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Home Decorators Collection Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews (Pros & Cons)

Do you want vinyl plank floors of decent quality but on a small budget? Well, Home Decorators Collection is the LVP you should be looking for in the market.

Here we’ll cover the Home Decorators Collection vinyl plank flooring review.

Customers love it because it’s cheap. So, if you are in a home but expect to move out in the next few years, go for it.

The LVP doesn’t have many styles and colors. But it has the qualities of normal vinyl planks.

Are you ready? Let’s start with the Halstead New England. These are the makers of the Home Decorators Collection LVPs.

About Halstead New England

About Halstead New England

Halstead is a firm that makes many vinyl floors. It also makes LVPs like Allure and LifeProof LVP.

You’ll find Halstead’s main offices are in Norwalk, CT, USA. Also, the owners of the firm are the HMTX family. They are a known group in the construction industry.

Halstead keeps selling floors and surfaces for over 30 years now. They grow every year and get awards for their quality LVPs.

It makes vinyl planks in China and sells them across the world. The only place it sells the LVP is the Home Depot.

Besides making LVPs, they make building surfaces for homes and offices.

Lines of Home Decorators Collection (HDC) LVP

Lines of Home Decorators Collection (HDC) LVP

Unlike many other LVPs, HDC has only two lines. But expect the styles to have many colors that will improve your house’s décor.

The difference between the two lines is the thickness. So, there is the 4 mm and 4.2 mm HDC LVP.

Read on to see more about these lines.

4 mm HDC LVP

Even if it has a thinner wear layer, it’s better than the other line with a 12-mill wear layer. And as the name sounds, the styles in this collection are 4 mm thick. Their body has an 8-mil wear layer.

Also, there is a ceramic bead overlay in these LVPs. It protects the floors from having any scratches and dents after installation.

Remember, the ceramic bead makes the floor stronger. Yes, you can’t expect any 8-mil wear layer to make the floor durable.

These planks come in a size of 7.5 by 47.5 inches. It won’t vary with the way of installation.

What about the styles? Halstead makes around 35 types of HDC LVP. Note that the firm can either reduce or increase these numbers.

The colors range from light, medium to dark gray. Though these colors aren’t many, people still like them.

You’ll get the styles in both wood and stone looks. The typical wood look is like the Big Bear Oak and silver oak.

When it comes to the stone looks, you’ll get types like fluid marble. All have a light grain texture.

HDC LVPs can suit households that have many people. Below are the few places you can use these LVPs.

  • A big house with big pets or young kids.
  • A place where the owner doesn’t have time to sweep dirt from the floor. This 4 mm HDC LVP will be the right choice.

4.2 mm HDC LVP

The styles under this line are 4.2 mm thick. Different from the first collection, this 4.2 mm HDC LVP has two levels. There is the cheap and mid-grade level.

If you choose the cheap type, the styles have an 8-mil wear layer. But remember, these styles aren’t the same as the first collection.

So, the body comes from urethane material. It means that you can only use the LVPs in a house with light traffic. Also, it doesn’t suit a house with big pets and many kids.

With this cheap type, you can’t use them in places that get exposure to UV light. These are places like verandas. But if it’s inside the house, cover the place with a rag.

Now to the mid-grade type. It has a 12-mil wear layer. So, expect to be solid and durable.

But how long the vinyl planks will last varies with the traffic in your house. Also, with these floors, you can house big pets.

Both the cheap and mid-grade levels make a total of 30 styles. Most of these styles have the wood looks and stone looks.

The colors range from dark to white. There are also the white-weathered colors.

These vinyl planks come in sizes of 6 by inches or eight by 48 inches. Also, the 12-mill wear layer level suits those who want mid-grade LVPs but at a low cost.

Besides the two lines, Halstead keeps making more lines. You might get collections with a six mil to 20-mil wear layer. They have the same specs as the 4 mm HDC LVP.

Specs of the HDC LVP

Like many other LVP brands, HDC has specs that make them unique. But these features won’t be different from the typical LVPs.

These specs come from how the firm makes the vinyl floors. So, let’s get right to it and look at these features.

The HDC LVP are Waterproof

The HDC LVP are Waterproof

Both the lines under HDC LVPs are waterproof. It’ because the body of these LVPs comes from fiberglass.

Also, the vinyl material layers surround the fiberglass layer. So, it means that the vinyl planks won’t allow any water to come into the floors.

The fiberglass also doesn’t allow any stains from fluids or pets to come onto them. Remember, the eight and 12-mil wear layers can help make this feature last for a long time.

These vinyl planks also have a waterproof PVC. But it doesn’t mean you should use them in water areas like the kitchen and bathroom.

But if there is a spill on the floor, wipe it immediately. You’ll see that the LVPs will have this waterproof spec for a long time.

You can install them on Many Sub-floors

You can install them on Many Sub-floors

Though these vinyl planks don’t have the quality of premium LVPs, you can install them on most sub-floors. This spec isn’t standard in most LVPs.

So, you can place them even on damp floors, concrete, and wood. But each sub-floor should meet some conditions.

If you place the HDC LVPs on wood, they should be clean, have no dust, and not broken. You’ll only need to remove fasteners from the wood. Then sand the edges and fill the gaps.

For a concrete sub-floor, it will be easy. Place a moisture barrier and tape the perimeter of the floor. Then begin installing the LVPs.

The tile sub-floors will need some work on them before you place the LVP. Place a skim coating to act as a vapor barrier. HDC LVPs will grout the tile lines.

Ease of Installation

If you love the DIY way of installing vinyl planks, then these vinyl planks will suit you. These LVPs only need the click and lock method (floating).

It means that you won’t need any glue or costly tools. But you’ll need to prepare your floor for 48 hours before installing the LVPs.

Remember, you can also use glue if you want.

They are Eco-friendly

Expect these vinyl floors not to affect the air quality of your house. When you buy the package of these LVPs, you’ll see that they have a FloorScore card.

So, it means that that HDC LVPs have low or zero VOCs. It makes them safe even for small kids and adults with health problems.

Costs and Availability of the HDC LVP

These vinyl planks aren’t expensive. It’s the main benefit of choosing them.

Expect the price of these vinyl planks to range from $1.79 to $3.29 per square foot. So, the prices will depend on the line, style, size, and color.

Also, you might need a pro to help you. So, the costs might be higher. These vinyl planks come with an extra pad as an underlayment.

If you are looking for these LVP, you’ll only get them at the Home Depot site. Halstead firm has only allowed this store to sell these vinyl floors.

You can order online, and Home Depot will deliver them to you.

When it comes to the guaranty of these vinyl planks, it will depend on the line you choose. Below is a table showing guarantees of some lines and costs.

Line Price Per Square Foot Guaranty
4-mm $2.39 Limited Lifetime residential

No guarantee for commercial use

4.2 mm $1.79 Limited Lifetime residential

No guarantee for commercial use

Pros and Cons

Below are the pros of HDC LVPs.


  • These vinyl planks are cheaper than the premium LVP
  • They have a strong wear layer to make them last for a long time.
  • The fiberglass makes the vinyl planks to be waterproof.
  • HDC LVPs come with an underlayment, so you won’t need to buy them.

Also, take a look at the cons.


  • These planks are thinner than most LVPs.
  • They can’t last if you use them in commercial places.


Home Decorators Collection (HDC) LVPs are cheap. You’ll get most of the qualities of a decent LVP in these LVPs.

In the market, you will get two lines. These collections come because of the thickness. But under these collections, there are many colors.

Remember, they are solid and durable because they have fiberglass material. Also, don’t place them in areas that get UV light. They will fade.

Is there any question or feedback about these LVPs? Would you please reach to us and share them?

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