, you won’t have to buy an extra pad before installing them.

Also, the layer makes the LVPs soft and warm to walk on them. You won’t hear any noise, unlike when you walk on tiles and floor floors.

With this pad, you will forget about molds and stains. If you have kids and pets, don’t worry about their dirt on the LVPs.

You can also say bye to scratches. These LVPs come with a layer that makes them free of any dents and scratches.

Remember, it makes these floors be the best for those who have allergies. There won’t be any foul smells on the floors. Unless you bring some other smelly thing in the house, these LVPs will help keep your home fresh, new, and clean.

Green Care

Before or after buying these vinyl floors, be sure that they are safe for use at home. LifeProof LVPs are ever free of any harmful items, unlike some other floors.

Every LifeProof item comes with a pass to show they have low VOCs. It means they are healthier for you. But it doesn’t mean they have no VOCs.

So, how does the certificate look like? You’ll find every of their product with the FloorScore pass. This spec shows that the LVPs won’t affect the air space of your home.

In some other LVPs, you’ll get the GreenGuard Gold cert. But as for these LifeProof LVPs, it doesn’t have this pass.

Though, it shouldn’t worry you. The FloorScore one is enough.

Ease of Installation

LifeProof LVPs should be your choice if you want floors that will be easy to place. Yes, there are many other LVPs with this spec, but it also makes LifeProof stand out.

You’ll only need to click the planks together. The firm doesn’t allow any use of glue. So, it’s super cheap to install these floors.

It’s because the planks have the tongue and groove look. If you have moderate skills, go ahead and fix them. But if not, hire a pro installer to make things easier and safer for you.

But these floors can be a mess in places of heavy traffic. The floating floors can shift or even break.

You can install them on any sub-floor. Though the firm says you need to prepare them for two days before placing, you can still put them after buying.

Also, it would help if you placed the vinyl floors in a place where you can control the temperature. If not, they’ll face the effect of humidity and heat

Lines of the LifeProof Vinyl Floors

The lines of these LVPs vary with the size of the wear layer. So, the thicker the wear layer, the better the collection.

Under these sets, it is where you’ll get many colors and styles. But the types might be the same across the lines. All these colors will look beautiful in your home.

It’s now up to you to choose what you want for your décor. Also, most styles are of the wood look. So, read on to see what collection will be of interest to you.

1. The Six Mil Layer

Under this set, it’s where you’ll get most LifeProof LVPs. Even with the thinnest wear layer of the three lines, these LVPs still have excellent specs. These vinyl planks suit those who are starting in the building sector.

The .06 inches layer has ceramic beads. It makes them even stronger. So, it shouldn’t worry you that they are very thin.

The sizes of the planks range from 6.5 mm to 8.5 mm. They’ll even fit wider floors.

Here, you’ll get many styles that only look like wood and stone. Most of them have an oak-like look. There is also the weather and distressed wood.

The colors under oak range from light, whitewash hues to chocolate. Also, you can get colors in brown and charcoal shades. Those available in stone looks are few.

Remember, these vinyl floors will best suit your homes. If your house has more traffic, then these LVPs won’t be the best. But they are better than any LVPs with a 6-mil layer.

In the house, it will best suit a place like the guest room. Expect it to last for a long time. If your home has many people, then go for the 12 and 22-mil collections.

2. The Seven and Eight Mil Wear Layer

It’s the most common line. The collection has many colors and styles you can pick for your house. Even better, these styles come in both wood and stone looks.

Under the wood looks, you’ll get many styles of oak. They all have the embossing tech.

But you can get some that have a sweet look by a hand scrape. These LVPs look rustic.

You can get planks with the old sweet look or modern. It’s why most people love buying the LVPs under this collection.

Many people also prefer having these vinyl floors because they are cheap and can last long. Remember, LifeProof will give you the best seven or 8-mill wear layer LVPs. Only a few brands can be as strong as these LVPs.

Also, the styles under this collection tend to look like laminate floors. But of course, these LVPs are way better.

You’ll get these LVPs in many colors. All come in either stone or wood looks. But the styles can limit what to get for the décor of your home.

When you look at the thickness of these LVPs, expect them to be 6 to 8.5 mm thick. The lengths lie from 48 to 54 inches long.

So, if you use them at home in rooms with less traffic, the LVPs will last for a long time. But if it’s in your workspace or a place that many people use, it will reduce their durability.

3. The 12 Mil Layer

Here, this collection has one best 12-mil layers if you compare it to other LVPs. This line comes second among the LifeProof LVP collections after the 22-mil layer line.

These LVPs are better than the 8-mil, and 6-mil wear layer lines. It is because the wear layer is thicker. Even if they have ceramic beads, they’ll last for a long time.

With this wear layer, you can use the LVPs in any place. It can be your home or office. So, traffic is never a problem with the LVPs under this line.

This line is the best for you to use in your office. Also, it suits a room that gets more traffic in your house. They’ll give you a value that will last for a long time.

If you have no plans to move from your present place, choose the styles under this collection. At a fair cost, the LifeProof LVPs with the 12-mil layer can last for over 15 years without losing their beauty.

Though the colors aren’t many, you can get something for your home. You’ll get them in wood and stone looks.

The sizes of these LVPs are 8 mm thick. It means they’ll be able to stand any weight on them. You’ll get them with a length of 48 to 54 inches.

4. The 22 Mil Layer

If LifeProof LVPs are the choice of LVPs you want, then you should pick on this collection. It has the best specs that you could be looking for in any LifeProof LVP.

Remember, you can pick on them if money isn’t a problem for you. You’ll get value for your money.

But the styles and colors are few. So, you’ll get only less than 20 colors. All come in the wood and stone looks.

Many of the styles here have a lovely old look. Also, most of them look like oak and other hardwood trees.

You can get some of the styles with light, medium, or dark colors. So, there isn’t much freedom for you to pick for your house or office.

The sizes of these LVPs will also amaze you. They come in lengths that are even 72 inches long. So, it allows you to transition from one board to another.

With these LVPs, you can use them anywhere. You can place them in any room of the house, even if it gets more traffic.

The claws of big pets like dogs won’t be of trouble to these LVPs. Remember, they are solid and durable.

Costs of LifeProof LVPs

Before looking at how much it will cost you to get these LVPs, know that you can only get them at Home Depot. It’s an online store, but you can get one near you. These costs will vary with your location, the set you choose, color, and size.

If you choose the line with a thick wear layer (12 or 22 mils), expect it to be more costly. Also, they all range from $2.59 to $4.39.

You can smile because the guaranty terms are friendly. For every line, you’ll get a lifetime guaranty, but for office use, it will depend on the wear layer you choose. Here is a table that shows the costs for each line and the warranty.

Line Costs Per Square Foot. Guaranty
Six mil $2.59 to $3.09 Lifetime and five years commercial
7 and 8 mil $ 3.29 to $3.59 Lifetime and five years commercial
12 mil $2.79 to $3.59 Lifetime and ten years commercial
22 mil $4.09 to $4.39 Lifetime and 15 years of commercial


Pros and Cons of LifeProof LVPs

Here are the pros of these LVPs:


  • These LVPs are pretty cheap by looking at the specs they have.
  • The lifetime guaranty is friendly.
  • LifeProof LVPs have low VOCs with a Floorscore pass.
  • They are easy to install.
  • You’ll have an easy time cleaning and maintain them.
  • They are waterproof.
  • The LVPs come with a strong wear layer.

What about the cons? Read on to see more about them:


  • Guaranty terms only apply to the first buyer.
  • They can fade when you place them on UV rays.


LifeProof LVPs will best suit you if you love vinyl floors with a wood look. You can also get ones with the stone look, but few. These vinyl planks will give you an easy time to install them.

The firm gives these LVPs a wood look using the embossing tech. It makes them look beautiful.

These LVPs have the FloorScore pass. With the low VOCs, they’ll suit people with health issues.

So, do you have any more insights about LifeProof LVPs? Do you plan on buying them? Please let us know.

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