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EarthWerks Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews (Pros & Cons)

Are you looking for vinyl plank floors that will suit your next housing project? Then worry not because EarthWerks vinyl plank floor is the best answer for you. In this article, we’ll take you through EarthWerks vinyl plank review to help you make an informed choice for your flooring.

The central aspect that makes EarthWerks vinyl planks attract many customers is the ability to last long. You should go for them, especially if you want to build a quality house. But first, let’s start with brief details about this EarthWerks brand.

EarthWerks Flooring Company

EarthWerks Flooring Company

Ever since the year 1978, EarthWerks keeps on specializing in making the best flooring products. The company makes luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and luxury vinyl planks (LVP) for residential and commercial uses. With this focus, EarthWerks uses tradition to make the best for you in the market.

But where can you find EarthWerks? Its place is in Korea, Japan but has branches in Taiwan and China and has plans for the world market. Swiff-Train, which is a big brand in the world, now runs the company.

Collections of EarthWerks Vinyl Plank Flooring

Most people want new flooring for their house and have chosen EarthWerks as their best choice. But what are the selections that the company allows you to choose to match your taste? So, the company makes the vinyl plank floors in three collections: core, performance, and development collection.

1. Performance Collection

Performance Collection

EarthWerks uses this type to sell the plank floorings. So, to attract you when buying, you will find seven beautiful choices for you to choose from in the market. Some of the options are the Chassis Pro series, Montana, Wood Classic, and Upton.

When it comes to the Chassis style, you will get two options. The measurements are at seven by 48 inches and 18 by 18 inches. All have boards with square corners and six colors, but four look like wood while the other two look like stone.

As for the Halden lines, they look similar to Hathaway because EarthWerks makes them as LVPs. Hathaway is in measurements of 6 by 48 inches, while Halden is in 7.25 by 60 inches. In terms of colors, Hathaway has six choices, while Halden is in four.

With Portia, Montana, Upton, and Wood Classic, you will all get them in six colors. Also, the choices are similar because of having the boards have a square border, apart from Portia. In terms of size, Montana and Wood Classic are at 7.24 by 37.4 inches, while Portia and Upton are ten inches longer than Montana.

Also, with the performance collection, all are 3 millimeters thick. Also, the styles have a 20-millimeter tear cover. Some of them have a tuff layer to make them last longer.

2. Core Collection

Core Collection

Do you want a vinyl plank floor with good waterproofing quality? Then the EarthWerks plank floors from this collection will match your interests. So, if you install them well in the house, it has an excellent coating to help resist water.

With this line, EarthWerks chose to create nine options for this collection. All of them come with this waterproofing ability. Also, with the qualities in each series, you will find one that will match your needs.

Starting with Sherbrooke, it’s the one which unique amongst the rest in this line. The boards have a length of 7 by 24 inches with an edge in a sloping shape. So, you will find this series in 12 colors with natural looks and Bellevue.

Classic groups have boards with a width of 8 by 9.5 inches and a thickness of 6 millimeters. As for the Plus XL and Stadium Plus, they all have boards that are wide and have slope-like edges.

Coming to the Parkhill line, they are in two options. You will find them in six colors and a tuff layer to protect them. Also, the line has six colors, all with a width of 7 inches and a thickness of 6 millimeters.

These features will vary in this line. Remember, all brands under the core collection come with a wear layer of 20 millimeters.

3. Development Collection

Development Collection

Would you like a line with a good warranty and many colors? Then it would be best if you went for this collection. So, if you have a tight budget but want EarthWerks vinyl planks with beautiful colors, you should not worry at all.

Under this group, the company gives you many cheap choices. The line has 12 series, including tiles and planks, but the focus will be on the vinyl planks. As for vinyl planks, the series are Pavilion, Rapture, and Chassis Advantage.

The Pavilion group is the cleanest among all of them. In terms of size, the planks are thin, with a width of 2 mm and a wear layer of 8 mm. With this line, it comes in 8 different colors.

When it comes to Rapture, it’s also unique. The series has rustic planks and is 3 mm thick and a wear layer of 6 mm.

As for the Chassis Advantage, you will find that it looks like a stone. It makes it unique. Most of the brands in this collection are thin and have a wear layer to last longer.

What if you don’t know which collection to choose? You can visit EarthWerks’ official website and look for the aspect of room visualization. With this feature, you will get the right vinyl flooring for your house.

Features of EarthWerks Vinyl Planks

These planks are not just durable and beautiful. So, here are two more aspects to help you identify EarthWerks plank floors.

Care for the Environment

As you look to make your floor beautiful, vinyl planks will not be the best if they affect your health. The company builds flooring planks that are free of poisons and are biodegradable. So, if you buy them, be sure that these planks will not affect your health and that of your family.

EarthWerks Company is even growing because of its Green4Life program. With this activity, the company makes vinyl planks that are safe for you and your family. So, this reason is good to make you choose these planks over others that don’t care for the protection of nature as they make their floorings.


These planks can last for a long time, just like other vinyl floors. One thing that is different with EarthWerks is that it has a good waterproofing technique different from other brands in the market. So, this aspect is what makes many people go for them in the flooring market.

Yes, some other brands can have this ability to be waterproof, but as for EarthWerks, it has better strength. If you live in areas known for having a high density, you should go for EarthWerks vinyl plank floors. Also, if you plan to get planks for your kitchen, bathroom, basement, or laundry area, why not go for EarthWerks vinyl planks?

Pro and Cons of EarthWerks Vinyl Planks

Yes, EarthWerks vinyl planks have many advantages. But as a buyer, it’s good you know the problems that these vinyl planks have. So, we will start with the goodness of the EarthWerks planks.


  • The vinyl planks floors are durable and strong.
  • Although warranties vary, most of them have a lifetime guarantee
  • The brand gives many styles to pick from in the market
  • EarthWerks have low prices
  • The planks are easy to care for and clean
  • These products care about the environment


  • The short warranties of some series make it a doubt of their quality


One thing that you can be sure of about these vinyl planks is that they are cheap. However, EarthWerks vinyl plank floor is a brand that you will be lucky to get online. It’s because it has many series and styles in the market that you may have to search for some time.

So, expect the price of these planks to be from $2 to $4 per square foot. These price ranges will come because of the retailer, collection, and more qualities.


What about the warranty of EarthWerks vinyl planks? The time will depend on the style you want to buy and its use. However, expect that all this company’s flooring goods to have long period guarantees because of being long-lasting.

So, below is a list of the groups of EarthWerks vinyl planks and warranties in the market.

Product Collection Series Warranty
Performance Classic Pro, Halden, Hathaway, Portia, Upton, Montana, and Wood Classic. Lifetime Residential

30 years Commercial

Development Pavilion and Rapture.



Chassis Advantage

20 years Residential

Ten years Commercial


30 years Residential

20 years Commercial

Core Classic Pro Plus, Parkhill EIR Plus, and Stadium Plus and XL, and Footprints Plus XL



Sherbrooke and Noble Plus

Lifetime residential

30 years commercial





30 years Residential

20 years Commercial


Wrapping it up, if you want to buy high-quality vinyl plank floors at a low price, go for EarthWerks. You will not go wrong with these flooring planks, mainly due to their durability and exceptional collections.

Also, you will have an easy time maintaining them for many years. So, do you have any other insights and questions about EarthWerks vinyl planks? You are free to share them with us.

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