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7 Best Hickory Vinyl Plank Flooring Options In 2022

hickory vinyl flooring

With its blend of different tones and distinctive woodgrain, hickory makes a wonderful choice for flooring. And vinyl plank flooring with a hickory pattern is an inexpensive and low maintenance alternative to the real thing.

We’ve scoured the internet for the seven best hickory vinyl plank flooring options out there. And we’re going to take you through their pros and cons to help you make your choice.

So carry on reading to find out more!

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The best hickory vinyl plank flooring options

1. COREtec Pro Plus Belmont, Hickory

COREtec Pro Plus Belmont Hickory VV017-01005 SPC Vinyl Flooring [Sample]

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COREtec’s Pro Plus Belmont range includes a beautiful hickory finish. And it’s tough enough for any household – no matter how many pets or children it has to contend with! Its robust construction is reflected in a lifetime warranty for residential use.

It’s also a good choice for commercial settings. The warranty in that case is 15 years.

The core is made from a combination of virgin PVC, limestone, recycled wood and bamboo dust. It has a total thickness of 5 millimeters, and it’s completely waterproof. If you’re looking for flooring that can be used in a bathroom or kitchen, this is a great choice.

It comes with cork underlayment already attached, to make installation easier. It gives the floor a firm, comfortable feel underfoot. And it helps keep in the heat, as well as reducing noise when it’s walked on.

The planks have an angled, beveled edge on every side, so they’ll lock into one another. That makes laying them very straightforward. And you won’t need any extra adhesive to do the job.

One thing to be aware of with this one is the price – it’s pretty expensive. Having said that, it might be the last floor you need to lay in your home.

Be aware that while third party retailers stock samples, you’ll need to order your flooring direct from the manufacturer.


  • Completely waterproof, so it can be used in any room in your home
  • Comes with cork underlayment already attached, for a quieter and warmer floor
  • Lifetime warranty for residential use, and 15 years for commercial


  • Expensive – but the upfront cost is balanced by a long life
  • Orders must be placed direct with the manufacturer.

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2. Armstrong World Industries, A6715, Hickory Caramel Corn

Armstrong World Industries A6785 Luxe Plank Value Luxury Vinyl Tile, Lynx Floating Floor, Self-Adhesive Installation System, Hickory Caramel Corn

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These Hickory Caramel Corn flooring planks from Armstrong World Industries are a warm mid-brown. They have less color contrast than some hickory patterns. That makes them a good choice if you’re looking for a more polished, less rustic look.

Each plank has a self-adhesive back, so they’re very easy to install. Simply remove the backing paper and press the plank into place. Just make sure your sub-floor is even before you start work. If it isn’t, you may find you don’t get a secure bond.

The planks measure 6 inches wide by 3 feet long. That’s a good size to give the look of real floorboards. But they’re not so big that you’ll struggle to install them if your space is more limited. You’ll get 24 planks in each carton, giving you a total coverage of 36 square feet.

They’re 100 per cent waterproof, so you can use them in any room in your home. And there’s a urethane layer to resist wear and tear.

Note, though, that these aren’t scratch resistant. They do, however, come with a 10-year warranty for residential use, and 5 years for light commercial use.


  • Self-adhesive for easy installation
  • 100 per cent waterproof
  • 10-year warranty for residential use


  • Not scratch-resistant
  • You’ll need your sub-floor to be smooth and level to ensure the glue bonds tight.

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3. PowerSellerUSA Hickory Floor Planks

Floor Planks Do it Yourself Peel N' Stick Vinyl Wood Look Planks (6' x 36' - 3 Pack, Hickory)

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These vinyl planks from PowerSellerUSA are a darker shade of hickory. The tone here is fairly uniform across the plank, giving a more subtle appearance.

Each plank measures 6 inches wide by 3 feet long. You can buy them in packs of ten, and multipacks are available too, bringing down the price per square foot.

They’ll resist both staining and fading. And the textured surface gives the feel of real wood underfoot.

Installation is easy too. These are self-adhesive, so just peel off the backing paper and press them in place. As always with glue-down flooring, taking time to properly prepare your sub-floor will give you the best results.

One thing to watch out for with this product is that it contains a substance called DEHP. This has been linked to certain health harms, including cancer and reproductive problems.

There’s no clear consensus on how much DEHP leads to these problems. But if you’re worried about chemicals in your home, another option may suit you better.


  • Will resist staining and fading
  • The textured surface replicates the feel of real wood
  • Self-adhesive for easy installation


  • You’ll need a smooth, level sub-floor to get the best finish
  • Contains DEHP, which has been linked to serious health harms.

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4. Achim Imports Nexus, Hickory

Achim Imports VFP1.2HK10 Nexus Hickory 6 x 36 Self Adhesive Vinyl Floor Planks-10 Planks/15 Sq Ft, Piece, 10

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These hickory vinyl planks from Achim Imports are very similar indeed to those from PowerSellerUSA. They have a similar warm brown tone and dark graining. The result is a sophisticated take on hickory flooring.

The planks are conveniently sized at 6 inches wide and 3 feet long. You’ll get 10 of them in a pack, covering an area of 15 square feet.

They’re not very thick, though – just 1.2 millimeters. That means you’ll need your sub-floor to be smooth and level before you begin installation. If it isn’t, the self-adhesive surface may not stick properly. And any dirt or debris underneath will show through the vinyl surface.

But spend time on preparation, and installation can be quick and painless. The self-adhesive planks can just be pressed into position. And you’ll be able to make small adjustments as needed before the glue sets firm.

These have a textured surface to reproduce the feel of real wood. Once they’re in place, they’re difficult to tell apart from the genuine article.

But note that, like the planks from PowerSellerUSA, these contain DEHP. The phthalate has been linked to various serious health conditions. Whether the levels present in the flooring are enough to cause these problems is unclear. Read up on the risks before you make your decision.


  • Textured surface gives the feel of real wood
  • Self-adhesive for quick and easy installation
  • You’ll be able to make small adjustments to the position of the planks before the glue sets firm


  • They’re pretty thin, so your sub-floor will need to be in good condition before installation
  • They contain DEHP, which has been linked to cancer and reproductive health problems.

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5. Cali Vinyl Plus, Aged Hickory

CALI Vinyl Plus Sample, Vinyl Plank Flooring, Aged Hickory, 7' Wide x 6' Long, 1 Count

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Cali’s Vinyl Plus planks come in aged hickory, with an attractive, lightly bleached look. They’d look great in a farmhouse kitchen. But they’re also 100 per cent waterproof, so could just as happily be used in a bathroom, living room or bedroom.

They’re heavy duty, with a commercial standard 20-mil wear layer. They’re also scratch resistant, great if you have pets with sharp claws. They’re a good choice for heavy traffic areas like hallways. They come with an impressive 50-year warranty when used in residential settings.

The planks are designed with tongue and groove edges that allow them to click into each other. You can simply use a tapping block to knock them into place as a floating floor. Or if you prefer, you can glue them together.

But although these are thicker than most glue-down flooring, they still have some give. That means you’ll need your sub-floor to be level, to avoid them bowing. Take your time on preparation, and you’ll be rewarded with trouble-free installation.

They come with cork padding already attached, so you won’t need separate underlayment. That will help keep in the warmth, as well as reducing sound transmission. And this product is FloorScore certified, so you won’t need to worry about VOC emissions harming your home’s air quality.

This is another product where only samples are available from third party retailers. If you want to go ahead and place an order, you’ll need to do so directly via the manufacturers’ website.


  • 20-mil wear layer, with a 50-year residential warranty
  • 100 per cent waterproof
  • Can be installed as a floating floor or glued in place


  • You’ll need a level sub-floor – the planks will bend into any dips or hollows
  • Only available direct from the manufacturer.

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6. SUPERCore Xtreme SPC011X, Tennessee River Hickory (Our Top Pick)

SUPERCore Xtreme SPC011X Tennessee River Hickory Rigid Vinyl Plank Flooring, Sample

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If you’re looking for a supremely tough floor, check out SUPERCore’s Xtreme SPC011X. Its Tennessee River Hickory pattern is also one of the most attractive we’ve found.

The colors here blend from pale caramel through to dark toffee, with a gorgeous rustic aesthetic. They’ll work beautifully in both classic and contemporary design schemes. And the woodgrain texture is embossed on the surface too, so they feel like real wood.

This is one of the thickest flooring products on our list, with a depth of 6 millimeters. That includes a strong 30-mil wear layer and a coating of aluminum oxide to resist scratches. It come with a lifetime warranty for residential use.

It’s completely waterproof, and the core is made from rigid SPC. It’s FloorScore certified too, so you know it’s been independently checked for VOC emissions.

EVA padding comes pre-attached, so there’s no need for separate underlayment. And the edges are specially shaped to allow them to click together without requiring adhesive. No adhesive is used in the construction of the planks either – the different elements are heat-bonded together.

Each plank is a generous 7 inches wide and 5 feet long. That will help you to cover a bigger area quickly. And the large size really shows off the grain, giving a luxurious look to your floor.

This isn’t the cheapest vinyl flooring out there, but it’s well priced for the quality. Just note that you’ll need to order it direct from the manufacturer, although you can find samples on other websites. And you may find you need to wait a few weeks between ordering and delivery.


  • 30-mil wear layer and lifetime warranty for residential use
  • Coated in aluminum oxide for a scratch-resistant finish
  • FloorScore certified for low emissions


  • Not the cheapest – but you’re paying for quality
  • You may find you have to wait a few weeks for delivery.

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7. MS International AMZ-LVT-0014, Hampstead Hickory Bluff

M S International AMZ-LVG-0024 Hampstead 6 inch x 48 inch Glue Down Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring for Pro and DIY Installation 2MM Thick and 12MIL Wear Layer, CASE, Hickory Bluff Brown, 36 Square Feet

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This luxury vinyl plank flooring from MS International comes in a range of different finishes. But for hickory lovers, Hampstead Hickory Bluff is perfect. It has a weathered, rustic look with multiple tones that make a real feature of your floor. And the woodgrain texture makes it feel authentic too.

Each plank measures 6 inches by 4 feet. They come in a choice of a case, giving total coverage of 36 square feet, or a pallet. The latter is a very cost-effective option if you have a large area to cover. It will give you enough flooring for 2,520 square feet.

The planks here are designed to be glued into place. They can be installed below grade, on grade or above grade.

But note that you’ll need to buy and apply your own adhesive. That makes installation more time consuming, and potentially messier. But it also means you’ll be able to select an adhesive specifically designed to bond to the material of your sub-floor.

Speaking of your sub-floor, that will need to be in good shape. Make sure it’s smooth and level, or you’ll have a hard time getting a good finish.

Once in place, these planks are easy to maintain and they’ll last for ages. They’re water, scratch, dent and stain resistant. And they’re backed with a warranty for 25 years of residential use, or 6 years of light commercial use.


  • Water, scratch, dent and stain resistant
  • Textured surface for the authentic look and feel of real wood
  • 25-year warranty for residential use, and 6 years for light commercial


  • You’ll need a smooth, level sub-floor to get a good finish
  • You’ll need to buy and apply your own adhesive to these planks.

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Ready to choose your flooring?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to seven of the best hickory vinyl flooring options out there! There are great options here at all price points.

Our favorite is SUPERCore’s Xtreme SPC011X. We love the rustic look of the Tennessee River Hickory pattern. And although it’s more expensive than some options, it’s tough enough to last a lifetime.

But whichever product is right for you, we hope you’re soon enjoying beautiful and resilient hickory vinyl floors. Happy shopping!

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