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Evoke Laminate and Vinyl Flooring Reviews (Pros & Cons)

Are you looking for laminate or vinyl floors that are strong and can last for a long time? Do you want floors that will give you an easy time to install? Well, the Evoke laminate and vinyl flooring should be on the top of your list.

Here, we’ll cover the Evoke laminate and vinyl flooring review.

The firm prides itself in making floors that are easy to install. Though it hasn’t hit the market that much, buying Evoke floors will be a good choice for your space.

But let’s cut the chase. We’ll start with short info about Evoke flooring.

Evoke Flooring Company

This firm has been there since 2009. It’s part of the Metropolitan, which is in Canada.

Metropolitan began making hardwood floors in 2003. However, it came into the flooring trade in 1992.

Under this firm, you’ll get the Kentwood, Evoke, and other firms. Most of the styles have the taste of wood grain.

Right now, Paul Anderson is the CEO.

Evoke is still young. It makes and sells both clean vinyl and laminate floors in Canada and US.

Lines of Evoke Laminate Flooring

Evoke makes a few the laminate floors. These laminates have many styles and colors. On their website, the laminates are on the front page.

Remember, these styles come from the names of people. You won’t get the names of trees or places.

So, don’t be surprised to see that your name is under the collections. Here are the four types you’ll get.

  1. Au Naturel

Au Naturel

Under the Au Naturel line, there are eight styles. These types have the look of wood grain, rustic, knots, plain, and quarter sawn.

Below are some of the style names of Au Naturel:

  • Adele
  • Betsy
  • Michelle
  • Blake
  • Margo
  • Danielle
  • Gwyneth

Also, each laminate board has a natural look. Remember, sometimes looks can deceive your eyes.

The sizes of these boards are the same. They are at 6.25 by 53 inches. After installing them, the patterns keep repeating at 9 to 12 inches.

But the difference is slight in some styles. As for Margo, Gwyneth, and Daniel, they have MDF cores. Blake has the WPC body.

These planks are under the abrasion class (AC) of AC4. So, you can use them in commercial places with little traffic. They are like small shops and offices.

  1. Wide Planks

Wide Planks

There are only three styles in this collection. They are Dahlia, Olivia, and Evelyn.

They come with a smooth finish. It means you won’t need any texturing.

All have an MDF core. Also, you’ll get these planks with sizes of 7 by 48 inches.

The styles in this collection fall in the AC3 class rating. So, you can use these styles in areas with heavy traffic, like hallways. You can use them in all places.

  1. Promenade


In this line, there are twelve styles. All the types have a misted look. So, if you like dark or golden hue floors, you’ll get them under this collection.

Also, all come with a finish of a low gloss matte.

This line is the most uniform. It’s because the only difference between the styles is names and color.

These styles are like Ethels, Noah, Paula, Lottie, Archie, Fergie, Barbra and others.

The collection is under the AC4 class. It means you can use the types in residential and light traffic commercial places.

You’ll get the boards with seven by 53 inches. Expect them to be broader than the wide planks collection.

  1. Heritage


The styles in this line aren’t many. But they come in many colors. They include George, Edward, Mason, Martin, Edith, among others.

Some have the embossing of the wood grain. Others have a deep shaping made by hand. Also, some have the weathered barn wood look.

In this collection, the styles are in the AC3 class. They suit the residential places and light commercial areas.

After placing them, the floor will have a 9 to 12 inches board rotation.

Features of Evoke Laminate Flooring

These laminate floorings have some specs that make them stand out in the market. So, here is what you’ll see in these laminate boards.

  • The Green Factor

The Green Factor

Every flooring firm pushes to make floors good for the environment. Well, the same happens with Evoke.

All their collections, styles, and colors are safe. They have the TSCA Title VI certificate. Also, they comply with CA Section 01350. Some have the Greenguard gold pass.

But what are these laws? These laws make the floor firms commit to keeping the earth clean. Also, these activities are through the Beyond CARB action.

Inside the firm, there is an officer who ensures that all products are safe for use.

  • Installation

If you love using the DIY method, then go for the Evoke laminates.

The Au Naturel and Promenade use the drop and lock method. You’ll use the angle and lock for the Heritage and Wide planks.

Lines of Evoke Vinyl Flooring

Let’s now turn to the vinyl floors. Evoke gives you quality LVPs with a rich texture. In the market, people call it the composite core LVPs.

Here are the six collections of Evoke VCC. But they are under three families. It’s because they have some similar key specs.

  1. Vital and Vivid

Vital and Vivid

These styles have wood grain embossing. So, they look like genuine wood. Vital has 15 colors. They are in brown to gray tones.

Vivid has ten colors. Also, they are in grey and brown tones. The names of both lines are Brooke, Bill, Reece, Zach, among others. Both Vital and Vivid have a wear layer. Vital has it at 12-mil while Vivid has it at 2-mil.

The collections have a WPC body. So, you can use them in non-washing places. Also, their finish has a low gloss.

  1. Spark and Bridge

Spark and Bridge

These two lines have the expressive embossing wood tech. However, some Bridge types have a U. V finishing to protect them from sun rays. Both have a 12-mil layer. Also, these collections have an SPC core and low gloss finish.

Spark comes in 10 colors, ranging from brown to light grey tones. The Bridge has nine colors. Their names are Hugo, Pam, Erica, Tabitha, among others.

  1. Vigor and Runway

Vigor and Runway

These two lines have many shades and patterns. Only that Runway styles have a U. V protective layer.

Vigor and Runway have a 20-mil wear layer. Also, they have an SPC core type. So, you can use them in areas with high traffic. Expect the Vigor line to have a brushed top with a 60 inches length.

The Runway has 11 colors, all in brown and light grey. The vigor line has 13 colors also with the same colors as Runway. You’ll get them with styles like Faye, Tyra, Jace, Baxter, among others.

Features of Evoke Vinyl Flooring

Features of Evoke Vinyl Flooring

These VCC from Evoke have unique specs. All will benefit your home. So, please take a look at them.

  • The Green Factor

Expect the VCC to have the Greenguard gold certificate. It means that after placing the vinyl planks, your indoor air quality will still be good.

Also, these VCC have a very low number of VOCs.

  • Installation

The vinyl planks have three installation ways. There is the stick, click, quick. It’s a way that is unique to these LVPs.

Expect the vinyl floors to be stain-resistant and U. V light-resistant. Also, some are waterproof because of the WPC body.

Cost of Evoke Laminate and Vinyl Flooring

Cost of Evoke Laminate and Vinyl Flooring

These prices won’t be the same for the laminates and VCC. It will vary with the size, style, color, and where you buy them.

So, for laminates, the prices range from $2.09 to $3.19 per square foot. If you want the VCC, the costs range from $2.49 to $3.49 per square foot.

If you want to buy them, visit the Evoke flooring website. But since they are new in the market, you should reach out to a dealer and sees the prices first. Also, you’ll if it’s present in your place.

What about the warranty of these floors? You should know the full details. So, ensure you know what is in the terms and what’s not covered.

Below are details of the guarantees of Evoke laminates.

Lines Warranty
Promenade Lifetime residential

3-year light commercial

Heritage Lifetime residential

3-year light commercial

Au Naturel Lifetime residential

3-year light commercial

Wide Planks Lifetime residential

3-year light commercial


Here are the guarantees of the VCC.

Line Warranty
Vital Lifetime residential

12-year commercial use

Vivid Lifetime residential

8-year commercial use

Spark Lifetime residential

8-year commercial use

Bridge Lifetime residential

8-year commercial use

Vigor Lifetime residential

12-year commercial use

Runway Lifetime residential

12-year commercial use


Pros and Cons of Evoke Flooring

Pros and Cons of Evoke Flooring

Here are the pros:


  • Both laminates and VCC will give you many colors.
  • All the guarantee terms are solid.
  • These floorings are eco-friendly.
  • Some of the lines are U. V light-resistant.

Let’s look at the cons:


  • There’s no exact price on their website.
  • Only the dealers with licenses sell the VCC and laminates.


So, if you want laminates and LVP that will last for a long time, evoke flooring is an attractive choice. The floors have a wood grain color.

This firm makes them with a WPC and SPC body. Some lines are waterproof, while others are more durable. These floors come in a few collections but with many colors. Also, expect them to be cheap.

So, do you have any more insights or questions about these products? Would you please reach out and share them with us?

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