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14 Brilliant Ways To Display Vinyl Records

Vinyl records are a flex these days. So, if you have a collection of vintage records, it’s time to pull all of them out of your storage cabinets and display them with pride. If you’re wondering how to, you’re at the right place!

In this post, we’ve compiled 14 fabulous ways to display your vinyl record collection. And, with proper tools and skills, you can DIY one as well. Choose any of these ideas, and get to work right away!

How To Display Vinyl Records

1. Frame the records

Frame the records

Framing the records isn’t going out of fashion anytime soon. Choose different colorful retro frames to set up the mood of your room, or go with classic uniform black frames. It is a perfect way to have a vinyl display wall if you don’t like displaying the records on floating shelves or ledges.


2. Invisible vinyl records wall mounts

Invisible vinyl records wall mounts

Though framing the vinyl records creates a beautiful aesthetic, it is obvious that the record’s edges will be covered when framing them. Some might even find the frames distracting. However, another amazing idea to display your collection on the wall is to use transparent wall mounts.


3. Record roots

Record roots

Record roots are a fairly new invention, and many collectors love what it does. It is a modular 12-inch frame for records, and the best part is that, unlike frames, the records can be added to and removed from the record root easily within seconds. Also, you can combine as many units as you want for a larger display.

Record roots also have an accessible table-top version where you can flip through your go-to albums with convenience.


4. Regular storage units

Regular storage units

Storage units, but make it fancy! Ditch the enclosed record cupboards and opt for showy record storage. You can then store and display your records sideways or show the front design as per the cabinet design and your personal preference.


5. Floating wall shelves

Floating wall shelves vinyl records

If you love minimalistic décor, you’ll love some good-designed floating wall shelves as well. You can choose floating shelves that accommodate one record to flex your limited addition or install longer shelves to decorate the entire length with your collection.


6. Almost-floating deeper wall shelves

Almost-floating deeper wall shelves

You can also opt for deeper wall shelves that allow you to flip through 20 to 25 records if you don’t want to fill your entire wall with vinyl records.


7. Flower box to hold your 45s

Flower box to hold your 45s

In case you didn’t know, flower boxes or any small boxes attached to the walls are a great way of displaying your 45s. These small records arranged in this way will look super cute and trendy.


8. Record crates

Record crates

If you think that record crates are a thing of the past, well, you’re wrong. Select a basic vintage-y crate or go for a flashy one depending upon the mood of your room.

If you don’t like big showy collection walls, record crates are one of the best options for you if you still want to display your collection in a minimalistic way.

The best thing about the crates is that you can easily flip through the records, remove one to enjoy in the player, and insert it back with equal ease.


9. Record ledges

Record ledges

Record ledges are majorly similar to floating shelves. However, these do not have as much horizontal space as floating shelves do. So, if you want your display wall to have a seamless finish, record ledges might be the next best idea for wall mounts.


10. Cute wire vinyl storage

Cute wire vinyl storage

When it comes to displaying vinyl, cute wire racks are equally fantastic. They come as single-layered, multi-layered, and in various fabulously eye-catching designs. One can easily flip through the records stored on a wire storage rack like on a record crate.


11. The table-top vinyl record stands

The table-top vinyl record stands

Table-top flip-through acrylic or wooden stands are also a great alternative to vinyl record crates. These stands don’t take much of a space, add a modern touch to your room, and are fantastic for storing the records next to your turntable.

You can also opt for a few single record table-top stands to display your limited collection and store the rest of them tucked away in a storage rack to avoid making a mess on the table.


12. Record props

Record props

If you’d ask us, we equally love all of the ideas in this list. If you feel the same, mixing these brilliant ideas to create a signature vinyl record décor for your room is the way to go.

If you don’t want to do the hard work of brainstorming, record props are a great multi-purpose display system. It allows you to display the records and the cover together, which looks fabulous, especially if you have colored records. What’s more, this set also comes with a now playing stand!


13. Now playing stand to display the album cover

Now playing stand to display the album cover

Whatever display idea you choose from this list, a now playing stand next to your turntable is an absolute must. After putting the record on the record platter, you can then display the cover on this stand.

When displayed next to the player, this one table-top stand alone elevates the fanciness of the entire setting exponentially. You can find varieties of designs to choose from for your now playing stand. And, if you don’t like the table-top version, you can always find now playing wall ledges.


14. Display as crafts

Display as crafts

Last but not least, if your collection has plenty of useless, warped, scratched, or just bored-of-it, vinyl records, make some amazing display crafts with them. From bowls to décor to fantastic commercial-looking clocks, the possibilities are endless with the right set of tools and skills.

And, once you repurpose the vinyl records with your DIY skills, feel free to display them as you deem appropriate.

5 Things To Consider While Displaying Vinyl Records

Displaying vinyl records in a fancy way is fun and cool until your records suffer damage. So, make sure you keep following things in mind whenever you display your immaculate collection.

1. Avoid direct sunlight

Displaying your vinyl records under direct sunlight is a horrible idea. The covers can fade and discolor, and the records will most probably warp.

So, if you don’t want your pristine limited record collection warping a few weeks later, it is best to avoid direct sunlight on your record displays as much as possible.

2. Be wary of hot and cold extremities

Be it heat or cold; if it’s too much, it’s probably not optimal for vinyl record storage. Extreme heat will warp the records, and extreme cold makes them brittle.

The ideal temperature for records is around 65 to 70 ºF. So, if your record is stored at a cold temperature, let it acclimatize for some hours before playing it.

Also, if possible, the temperature of the room with vinyl records stored must be as stable as possible. Frequent change from one extreme to another might force the records to contract and expand accordingly, causing them to warp.

3. Keep your records clean

Displayed records are bound to get dirty. So, it is mandatory to clean these records every once in a while, just as you do other décor items.

4. Stacking records – a big No-No!

A vinyl record is lightweight. Two? Well, it’s still not heavy. But what about 50 records on top of each other? The pressure on the records present on the bottom of the stack will take a heavy toll. So, it is imperative that you never stack your precious collection.

5. Avoid humid areas

The ideal humidity for vinyl record storage is around 45% to 50%. It might be hard to believe, but vinyl records stored in high humidity are prone to mold growth, which accelerates the deterioration of the record’s quality.

How To Clean Vinyl Records?

How To Clean Vinyl Records

We’ve discussed how we should clean the records on display periodically. But how? Vinyl records are delicate and, thus, should be cleaned with utmost care. Nevertheless, the cleaning process is fairly easy to follow.

Start by dusting off the record surface thoroughly with a microfibre cloth. Now, dampen another clean microfibre cloth are wipe the surface gently. It’s time to clean the surface using a vinyl record-safe simple cleanser.

Dilute the cleaner as per the instruction and wipe the record with the diluted solution. Now, the final step is to take all the cleaner off the surface by using a damp microfibre cloth. You can repeat this final process until all the cleaner is removed from the record.


By now, you know 14 stunning ways to display vinyl record collections, along with the things to consider before and during the process. What’s more, by following the directions in this post, you can also effectively clean your records.

We’ve given you every small detail from our side. Now, the ball is in your court! Choose any of these 14 fantastic ideas and give your room a complete makeover using vinyl records. We guarantee that you’ll not regret it!

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