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Karndean Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews (Pros & Cons)

Ever thought of getting vinyl planks from a firm that only makes LVPs? Then look for Karndean vinyl plank floors in the market. Here, we’ll talk about the Karndean firm, lines, features, costs, and pros, and cons.

Well, many people love these vinyl planks because they are easy to maintain. Also, they last for a long time and will be warm to your feet. You’ll have peace with Karndean vinyl planks in your home.

Remember, it’s helpful to know what other people think about it. So, if you are ready, let’s start with a quick detail about the Karndean Company.

Karndean Floor Firm

This vinyl plank firm is in the U. K. It started as a family’s business in 1973.

It started as a small firm. But now, it’s among the best in the market. Ever since 1973, it makes quality and beautiful LVPs.

At that time, the family believed that making LVPs should be beautiful and practical. So, they moved around many places to look for things from nature to make their LVPs. Karndean makes its floors in Asia. Then, it sells in the U. K, U. S, and other places.

Today, they also look for ideas from nature to make their LVPs.

Also, this firm has a history of giving a lovely customer care service.

Features of the Karndean Floor Firm

Features of the Karndean Floor Firm

Karndean LVPs have some sweet specs. Remember, every LVP in the market will have something to make them unique.

Well, with Karndean, it will give you many things. Also, you won’t get most of these advantages in other LVPs. Read on to see the specs you’ll get in any Karndean LVP.

1. They are Durable

Be sure that every Karndean LVP will last for a long time. The durability of a vinyl plank is indeed different from that of wood.

But how does the firm make its planks durable? The inner material and layers of the vinyl planks make them strong.

So, the thickness of every vinyl plank is from 2 mm to 6.5 mm. This feature means that it can last for a long time. Though it’s the range of most LVPs, Karndean vinyl floors are better.

Also, you’ll see that these vinyl planks have a 20 to 30 mil wear layer. The flooring will be in good shape.

2. Easy to Maintain

These vinyl planks will give you an easy time to maintain them. Karndean will tell you that their LVPs can resist stain.

You won’t need any tricky steps to keep up with them. So, you’ll only need to sweep and mop them like any other floor.

Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Also, you can pour water or spills on them, and there won’t be any damage. Different from carpets, these LVPs can’t keep dust and dirt.

The firm also added the new P. U surface treatment to the LVPs. This cover prevents any slip and resists soil. So, you’ll have an easier time cleaning them. You won’t need to wax them.

For better care, you can use cleaning agents from Karndean.

3. The Green Care

Karndean LVPs care about you. The firm knows that you should go for “The Green” LVPs when improving your floor.

So, when buying these vinyl planks, expect them to have the FloorScore badge. It means that their LVP doesn’t have the off-gases and has fewer VOCs.

These LVPs will be safe for your children and pets at home.

Also, Karndean ensures that there’s more than the FloorScore certificate. When packing their vinyl planks, the boxes come from safe materials.

Note that the firms that make these vinyl planks in Asia have the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates. Read more about their eco-friendly activities on their site.

Remember, it’s something that’s not in other vinyl plank brands.

Karndean Vinyl Plank Lines

Karndean Vinyl Plank Lines

Every customer loves a firm that gives them many options. Well, Karndean vinyl planks have seven collections. Under the lines, you’ll get many styles and colors.

Also, you’ll have an easy time as you browse for them on their website. Read to see what to expect.

1. The Art Select

Karndean makes this collection look like wood or stones. Their finishes tend to mimic the textures of any natural thing. Most of the firms’ vinyl planks fall in this line.

The main thing with this collection is that Karndean makes them using the embossing tech.

There are only four stone styles in this line. So, you’ll get the slate, limestone, marble, and Travertine LVPs.

With the wood look, you’ll get three styles. There is oak, hickory, and American chestnuts.

What of their sizes? These new styles in this line have a total length of 5 by 9 inches. But if you choose to take the old parquet styles, you’ll get them in 18 by 3 inches.

So, you’ll have more freedom to choose what best fits your floor.

2. Da Vinci

As the name sounds, you’ll get pure art for your floors. This collection will look lovely before your eyes.

Karndean gives them a rustic look with the best texture among all their LVPs. If you want your floor to look like the traditional stone, then Da Vinci suits you.

You’ll get around three styles under this collection. It’s a sweet mix between vinyl tiles and planks. In these styles, the colors range from light pink marble to rusty copper.

Also, if you want a floor that looks like steel, you’ll get it in this line.

Karndean makes wood styles under Da Vinci. There is walnut, Oak, Maple, and Acacia.

The unique thing with Da Vinci LVPs is the bevel edge. But even with sweet styles, they only have a width of 3 inches.

3. Van Gogh and Van Gogh Rigid Core

Do you want to give your floor the American taste? Then Van Gogh should be your choice.

This line will give you the look of large wood planks. So, it will make your floor look like timber with a good texture.

There are 46 styles under Van Gogh.  All come from the United States. So, you’ll get beech, pine, oak, redwood, and many others. But these planks have a thin wear layer.

Under the Van Gogh rigid core, there are 14 styles. All of them come with a rigid body to interlock them. These styles have the same shade as the main Van Gogh.

The difference is that they are more rigid. Even with a 20-mil wear layer, the planks are 4.5 mm thicker. Also, you’ll use the glue-down when placing them.

It means that installing them will be quick and easy. With the K-Core waterproof tech, you can float the planks on harder sub-floors.

4. The Opus

Variety can spice up your life. So, if you want to add some spice to your floors, go for the Karndean Opus line. You’ll have more freedom to choose what suits the taste of your surface.

There are 36 styles of wood and concrete like LVPs. So, expect to see the golden teak (with beautiful patterns and Nero), Blackstone, and many more. The colors range from black, brown, white to cream.

Also, the styles have more interesting specs than other lines.

The styles have a width that ranges from 4 to 9 inches. Also, they have an extra width of 2.5 mm.

5. Knight Tile

With this collection, you get vinyl planks with a wood and stone look. It’s the cheapest among the Karndean lines.

It comes in 36 styles. All of them have a nice texture, while others have a rustic appeal. Some of them have a light look. Others have a wild look like copper slate. Remember, each style comes from nature. The vinyl planks have bevel edges. It helps in making your floor look better.

These LVPs have a wear layer of 12-mil. Expect their thickness to be at 2 mm. Also, the stripes and borders help you make beautiful floor designs.

6. LooseLay and LooseLay Longboard

LooseLay and LooseLay Longboard

This line is different from the others because of its way of installation. Most of them need the glue-down method. But as for the LooseLay collection, there’s no glue.

Also, with LooseLay, you’ll have an effortless time installing them. Yes, most LVPs allow you to use the loose lay option, but Karndean makes it easier.

You’ll not need any staples. But how is it possible? The K-Wave friction gives a solid grip to hold the planks on the floor.

The line comes in wood and concrete styles. You’ll get colors ranging from tan to gold and grey.

Remember, the planks are 4.5 mm thick. But the sizes are ten by 41 inches long.

If you want a longer size, there’s the LooseLay longboard. These planks are ten by 59 inches long. Also, the styles and colors will be the same.

Note that these two collections are best for small rooms or spaces. It will help you reduce the noise on the floor without any underlay.

Also, there won’t be any case of the planks expanding or shrinking. So, don’t worry if you live in places with high temperatures.

7. Korlok Select and Korlok Reserve

Karndean also gives another option that is easy to install. You’ll get Korlok. There are two types, which are Select and Reserve.

These vinyl planks come with a ready backing. So, you will have an easy time installing them. It’s the Holdfast 5G tech that will help you.

Both come in beautiful wood designs. But what makes them different?

The Korlok Select has a size of 9 by 56 inches. It’s only the Barnwood style which has a length and height of 6 by 24 inches. Korlok Reserve styles come in 7 by 48 inches.

What of the styles? The Select Collection has 27 types. So, you’ll get them in oak, ash, or the Hawaiian Koa. They are beautiful, classic with rustic looks.

Reserve comes in 12 styles. They are oak, pine, and walnut, among others. Also, they are beautiful. Both lines have classic colors. You’ll get natural and mid-brown.

Karndean LVPs Costs and Availability

Since the firm gives you quality LVPs, expect to get them at a high price. But the prices won’t be the same. It will depend on the collection, styles, size, and color.

Here is a price range of the collections.

Line Budget Range Price Per Square Ft.
Art Select High-end $5.50
Da Vinci High-end $5.19
Van Gogh and Van Gogh Rigid Mid-Range $4.34
Opus Low $3.84
Knight Tile and Knight Tile Rigid Core Low $2.68
Karndean Looselay and Looselay Longboard Mid- Range $4.77
Korlok Select and Reserve Mid-Range $4.61

So, where can you get these vinyl planks? Well, unlike other vinyl planks like Mohawk, it isn’t easy to get them.

Get them on the Karndean site, which is easy to use. Also, look for local flooring sellers and see if they have it.


The guarantee terms are friendly. It’s because these vinyl planks are of high quality and durable. But it will depend on where you are going to use them.

As you fix them, ensure you follow every step to avoid damages. Also, get a pro if you aren’t sure of the simple steps.

Below is a table of each line’s guarantee and costs.

Line Residential Warranty Commercial Warranty
Art Select Lifetime 20 Years
Da Vinci Lifetime 20 Years
Van Gogh and Van Gogh Rigid Lifetime 15 Years
Opus Lifetime 15 Years
Knight Tile and Knight Tile Rigid Core Lifetime 10 Years
Karndean Looselay and Looselay Longboard Lifetime 10 Years
Korlok Select and Reserve Lifetime 15 years

Pros and Cons

No vinyl plank product lacks a good and bad side. Take a look at the Pros of Karndean vinyl planks.


  • It comes in many collections, styles, sizes, and colors.
  • You’ll get good guarantee terms.
  • With the FloorScore and BRE Global Green Guide, be sure that they are eco-friendly.
  • The LVPs are easy to clean and maintain.
  • You’ll have a warm floor.

What about the cons? Read on to see.


  • Most of the lines have the glue-down option for fixing them. It limits the ways you can use to place them.
  • You can’t place the planks in areas of direct sun rays.


If you want quality LVPs that look like wood, stone, or tiles, go for the Karndean collections. Even if you have a small budget, you can get some of the lines.

Under these seven collections, Karndean has many styles and colors. Their guarantee terms are also good because the LVPs last for a long time.

Also, these vinyl planks can fade. But Karndean has one of the most eco-friendly LVPs.

So, have you thought of buying Karndean LVPs? Do you have more insights or any questions about Karndean vinyl planks? Would you mind sharing them with us?

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  1. The Karndean plank flooring is pretty hard-wearing, but it’s not indestructible. We chose it because it resists flooding (a major risk in our area). However, in my home office, the surface has worn away with passage of the wheels of my office chair repeatedly over the same spot.


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