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DuraLux Vinyl Flooring Reviews (Pros & Cons)

You might be looking for beautiful vinyl plank flooring for your house, but have you ever come across DuraLux vinyl plank floors? People in the market like shopping for DuraLux because it’s smooth and you get at a low price. So, here, we will take you through DuraLux vinyl plank review and all things you will need to know.

DuraLux Company brings you unique flooring with a rigid stone core that will make you forget about scratches. Buying the planks will be a good choice. For this reason, let’s begin with a short history of the DuraLux Company.

DuraLux Flooring Company

DuraLux Flooring Company

Since 2000, DuraLux Company from Atlanta, United States, makes many flooring products like tiles and planks. The company then sells the materials through one retailer, floor and décor in the United States.

What of their tradition? For a long time, DuraLux builds beautiful planks that look like wood, making them easy to clean. It’s these small things that make the floorings look good in the market. Also, DuraLux gives great discounts and low prices.

Collections of DuraLux Vinyl Plank Flooring

Collections of DuraLux Vinyl Plank Flooring

With these products, there are no traditional collections. The company makes the vinyl plank floorings in two lines. So, here is a description of the two groups.

DuraLux Regular

With this line, it’s only one vinyl plank, but with two styles. The styles are vailing greige and charcoal. So, this plank floor is good because you can keep yourself from allergies with the correct cleaning tool.

DuraLux Performance

This collection comes in three forms and is two times thicker than DuraLux regular planks. Also, the line has three styles. With the ability to last long, you can use these collections in areas like the dining and sitting rooms in your house where people crowd.

Features of DuraLux Vinyl Plank Flooring

Every DuraLux plank flooring will give you an easy time as you place them and be suitable for your foot. Just like many other vinyl planks, they are beautiful. But what makes them different in the market?

These planks have a rigid stone core. It makes unique to some other planks that can’t resist scratches. So, regarding the features, we will look at the design of the planks, how long they can last, and various dimensions that DuraLux Company uses to create them.

1. Design


Most flooring companies sell many collections. With DuraLux, they are not the same. The company makes few collections of planks to sell to their customers, thus makes them sell products at low prices.

What does it mean to you as the customer? Yes, you will not have many choices to select in terms of color and styles, but the available ones are good enough to suit most tastes in the market. Remember, with the few choices that they have, DuraLux gives quality finishes with the designs of the planks.

The structure of the planks is simple, which makes them easy to put in the house even without glue. Also, with their design, DuraLux plank floors are smooth and have a good texture. It means that these floors are quiet and warm for your feet.

Remember, if you are looking for wild DuraLux plank finishes, you will not find them. In terms of color, you will get the floors in 19 different styles. So, DuraLux provides the most common colors for their customers, which come in black, rich brown, and gray.

The company also makes all the planks with a performance flooring feature. It means that the products have a rigid stone-like feature which makes them easy for you to clean in the house. So, you will get up to 40 DuraLux plank floor styles that have this design for your building in the market.

2. Long-Lasting Ability

Long-Lasting Ability

Are you looking for a vinyl plank floor that will last for a long time? Then worry not because DuraLux vinyl plank floors will give you just what you need. So, like other luxury vinyl planks (LVP), DuraLux company makes its products last longer than sheet vinyl tiles.

DuraLux vinyl plank floors have a wear and tear layer of 6 millimeters. Also, all these products have a thickness of 3 millimeters. However, you can improve them if you want up to 6 millimeters of thickness and 12 millimeters wear and tear layers.

So, the goodness of these measurements shows that planks can last for a long time without losing their good quality. Also, it means that if you use the planks in your house, you will have a life-long warranty. It’s not the same as other companies which will give you a guarantee of only 30 years.

If you are looking for vinyl planks that will last for many years, you should go for DuraLux. Besides, you will see more minor scratches on your floors and more of its beauty for years. It comes with a rigid core made of stone, making it unique from other flooring products.

3. Dimensions

With DuraLux vinyl planks, most of them are broad in terms of size. It applies in both the performance and regular collections of the vinyl planks. Yes, you will find other options of the planks for you to choose the size that suits your taste, but only less than 20 boards have the dimension of 3 to 5.9 inches.

What about the length of these DuraLux vinyl planks? It’s all the same because there are no planks longer than 37 inches in the market. Most of these planks have a length of 5.67 by 36 inches.

So, in terms of dimensions, if you either want narrow planks or wide boards, you will find the aspects in DuraLux. Also, you will not find DuraLux planks with 6 inches.

4. Care for the Environment

Care for the Environment

Some companies make vinyl planks from toxic things. The good news is that DuraLux is not one of them. Besides making products that last long, DuraLux makes sure that its products don’t destroy the environment.

So, DuraLux vinyl planks are biodegradable. It means that you can never find it in any landfill.

Also, while in the house, be sure that the air quality will be good if you choose to install them. Once you buy the planks, be sure to find the products with a Green Guard certificate. So, your health and that of the people around you will not be in danger.

Remember, these vinyl plank floors will give you an easy time as you clean them. The mopping tool that you will use on laminate floors works well on DuraLux vinyl plank floors.

DuraLux Vinyl Plank Cost and Warranty

DuraLux vinyl plank prices will not be the same because of some factors. So, the costs will depend on the line you are buying, size, color, and style. But, all in all, expect DuraLux vinyl planks to be cheaper than other flooring brands.

So, what if you chose to spend more on DuraLux vinyl plank flooring? Will you get more quality? No, if you spend more money on DuraLux vinyl planks floors, it does not mean that you will get more quality materials.

As you buy the planks, be sure of what you want to buy and its use in your house. Remember, the DuraLux vinyl plank flooring you will use in the bathroom will not be the same as the one you use in your living room.

You can get the products from floor and décor. All products from DuraLux are available online and even at some stores in many parts of the United States.

What of the DuraLux vinyl plank floors warranty? Like other floors, the guarantee of your planks will depend on the collection you will choose, size, and style. Also, the reason for you buying the planks, whether for home or commercial, will determine the period.

So, below is a list of the prices of DuraLux planks with warranties. They all vary because of lines, styles, and thickness.

Line Style Thickness Price Warranty
Regular Vail Greige 3 mm $1.69 per square ft. 30 years for residential.


Performance Valley mist 5 mm $3.39 per square ft. Lifetime for residential.

Ten years for commercial places.

Basic Weathered Charcoal 3 mm $1.59 per square ft. 30 years for residential.
Performance Henna Walnut 5 mm $2.39 per square ft. Lifetime for residential.

Ten years for commercial places

Remember, DuraLux has reasonable prices for other styles of plank floorings that might catch your eye.

Pros and Cons of DuraLux Vinyl Plank

Yes, the DuraLux plank floor is an excellent choice for you in the market, but the lack of information about the plank floorings is not good. So, here are the pros of DuraLux plank floors.


  • DuraLux planks have a foam underlayment to prevent moisture.
  • There is an excellent antimicrobial layer in them.
  • DuraLux planks are cheap and with good discounts.
  • The warranty of the planks has excellent terms.

What about the cons? Here is what you should know.


  • DuraLux has few lines of styles for you to choose from in the market.
  • The sizes of the vinyl planks are few.
  • There are little feedbacks from customers, making the quality to be still questionable.


As you go into the market, remember that DuraLux vinyl plank floors are cheap. If you want vinyl planks for areas like the basement, bathroom, and dining room in your house, DuraLux is a perfect choice. With the help of this review, you will be able to identify what is good for you.

Also, with the look of original hardwood, it’s easy to clean them and good for your air quality. Do you have any other thoughts and questions about DuraLux vinyl planks? Please, feel free to share them with us, and we will be ready to assist.

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  1. If possible, I need to directly contact Duralux to learn if certain gray vinyl planks seen on the Floor & Decor website are available. Floor & Decor customer service has been terrible at helping me learn of this information, other than to say what I possibly would want is not in stock, even though it’s shown on its website. I further cannot get a sample of the Duralux I might want to replace all of the flooring in a brand-new house I bought three weeks ago.

    • Hi I purchased some back in October from floor & decor and just installed it about a week ago. So far I am extremely pleased. It looks great and very simple to install

  2. Hello…. we had your LVP in gray installed in our remodel of our master bedroom bathroom… there is distinct odor not sure how to explain it…sour, armpit , almost like cat urine…. we love the floors, but the odor , when guests come their comment is : ” What’s that smell? Do you have cats?”
    Me : “No…we don’t have any cats….we have no pets…….

    Please, if there is a solution of some sort to get rid of this odor, please tell us….we have 16 boxes of the same product to do our master bedroom and may have to return it if we can’t rectify the problem..
    Thank you !
    Dennis and Laura Toya

  3. Duralux Performance Tiles, not planks, but resembling real tile 12″ x 24″.
    DIFFICULT to INSTALL; difficult to align the width groove then the length groove. All are Not snapping and thin gaps showing.
    ‘Brick PATTERN’ shown on box is NOT Do-able. Standard rows seemed to help eliminate gaps, but it’s not a pattern as depicted on box. Now we feel we should’ve bought old fashioned ‘vinyl sheet’ instead.
    VERY HARD TO CUT; it is Not as simple as the videos and directions show to score with utility knife and bending…Not easily do-able.
    EDGES and corners CHIP when trying to maneuver them together and now we’re Skeptical of DURABILITY.
    Floor and Decor workers insisted we buy thin blue padding, when these have a back semi-padding rubber and claim to be waterproof. Horrible treatment by Floor and Decor store workers; upon purchase the sales worker said we can’t return if box is opened…help! Why is Floor and Decor so secretive with limited online product info, I no custome reviews and limited website access. DONT BUY THESE.


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